School Kids

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Tue, Jun06, 2017 10:15am America/Phoenix
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School Kids
[Tom Black is sat on a bench in his private gym, Bishop Polaris is training on some of the machines and Tom Black is sat there staring at the camera.]

Tom Black: Welcome back to my gym!

[He says with a sarcastic tone.]

Tom Black: You may of seen the event in which I pinned Cameron Westport to the floor and took the TV title out of his sweaty miserable hands, but you also might of seen when Fill ambushed me. This was a weak and wimpy way to take out the Dark One, you will only gain my respect if you fight me like a man. I am yet to see this.

[He takes his mask and wipes his face.]

Tom Black: Anyway, that doesn't matter, this hasn't stopped me. I have been booked in a match with Blade Club. You might of noticed earlier after I git hyped up by my friend Polaris, he had to stop me from causing havoc in his parish. I have something to say about this, when we face the Blade Club, he will not stop me from achieving my violent goals, in fact he is going to encourage them and he will harness them. This "Blade Club will not be able to stop me, Polaris won't be able to stop me, no one will be able to stop me, not Fill, not even the damn GM!

[He starts to twitch his neck.]

Tom Black: When I step into that ring, no one can stop me. Not even this "Rising Talent" can stop me , Blayde Archer, you and your little club of friends can't overcome us, we are not some group of school kids "club", we are Pure Darkness. The thin about me and Polaris is that I like hurting people, and he harnesses my bloodlust. And that bloodlust is what keeps me going in matches. Anyway, I've gotta go train for my fight against these degenerates...

[Tom stands up and walks over to his punching bag and starts on it, Bishop Polaris notices this as he starts to punch the bag, Polaris walks over and starts to whisper things in his ear.]

Bishop Polaris: So, you think you can beat Blade Club huh? Well they can rip you apart in a heart beat...

[Tom is starting to go red with fury, but he keeps releasing his anger upon this poor punching bag.]

Bishop Polaris: Remember what happened to you last Sunday? Yeah 420 beat your ass...

[He starts hitting the punching bag harder and harder with each jab and swing.

Bishop Polaris: You thought you could take the TV championship from the great Willie Steen? Ha! You're nothing...

Tom Black: SHUT UP!!!
[He really is starting to destroy this punching bag, he has punched a hole in the side of it and the filling is leaking out.]

Bishop Polaris: And you said you would beat McAllister and Lipton for the championships, and what happened then? You got cheapshotted by McAllister!

Tom Black has had enough he pulls the bag down and starts on his gym, he pulls machine over and has a full on rage, Bishop Polaris is watching on with glee, his objective has succeeded he smiles as if he's a proud father.]

Bishop Polaris: Yes, yes Tom, good...

[Buship Polaris watches on as the huge beast of a man wrecks the room, laughing at his work as the scene fades to black.]

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