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On Wed, Dec06, 2017 6:52pm America/Phoenix
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(A camera clicks to life, adjusting itself to point at a stool and microphone in what appears as a very amateurish recording booth. Lights click on from somewhere behind the camera, then whoever s doing it adjusts the lights so it's not washing everything out. Finally someone steps into the frame with a guitar. The person;s face isn't immediately visible until he takes a seat, revealing the would-be musician as Kurtis Ray. He sets the key, strumming a couple of awkward cords before muting the strings and grinning at the camera.)

KURTIS: What up, Universe? I was sitting in my living room a little while ago, thinking about my match on Ravage. And what a match it is, right? Puts a lot of.... I guess you could call it star power in the ring together. Namely, myself and Willie Steen versus the ever entertaining duo of Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, better known to those in the know as 420.

(Kurtis chokes and bows his head, coughing loudly and taking a deep breath he lets out in a whoosh.)

KURTIS: I've never been in the ring with 420. And they were a big deal for a long time. Probably still something of a big deal, I haven't paid much attention to the Tag Tournament. I'm really only here because I like to wrestle and because a guy in a suit told me to be here and signed my paycheck. So you get to see the bombastic blazed out duo of 420 versus Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen. Kinda falls flat toward the end, doesn;t it?

(Kurtis strums on the guitar again, leading into playing a simple melody.)

KURTIS: So like I said, I've never faced off against 420. I have, however, faced off against my Tag Team partner. Several times, in fact. Me and Willie have some history. And I would hazard a guess that when Ravage is in the books, we're not likely to be on the same page. but you know what? That's fine, because either way you look at it, I'm headed into Ravage ready for a fight. Whether it's against the Munchie Monsters or against Willie Steen, you can be sure of one thing. The K-Train is coming.

(Kurtis grins at the camera,, continuing to strum at the guitar.)

KURTIS: One more thing before we get to the reason why I decided to record this video. Any of you jokers in the locker room that might have ideas about what I am or what I'm not capable of, might want to pay attention to Ravage. We all know I have a couple of big opportunities coming up in the next weeks, and we all know which jokers I'm talking about. You boys best do well in your match this week. Can;t have either of you in bad form next week, otherwise who knows what'll happen?

(Kurtis shakes his head and laughs, beginning to strum on the guitar again. This time the tune is Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.)

KURTIS: Anyway, this is something I've been working on for a while. Call it a cover, or a parody, or whatever. It's not finished, but I hope you enjoy it.

(Kurtis clears his throat and starts to play again.)

KURTIS: Got a call in the middle of the night
Said I better be ready for a fight
My eyes lit up and my blood started pumpin'
Full of energy my heart started thumpin'

So excited that I couldn't even sleep
You're in trouble and you're in it knee deep
When I'm finished then your mama's gonna weep
That's a promise I assure you I can keep

Too late, no one can help you now
You're in it deep
And you can't get out
This time you really can't get away

Here comes the Hype train, rollin' down the track
Get in the way and I'll put you on your back
Seems like we've been through all this before
But when I hit the stage the fans are gonna roar...

(Kurtis trails off into humming, and finally stops playing. He looks embarrassed, for a moment before regaining his composure.)

KURTIS: So, um, let me know what you think? Like I said, it's not finished, but I think it does a pretty good job of putting some things into words, you know? Willie, Gary, Matt, we'll see you boys in the ring on Ravage. And like the song says, like it or not, you mess with the Hype Train, someone's getting put in the mat. See you real soon.

(Kurtis grins, flashing a peace sign at the camera before it cuts to black.)

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