Sarah Summer's Boyfriend Revealed!!

On Mon, Feb15, 2016 12:35am America/Phoenix
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Sarah Summer's Boyfriend Revealed!!
WWX Pay-Per-View Broadcaster Sarah Summers has been making waves as to who her potential boyfriend is. Conflicting reports stated that Sarah was dating fellow commentator and WWX superstar Baalzebub, which Sarah confirmed that she and Baalz were not dating nor will they ever date. WWX Women's Champion Beatrice Pendragon had this to say about Sarah's budding romance story:

BEATRICE: Y'all leave here alone. Let the woman date who she want to.

There have been confirmed reports that Sarah was spotted and seen with Fury Lead Commentator Terry "TJ" Jackson holding hands while watching the new Deadpool movie at a local theater in Tampa. When asked about the "Date with a Diva" program, Sarah's response was

SUMMERS: I didn't know that was going on. Terry and I started talking long before that was even thought up.

Terry himself spoke up as well on the issue.

TJ: Sarah is a very lovely woman and I kinda knew that her and I couldn't work on the same show so Max assigned me to be the lead commentator for Fury while Sarah backs up Mike Hart for the pay-per-view events.

WWX General Manager Maxfield Stanton had this to say about the budding couple-

STANTON: When the started realizing they were developing feelings for the other, both of them came to me knowing that the two could no longer work together. Since both Kahm and Baalz were joining the commentary lineup, I sent Terry to Fury and Sarah to help Mike Hart cover PPV events.

Though Sarah will be in Tampa for Fury, she will not be present at the arena. She will join "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon and his wife WWX Women's Champion Beatrice at a March of Dimes Charity event in Downtown Tampa.


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