Running with a pride of Lions

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 10:23pm America/Phoenix
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Running with a pride of Lions
TIME: 10:34 PM

[The scene opens with Blade Archer watching from afar with a smug smirk as a man eats a hotdog in front of a homeless beggar and hands the bum his empty wrapper before walking off to whatever and wherever his next destination will be. ]


There are some smooth operators here that fly under the radar with stealth silence while nobody seems to notice but the Blade Club? We pay attention to everything that happens and to everyone that did anything here of any significance or relevance. I can respect a man who drops knowledge and truth together with poetic savagery. The Blade Club could benefit from having the cool factor if it wasn't for the fact that we are too hot to handle and too cold to hold. 

[Blade Archer approaches the homeless man that was previously snubbed a donation and places a single hundred dollar c-note in the beggars cup. The large figure stands tall towering over Archer by half of a foot. The big bum, approximately seven foot tall and on the heavier side of three hundred pounds smiles and gives a strong, unwanted hug of gratitude,]

Whoa!! easy there Sling Blade... What brings a giant hood rat like you to the BIG Apple anyway?

..To follow...

What are you, some sort of stalker?

[The homeless bum shoves a waded up paper into Archers chest that turns out to be a restraining order filed by one Sidney Maxwell Irvine.]

Wait why are you following that jagoff around? Are you mentally retarded?

??? follow...

That's right buddy. Follow. OR.. you can be like me and lead but do you know my personal favorite?

??? follow?

No. Good guess though window locker. There is a familiar phrase. Maybe you heard of it? It goes something like this. Lead, follow or GET OUTTA THE WAY!!

[Blade Archer catches the stalker bum off guard and by surprise with a swift kick between the legs followed up with a devastating face plant Blade cutter on the concrete curb. Archer quickly pops back up and brushes himself off, dusting his dirtied hands clean as he turns to the camera with a mischievous smirk and a dangerous twinkle in his cold, callous eyes.]

This face? Get used to seeing it around here for a long, long time. Like it or loathe it, everyone will learn to love us because The Blade Club? We are going to win match after match, we are going to win event after event, The Club is going to win one accomplishment after another until the smart marks and management have no choice but to sit there with their fat faces shut and acknowledge the fact that we are THE best! We are going to win so much and so often that you're going to get tired of seeing us win. Then guess what we will do after that? That's right were going to Win some more! After I take back MY International Championship, I will go on to world series. I will headline the biggest events in this business and just like every other event, The Blade Club will dominate it! 

[Archer jams a thumb against his neck and slowly drags his thumb across the throat as he glares into the camera with a smoldering intensity of a hunter on the prowl for his prey.]

FIll. Get ready for war! I am going through you along with anyone and everyone that gets in my way. Fury will mark the turning point of this company when I once again reclaim what always has and will be MY International Championship. That title is the permanent property of the Blade Club and I will take immense pleasure in stomping that cold, hard reality right into the sycophantic doubters thick skulls one win at a time! It all begins on fury and ends with you Fill. Get used to the taste of your own blood Bulgarian Nightmare, That crimson milk will help wash down your pride after I force you to not just shallow that pride but choke on it with sad boo hoe tears of disappointing defeat. Competition brings out the best of the worst in me and on Fury? You will feel it..

[Blade Archer pantomimes pulling back on an invisible bow and shoots a see through arrow at the camera sending the picture to a slow fade to black.]


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