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On Wed, Nov15, 2017 3:49pm America/Phoenix
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We come back from commercial at Wreckage to a shot of a dark room, a shadowy figure stands right in front of the camera when all of the sudden what appears to be a birthday candle is lit with a flicker and spark of a match in someone's fingers revealing in it's glow Fozzy Ozbourne. The single burning flame from the candle's wick reflects and dances off his intensely wild eyes. He proudly wears his signature WWX Fozzy Ozbourne t-shirt looking down at it's picture then back towards the camera with the WWX Television Title firmly around his waist. The Georgia crowd can be heard booing the sight of Fozzy Ozbourne as what is happening is playing on the Tron for the people. Fozzy has his usual cocky smirk on his face then mockingly makes a bunch of scary faces with the candle still burning in front of his face.
FOZZY- Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Your words cut me so deep Damian however will I go on.
Fozzy lets out a little sarcastic laugh.

FOZZY- You know it's hard to take you seriously with that silly pink skid mark on your head, right? I couldn't help but catch that interview you did and the whole time I watched all I could do was stare at that stupid mohawk. 

The wax from the birthday candle drips down onto Fozzy's fingers making him flinch.

FOZZY- Ahhh what the hell am I doing here?

The flame disappears and the once dark room is now lit revealing Fozzy turning on the lights in his locker room at the arena. He shakes his head kind of laughing to himself.

FOZZY- I was going to do this dark and scary promo but SCREW IT! I BOTCHED IT! I like to poke fun at myself so what... But while I have your attention let me just comment on what's going on here. I see a confused man in Damian Price granted he is a player in WWX and has done things here but no king. I'm not even sure if he knows who he really is. I see a guy overcompensating trying to convince you morons that he is a tough masculine confident man. But as I watched his interview I of course in my drug fueled haze painted a different picture of him. All the muscles all the supposed women, the guy thinks he is royalty and sports a pink mohawk. COME ON!!!

Fozzy makes a funny face.

FOZZY- I don't know, smells a little fishy to me. I don't have to spell it out for anybody who isn't blind but in case I do. EVERYBODY... Spell along at home...... G ...... A ...... Why even bother to point out the obvious. He's a closeted performer and their is nothing wrong with that. Except the fact that he is not true to himself but Damian I see it and I don't judge you. Look if you want to get all bitchy and catty with me that's fine. You have some deep seeded anger issues you need to work out and you know why you're angry but you want to take it out on me instead. 

Fozzy laughs shaking his head in the process while rubbing his slightly bearded chin.

FOZZY- I don't ever recall saying I wrestled a cougar, you must have been spying on me or something. I never told anybody that story before maybe you were the guy in the cabin before I got there stalking me like the big creepy bastard you are. Again there's something not right about you boy. I hear a lot of grunting and sticking your chest out like a big man saying you're going to violently dominate me. I'm sure you would like that but sorry The Trend Killer doesn't roll that way. Instead tonight you're going to be taught a lesson in ring psychology. You're going to learn that as good as you THINK you are there's always somebody better with a new angle to beat you. You be as angry and thick headed as you want. I'll be running circles around you. Trust me I want you to take me lightly it'll just make it that much easier. You may have the size advantage but I'll find a way to use that against you. I bet I could snap your neck like a twig with the right moves. You want violence, go ahead get violent it's nothing I haven't seen before. I've seen a hundreds of prototypes like you and you all say the same nothings every time. But until you find your true self you are nothing but a phoney to me. Maybe you should be the next Liberace the pink king of WWX. But who am I to give you career advice. All I can do is teach you a lesson in humility and show the world that you can't stop rock and roll and YOU CAN'T STOP FOZZY OZBOURNE!!

With that being said Fozzy walks over to one of the lockers and pulls out his leopard print fur coat, puts it on and exits the locker room.


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