Second Place

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Wed, Sep20, 2017 8:39pm America/Phoenix
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Second Place

*The image of static fills the screen before giving way to the shot of a dimly-lit room.  In this room, a singular, warmly-colored spotlight shines down on a black folding chair, set to face the camera.  The rest of the room, only lit by the glow of the spotlight, can barely be seen.*

???: I belong in second place, huh?

*Out from behind the camera steps Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  The Los Angeles Outlaw is dressed in a black WWX-branded tank top, worn-down Old Navy Blue Jeans, and gray Nike sneakers.  With the World title belt proudly displayed on his left shoulder, Syndicate glances at the camera as he moves to stand in front of the chair.*

Syndicate: Right.

*He quickly sits down with a small smile on his face.*

Syndicate: I'm serious.  You're right, Darkness.  I, Sydney Maxwell Irvine, deserve second place.  Hell, that's all anyone's ever said about me, and who can blame them?  I've done nothing to deserve anything, really.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: You know, when I walked into the WWX, I was a cocky little kid.  I'll admit that.  Looking back, I hate the 2013 version of myself.  He thought the world of himself, thinking that he deserved World title shots just because he existed.  2013 Syndicate is exactly the type of person that I've grown to hate.  But then...then 2014 happened.  Syndicate started to gain some respect around here.  He started to work for what he wanted instead of just waiting for it to be delivered to him on a silver platter.

Syndicate: In 2015, Syndicate did more of the same, gaining allies and winning his first World title.  The next year, Syndicate formed supergroups, broke them up to support his own game, and won two more World Championships.  And finally, here in 2017, Syndicate has become known as the greatest professional wrestler alive today.

*Syndicate pauses, thinking.*

Syndicate: But Syndicate - that's me, remember - doesn't deserve any of that.  No, he came all this way, put in all this work, just to hand the World Heavyweight Championship over to Darkness, of all people.  Hmm.  Didn't see that one coming.  I was expecting to lose the title to Muhammad Ali or Arnold Schwarzenegger or someone like that.

*The champ chuckles.*

Syndicate: My entire career has been me proving myself.  All I've done is tried to show people that I belong where I belong.  And I can tell you, Darkness, with absolute certainty, that I'm not gonna settle for second place.  I didn't settle for second place when my own brother broke my arm all those years ago.  I didn't settle for second place when I had Race for the Case cashed in on me two years in a row.  And, most of all, I don't settle for second place when someone tells me I'm gonna lose my championship.

Syndicate: I have put too much time into this profession and this championship to fail now.  I have cried and bled and spent nights in hospitals and wandered through political BS for years, and that's not all gonna go to waste just because one guy says he's about to defeat me.  Darkness, as much as you might think you've still got what it takes, you won't beat the Los Angeles Outlaw on Sunday.  I personally won't let that happen because THAT'S MY JOB, asshole.

*He pats the World title resting on his shoulder.*

Syndicate: And this championship tells you that I'm the BEST at doing my job.  That's not just a fact, Darkness - that's UNDISPUTED.  You can call me cocky, you can call me entitled, and you can say that I deserve second place all you want.  It won't change who wants this more, who's worked harder for THIS MOMENT.  At World Series, in Dublin, Ireland, the spotlight of the world will shine down on us both.  As the World Champion, as the face of the WWx, and as a man representing Apter, Tennessee, it is MY JOB to make sure that spotlight is placed FIRMLY on me by the end of the night.

Syndicate: The most I can say to you, Darkness, is this: I have been underestimated and cast aside my entire career, and I have spent every waking minute of the past four years proving people wrong.  I may not be a rookie anymore, as you rightfully pointed out, but it sure as hell feels like it with all the disrespect thrown my way.  I'm not treated as if I belong here, Darkness.  I guess I've gotta prove myself again on Sunday to change that.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate stands up, kicks the chair to the ground, and walks off-camera into the void.  As he does this, the feed gets eaten up by static once again.*


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