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On Wed, May17, 2017 8:16am America/Phoenix
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Self Park

*Static explodes across the television screen as the scene transitions over to a parking lot in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia.  The lot, which is a self-park, is lit by various light posts scattered across the lot as well as various light sources from the surrounding city.  The camera is positioned towards the entrance of the lot, which is attended by a single man, wearing a blue hat and reflective vest.  He sits inside a small toll booth, making sure no one enters or leaves without paying.  The man, who looks incredibly bored, looks up as a crimson car drives up to the booth.  The window rolls down to reveal the driver as Syndicate, the WWX World Heavyweight Champion.*

Syndicate: Evening, sir.

*The attendant yawns.*

Attendant: Evening.  You parking overnight?

Syndicate: Nah, just for a few hours.

*The attendant types some info into a computer and prints off a ticket, which he hands to Syndicate.*

Attendant: Here you go.  Turn it back in when you're ready to leave.

Syndicate: Thanks.

*Syndicate rolls up the window and drives into the lot.  He parks his Hyundai Elantra near the back of the lot, away from the view of traffic or the attendant.  He then steps out of the car, walks around to the hood, and sits down on the ground, leaning back against the car's grill.  He sits for a moment, thinking, before speaking to the camera, which is now positioned right in front of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  The champ sighs for a moment before speaking.*

Syndicate: Atlanta.  The city was burned down during the Civil War by the Union Army as they marched through the Confederacy.  Atlanta was in shambles, completely wrecked and pillaged and holding no value whatsoever.  But then, just as quickly as it fell, the city rose back up, making itself into one of the largest and most influential cities in the entire United States of America.

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: Sorry for the short history lesson, I aced AP US History in high school and I figured I might use some of that knowledge for something.  Regardless of the city's past, Atlanta is deeply connected with the Los Angeles Outlaw, if that makes any sense.  It is here that I won the World Series match last year.  It is here that I won my third World title at Final Countdown.  It is here, in Atlanta, where I have never lost a match.  And it will be here, in just a few short days, that I defeat both Kurtis Ray and Cameron Westport and show the world what being World Champion really means.

Syndicate: Now, of course Cameron Westport is the hometown kid, and I understand his reasoning for believing in a "home-field advantage", of sorts.  Hell, the same thing always happens to me whenever the WWX visits LA.  However - and I want to make this abundantly clear - wrestling in your hometown blinds you.  It takes you away from actually wrestling a match and makes you focus on the crowd, the atmosphere, and your emotions.  You ever wonder why wrestlers always lose in their hometowns, Cameron?  That's why.  I'm guilty of it, and you will be too on Mayhem this week.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: And do you know what else, Cameron?  You may have "unlimited" potential and all that, but I want you to look at the here and now.  Ignore the future, because right now, that doesn't matter.  Right here and now, I, Syndicate, am the World Champion.  I AM the "Measuring Stick", I AM "The Constant", and I WILL be the one to kick your ass all over your hometown on Mayhem.  Right now, I am the best wrestler on this planet by far; that much is undisputed, considering I carry the Undisputed World Championship over my shoulder.  You're the "Franchise", Cameron?  You're the "best wrestler in the WWX"?  Come talk to me again when you win something other than the Television title.

Syndicate: Let me tell you a story, Cam.  I'm gonna take you back to late 2013, when a young Sydney Maxwell Irvine stepped onto the scene here in the WWX.  He was coming off of a stint with the UWA out of Los Angeles and, to put it mildly, felt he was the hottest shit in professional wrestling.  Sydney walked in, demanded title shots and main events and all the glory, and then promptly got beaten down by every single man on this roster until he finally found his footing in the TV Division.  It was not until 2015 when he finally broke through the glass ceiling and won the World title after years of diligent work.

*Syndicate looks up at the sky, reminiscing.*

Syndicate: I tell this story to you as a cautionary tale.  In your own mind, Cameron, you think you're hot shit, just like I did.  But that mindset only leads to lots of early failure, and Mayhem will be no exception.  Let's set aside Kurtis and LX and let's just look at you and me, Cam: you're a kid with some basketball acumen and an athletic gift.  I won't take that away from you in the slightest.  But you cannot forget that you are going up against Syndicate, the four-time World Heavyweight Champion, the man who once called himself the "Wrestling God" and was able to back it up.  I look forward to seeing your eyes widen and your knees tremble as you stand in front of your biggest challenge yet, perhaps of your life.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw pauses, thinking, before cracking his neck and sitting up slightly against the Hyundai.  He sighs.*

Syndicate: Now I have to do something that I've been dreading for a while: talk about the scumbag of a man known as Kurtis Ray.  Now, Kurtis, we've had quite the rivalry as of late, with repeated beatdowns and slugfests on Ravage.  But why?  Is it because you're jealous?  Is it because you're sick of choking in your biggest challenges?  Or...

*Syndicate reaches over to his left, where the Undisputed World title is laying on the concrete ground.  He picks up the belt, examines it, and sets it on his lap as he turns his attention back to the camera.*

Syndicate: it because I have this?  You said that all I ever do is "wave my jaw", "rant", and "rave" about defeating you without actually doing it to a satisfactory degree?

*He pats the World title belt on his legs.*

Syndicate: Then why the hell do I have this, then?

*Syndicate smirks and shakes his head.*

Syndicate: You're missing the point, Kurtis.  I'm not out there to destroy you, and I never have been.  I interfered in your match as retaliation, as a way to make you feel how I felt.  It's clear that my lesson did not resonate within you, given your actions last week on Ravage.  But even that, even attacking me from behind and knocking my head into the cold concrete of the arena floor didn't accomplish anything.  You're still the man that flew too close to the sun and lost everything in the process.  I'm the one with the gold.  Pointless attacks won't get the job done.

Syndicate: If you want to talk about destruction, Kurtis, let's look at your own life as an example.  In your pursuit of championship gold, you became a drunkard - no fancy clubs with distasteful hosts can hide that.  Over the past few weeks, you have destroyed any shred of respect that anyone - ANYONE - has ever had for you.  You have lost all credibility, every real friend, and - most importantly - any remorse I might have for kicking your ass all over Atlanta.  I am the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Kurtis, and if you want to change that, you should invent a time machine, go back to Deadlock, and keep your past self from getting pinned.  That's on you.

*He gets a quizzical look on his face.*

Syndicate: Does that bother you?  Does that eat you out from the inside, knowing that you, the almighty Kurtis Ray, got beaten down by a scrawny kid from LA?  Do you ever hold your head in your hands as you become clouded in self-doubt?  I ask because it's clear to me that you've changed, Kurtis.  You're not the Kurtis I used to know, the Kurtis that was kind to all, the Kurtis that granted Make-A-Wishes and spent hours at autograph booths.  Now, you're the Kurtis that wants to kick ass and "punish" others.  Meanwhile, I'm still here, I'm still your champion, and I am still the Los Angeles Outlaw.  You're going to see why on Mayhem.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate looks up at the Atlanta sky as the feed is consumed by static.*


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