Scared... Please

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Feb16, 2018 4:33am America/Phoenix
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Scared... Please
February 15... A few hours later.

*The camera comes to life inside the state of the art gym inside the Hilton Garden Inn. Darkness is seen finishing up his workout. He walks over to the juice bar that is located inside the gym and asks the attendant for a bottled water. The attendant hands Darkness the bottle. He opens it and takes a couple sips before pouring a little bit over his head.*

Darkness: Now that was a workout. May not have involved any trees but a great workout none the less. How are them roots coming along Korath? Them poor roots never knew what hit them or maybe they did. Maybe they knew you were weak Korath and just gave away allowing you to pull them up. You consider yourself to be so strong then why did you have to use the hatchet to loosen the roots up. You didn't see me use a pulley to lift those weights back there.

*Darkness slightly glances back at the hammer strength Olympic decline machine. He grins a little bit before taking another couple sips of the water.*

Darkness: Oh who am I kidding. This match isn't going to come down to brute strength but it will come down to who has the ring presence to be able to finish the match no matter what happens. Whether it be interference from somebody or sheer luck. You have to be ready for anything. You have to be ready to counter the unexpected and use it to your advantage. If you can't do that then Korath, you surely will fall at Aftershock.

*Darkness grabs a towel from the counter and wipes some sweat from his face. He tosses the towel in the bin next to the counter. He then takes another sip of water and starts to make his way to his room.*

Darkness: Korath, by no means am I afraid of any man. I have fought men bigger, tougher, and smarter than you. I have also fought some smaller and they could do more damage than you could ever think about doing. Now over the years, I have beat the majority of them but I have also lost a few of them. The one thing I can say is that I was never scared of any of them. That experience that I gained during those matches will be what I'm bringing to the table at Aftershock. It may or may not get me the win but it damn well will prove that I'm scared of no man. 

*Darkness makes it to his room. He scans the keycard and opens the door. He walks in and throws his bag onto the floor. As he makes his way around the bed he pulls his wet, sweaty shirt off which in turns shows off his muscular physique.*

Darkness: Why should I underestimate you Korath? Maybe because you lost to Syndicate last week or maybe its because you stayed out a couple months after the match at Hall of Pain. Hell, I took a shot to the head and suffered a concussion and still wrestled in my next match. Maybe, you need to second guess yourself if you are thinking about underestimating me. I have lost and I have won but I have never given up. I will give you every ounce that I have and if you dare underestimate then I will finish you once and for all at Aftershock. 

*Darkness finishes off the water and throws the bottle into the trash can beside the bed.*

Darkness: Just to remind you Korath, I'm not running or hiding from you. I say what I have to say when I have the time. Between press conferences, autograph sessions, and photo shoots I am a busy man. You have to remember I am one-half of the tag team champions and one of the most decorated legends in the business. The only thing you need to remember is that the revelation is coming Korath and it's coming through you whether you like it or not.

*Darkness drops his pants and his underwear causing a black box with the word censored in it to come up covering up his backside.*

Darkness: My apologies. Guess Ranger will probably fine me for that one.

*Darkness heads off towards the bathroom as the camera fades to black.*

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