RAVAGE - Show 2015-01-27 17:29:59

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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2015-01-27 17:29:59
|Opening Segment|

[The camera opens up showing Tornado inside his locker room. The camera shows him stretching his legs out and jumping around as there is a knock at the door. He looks at the door cautiously as he approaches. He opens the door for a moment as an older man can be seen with a suit bag in his hand. Tornado looks at him oddly as the man speaks softly].

???: Sir, are you the Tornado?

Tornado: Who are you?

???: I was told to deliver this to you sir. 

Tornado: What is it?

???: I don’t know sir. Here you are. 

[He hands him the bag and walks off. Tornado looks the bag over as a card can be seen hanging out of it. He lies the bag on the bench and grabs the note, pulling it up. He shakes his head and throws the note, going back and working out. The WWX logo flashes as the scene goes black]

{{wwxyoutube= 2lbRtJ2DNi8}}    

The WWX logo flashes on the screen as “There and Back again” By Daughtery hits over the pa system. The camera shows a few different shots:

Jake Idol posing for a selfie

Chris Paradise being wheeled to the ring

Korath delivering the tempest driver

And finally Bourne, Blanchard, and Keys standing behind a golden light, arms extended and smiling with the WWX Championship gleaming in the light.

AM: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Ravage. You are seeing the ravage as we move into Holiday Hell, and this is going to be a good one. We have a rematch for the television championship that you saw last week, new superstar Jack Stallion taking on our resident clown and kevin stroupe, and other big things. 

KJ: This one is going to be one of the better that we have seen. As you all know, there have been some huge words exchanged between Tornado and Paradise, both men showing their true hatred for each other. 

AM: Well as I had mentioned, opening our match tonight we have newcomer Jack Stallion taking on Kevin Stroupe and Zorbak in a triple threat match. 

KJ: While we haven’t heard anything from Stallion, we are told that he is a huge Texan that just told everyone basically, he wants to fight. So, if that’s all he is looking for, he came to the right place. However, the real backstory comes between Zorbak and Kevin Stroupe. Zorbak told the men that they would join the others that have been sent to the dark carnival, but Stroupe decided to mock him, making fun of him. 

AM: He will have to see how that works out for him. For those who have went to the dark carnival, it hasn’t worked well. They never come back the same. Our next match puts David Dudley up against the Reverend Eli Profit. Profit made his debut last week and made quite the statement. 

KJ: Statement? That man has been running around yelling scripture at everyone. It has been an absolute nightmare. *laughs* no one is safe!

AM: *laughs* you are correct there. Our next match pits the man who decided to made the statement last week, Matty Frederickson, taking on the man who he ended up taking down…Matty Frederickson. As you all know, he attempted to take out Johnny Love, but Love was quick to get out of the ring before he could. This one could get bad. 

KJ: Frederickson has been looking everywhere for Eades, but hasn’t been able to find him. I haven’t seen the man this mad or motivated in quite awhile. This one could honestly go either way.
AM: We move onto Matt Glazebrook taking on Venom Romon. These two men haven’t actually had to face each other yet. Its been awhile since Romon was in the ring, and glazebrook has been ready to continue after his big win last week on Mayhem. These two should have a good show to put on for sure. 

KJ: I agree. The problem with Romon is his ring rust, if there is any. No one has seen or heard from the man in awhile, and this will be his first appearance since then. So I am looking forward to this one. 

AM: And we move onto our main event. The television championship will be on the line as new champion Chris Paradise takes on the man that he dethroned, The Tornado. To say that there is bad blood there would be an understatement. 

KJ: An understatement would be accurate. These two men hate each other. Last week, tornado took the bad end of the stick. This week, he wanted it to where anything goes so he can do whatever he wants, and no one can stop him. 

AM: Well, we have a lot of show to get to here folks, so lets get to it. 

[the camera goes to the stage].

|  Match One  |
Jack Stallion vs Kevin Stroupe vs Zorbak
Triple Threat Match
Non title 

[Jack Stallion can be seen standing in the ring, his figure towering in the ring. Soon after, Grace for Sale begins playing and flames erupt from the entrance to the ramp. Zorbak comes leisurely walking out wearing a huge pair of clowns pants and shoes, the crowds booing him all the way. He stops at the top of the ramp looking around confused, then a maniacal grin crosses his lips and he pulls what appears to be grenades from his pants and hurls the one after the other from left to right into the crowd.  They burst covering spectators in blood, egg yolks, and bad smelling water . He doubles over laughing then, picks up the pace as he makes his way to the ring, dancing and taunting the crowd].

