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*Static crackles across the screen.  It is immediately replaced with a shot of nothing but darkness as an electronic tune begins to play.*


*After about ten seconds, a loud *BANG* can be heard over the music.  As this happens, an overhead spotlight illuminates in front of the camera, revealing Syndicate standing there, watching the lens intently.  The former World Champion is dressed in a blood-red leather jacket, dark-gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike Dual Fusion X2 sneakers.  His hands rest in the pockets of the jacket as he looks straight ahead, his blonde hair dangling in front of his left eye.*

Syndicate: I am a human being, capable of doing terrible things.  Sometimes my rivals forget that.

*A soft smile appears on his face.*

Syndicate: Today I come to you from...nowhere.  My opponents for this Sunday decided to post videos from a forest, a crypt, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and an abandoned house.  I...I didn't think that kind of stuff was necessary.  So here I am, a singular being underneath a singular spotlight, right where I belong.  No distractions.  No frills.  No excuses.  Just me and a camera on a tripod.

*He glances up at the light before focusing back in on the camera.*

Syndicate: Our friend Tommy Lipton woke up from his siesta yesterday to actually make a few good points.  Yeah, I do like having respect.  I enjoy being taken seriously.  Do you know WHY I'm focusing in on that, Tommy?  It's because I believe in my ability to win.  I know I can beat you.  I know I can beat Rex and Korath and Darkness too.  I'm not worried about that because I am 100% confident that I will walk out of Hall of Pain as World Heavyweight Champion.  And why shouldn't I, Tommy?  Because I doubt myself?  Where the hell has doubting themselves gotten anyone?

Syndicate: As you know, Tommy, we have quite a storied history with each other...but throughout that, I've noticed a common thread.  When I beat you in my first match with the WWX, you were obviously on a career tailspin at that point in your life.  You walked into that arena, went face-to-face with an absurdly cocky rookie, and lost.  So you went home, you nursed your ego, and you sat there, waiting for your opportunity to strike.  You found that opportunity last year, when that rookie that beat you a few years prior was now running through the WWX like nobody's business.  He was slowly edging closer and closer to the top, a place that you believed you firmly occupied, even in your absence.  So you come back, and you try and destroy BTA because you wanted that spotlight of yours back.  You wanted to stand in that warm glow one more time and soak it all in.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: Reno, Jake, and LuAndre didn't know what was happening.  I did.  I destroyed your plan and I did the deed myself, so YOU wouldn't get the credit.  Later that fall, you decided you weren't done trying to take my spot, so you come at me again on the road to Hall of Pain.  I  then, once again, got rid of you, eventually making sure that you didn't make the Hall of Pain card.  I held my ground, I kept my top spot, and I continued SHREDDING the wrestlers that came before me.  So what do you do, now that the "top spot" is firmly under my control?  You team up with Rex in an ailing division with no real competition whatsoever.  Yeah, you were tag champs, and yeah, you dominated that division, but you seemed to be the only "real" team there.  It's like walking onto an empty stage and proclaiming yourself the star of the show.  There's nobody else to compete with for that title, so does it really mean anything?

Syndicate: At Hall of Pain, Tommy, I'll have nothing to prove to you, frankly because I don't give a shit about you or your opinions anymore.  I don't "fear" not being the man...I AM THE MAN.  And THE MAN is ready to BURY your ass in the |BLEEP|ing ground so that you can't even BE in the House of Horrors match.  You gave birth to my career,'s about time that I kill yours.

*He brushes back his hair as he continues to stand underneath the warm spotlight.*

Syndicate: Korath, Korath, Korath.  You're in a dicey spot.  You say that I'm scared of you, that I'd rather "curl up in the backyard" than face you?  HA!  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Yeah, I said that I probably won't have to beat you to win the title, but that was back before the rules of the match were revealed. I know exactly what has to be done.  Korath, once we're done putting Tommy into the |BLEEP|ing'll be your ass next to go.  Why?  Because you do technically deserve to be in the match - after all, you did win World Series, and I commend you for that - and by making it into the house, you will be "in the match".  Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...after that, your "entitlement" goes away.

