Running on Fumes.. and I didn't crap in Frost's Sammich!!

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Tue, Jul10, 2018 12:25pm America/Phoenix
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Running on Fumes.. and I didn't crap in Frost's Sammich!!
{The blue Chevron logo shines off the reflection of the oval shaped gas tank on the solid black Yamaha Midnight Warrior as the motorcycle slows to a crawl before stopping near one of the many fuel pumps under the metal canopy. A black steel toe boot swipes the kickstand into position and the Predator style motorcycle helmet is removed to reveal the pearly white smile of Gimmick Jones. He looks over one shoulder briefly, then the other, seemingly on the lookout for something or someone as he turns back to face the wwx camera in a nervous panic.} 

-Gimmick Jones-

“SO! Apparently, before Frost had his match with Chris Danger on the Outrage Pay-Per-View, he told some of us boys that nobody better eat his sandwich, so a certain someone took the liberty of taking a hot, steaming, diarrhea dump in his sandwich after eating some rather bizarre and unique Icelandic culture foods and after that GIANT Iceberg Arctic Airen returned to the back... the big bad polar bear ate the sandwich then licked his fingers clean while the entire locker room watched on.”

[Gimmick Jones scans the area to see if the coast is clear as he runs a company WWX credit card through the gas pump card reader then sliding the nozzle into the motorcycle gas tank then proceeds to light up a marlboro red while leaning against the two wheeled beast.]

-Gimmick Jones-

“SO! That, in a nutshell, is why I departed from Iceland prematurely and got the hell outta dodge soon as humanly possible because the last thing Gimmick Jones needs on his list of problems is a Seven Foot - Two Inch.. Five Hundred Pound GIANT smelling my musky manly scent and breathing down my neck. Now these strict suit n tie bastages want to test my DNA and see if it is a match. No pun intended but what kinda crap is that? Half the roster is high on something and these sorry, good for nothing sonuva biscuits wanna test ME?? OH-$H!T!!”

[AN 18 WHEELER PLOWS THROUGH THE GAS STATION DOCKING AREA AND INCINERATES THE YAMAHA MIDNIGHT WARRIOR STREET BIKE INTO SCRAP METAL! Gimmick Jones pops his head up from behind a squeegee cleaning stand and runs for his ever loving life towards a nearby bowling alley.]


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