Announcer: Coming to the ring next, standing at six feet four inches, and weighting in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from The Devils Carnival, he is…Zorbak!

[When Zorbak gets to ringside, he looks confused about the ring, raises and finger like he has an idea and starts rummaging around in his pants. He throws an orb to the ground shattering it, and smoke billows up around him and half of the ring. When it clears, the pants, shoes, and suspenders are still standing there like someone is in them while Zorbak appears in the ring, pulling on a pair of white gloves and wearing more appropriate attire. He shakes the cage around and looks around as the camera goes back to the stage].

[“Psycho Circus” by Kiss begins blaring over the pa system. Pyros begin going off as Kevin Stroupe steps out, his face decorated in messed up clown point. He begins down the rampway].

Announcer: And finally, standing at six feet tall and weighting in at two hundred and eight pounds, from Port Clinton Ohio, he is…Kevin Stroupe!

[Stroupe slides into the ring dancing around and making fun of Zorbak as the bell is rung for the match to begin].

The three men circle the ring, Zorbak staring over at Stroupe, who just continues to point and laugh at Zorbak. Zorbak keeps an eye on Stroupe as the big Texan comes rocketing over towards Stroupe, attempting to take him down with a clothesline. Stroupe ducks it and dropkicks him into the corner, chest first, causing him to stumble out. Stroupe hits the german suplex, leaving the big man down. Zorbak sees the opportunity and takes off running, taking Stroupe down with a chop block. He attempts to lock him in a single boston crab, but Stroupe kicks him off and slides out of the ring, copying his maniacal laughter as he skips around the outside of the ring.

Zorbak gives him a hard stare but focuses his attention on the big Texan. He picks him up off the ground and strikes him with a forearm, followed by a kick to the chest. Stallion leans forward and is taken down with a huge DDT.  Zorbak goes to get to his feet, but is taken down with a shot to the back from Stroupe, who sends the man to the mat. Stroupe stomps on the chest of Zorbak, and comes down with an elbow drop. He pulls Zorbak to his feet and drives him into the corner, feeding him shoulders and then stopping to slap him hard in the face. Zorbak wipes his cheek as Stroupe takes a step back and comes through with a body splash, Zorbak reeling in the ropes. 

Stroupe notices that Zorbak doesn’t fall and comes running taking him out of the corner with a hurricarana! Zorbak smashes into the mat as Stroupe comes over and begins striking him with a series of right and lefts, trying to keep him grounded. Out of nowhere, Stallion appears once more and comes running, blasting Stroupe in the side of the head with a boot. Stroupe rolls off and grabs the ropes, getting back to his feet. Stallion once again comes running at Stroupe, who is on the ropes. Stroupe drops the top rope, and the big man cant get stopped in time, going cashing to the outside. 

Once outside, Stallion reaches out and grabs the rail, getting to his feet. Stroupe comes running from the outside with a  suicide drive, driving him back into the rail, much to the delight of the fans. Zorbak can be seen inside the ring slowly rising to his feet. He sees the two men on the outside slowly getting up and runs over to the top rope, waiting. Both men get to their feet and begin exchanging blows, not realizing where Zorbak is. He jumps from the top and lands on both men with a cross body! All three men lie on the outside mats as the fans are on their feet for the action. 

After a few moments, Zorbak rises to his feet and grabs hold of Stallion, whipping him into the ring stairs. The big man seperates them with a huge thump. He reaches over and grabs Stroupe, pulling him to his feet and slamming his head into the rail three times before dropping him. Stroupe lies on the mat as the referees outside count can be heard. 


Zorbak takes off running and slides into the ring, but comes right back out! He walks over grabbing Stroupe and sends him into the ring, but before Stroupe can get all the way in, Zorbak pulls him out and comes with a running boot to the side of the head. Stroupe rolls into the ring holding his head as Zorbak quickly follows back in with him.

