Rising Up to the Occasion

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Fri, Oct13, 2017 11:13pm America/Phoenix
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Rising Up to the Occasion
The scene opens with Beatrice and Xavier sparring in what appears to be an open field, surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see. Xavier is the first to spot a WWX camera crew and motions to Beatrice about the camera crew. She chuckles a bit befoe standing up.

BEATRICE: I see that you guys are consistent in wanting to know my thoughts going into the Fatal 4-way match with Rayne, Kailee and Luke Jairus. Well here's my CURRENT thoughts at the moment.

Beatrice gathers her composure before she speaks.

BEATRICE: First off, we have Luke Jairus, a man who thinks he should be at the top of the TV division and even the World division for that matter. He thinks he's God's gift to wrestling? Jairus? Have you done like Humpty Dumpty: fell and bumped your head? Have you forgotten who you will be in the ring against? In case you haven't figured it out yet, let me spell it out for you Luke: you...will not...win...this...match. It is already been written in the stars. It is all but over for you and I'll be DAMNED if a snot-nosed brat like yourself thinking he's hot s***t think he's gonna stop me because that's not gonna happen. You will be sniped out.

Beatice looks around and see Xavier is nowhere to be found. Beatrice composes herself before continuing.

BEATRICE: Kailee. I stated what I said to you the last time nd will say no more. Heed my words Kailee...and this warning: Don't get in my way. Two wretlers down which only leaves Rayne. Rayne. You seem to have forgotten who the hell I am, let me remind you who I am- I am Beatrice Tracy Pendragom. "The Graseful Asassin". Despite your best attempts, you will not, Now Rayne, listen. I don't care how many times you tell people about you being succusefull, I believe it is my destiny. See you all at Fury.

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