Rock the Boat

Roleplay Roleplay by JUSTICE JOHNSTON
On Sat, Jun17, 2017 3:14pm America/Phoenix
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Rock the Boat
[The scene opens with the peaceful, serene, soothing sound of silence as we see "Jumbo" Justice Johnson boarding a row boat that teeters side to side from the massive weight as he balances it out and centers himself. The wooden ores cut through the waters at a rapid pace until finally slowly to a stop in the center of Eagle Lake. The big behemoth turns to the camera with a fading smirk speaking in a deep, gritty tone.]

Some people don't like to rock the boat or makes waves, but where is the fun in that? There is only one way to make a big splash in this business and that's by diving headfirst into the deep waters. Far as I see it.. there are two types. The big fish swimming comfortably in a little pond or the shark that rules the ocean. 

[A fishing rod casts deep into the waters as a tall boy wrapped in a brown bag is cracked open. Jumbo blows off the foamy top and takes a long swig then crushes the now empty can a refreshing "AHH".]

There is an old expression that still rings true. 

'Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; teach him how to fish; and he'll eat for a lifetime.'

There are some big fish here in wwx. There might even be a couple that are a prize winning catch. But how many blood thirsty sharks like me to do you have.. Tom Black? He is more like a saltwater Crocodile for me to make a leather belt and a pair of boots outta!

[Justice Johston cracks his third tall boy and downs it just as quickly as the first two.]

People like me are made of a different breed and cut from a different cloth. Soon the WWX and anyone dumb enough to step into that ring with me will realize that..

[A huge Largemouth bass is hooked and reeled in then yanked on board. The fish frantically flops around until the massive hand of Jumbo wraps around its scaly body, cutting the line then pushing the hook through before dropping the fish in a bucket of fresh water.]

The only real question is, will this great white eat the competition alive and feast on their carcass or leave em' for dead as Chum for the rest of the cold blooded predators to feed on. 

[The red and orange sunset darkens to a mixture of purple and indigo as Jimbo Justice Johnston casts his fishing line back as the scene blackens out.]  

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