Zorbak grabs hold of Stroupe and headbutts him, laughing hysterically as Stroupe falls back onto the mat. Zorbak stalks him for a moment, hitting him with a few boots here and there as he walks around him. Stroupe starts to crawl over towards the ropes but is driven into the mat with a curb stomp type move. Stroupe holds his face in pain as Zorbak stands over him, his face etched in psychotic anger. 

As Zorbak is staring down, he fails to realize that Stallion has gotten back into the ring behind him once more. Stallion quietly approaches behind Zorbak, wrapping his arms around him and sending him over with a german suplex! Zorbak rolls on to the mat and into the corner, caught by surprise. 

Stallion walks over to the corner and picks Zorbak up, leaning him against the ropes. Stallion comes running with a big boot as Zorbak ducks out of the way, leaving the big man reeling on the ropes. Zorbak grabs the top rope and begins shaking it up and down, leaving Stallion with the ropes hitting his groin! 

Behind them, Stroupe can be seen getting to his feet as he charges over towards the men. He goes for a dropkick onto Zorbak, but Zorbak moves, causing him to hit Stallion and send him crashing to the outside! Stroupe turns around and is hit straight in the face with a hard right hand. He lies on the ropes as Zorbak charges and spears him through them! All three men are once again on the ground as the referee begins the count. 


Zorbak can be seen getting to his feet. He grabs hold of Stallion and sends him into the ring. He walks over towards the referee and extends his hand. The camera catches him saying “You are doing a great job ref”. The referee looks hesitantly and then shakes his hand, with nothing happening. The referee smiles for a moment as Zorbak reaches into his pocket with his other hand and slips out a Taser. He strikes it in the left leg of the referee, sending him down to the mat. The manical laughter is heard once more as he jumps around the ring. 

Zorbak kicks the Taser out of the ring and goes back over towards Stallion. He picks him up and winds up for a huge uppercut, but is cut short by a strong elbow to the back of the head. He stumbles forward as Stroupe comes in from behind and continues to strike him in the back of the head. He tosses Zorbak into the corner and hits a low blow, sending Zorbak to the mat. 

Stallion comes to and goes at Stroupe, taking the fight to him with some shots of his own. He sends Stroupe off the ropes and hits him down with a huge clothesline, and comes down with an elbow drop. He looks over to see the downed referee, and jumps on Stroupe with a lou thouz press, attempting to keep him down. After a few seconds, the camera moves where Zorbak can be seen back on his feet. He reaches down his pants and pulls out a…plastic horse dong!? The object is immediately censored as the fans erupt in laughter. 

Zorbak swings the “weapon” around a moment as he comes over and strikes Stallion in the head with it. Stallion immediately falls to the mat as the fans are surprised by what just happened. He strikes Stallion once more in the chest, as Stroupe rolls over onto his feet. He sees what is in the hand of Zorbak and slides out of the ring quickly, avoiding getting hit. Zorbak laughs as he throws the weapon down and picks up Stallion, sending him down with the pogo powerbomb. The referee comes to and counts the pin as Stroupe hesitates whether or not to get in. 


Zorbak grabs the weapon and pulls out a small knife cutting it open. Ball bearings fall out of it as the fans are in shock. Soon after, the clown car appears as several of Zorbaks minions come running out, similar weapons in hand. Stroupe sees them coming and jumps the banister, avoiding the embarrassment. Zorbak points at him saying “I’ll get you next time”. The minions grab Stallion and begin beating him mercifully with the weapons as they drag him out. They throw him into the clown car as the tron flashes the ticket for the dark carnival. The camera goes to the announcers table.  

Winner: Zorbak

KJ: I cannot…even…believe…what…was that a…

AM: *interrupts* yes it was. That is exactly what it was. 

KJ: That was the most obscure weapon that I have ever seen. 

AM: *laughs* you and everyone else. I don’t think that those had a place in a wrestling ring, but that doesn’t stop Zorbak. 

KJ: My thing is that Stroupe is still on the loose. He and Zorbak aren’t finished, and I think that is obvious. 

AM: You are right there. We move onto the next match, and this one should be a great one. David Dudley and Eli Profit, both men more than ready to get back into the ring. I tell you, I cannot wait for…*holds earpiece* I am being told there is an incident happening backstage. Lets get to there. 

