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[The scene opens with a shot of the lovely Sarah Jackson standing in a quiet area backstage, smiling warmly at the camera while holding a microphone in her hand. She glances off-camera for a brief moment, then squares up again and begins to speak up, still smiling the entire time.]

Sarah Jackson: Hi everyone! I'm Sarah Jackson and right now, I'm being joined by a member of the Blade club and the man who will represent one of the three teams competing for a championship opportunity at the tag team titles! So please welcome my special guests at this time, he is the Hebrew hitman, Ezra Zion!

[The camera pulls back ever so slightly as Ezra Zion steps into the shot and takes a moment to allow his mere presence to set in. Sarah greets him with a smile that quickly fades as she is looked up and down from head to toe..]


Hello Sarah, or is the name Ms. Jackson if I am nasty?

Sarah Jackson: That's MRS. Jackson to y--..

[Ezra Zion takes a small step forward towards Sarah, placing a finger against her lips to cut her off in mid-sentence.]

SHHH-Shush, shush, shush. You are not here to talk, honey. You are what we like to call in the business as "eye candy." That means you just stand there looking cute while the men do the talking. Everyone watching knows that you are a happily, well happily is a stretch but you are in fact married to the voice of Ravage, "TJ" Terry Jackson but that doesn't mean you still can't do a little window shopping and check out the goods, am I right? 

[Ezra Zion turns his back to Sarah Jackson and rhythmically flexes his butt cheek muscles. Sarah Jackson blushes with embarrassment as the Hebrew Hitman turns back around with an arrogant smile.]

Since our arrival, the Blade Club have proven ourselves as the dominant trio in ALL of wrestling. The three of us have shown collectively and individually that we are destined for greatness. We are the future of this company, the future of this business. No longer will the wrestling world revolve around has-beens and garbage wrestlers, who aren't qualified to even lace our boots. Excellence is what brought the three of us together. Something a great deal of the so-called stars here are severely lacking. Take the Lipton-McAllister tandem as an example. A truly talented team of two individuals working together BUT.. What exactly about them exemplifies excellence? Think on this for a moment. Sure they are both former world champions with an impressive resume of singles success which will only make this upcoming match that much more challenging for me. I know and realize just what an uphill battle I am in for and prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure victory for not just myself but the Blade Club as well. The winner of this triangle match will be GUARANTEED a tag team title shot at championship gold aka phase two of our objective in completing our own personal manifest destiny here in WWX. 

Sarah Jackson: Those are very bold claims considering the level of talent and competition that you will be facing on Mayhem. Are you at all worried about your chances?

[Ezra Zion scoffs at the thought followed by a chuckling laugh.]

MY chances? That's cute. As you can clearly see, I am more than confident in my ability AND my chances. After all, you don't get to where we are in this business by being shy and timid. 420 and the Blade Club are no strangers in the ring, Gary Tinordi and I are very familiar with each others style by now but this will mark the first time, my very first encounter with the Rexmaster himself, Rex McAllister. I'll be completely honest here, I am excited for the opportunity to show what I can do in that ring. I am ready to prove myself as one of the elites not only in the tag team division but as a talent on the roster, period. It doesn't matter if it gorilla warfare or one on one competition... in the end it's about one thing and one thing only. Winning. 

[Ezra Zion glances over at Sarah Jackson with a devilish grin.]

I have an idea. Let's do a little role reversal here. Give me that microphone and switch places.

[Ezra Zion takes the microphone and swaps spots with the female interviewer.]

Allow me to ask YOU a question, Mrs. Jackson. what makes the former tag team champions so dangerous as a unit? Is it their hard hitting style or the way they carry themselves with décor and professionalism? 

[Ezra Zion stretches out the microphone for an answer from Sarah Jackson but pulls it away before she can answer with a cocky, arrogant, smug smile.]

Not likely. Is it their ability to shred talent to pieces on a microphone or in front of a camera?

[Zion leans the microphone forward for a response but yanks it away before one can be given.]

I didn't think so. What about Gary Tinordi? Will that pothead stoner smoke my ass like a roach?

[Ezra Zion offers the microphone for a response and Sarah Jackson crosses her arms knowing at this point that she will not be given a fair opportunity for a response.]

Cat got your tongue? (he shrugs) Both Gary Tinordi and Rex McAllister are top talent here, there is no denying that. The credentials and accomplishments speak for themselves. The -Lipton and McAllister Tandem are both former World and tag team champions. 420? Are legends in the making and arguably one of the greatest tag team to ever step foot into that ring. Well next to the Blade Club, of course. So Sarah, Did I answer all your questions?

[Sarah Jackson doesn't respond. The icy cold glaring stare is enough to speak volumes. Ezra Zion pulls out a Blade Club business card and places it delicately between her exposed cleavage, which in turn gets his face slapped by the female reporter. The Hebrew Hitman rubs his hand down the cheek and smirks, giving a wink and blowing a kiss at Sarah Jackson before chuckling to himself and walking out of view.]

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