Same song and dance

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 4:40pm America/Phoenix
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Same song and dance
[The camera pans showing the American Bank Center in the distance. Moving around to the front, a figure can be seen standing on the steps leading into the arena. He looks up to the doors with his back turned as the camera approaches].

???: Same ol song and dance eh?

[Rayne turns around, a smirk covering his face].

Rayne: I have been radio silent these past few weeks because its all about the focus right now. I can come on and say the same things that you are hearing week in and week out from two of the three men on the other side of the ring. “Oh you dont deseve to be here”. “Oh, you arent going to beat us”. Did I cover them all? For the love of god men, can we please come up with something that isnt going to bore everyone the moment you come on the screen? Every time I hear static on my TV or hell even my phone, I throw the damn thing or turn it off so I dont have to listen to the “measuring stick” speak. I would think that carrying the company like you do, you would atleast have a team of writers to help pull you through your promos. 

[He paces around a moment before continuing].

Rayne: Ranger continues to toy with all of us. Instead of letting us just kill each other, which I am sure is what all of you want to see, he decided that he should just throw all the chaos and madness between the four of us, and also my other partner and his opponent, into one match and see the after effects. See who is going to come out alive, well, and victorious. Fact of the matter comes down to we all know that none of us are going to come out one hundred percent from this. Each man has an agenda, a thought process, and we are going to try and lay them out flawlessly. 

[He stops and takes a deep breath, ].

Rayne: As i edge these steps, i feel like I am climbing step by step to my opponents. The first, McAlister. Rex, I dont have a problem with you...yet. You simply are a casualty in something that you shouldnt have been brought into in the first place. I know you are in line to get a shot at this championship when you are done with all this, and we are going to meet after I get whats mine. However, I ask of you, dont make me have a problem with you. 

[He continues a few steps up as he stops and turns around once more].

Rayne: Darkness. You continue to tell me how I dont deserve things, yet you cant perform in any caliber match without help. The fact is that your glory days are over and no one has been able to take you out long enough to make you realize it. When we step into the ring, things have changed. The last few times I have beat you, maybe it didnt matter. You are right. I advise you start taking me as a threat, because underestimation is what has lead me to beat you time and time before. 

[He makes it to the top near the door. He looks back down at the stairs and then continues].

Rayne: Syndicate, there is nothing that I can say or do that is going to make any sense to you because you dont care to listen. I respected you before this all began. I thought maybe you were different, remembered where you came from, and had heart to fight your own battles. Instead, you sh*t all over those ideals. You forgot where you came from, and use anyone you can to make sure that you walk out victorious. Now, I, along with Lipton and Ray, have been served you on a silver platter with your love affair Darkness and his problem party McAlister. This match proves exactly why I deserve to be where I am, who I am, and what I am going to do to you. I intend to hurt you in ways that you never thought possible, and make sure that when you get to Holiday Hell, you can remember just who I am. 

[He walks to the door and slowly opens it as he looks back once more].

Rayne: The path has been drawn, the characters cast. This match propels me to the top of the story. Everyone loves the underdog, and I am going to take it and run with it. It's the Rayne gentlemen...and ill make damn sure you feel it. 

[He clears the door as it slams. The camera pans out on the building as the scene fades to black].

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