[The camera goes backstage].

|  Match Two  |
David Dudley vs Rev. Eli Profit
Single Match
Non title 

[The camera opens up backstage showing the lockerroom area of David Dudley. The camera goes in where the Dudley can be seen getting ready for his match, doing a few more sit ups and push ups. A knock is heard at the door. He rises to his feet and walks over, opening it. He stops and looks around, but no one appears to be there. He closes the door, grabs a drink of water, and goes back to what he was doing].

[Soon after, another knock is heard at the door. He walks over once more and opens the door. No one can be seen, but a bible can be seen lying at his feet. He puts on a smile and reaches down picking it up. He flips through the pages as a piece of paper falls out. He unfolds the piece of paper and reads it outloud].

Dudley: Tonight is your salvation. Be ready to come unto the lord.

[He crumbles up the piece of paper laughing and tosses it into the trashcan. He goes to turn around as his door comes flying open. He turns around as Rev. Profit can be seen coming into the room, wielding a baseball bat].

Rev: Come onto the lord SINNER!

[He strikes Dudley in the back with the bat, and then continues to hit him with it, taking him by surprise. Profit pulls him to his feet and throws him into the locker stall. He hits him a few more times in the chest with the bat as blood begins to trickle down the forehead of Dudley. Profit throws the bat to the side and reaches into his pocket pulling out a bag. He dips his finger into it and draws a cross on the face of Dudley].

Rev: The lord hath come with his almighty wrath sinner! Don’t anger the lord, for I as his servant was sent to carry out his orders. You…will burn in hell!

[The Rev. walks out the door as Dudley lies back in the stall, not moving. The camera zooms in on the cross on his bloodied head as the camera goes to the announcers table].

Winner: Draw

AM: Wow…I cannot believe what we just saw there. 

KJ: That was a brutal beating. And it was so…calculated. 

AM: You aren’t kidding there. You have to wonder how Dudley is going to respond to that. However, we move onto our next match. We have Eades and Frederickson, taking each other on since what happened last week when he came out and took Frederickson out. 

KJ: I feel bad for this man. He may have tried to make an impact, but he better be ready to keep up going, otherwise he is going to get beat senseless. Lets get to it

[the camera goes to the stage].

| Match Three |
Brent Eades vs Matty Frederickson
Single Match
Non title 

Brent Eades vs Matty Frederickson
Single Match
Announcer - This next bout is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, from Oakland, California, standing 5'6" and weighing in at 101 pounds, here is... Matty Frederickson!!!!
["Check Your Game" by Ice T comes on over the speakers as Matty Frederickson comes down the aisle.  He bounces to the beat a bit and proudly shows off his Raiders jersey for all the booing fans to see.  He slides in the ring and awaits his opponent].
Announcer - And introducing next, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, weighing in at 262 lbs and standing 6'1".  Here is... Brent Eades!!!!
("My Sacrifice" by Creed plays on the PA system as the yellow and white lights flash throughout the arena. Brent Eades emerges onto the stage wearing his customary black biker short trunks with golden cross outlines on each hip, black elbow and knee pads with yellow wrist tape and black & yellow two toned wrestling boots. He is also wearing a yellow football jersey with #72 on both sides and his name on the back. Eades stops at the top of the ramp. Eades lowers his arms to his side and raise them quickly pointing at the sky and looking up as Yellow Pyro shoots off from the stage behind him. He drops his arms and makes his way down the ramp high fiving the fans as he reaches the ring he stops, looks left, then right and then leaps up onto the apron. Eades enters the ring and kneels to one knee in the center of the ring praying, then raises up and prepares for the match.)
The bell rings and we are under way.  The men lock up in the middle of the ring and Eades quickly drives Frederickson back towards the corner.  He shoves him into the turnbuckles, and then gives an elbow on his ricochet.  Eades sends him across the ring to the opposite corner and follows behind, but Frederickson climbs the ropes and dodges his charging opponent, sending Eades face first into the turnbuckles.  Frederickson hits a nice dropkick, causing Eades to stumble back into the corner, before another dropkick finally drops the big man. 

