Revisionist History

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Sat, Oct28, 2017 10:38pm America/Phoenix
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Revisionist History
[The camera opens onto an empty arena. The ring is set up in the center, and there is the silhouette of a man standing atop the ramp. As the camera pans up to this man, we see that he is wearing a black hoodie, the hood up and obscuring his face.]

??: History. That is what everyone wants to talk about.

[The man lifts his head, pulling the hood back to reveal the familiar countenance of Damian Price. His familiar mohawk is dyed a bright pink. He has a small smile on his face.]

Price: Both of my opponents in this match want to talk about our shared history, so let's go over that history, shall we? Fill wanted to bring up my time with The Insurgence, something he seems to think is a closely guarded secret. I have never claimed not to be a member of that group. In fact, I won my first tag team title with that group alongside Willie Steen. And we did fight against When Worlds Collide, that is a fact.

[Damian slowly trails back and forth across the entranceway.]

Price: And I did face Fill one on one in 2015 for the World Championship. The only World Title match I've ever been given the opportunity to enter. And as I recall it, I caused the injury to Fill that was later capitalized on as Syndicate defeated him later that month for that same World Title. So we already know that, both of us at our best, I have what it takes to go the distance with someone of Fill's caliber. Or at least, someone as good as he used to be. I'm not so sure if he has that same skill anymore.

[Price smirks to himself, seemingly proud of the small jab. He seems to be warming up, getting back into the habit of talking to a camera, as he shakes his head from side to side and takes a couple hops in place.]

Price: It's all coming back to me now. As for betrayal.... You mentioned Scotty King..... I remember Scotty, Fill. You seem to have misremembered how things went. Because Scotty King is the man who, alongside the rest of The Insurgence, kicked me down a flight of stairs and injured my neck in the first place. An injury I chose not to get repaired, and instead continued to wrestle with it. So I remember Scotty King quite well, but I was not the one who betrayed him like you would like to claim. I was betrayed by men I considered family, by men I had gone to war for. But enough of Fill and his failing memory, what did his partner have to say? Well, it would seem Rayne is interested in revisionist history as well.

[Price smiles, a hand coming up to rub his bearded chin. He nods his head as he continues speaking.]

Price: So many questions, Rayne.... So many questions. You claim that I need a leader, when I stand as one half of the most dominant tag team in WWX history, and you are lost amongst the shuffle of When Worlds Collide. Even within your own tag team, who's really the crowd favorite? No one wants to Feel the Rayne, they all enjoy the Stressout that is Fill.

[Price again smiles to himself, his pacing encompassing the whole stage at this point.]

Price: You want to talk about how When Worlds Collide defeated The Insurgence? I don't remember that. As previously stated, by the time that had happened, they had already made the foolish mistake of exiling me. While you were at war with a diminished Insurgence, I was busy fighting Korath, another member of your little group. In fact, if anyone here wants to talk about facts for one second, I beat Korath for the International Title. A belt that we fought tooth and nail over, including a fall off a steel cage that landed us both in the hospital and me in neck surgery. And that leads into your last question: Where have I been? Well, after that war with Korath, and after needing neck surgery, I admittedly allowed my pride to lure me back into this sport that I love too soon. You see, after the surgery, I lost everything. Lydia Rose, my fiance and manager at the time, left me, I was told I'd never walk again, and if I somehow beat the odds there was no way I would wrestle again. And so I committed myself to returning to the one thing I had left: training. Rehab. Getting my neck back in place and shocking the world as I returned. And I did. I even came back and won the WWX Tag Team Championships alongside Xavier. And then.....

[Price trails off as an upset look comes over his face.]

Price: And then, an accident. You can watch the tape back, as I was leaving Fury one night, I was hit by a truck. It reinjured my neck, and I was back on an operating table inside the day. I was going to come back. That was my solemn vow. But I was going to make sure I was actually ready to return. I promised Xavier that much. That I would get healthy, I would heal up mentally and physically, and I would return to gain back our Tag Team Titles.

[Price nods his head, hands on his hips as he looks towards the ring.]

Price: Now, allow me to be the first to actually look to the present day. You would think with how much the two of you have chosen to speak about the past that either one of you would want to think about what happens next. And I'll give you an idea. What happens next is The Empire takes our first step back onto the war path. When I was here last, we were the champions, holding safe at our keep and driving away challenge after challenge, but now.... Now, we are the barbarians at the gates. We are the conquerors of men. And we are the next WWX Tag Team Champions.

[Price smiles to himself as he looks square into the camera.]

Price: So boys, I hope you bring your A game. Because if either of you have any intention of walking out of Hall of Pain at all, you're going to need it.

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