Rock and Roll is a vicious game.

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Tue, Nov07, 2017 5:34pm America/Phoenix
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Rock and Roll is a vicious game.
The scene opens up in what looks to be a recording studio on Fozzy's property. Foam panels on the walls, sound boards with flashy lights and levels and a big glass wall separating two small rooms. Fozzy sits on the side with the sound boards, his hands hovering over some switches and knobs adjusting and tweeking his latest work of art. For Fozzy, music was just one of many forms of expression that he's into. Constantly making music during the few short days he is home keeps Fozzy sober and even. The camera creeps inside closer behind Fozzy. Obviously Fozzy is aware that their is a camera crew filming inside his studio as his focus is on the sound boards making the necessary adjustments on some tracks he's been working on. A medium sized Line 6 amp and a Gibson Flying V guitar sit there a few feet away from him.  After Fozzy is done tinkering away behind the sound board he reaches over and turns on the amp and grabs the guitar and starts to riff out. The camera getting in close enough where Fozzy notices. There is a nice distortion coming out of the amp as Fozzy plays a few power chords with a couple little lead riffs in between the chords. Knowing the camera crew is there he's finishes off with a quick couple scales on the high strings followed by a quick harmonic scale that almost sounds Van Halen like. He gets up and puts the guitar back down on the stand and addresses the camera.

FOZZY- Welcome to my fortress of solitude where my fingers fing best. I like to lock myself up in this place on my days off and force myself to create. As anybody who follows me knows I like to make music and I like it to rock and YEAH it's time to let WWX know that I am a ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA and that the following I bring to the promotion is paramount. I had a cult following before I even came to this fed both from pro wrestling and the music biz. Whether that following likes me or not doesn't really matter to me as long as I'm infamous I don't really care I know what's true to me.

Fozzy scoffs at himself.

FOZZY- So ok enough banter about me let's get to the reason you're here and that's my upcoming match at Ravage in the Jason Bourne Tag Team Invitational. Now I already commented on my partner Krimson Blaze at Hall of Pain and I didn't really get a chance to have that face to face with him yet, but I will. All I can say is he better get his head in the game and be ready to win. The fact I have to rely on anybody is annoying but screw it I'll embrace this opportunity. The tag team division is in a state of uncertainty hence why I'm in this match with the possible light at the end of this tunnel being tag team gold. I don't know how my partner feels about this but I'd be more than happy to add a tag team title to my resume. I shouldn't have to worry about a guy who's been a former world and tag team champion. RIGHT? But my opponents on the other hand have a lot to worry about it. Especially if they are trying to advance in this tournament. The team of Beatrice's Bacon or whatever, sorry to break it ya but you are going to lose this match simply cause I won't allow it. I don't care how your story goes or whatever drama that ensues, whatever training you're doing or all the kinds of insults I'm sure will be thrown my way. The facts are simple I'm the best superstar in this match and I gots a shiny gold belt to prove it.

From under the sound boards Fozzy digs around until he pulls out the WWX Television Championship and places it on his shoulder fingering the nameplate that says "Fozzy Ozbourne"

FOZZY- That's right baybay, you're NEW TV Champ! You see it's the same old Cinderella story everytime I step into a new promotion. Quite frankly I wasn't surprised at all at Hall of Pain. I made Hex Girl look like the stupid little girl she is by beating Luke Jairus instead. I did exactly what I said I was going to do and looked like a millions bucks doing it on the grandest stage WWX has to offer. Here's a bold prediction.... Next Hall of Pain I main event and take the Undisputed Title away from whatever Frankenstein that has it. In the meantime I forge on doing whatever I need to do to make that goal happen. Being the multi media megastar I am I bring new eyes to WWX and the management best get on board. Next on my list is to take out this rag tag group consisting of some old lady and a guy who must be on LSD or something. I kid of course, I'm not ignorant maybe arrogant but I know enough to know that you Beatrice are a former Women's champ and that's gotta be worth something to someone, not me of course but someone. I have a good handle on what you can do as I saw you and Hexy go at it at World Series and you couldn't even beat her but put on one hell of a show. Beatrice which by the way is one of the most trailer trash names I've ever heard, it's right up there with Bertha. What I want you to do is name drop some legends that you train with that I've never heard of. Quote some history at me that I couldn't care less about, get off the coat tails of your has been never was husband and show me something interesting, something I've never seen before. But I kinda doubt you will HELL I'd rather listen to a LSD laced fairy tale about bacon then your typical boring rant. While you may be a little bit butch of a woman I'll make your embarrassment quick and painless. I even feel a little bit sorry for you that you have a partner like Super Bacon, I'm sure you guys will take the short bus together to Georgia. Hey Bacon boy take the flying bacon back to f*ck off land cause you're stepping in the ring with a shark, with a killer, A TREND KILLER! Bad gimmicks like you need to die and die off fast. Dummies you like give our business a bad name. You are what wrestling used to be, a sideshow circus attraction. I' am what pro wrestling is today, a mainstream media frenzy. People may not like my tactics or what I have to say but I represent this company the way it should be. I've broken down the fourth wall and guess what? My name is not really Fozzy Ozbourne, it's just a brand I represent just like your name isn't really Super Bacon and you're representing?..... Bacon I guess. HA! You see? It's such a joke but I'm not playing around I'm coming to Ravage to take you two out and advance in this tournament. Even if I have to carry a Hall of Famer on my back I will win this tournament and add a tag team title on the other shoulder.

Fozzy pauses as if he was done but the camera crew stands there.

FOZZY- What? You want me to do my catch phrase thingy? Fine.

Fozzy strikes a Jesus Christ pose with the TV Title still on his shoulder and a crazed intense look on his face.

FOZZY- Cause you can't stop rock and roll and YOU CAN'T STOP FOZZY OZBOURNE!!!!!!.......................... Now get out!

The scene fades as the camera crew leaves the studio.


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