Off the ropes now, Matty comes off and drops the knee right to the side of Eades' head.  He tries to get to his feet, but Frederickson is quick to come off the ropes again with a low dropkick to the head, which sends Eades out of the ring and onto the floor.  Matty Frederickson taunts a bit to the crowd, who show their dislike for the up and coming superstar.  The referee counts as Brent Eades slowly makes it to one knee.
1, 2, 3, 4...
Eades makes it to his feet, but is met with a high cross body.  Frederickson pops up and starts to yell at a fan near the railings, but stops when he hears the ref restart his count.
1, 2, 3...
Matty pulls Eades to his feet and slams his head against the mat from the outside of the ring before throwing him inside the ring by his hair and his belt loop.  Frederickson taunts the crowd again before jumping onto the apron.  Matty slings himself over the top rope and hits a Sunset Flip on Eades as he gets to his feet.  He stays on for the cover.
1, 2... And Eades kicks out.
Frederickson with a couple words to the referee about the speed of his count before jumping up to the top rope again.  Eades gets to his feet and Frederickson comes off with another High Cross Body, but he is caught in midair by Brent Eades!  What a tremendous display of strength as he parades around the ring to the pleasure of this packed crowd.  Eades finally gives a Running Power Slam on Frederickson and stays on for the cover.
1, 2... And Frederickson kicks out.
Eades pulls Frederickson to his feet and scoops him up for a slam.  He then, rams Matty into the corner upside down and locks his feet on the top rope.  Eades begins laying boots to the chest and face of the helpless Frederickson until the referee steps in and calls for a break.  Eades goes to the center of the ring and drops to one knee as the fans come alive.  Frederickson jumps to his feet and tries to catch the big man by surprise, but is met with a big right hand from Eades.  He connects with another punch to the face, and then sends Frederickson against the ropes.  As he comes off, Eades hits him with a Tilt a Whirl Back Breaker.  He hooks the leg for another cover.
1, 2... And another Frederickson kick out.
Eades pulls Matty up again and whips him to ropes.  As he bounces off, Eades locks in a Bear Hug.  He's got it locked in pretty good as the referee checks the hold.  He lifts Matty's hand and watches it drop.
1, 2... And Frederickson holds his hand high.
Frederickson shows a little wiggle, but Eades has a tight grip on his hold until Matty sticks his thumb in the eye of the big man to release the hold. The fans give mixed reactions as Ian St Cyr appears at the top of the ramp. He slowly comes down the rampway towards the ring. 

Frederickson backs into the ropes and struggles, but stays on his feet.  Eades shakes off the illegal strike and waits for Frederickson to walk to the center of the ring.  Eades hits him with a vicious Spear.  He pulls up Frederickson and hits him with the Gridiron Bomb right in the middle of the ring!  Eades hooks the leg for the cover.
1, 2, 3!!!!!
The referee raises the hand of Brent Eades as the crowd cheers and his music hits. St. Cyr can be seen at the bottom of the ramp as he looks up at Eades. 

[The Crowd begins to stir and cheer as Eades reaches his feet and looks over at St. Cyr. The two men begin to circle with intense looks on their face. Eades steps forward going nose to nose with St. Cyr. Ian says something that cannot be heard while balling up his fists and get an intense look on his face, Eades turns away, taking a step back, he looks out to the crowd and then turns back to St. Cyr and gets a huge grin on his face. The two men Shake hands and do a bro hug as the crowd looks on stunned. Eades and St. Cyr grab microphones.]

AM: What are we witnessing here?

KJ: It appears they are about to tell us. 

Eades: [Laughing] Did you guys think Ian was going to attack me?

[Eades pauses to get a response from the crowd. Several fans are heard yelling yes and Eades continues.]

Eades: Well that’s exactly what we wanted you to think. But you see, that won’t be happening, instead we are here to announce the formation of what will become the most dominant tag team in the WWX. Tell em Ian.

