ROME #WWXChampionTour2018

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Mar22, 2018 7:15pm America/Phoenix
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ROME #WWXChampionTour2018

(Xavier pulls Tommy up and puts him in a headlock to set up for the Detroit Stunner, but Tommy reverses the move and picks Pendragon up hitting a Headlock Suplex.)

Hart: A nice reversal by Lipton, but it seemed to take a bit out of him, as both men are down here.  

(Xavier gets to his feet first and makes his way over to Lipton.  He picks Tommy up and drives a hard knee across the ribs. Xavier gets up and smiles at Jake Devine but is startled as Tommy grabs him and takes Xavier down with a Belly to Belly Suplex!  Tommy squats low and stalks Xavier who is getting back onto his feet. Tommy lifts Xavier for a Lipton Slam but Xavier escapes and goes for a clothesline but Tommy ducks as Xavier turns around and is kicked in the gut and Tommy Lipton drops Xavier with a CIB!

Hart: CIB! CIB! Tommy covers!




*Lipton holds up the Undisputed World title with both arms*

Hart: Tommy Lipton has retained the World title in dramatic fashion!

*Tommy collapses to his knees as he holds the championship when, suddenly...*


{{He closes his eyes and breaths in deeply... he then exhales... He tightens his grip around the strap of his championship. He considers all those before him who have held the prestigious Undisputed Championship. He considers all those who have tried but failed to capture it and lastly he thinks about those fallen champions. He slowly opens his eyes... he raises the Mic and he speaks....  }}

Tommy: WWX Universe! ... 
 Welcome to the COLOSSEUM!!! 

{{Tommy is surrounded by sands and the bleachers of the semi together colosseum which shows it's years of wear and tear. A camera stairs at him from a few feet away.}}

Tommy: I am coming to you LIVE from Rome where some of the greatest gladiators of all time fought in the name of honor!  I come Live to you all on my WWX Championship Tour of 2018! 
What better place to visit early on in my Championship Tour than a place that hosted some of the first origional fighting entertainment! I pay respect for our past Champions here in the Colosseum just as I respect those who have been a Champion in my beloved WWX. Guys like Hermes, Priscus and Verus, Marcus Attilius, Carpophorus, Crixus, Commodus,  Flamma.... And of course, Spartacus. These first of many Gladiators who would be the origin that eventually would become what we know as Wrestling Entertainment. True we tend to not fight to the death as we are much more cilivized as we once were BUT does it not sometimes feel like we are fighting for our life? That we are fighting a match that carries so much weight such as a Undisputed Championship match? I feel like I give it my all when I walk out ready to battle and just as they did here long ago I battle for my honor AND I battle for all of you! 
Let's take a moment to respect those who have come before us to entertain the masses...

{{He closes his eyes for a moment and then he reopens them. Drilling a hard look dead into the cameras eye. }}

Tommy: This past week I defeated the former champion Xavier Pendragon who claimed his rematch clause but as expected he fell... he fell like the many gladiators before him in these sands had fallen. Falling with honor after fighting the hard fight. I applaud the former champion for his effort... But in the end their is but the one, the only...  BUT on Ravage he wasn't the only former champion who decided to do come face to face with the One and the Only! The other, a man who try's too hard to keep himself relevant in this WWX Universe, a man who dares to say that he is running any sort of era... This man is no stranger to me and his name is The Syndicate. Syndicate claims his Era never ended BUT had his Era even begun? Other than being champion a couple of times what's he done? When it was the Era of Lipton I was World Champ, I was the most hated and sought after even when I wasn't holding a Title, I was feared by all even our very own James Ranger AND that was just the beginning, I also ran the WWX as a CEO and GM and more! That's making an Era outta your name kid! These new guys think they win some matches gain some gold and that's it, they are legends, they are having Eras named after them. God damn they are some stupid idiots who are showcasing typical Millenials, taking way too much pride for hardly putting forth real blood sweat and tears to EARN IT!!! 

{{Tommy takes a moment to collect himself and his thoughts... }}

Tommy: Syndicate is acting like a spoiled brat, he has gotten a few great opportunities and now he thinks this title is his!? Why?! Because he had a few fights for it?? Because he held it for awhile since there wasn't much competition in the damn division!!?? Kid, your only... ONLY... big moment was Hall of Pain 2018 and buddy you need way more big moments to be able to justify this as yours!

{{Tommy lowers the Mic and he holds the title high with one hand.}}

Tommy: I on the other hand have had many big moments, many big matches that have entertained a generation! From battles with The Lost Soul, Sped and Rick Dreamie, to huge feuds with DGS and even most recently, Rex McAllister. I have faced Legends by the handfuls and highlighted some of the most extreme matches.  
Syndicate wants to welcome Tommy Lipton once more to the Syndicate. A man who's always managed to sneak by me but this time it will have a different ending. 

{{Tommy sits down on the sandy ground and lays the title out in front of him.}}

Tommy: This place held some of the most brutal matches, it holds a heavy piece of Roman history but not just that... I once had visited this place, and at that time just like today I was holding the Championship. It was shortly after my victory over Rick Dreamie in 2006. My first time visiting and I was with my sweetheart at the time, Blair. Ahhh the memories. This place, we filmed one of my greatest moments with the WWX Universe and who would have thought that it was the beginning of my luxurious career here. 

{{Tommys smile fades}}

Tommy: The blood in my veins that keep me going is the blood I've given in my colosseum as a WWX superstar. It will not thin out any time soon Syndicate...  for I was the then as I am the now... YOUR UNDISPUTED WWX ....

{{Tommy raises his chin high}}


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