Righting the wrong

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Sat, Jun24, 2017 9:57am America/Phoenix
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Righting the wrong
[The camera opens up showing the busy streets of Tokyo. People can be seen everywhere enjoying the lights and sounds as they all look around at the spectacle. The camera pans around all of them until finally fixating on a guy with torn off jean shorts and a black hoodie. The camera pans around as Rayne can be seen walking through the streets, his title draped over his shoulder].

Rayne: Week in and week out, I continue to prove to the world that I am everything that I say that I am. I prove to them that I am one of the best walking around this place, and without a shadow of a doubt, continue to fulfill every word. For the last month, I have taken all comers and laid them down with the exception of two. This week, I rewrite that history as I right both of those wrongs. The first one...begins on Ravage. Not but a few short weeks ago I was in the running for a chance to become the second holder of a very prestigious award in the crusade cup. In my journey, I knocked off some of the very best until it came time to face one man that I had not only not faced before, but was one of the most respected legends around here. That man...was darkness.

[Rayne continues down the street as people stop and stare at him and the championship. He gives them all straight faced looks being enough to advise them to keep moving].

Rayne: When we stepped into the ring, everything was going my way. Darkness, you had shown me that you were not the man that you had always been. You showed me that you had a weakness, and had to use nothing more than underhanded tactics in order to beat me. When push came to shove last time...I had you finished. You were beat. I was getting ready to drive the nail in your coffin when some magical storm came over and got you the win. This time though *laughs* this time...I know better. 

[Rayne looks up to the sky as the night has taken over. The bright lights of Tokyo are blinding in the direct set, so he turns his head back down and continues speaking].

Rayne: Darkness, I have become something more than you ever will dream of. While most people don't know you and think that your name is nothing more than symbolism of being in the dark, I know the truth. I know of the things that you have done, the pain you have felt, and the people you have hurt. I know of the disappointment that you faced, the sacrifices that you made...I know it all. I have come this time to prove a point. I have come to tell you that no matter what you do, no matter the rain, the trickery, the shock and awe value, nothing will stop me from taking you down. While there isn't as much on the line this time, know that I will still treat it like it is. You are nothing more than a blemish on my record, and I intend to write the story the way it was intended this time around. When we step into that ring, I know you wont disappoint. I know you will bring your all because that is what you do. But know the man you faced before and the man you faced now have been through some things, and those things have made me more deadly, more hurtful, more SADISTIC then you will ever dream of being. Ravage Darkness...Ravage. Soak it in. Because the arch angel has come for vengeance, and your next on the list. Its the Rayne darkness...are you ready for it?

[Rayne lets off a sly smile and disappears into the crowd as the scene fades to black].

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