Scorecards, GM's Rules, Superstar Profile

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On Mon, Dec18, 2017 12:01am America/Phoenix
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Scorecards, GM's Rules, Superstar Profile
Sorry for the delay on Ravage. Not much i can add to that. So moving on.

After Holiday Hell, each week you're booked, i will score your effort that week, making it easier to place you in each division and rank you based on your effort. It will be updated after each week. At the end of each PPV cycle, the scorecard will be reviewed and the rankings will be updated to reflect. This leads into the next thing.


Sandbagging, word limit break...will have a negative effect on the judging of your effort. I know some of you find it troublesome. But while the word limit is in effect, respect that limit. It is possible to create outstanding promos within a limit. If you wait to post a promo near the end of deadline and your opponent posted at the beginning or middle of the deadline...its going to be reflected as a loss on you. Going pass the word limit now will result in promos not being counted. So keep that in mind and simply break up your promos, especially when i do not have a promo limit for the card.

Strategies are fifty percent of the effort required. If you do not know how to submit or come up with one, ask each other or reach out for me to provide some guidelines on how to strat. Not sending one in is the same as a faking it if you wanna be a champion or progress up the rankings.

Superstar Profiles need to reflect moves, entrances, basic information. Its mandatory if you're expecting for your wrestler to be able to compete in this fed or anything other known. Don't be lazy.

Most attention to when you are booked...not gonna win by appearances alone.


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