Same old booking, same old disappointment...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Fri, Apr13, 2018 1:56pm America/Phoenix
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Same old booking, same old disappointment...
(Sitting in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY, Bob is left to contemplate the future. After nearly walking away forever and having the bulk of his time free, he is now pulled back into the mix in a number one contender match for the International title. The thoughts flying through his head run from disappointment, to shock, to frustration, and to anger. His freedom being purloined, now finding himself forced to defend his honor. In reality, it isn't about the title. The title has been achieved. The title was held for four months, defended triumphantly time and time again, and then given up admirably. However, due to a flaw, or to some a stroke of luck, Mellon is launched back into the scene. From the back room, his wife enters in to ask him how he's doing. Mellon shrugs and continues to contemplate. The strain it is causing his home life is a reality. Mellon looks for time to spend with his family now that the run as champion has ended. Yet again, he must put that aside and focus on the task at hand. Mellon sets up his computer for a video to be posted to the WWX Universe)

Mellon: It looks as though Ranger is up to his usual ways again. Here he is, creating something out of nothing. It is pretty impressive when you think about it. However, let's analyze what is going on here? The man is scared. His federation is on the brink of collapse. The effort around him is dwindling. The viewership is dying. The often sought after greats are too involved with outside engagements. What was he going to do? Of course, he would bring back one of the best there have ever been. He went right to Bob Mellon and forced him back into action. 

Now, would I say I had it coming? Probably. Jarvis Valentine's title win could have been the catalyst. Maybe it was my vacating the title on Ravage that really irritated him. Possibly it was both. The facts don't lie. We don't like each other. The man is barely capable and severely flawed as a leader. We all see this. Look at the output of folks around us. Dragonfly is putting in more effort than everyone combined and half the WWX Universe doesn't even know who he is! Maybe it's a she. Frankly, I won't lie, I haven't cared to look. The point is, the WWX is a damn mess. 

Prime example... Look at the booking for Armada. My match alone is a great example. A four-way match of mediocrity. Kurtis Ray hasn't pulled his weight in weeks. The man is seven pounds of crap in a five-pound bag. I mean, the man isn't even worth his weight in crap. Can anyone even remember the last time we heard from that has been? Months ago. In fact, even when we did nobody cared anyway. However, despite his lack of any skill he still shows up in number one contender matches. Kurtis Ray. He hasn't done anything worthwhile since the Nixon administration. Ok, that's a stretch but for Christ sake it sure as hell feels like it.

Ok, does the world need to see me and Hex go toe to toe again. Talk about the number of chances I gave that woman to take my title from me and each time she faltered at the eleventh hour. She always spoke a big game too. In our multiple encounters with one another, there has always been an underlying theme. She is repeatedly destroyed. One might even say embarrassed regularly. Yet Mr Ranger keeps throwing her a bone.  James, this isn't a charity event. This is entertainment and frankly, Hex is notorious for delivering underwhelmingly disappointing performances when it matters most. Congrats, fans! You've just won yourself the same old match again. 

Tanno Waters. The man of a million opinions and no effort. Here is a guy with all of the potential in the world to take the WWX by storm. All he would have to do is show just a touch of effort. Just an ounce of it, and he could be the reigning International champion. Hell, he could be the World Champion. The man hinted for weeks that he was going to show what "real wrestling" would be. We all sat at the edge of our seats waiting for what might happen. The hype was unbearable. Then we saw the product. Talk about bland. I had hoped a feud would have sparked between us but now I just find myself bothered that I have to come out of retirement and share the ring with this fool. 

So, there it is. I'm tired of the same old feuds, and the same old stories, and the same old losers. The international division is garbage. The only thing worth watching is the World division and frankly, even that is growing stale and predictable. What is next for the WWX? I don't know. What is next for Bob Mellon? One more match, at least. I'd say it was a big deal that I'm back, but let's face it... even I'm old news at this point. I'm just fighting the same battles, with the same characters, that I have been fighting since I came back in August of 2017. Here's to another four-way match nobody will want to watch. Another mashup of mediocrity to the world. Another event that will be deemed as, "lacking at best". I know I'm tired of it. Aren't you? 

(Mellon ends the feed and sits back in his chair. His frustration with the federation's direction and routine bookings may have gotten the best of the former International and World champion. As Mellon gets up from his chair he looks back out the window of his Brooklyn brownstone in disgust. Disappointment and frustration running through his veins, Mellon sighs and walks away) 

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