Same Ol Song and Dance

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 7:48pm America/Phoenix
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Same Ol Song and Dance
[The camera opens up showing what appears to be an old weight room. Single light bulbs hang from their strings swaying back and forth as the equipment in the building appears to be run down. The clanking of weights can be heard as the camera approaches. Inside, a wall of mirrors lines the back as a curl bench is set up. Rayne can be seen sitting with his back to the camera, curling a set of barbells as he doesnt stop what he is doing. His voice can be heard]

Rayne: You see, for some reason as of late, these morons that fill these locker rooms seem to think that they are something. Somewhere along the way, these no good wanna be superstars that fill these lockerrooms seem to think that they can come in with a chip on their shoulder and everything will be okay. They seem to think that they can run their mouth and talk all they want and that they arent going to get slapped clean in it. And yet...that is all the more they ever seem to get done...thinking. 

[Rayne tosses the weight down and reaches down grabbing a towel running it across his forehead. He stands up and reaches over grabbing his water as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Since taking the time to rediscover who I am and also what I am, there is something that I have become far more powerful than any of these other punks have. And immortal. You see Westport, I tried to be nice to you. I tried to let you know that what was going to happen to you was simply business. And then...*laughs*...and came and said that you were going to Are you serious? Do you really think that in the back of that little brain of yours that you are going to even stand a chance standing toe to toe with me? You see Westport, you surround yourself with these other men who are beneath me, who are nothing like me, and attempt to think that you are going to do something when you get into the ring with me. You find reasons to blame someone else for your losses, *mocking westport* the ref did this, my opponent did this...who really fuc*ing cares? Honestly? The fact of the matter is someone got the better of you and that is the end of the story. 

[Rayne walks over and reaches down grabbing a few plates. He tosses them on the bar as he lies down on the bench and gets himself set. He continues speaking].

Rayne: Unlike you Westport, I had something that was really stolen from me. I had a championship that should be mine right now walking around the waist of another low life like yourself, who I intend to deal with rather harshly after getting through to you. For some reason, they thought that LX deserved another shot at the title before I got it, and I shall soon show the WWX the mistake that they have made not giving the arch angel exactly what is supposed to be given to him. You talk about things being stolen, I can assure you that when we step into the ring here very soon, nothing will be stolen from you except your shattered ego and broken soul. Nothing will be stolen from you except for your lack of respect and your subpar abilities in the ring. NOTHING WILL BE STOLEN FROM YOU BUT YOUR CAREER FOR OPENING YOUR MOUTH AND SAYING THINGS THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAID!

[Rayne stops and breathes for a moment. He rolls his hands on the bar and lifts the weights off the rack, each rep more intense than the prior. After pushing out ten, he places the bar on rack and sits back up. He stares into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Westport, let me make something clear to you. When you step into the ring with me, you are dealing with something that you have never dealt with. You arent dealing with that loudmouth Kurtis Ray, you arent dealing with the weak minded "Stressed" Fill, you are dealing with the silent assassin, the arch angel, THE MAN THAT WILL SOON TAKE GOD HIMSELF! What you are dealing with is a man that has become woke, a man that has found his calling and is going to stop at nothing to wreak havoc on every single living and breathing superstar that I can find until there are no more left to concur. What you are going to be standing toe to toe with in just a few short days is a man that you have no preparedness for. Your finisher that is oh so great will be ineffective simply because it wont be used. When we step into that ring together, only one is walking away with the W, and i think that we both know who that already is. 

[Rayne walks over to a squat rack and begins throwing weight onto it. He turns around after finishing as he stares deep into the camera].

Rayne: You are like the others that have thought the exact same thing when they got into the ring with me. You thought that you could do it, but you will soon find out that I am far too much for you. You will soon find out that there are no flukes, no mishaps, but simply...a straight as* whooping coming to you from the arch angel himself. Originally, I was going to do this simply for business. Since you want to be the big man on campus, I will do it now for pleasure. I want to hear you scream now Westport. I want to see you in pain like youve never felt before...and I intend to oblige that request. You will know the pain that the others have felt Westport and you wlil stand on the mountain and tell the world what has happened to you. You will tell them...Its the Rayne...and I felt it. 

[Rayne goes to walk to the bar and stops as he turns around smirking].

Rayne: Easily stoppable, very limited, and overcompensated. Its the same ol song and dance Westport, and im done trying to tango. See you soon. 

[Rayne laughs as he walks over towards the bar and begins doing squats. The scene fades to black]. 

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