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On Thu, Jun15, 2017 11:29pm America/Phoenix
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[A high school in downtown Atlanta is the focus of an over view shot. The camera cuts to right in front of the school and head through a large set of doors into the gymnasium. Cam Westport can be seen on the other end of the gym looking to the rafters. He is looking at a banner in the rafters that reads ďFootball State Champions 2011, 2012, 2013Ē and next to it ďBasketball State Champions 2011, 2013Ē Cam sees the camera enter the room as he looks over his shoulder.]

Cam ďMy sop|BLEEP|re, junior, and senior year. Threepeat in football and two in basketball. Wouldíve threepeated in basketball too if I hadnít dislocated my shoulder. In the semi finals I went up for a huge dunk, Iíll admit I was hot dogging and I jumped even higher than I was expectingÖ adrenaline. And I caught my arm in the hoop and popped the sucker right out. Aw man what a time.

It was so much easier then. No contracts, no endorsements just me, my competition and the sport itself. I need to reconnect with my roots here. After Mayhem I donít get to ride home with my dad and have him breakdown my match. I donít get home to a homecooked meal from my sweet mama. Itís just a recovery ice bath now. I love this, I love pro wrestling. Thatís why I live this life. I donít socialize, Iím a 21 year old, good looking pro athlete but I donít hit up clubs. I hit up weights. I choose this life, the grind. Because I want to be the best in the world. The best wrestler, the best athlete. I want to be the face of sports and Iíve got all the tools. Iím Odell Beckham Jr. minus the bad attitude and celebrity status.

Sunday night on Mayhem, Iíve got a chance to get a championship match. Iíve been slipping. Iíve let the last few opportunities pass me up. I put on an instant classic last week, but came up short. Shame, but it wonít happen again. Iím taking this opportunity, seizing the day, and getting back on path. This losing streak will come to and end, because I refuse to forget who I am.

(He looks up at the banner)

I am a winnerÖ a champion. One title isnít enough and Iím due for a big W. So Krimzon Blaze, I suggest you watch out because on Sunday you are getting a fully rejuvenated Cam Westport. Iíve revisited my home and gotten my soul back, now itís time for me to revisit the main event and get my title back.Ē

[Cam looks back at the banner again and makes his way towards the door and answers his phone ďYea, Iím coming mama I was just checking out the gym, they got a new scoreboard.Ē]

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