Setting an Example [The BLADE Club]

Roleplay Roleplay by JUSTICE JOHNSTON
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 10:53pm America/Phoenix
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Setting an Example [The BLADE Club]
[The scene opens with a shot of the Blade Clubstanding in one of the less populatedhallways backstage.BlaydeArcher, Justice Johnston and Ezra Zion allwear a black t-shirt with the blade club logomatched withblue jeans. Jumbo stood with his arms crossed, staring back at the camera.] 

JUMBO: I've taken everything theseso called"Superstars"have done and done it better than they ever could have imagined! That's what I do, It's what WE do.. Wetake something that's good and make it better.We take mediocrity and turn it into excellence. We've been faced with some bad situations before, but with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot ofBadass-ery..We made chicken salad out of chicken sh!t.. We took no talent manureand turned it into solid gold more than once! That's whatwe do, andwe do it better than anybody in the business.

-E.Z- We make our living by beating people both physically and mentally in the middle of the ring. We made our reputation by winning matches and by making the guys who were above us on the ladder look like complete idiots because they couldn't keep up with the Blade Club.

[Ezra Zion removes his shades and stares down the barrel of the camerawith a smirk that quickly fades away as the camera shifts over to the Juggernaut, Justice Johnston whose nostrils flare and his eyes widen with excitement..]

JUMBO: Tom know, yer probably the one guy in all of this that I can't stand most of all. And it doesn't have a damn thing to do with the fact that you look like agothic phantom of the operaor that cha dress up like somelame knock off of a second rateBatman villain. It's that you are the type of guy that would actually try to justify the fact that yer a complete psycho maniac.. it's true that he has been known for being a tenacious son of a bitch. But how long's it been now? Two months? Three? After a while it isn't tenacity anymore, it's chronic failure. It's the refusal to accept the fact that his big goofy ass isn't cut out to run with the guys at the front of the pack. 

-Ezra Zionshook his head as the camera moved to place him as the center of attention- 


We are not impressed. We not impressedwith the lack of competition. We are not impressed with Polaris and Black as a tag team. At all, because they are two individuals with single minded agendas who were randomly paired together. The only thing they have in common is their hunger for destruction.Polaris and Blacklack what it takes to be a great tag team. It's what all the successful ones have, Chemistry.

-Ezra Zion pointed both thumbs over his shoulder in the direction of his Blade Club brothers, assured of himself and oozing confidence-


Polaris and Black are unable to perform as a cohesive unit. Not like we can. See,I've dealt with tons of self-proclaimed badasses and wannabe tough guys and I've buried every single one of them in the dust behind me. And ifeither one of thesebuffoons manages to pull off the biggest trick of his career and actually make it past the Blade Club? Then this little cinderella run is coming to an abrupt end when the match is over andthe last image these ungrateful fans will see is us standing over your battered and beaten bodies.

-Blayde Archer steps to the front of the camera and a devilish smile slowly grows across his face-

-BLADE- By hook or crook, by any means necessary,Mayhemis going to beour night! Trust me, there's only one guy walking out as the future tag team champions of the World...and boys, you're looking at 'em. Trust us..

-That arrogance returned as he grinned again while the camera slowly pulled away from him to a wider shot of the Blade Club, Ezra Zion, Justice Johnston and Blayde Archer in the middle. he jammed a thumb into his chest- 

-BLADE-Thismatch isour chance to put ourselves another notch above the rest of the locker room and showcase the fact thatwe areevery bit as good as wesaywe are. Becausewe don't just say it, the Blade Club letour actions speak for us.We did it last week and we'll do it again on Mayhem.. Face it, you two already lost before we ever even stepped into the ring. 

-Blade Archer rubs his chin in thought for a moment, then smiles into the camera-

-BLADE-Tell ya what, since we all know what the outcome will be, how about we do this to make it a little more interesting.. Whichever one of you two, Polaris and Black, turn on the other, get an open invitation into the best thing going in WWX today, The Blade Club! And should you decline our offer? (Smirks) That's just one more body for us to beat down. We have prepared our mind and our body for war. We are ready to do what we do best. To, make an impact.. To, leave an impression. To, Dominate and Win. 

JUMBO: The only real question is, who can stop us? Answer is.. NOBODY! Polaris and Black? Bring your best and do your worst.. it still won't be enough to stop the Blade Club from cutting through you to get what we want, championship gold! But we do welcome you to try..

[The Juggernaut Justice Johnston shoots a twisted smile at the camera as Ezra Zion slides on his black shades and Blayde Archer uses a sharpening block against the blade of his Tomahawk axe as we fade to black.]

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