Rob Bacon Can't Save Himself This Time

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Tue, May09, 2017 3:17am America/Phoenix
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Rob Bacon Can't Save Himself This Time
[You have returned back to Tom Black's cave, there is now a TV and it's heroic music has just ended and Tom Black switches the TV off... He turns around and faces the camera. Instead of getting angry, he claps sarcastically, he paces around his room, thinking about what he should say, when he finally clears his voice.] 

Tom Black: All superhero's are fake.

[He carries on pacing up and down the room,]

Tom Black: For those who don't know, most of their FAKE films, are either scripted, or planned on a storyboard.

[He stops.]

Tom Black: Just as well as being able to make/draw storyboards, I can just as easily rip them apart.

[He looks out to the side, you can hear faint footsteps, and then you see Bishop Polaris emerge from the darkness, he looks upset with the impurity of this dark, dank, cave.]

Bishop Polaris: Tom, what is this hovel?

Tom: This is my home Polaris.

Bishop Polaris: Well, Tom, I will be making a few, more, well, light improvements to this place.

Tom Black: Excuse me, I would like to carry on speaking please.

Bishop Polaris: Oh, OK.

Tom Black: As I was saying, Super Bacon will not be able to fly, because me and Polaris here, will make sure he's grounded. I will not let 2 liteweights, with no muscle beat me in my quest to complete domination. So, what's going to happen this Sunday? I am going to save my reputation as the Mayhem superstar. All I have to say, is that no-one, not even yourself will be able to save you this time, Super Bacon and Gaijin...

Bishop Polaris: I have something to say as well, I will bring purity and justice to the tag team division, I am here to cleanse it of the all the profanity, and drugs. We will become the tag team champions...

[Tom Black suddenly collapses, and Polaris raises a bible high up into the air, as the lights flash on and off, Black and White, The Parish of Black, The Pure Darkness...]

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