Right through my fingers

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, May30, 2018 11:51pm America/Phoenix
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Right through my fingers
(Scene opens inside John Wayne Airport near a fairly quiet terminal gate. Camera swings to the gate kiosk where a woman appears to be checking the status of her flight. After a short conversation she turns and heads for her seat, revealing herself to be Liz Brooks, personal assistant to WWX Superstar, Willie Steen. As she returns to her seat, we see Steen sitting by the gate entrance, staring off into space with a detached look on his face. Liz takes a seat next to him.)

Liz: I got us upgraded to first class. We should be boarding in about 20 minutes. 

Steen: It was right there, Liz. Right in front of me.

Liz: Yeah, your welcome. 

Steen: The International Title. I had it all locked up. He was down. Right in the middle of the ring and I was right in position. The belt was practically in my hands. But then . . . 

Liz: (sighs) It was stolen from you?

Steen: It was stolen from me! Right out from under me by that . . . that snake, Rayne. He robbed me of my victory and my destiny. I had that match won. I should be the International Champion, not him. This is just like Armada. I should have been the one to retire as Television Champion. Not that annoying pest, Dragonfly. No, no, everything is wrong. So wrong.

Liz: Oh my Gosh. Willie, will you stop with all this. You need to get over this. You had a tough break. It happens.  What matters is that right now, you have a golden opponent to make it right. At Bloodshed, you get a second chance at the belt. You can make everything right again. But, if you donít stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your mind right, then youíre not gonna walk away with anything, except a bloody forehead. 

(Steen pauses in thought for a moment. Then he looks up and smiles.)

Steen: You know what? Youíre right. I donít have time to sit and pout. Whatís it good for anyway? All I gotta do is keep my eye on the prize. At Bloodshed, Iím coming to hunt for blood and when I get it, Iím walking out as the new International Champion. 

Liz: Thatís the spirit. 

Steen: Yeah. Say Iím gonna go get something to eat. While Iím gone can you go ask them how much time till we board? And while youíre at it, see if you can get us upgraded to first class.

(Steen gets up and heads toward the food court. Camera pans back to Liz who simply stares in bewilderment. Then she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Scene fades to black.)

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