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                                        -The Blade Club-

[A black and white lettered Blade Club banner consumes the backdrop as a shadow silhouette is shown sitting center view at a table, alone. "Shame" by Shirley and Company is the soundtrack for today's promo. The music plays softly in the background as a light flickers on which brings Blayde Archer into view, wearing a Giorgio Armani crimson red and midnight black two piece. He sits with both hands clasped together and fingers interlocked in a firm grip while greeting the camera with a stoic stare.]

Fill. Fill. Fill. It's a shame. A shame-shame-shame.

[A hint of a smile shows itself briefly as his cold glaring gaze pierces the camera.]

It is a shame that you beat me Fill just like you told the world you would... it is a shame that I couldn't stop it... It is a shame that it took you and two "unknown" men to rob me of MY International Championship Title...

It is a shame that I let over a hundred thousand of my own brothers in the Navajo Nation down...

It is a bigger shame that I let the Club and myself down...

The biggest shame though, Fill? Is what I now must do to you in order to restore order and get back what you have taken from me. This is no longer about what I want to do or what I need to do. This is what MUST happen. That's what is the real, low down, dirty shame here because we gave you an easy way out. We gave you an opportunity of a lifetime to run with the big dogs and be one of our own in the Club. Now? (a smirk) Now you will suffer for your choices.

[The blade of the tomahawk axe shimmers in the light as it grinds against a sharpening stone.]

Fill get ready for a wake up call in The city that never sleeps... because you will be losing more than just blood in New York.. You have something that belongs to me Fill. You STOLE what I worked so hard to earn, what I have dedicated my existence to in International Championship. And Now? Now you will see what lengths that I will go, what depths the Club will sink to get what we want! SO.. Just incase you and all these smart mark wrestling fans out there have gotten amnesia and somehow forgotten who the hell I am! 

(Archer takes in a slow, deep, calming breath.) 

Allow me to enlighten and remind you idiots watching right now as to exactly who Blayde Archer is and why the club are here. Iím the guy that has caused the ratings, ticket sales and merch to double around here since my arrival. I am also the guy to beat the competition put before me with impressive consistency. Myself and The Blade Club? We are the CPR that brought the WWX off its death bed and breathed new life of vitality into a company, to a wrestling organization on life support! Iím the guy that has been selling out arenas left and right just from my name being on the card. Go back and look for yourselves.. I MADE a name for myself, nobody made it for me.

The Blade Club has been stealing the show each and every night because no one puts on a better spectacle than us. Thatís why Iím entitled to do whatever the hell I want, and whatever the hell I want includes alcohol, ring rats, and championships. And guess what jagoffs, we are all out of alcohol. The Blade Club is stronger than ever, we have the tag titles to show for it and soon the International Championship will return to its rightful owner, where it belongs.. with me. You thought we were cold, callous, obnoxious, offensive rebellious warriors with a bloodlust before?

(He arches an eye brow of playful curiosity.)


(An arrogant smile spreads over the face of Archer.)

You havenít seen nothing yet.

[The camera fades to black as the closing message appears on the screen.]


                                   -THE BLADE CLUB-

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