Rightful Place

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, Sep19, 2017 7:50pm America/Phoenix
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Rightful Place
"Friends with the devil himself." thought Darkness. "When did I ever say that. I may have talk to Lucifer himself but by no means does that make me his friend. I've talked to many of people since that tragic day. The day my life changed and I headed down the road I'm on now."

[The camera comes to life inside Aviva Stadium located in Dublin, Ireland. Darkness sits on a bench getting ready for a match at a house show just mere days before World Series.]

"So the best in the world thinks that the crowned Prince of the night is irrelevant in the WWX. Irrelevant is such a bad choice of word to use Syndicate. I may not be the best right now or even in the future but I'm damn sure not irrelevant. If I was irrelevant then I for damn sure wouldn't be in the match for the Undisputed World Heavyweight championship against you. The only ones that are irrelevant are the others fighting in the other four rings." points out Darkness.

[Darkness leans over and begins lacing up his boots.]

"Actually, that's underselling it - that hurt, man." Darkness quotes Syndicate. "Do you really think that hurt syndicate. What do you think is going to hurt worse, me saying that I'm better than you or me actually proving it at World Series when I take that Undisputed title off your shoulder and bring it back to the dark side. When I make you the second best in the world, that is what is going to hurt Syndicate."

[Darkness stares coldly into the camera.]

"What will you do then Syndicate. What will be your next move? Will you take your rightful place as second best or will you run to Maxfield Stanton and ask for a rematch on the next Fury. It doesn't matter Syndicate who you run to because any rematch will go the same way as World Series is going to go and you know that Syndicate." Darkness says with conviction.

[Darkness stands up off the bench and slips on his druid cloak and pulls the cowl over his head as a stage hand walks into the locker room.]

"They need you at the gorilla position Darkness." says the stagehand.

"Syndicate, did you did your screws come lose in your last match." Darkness says pointing to his head. "What you failed to remember is that you are no longer a rookie. So what you say will be truthful in that the veteran will lose at World Series. So you can keep touting your streak and how you are the best in the world but you can damn well believe that you will be eating those words. Just remember that when you're laying on your back watching me walk up the ramp the new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion that you spoke the words. You told everybody that the veteran touting all his accolades would lose. Your words not mine Syndicate."

[The camera fades as Darkness exits the locker room and makes his way to the gorilla position.]

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