Rumor Mill

On Sat, May05, 2018 8:45pm America/Phoenix
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Rumor Mill
(An energetic strawberry blonde female reporter dressed in a Canadian flag wind breaker track suit sits at a WWX logo desk wearing a glossy pink lipstick and a dimpled smile.)

"Hello and welcome to this World Wrestling Existence special weekend update. This is Shay Sanders reporting on the latest news, gossip and rumors inside of wrestling.

*The camera moves off center to the left as a small digital square box with a question mark appears on screen to the right of the reporter.*

"Today's top story. The new Lipton Regime and the potential unveiling of a new Championship Title being introduced to our amazing fans in Ontario on Ravage. The internet and social media platforms worldwide have been discussing and debating amongst each other as to which Championship Mr. WWX will bring back. Top guesses include the Canadian, American or even a possibility of a shoot fight Submission Championship Title. This question and many others will soon be answered on Ravage, live on Twitch!

*Neatly shuffles through her note sheets.*

"In other news.. The winds of change can be felt in Toronto as this week's rumor mill has leaked a big story involving a potential surprise mystery tag team partner in talks of signing a contract with WWX. Little is known of the team 'True Talent' but if the rumors are true, the tag team division just might grow stronger over the next few weeks. That's all for now, tune in to Ravage this Monday Night in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Trust me wrestling fanatics, this is a must see show that you won't want to miss! This is Shay Sanders reporting for WWX..


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