Rocking the Stoner Out of Place

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, May04, 2018 10:04pm America/Phoenix
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Rocking the Stoner Out of Place
Hex Girl is in the gym when the cameras catch up with her. She doesn't bother to stop her workout she just starts talking.

HG: Tinordi I find you to be a loathsome piece of human waste. The only reason I am even entertaining a match against your stoner ass is because of contractual obligations. As for the tag team match up. If I was grabbing at someones ass it was to get a hold of you tights to roll you up like one of your joints for a pin. As for 'hitting on you' yeah I was physically hitting your dumb ass. 

She shakes her heads as she continues with the sled leg press. 

HG: Don't confuse me physically attacking you in the ring for any level of flirting. If I were going to make the mistake of dating someone in the business again I'd more likely go for someone like DragonFly than you or your brain-dead stoner partner. 

She finishes her reps and locks the sled in place.

HG: You go right on ahead and get high as a Georgia pine. I'll keep getting ready. And when we face off you'll be swallowing your teeth.

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