Syndicate: At this point in your career, Korath, you seem like you're doing damage control.  You came into this company as part of When Worlds Collide, a dominant faction if I've ever seen one.  You were a promising individual, one that was destined for greatness.  But then you took a few breaks here or there.  You let other things get in the way of being a professional wrestler.  You didn't develop the way everyone expected you to.  And now, here you are, INCHES away from being finally respected and seen as a "top guy".  But I'm afraid to say, Korath, that you're too late.  Not only that, but you've got one of the most dependable, consistently-great wrestlers in the same match.  That's me.  I've EXCEEDED my expectations set by you way back when.  I've done everything in my power to make sure that I am THE MAN, something that you will NEVER be.  Regardless of the other men in this match, I, Syndicate, am indisputably BETTER than you.  You can't get around that, Korath, and at Hall of Pain, it'll be your ass that gets put in its place.

*Syndicate, realizing that a change is needed, takes off his red leather jacket, revealing very toned and muscular arms underneath.  His torso, still covered by the gray undershirt, seemingly glows under the light.*

Syndicate: Rex, you mentioned something about "leap-frogging" everyone else to get a title shot because of your "domination" over the Tag "division".  Huh.  And I'M the one that gets all the advantages.  Listen, buddy, I'm done.  I'm done talking about my resume, I'm done talking about my World title run against your Tag title run.  I'm done with all that.  You know why?  Because, I've finally realized, none of it matters.  None of it.  This Sunday, at Hall of Pain, it won't be a dick-measuring contest - although that would be compelling television.  No, it'll be about who takes advantage of the situation and survives for the win.  You think ANYONE is going to completely dominate this match?  Hell no!  The House of Horrors will feature weapons, twists and turns, and unpredictability abound.  Are you or I going to be in control the entire time?  Probably not, knowing the caliber of my competition and the environment that we'll be in.

Syndicate: I've mentioned before, Rex, I am THE BEST at survival in this profession.  All those times that you said I "crumbled" in high-pressure situations?  You forgot to mention that IMMEDIATELY after those moments, I ALWAYS got back on my horse and came back for revenge.  Xander Adams never even did that because he knew what the hell he was facing.  David Gideon Smith didn't come back either after I beat him and took back MY World title.  I anticipate Darkness doing the same.  But again...why does that matter right now when really, you should be talking less ABOUT me and more about how you're going to BEAT me!  Because I'll tell you one thing: you WON'T beat me at Hall of Pain, at the pinnacle of this industry.  This House of Horrors match will EXPOSE you, Rex, as a shit-talking performer without any real substance, the same thing that you constantly accuse me of being.  |BLEEP| you, |BLEEP| your arrogance, and |BLEEP| being "Rexcellent".  I can't wait to shove your head into an oven.

*Remembering something, Syndicate snickers and sticks his hands into his jean pockets before talking.*

Syndicate: Hey, Darkness, before I forget, you didn't break my undefeated streak earlier this year.  Not even close.  On August 16, I was beaten by Krimzon Blaze in a non-title match.  You are not Krimzon Blaze.  It's funny, actually, how the one thing you claimed to be responsible for - and the singular point you made about me in your last video - is a complete falsity.  Sounds about right, coming from you.  You're grasping at straws, Darkness; you have nothing left, nothing to say about why you're better than me other than you got one of your buddies to win the World title for you.  Over your long career, you have finally run out of advantages.

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: And about damn time.  In the House of Horrors, my ideal scenario is you and me on the top floor of the house, duking it out for the title.  Why?  Because you caused all of this.  You and Brytney, screwing me out of my signaled your eventual demise at the hands of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  I will suck the life out of you, Darkness.  I will END your career.  And at the end of the night, when I hold MY World Championship over your lifeless body...I won't feel sorry for what I've done.  Destruction, Darkness.  That's what I promised, and that's what you're going to get.

*His left eye becomes covered again by his blonde hair due to the passion emanating from the Los Angeles Outlaw.*

Syndicate: Tommy.  Korath.  Rex.  Darkness.  Four men that believe they have a shot at the World title.  Four men who will try and compete with me for the top spot in this industry.  Four men...who will fail.  I am THE MAN, I am THE CONSTANT, and after Hall of Pain, I will be, for the fifth time, THE CHAMPION. the |BLEEP|ing Syndicate.

*He raises his right hand and snaps his fingers.  As he does, the shot is immediately overtaken by static.*



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