Roster Rundown

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Sat, Nov25, 2017 6:05am America/Phoenix
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Roster Rundown
[Scene opens on Damian Price, standing against a white wall. The wall is plain save for the Price Family Gym logo. Price has a smile on his face as he paces back and forth. It seems Damian has recently left a workout, as Price has a healthy sweat on. He stops, taking a sip from a water bottle sitting on a desk in the background. He looks into the camera, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he begins to speak.]

Price: So I went into Ravage against the current TV Champion, Fozzy Osbourne and Kailee. I was the heavy favorite, I might add. And then, because Kailee couldn't hold up her end of the bargain, Fozzy stole a win and walked out still champion. And somehow, even though I had that match won fair and square, and I wasn't the one who lost the match, just to get a rematch I deserve, I have to win a gauntlet match.

[Damian laughs to himself, toweling off with a black handtowel sitting on the same desk.]

Price: So, just for funsies, let's look at who my opponents are- Darkness, Willie Steen, Lu'Andre Xavier, and Kailee. A combined 34 title reigns between them, 5 as WWX World Champion, and 7 as International Champion. Oh, and Kailee is there too. The woman who cost me the belt in the first place. So I have to beat one nobody, and 4 World Champion level contenders just to get the one on one match that I f**king deserved in the first place!

[Price's anger is building. He begins pacing the room, his voice growing as he continues talking.]

Price: You know, the last few times I've been here, I've been all about putting on a show. Entertaining the fans, being the best performer in this company. I've prided myself on that, on stealing the show every single time I've been in that ring. But not anymore. Now, it's about getting back where I belong. Gold around my waist, sitting on my throne. The Television title is stop one. And I have a feeling that getting to that title match is going to be significantly harder than taking that belt off of Fozzy. Let's be fair here, every single one of these opponents brings something special to the table. Let's start with Kailee.

[Price takes a small step back, a confident grin on his face.]

Price: She's the least established wrestler in this match. She has the most to prove, and if getting into the ring with Hex Girl has taught me anything, it's to not underestimate anyone. But let's be fair, she's a high flyer who's giving up almost 100 pounds on me. She's hungry, but she's gonna have to prove herself some other time, since she's gonna get put to sleep by the King. Moving on.

[He takes another small sip of water as he steps back and forth.]

Price: Lu'Andre Xavier. I've crossed paths with him a couple times, almost always in battles between our separate stables. I don't think he and I have ever faced off one on one, but the man has a resume that shouldn't be laughed at. A former tag team champion, with 2 reigns within the AAA and International ranks. He's a formidable opponent, that's true. Especially when he's second in a Gauntlet match. He definitely has the ability to take me deep and wear me down, there's no doubt about that. And then we have Darkness....

[Damian looks down, making an over exaggerated exhale of breath as he looks downward.]

Price: What is there to say about Darkness? A former 4 time World Champion, 4 time International Champion, 3 time Television and AAA Champion, I could go on and on, and we all know that's true. Possibly the most dominant champion currently active in WWX. Facing him just straight up would be a challenge on it's own. But no, I have to face him after facing Kailee and then Lu'Andre. But that's not all, folks. Because after that, we're looking at what may be the true biggest challenge in this match, Willie Steen.

[Damian begins to pace again, back and forth across the screen. He takes another drink from his water bottle.]

Price: The Smoothest Operator in Pro Wrestling. A former World Champion in his own right, alongside 4 TV Title reigns and 3 AAA Title reigns. But that is not what makes him the biggest threat in this fight. No, that would be his 2 Tag Title reigns alongside me in the Insurgence. While much has changed about my style and way of thinking, he still knows me better than most men in WWX, with the only possible exclusion being my current tag team partner Xavier Pendragon. Couple that with the fact that he's batting clean up after the line up we just discussed, and he could very well be the final nail in the coffin.

[Price continues pacing back and forth. He takes the last drink from his bottle, emptying it before tossing it off camera.]

Price: So we're talking about possibly the most stacked deck in a single match in WWX History. Just to get that point across, every single one of these opponents stands a serious chance in a one on one match. But there is one thing they are not. They are not the Barbarian King. They are not the most technically gifted single athlete in WWX history. That would be Damian Price. You're next WWX Television Champion. The man who, despite all of the odds, despite facing the most one sided match in WWX history, will walk out the victor, and will defeat Fozzy Osbourne for the Television Championship.

[Damian has stopped pacing while he's been talking. He is now staring straight down the barrel of the camera.]

Price: Let me make myself perfectly clear- This may be the biggest challenge of my career, but I will walk out the number one contender, and I will walk into Holiday Hell to defeat the paper champion. Long live the King.

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