Ian: Well Brent, did they really think I'd fly thousands of miles to join the WWX just to make Mercer Cruel look bad.
[Both laugh]
Ian: No I joined up to fight alongside my best friend Brent and show them exactly why we’re here. And you know why that is Brent?
Eades: Because we have excelled in every aspect of our lives up to this point and that’s not about to change now. So this is a warning to all of the Tag Teams in the WWX, we are here for one reason, to reach the top of the WWX Mountain and to become the next WWX Tag Team Champions! 
[My Sacrifice by Creed plays as Eades and St. Cyr drop their mics and Turn to each other and do another bro hug, the two of them exit the ring and head up the ramp. As they reach the stage they stop and turn back to the crowd. The men look to either side and then both of them throw their arms in the air as the fans cheer. The camera turns back to the announce table as the men head for the back. Frederickson slowly gets to his feet and slowly slides out of the ring. He shakes his head in disgust as he reaches under the ring, and gets hold of a metal pipe. He starts towards the back] 
Winner:  Brent Eades

|  Segment I  |

[The camera follows Frederickson backstage. St Cyr and Eades can be seen standing with Sanders talking about their current team up].

Eades: No one saw this one coming and that’s the way we liked it. The moment distraction that St Cyr caused gave me the break I needed to break that sh*tbag down. 

St. Cyr: That man needed to be put into his place and that’s al…

[Frederickson comes up from behind and smashes St Cyr in the back of the head with the pipe. St. Cyr falls forward onto the ground. Eades turns around as Sanders moves out of the way. Frederickson blasts him in the head with the pipe. Eades falls down onto the concrete as Frederickson continues to strike him in numerous places on the body. Eades lies flat on the concrete as Frederickson grabs hold of the mic that Sanders drops. He gets near the camera].

Frederickson: you see what happens when you mess with me?! You want to mess with me?! I will see your as* at holiday hell! Ill find a partner and we can go to war. See you there. 

[Frederickson throws down the mic and walks off as the camera goes back to the announcers table].

AM: It appears two of our newest superstars have joined forces for the upcoming Tag Team competition here in WWX. 
KJ: That is an interesting combination to say the least, I am interested to hear the story about how these guys met considering they are from different parts of the world.

AM: Well, I feel even worse for both of them getting beat with a pipe. They really lit a fire under Frederickson. I cannot wait to see what that trouble brings. 

KJ: I know exactly what kind of trouble that is going to bring. Those men are going to get their as*es beat if they don’t get ready. 

AM: You are right about that. We move onto our fourth match of the night. Venom romon looks to make his return to a WWX ring while Matt Glazebrook gets ready to fight it out for another win. 

KJ: This one should be another good round. Lets get to it. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

|  Match Four |
Matt Glazebrook vs Venom Romon
Single Match
Non title 

[“Requim of the night” by Dansoon begins blaring over the pa system. The fans give mixed reactions as Venom Romon steps out onto the stage. He holds the snake up and then looks around side to side, the fans cheering. He steps out onto the ramp and starts down towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six foot four inches and weighting in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds, from The Snake Pit, he is…Venom Romon!

[Romon walks over towards the ring and slides the snake in followed by him. He reaches in grabbing the snake and picking it up. He looks around at the fans once more and hands the snake off to the stage hand, who gets a disgusted look on his face. He stares at the fans and takes his corner, awaiting his opponent].

[“Little Green Bag” begins blaring over the pa system as the fans come to life. Matt Glazebrook steps out from behind the curtain, and throws a fist up to all the fans. He starts down the rampway towards the ring].

Announcer: And his opponent standing at six foot seven and weighting in at three hundred and eight pounds, from Little Rock, Arkansas, he is...Matt Glazebrook!

[Glazebrook looks over at romon for a moment and slides under the ropes and into the ring. The bell is rung for the match to begin].

The fans are on their feet as the two men stare each other down. Glazebrook taunts for the fans, much to their delight. Romon shakes his head for a moment and taunts for the fans as well, getting another loud pop. The two men meet in the ring and lock up, each man attempting to get the upper hand. Romon starts the bout with an armbar, holding it in as he strikes the back of Glazebrook. Glazebrook quickly reverses into one of his own, as Romon slaps the shoulder to keep the feeling. 

Romon reverses once more, striking Glazebrook on the chest and then pulling him in for a sleeper hold. Glazebrook holds his hands out for a moment, showing he is still in it, and strikes Romon in the chest. He backs him into the ropes, whipping him off and coming through with a huge shoulder block. Romon hits the mat and lies there as Glazebrook comes off the ropes. He gets set for an elbow drop, but Romon uses his speed to meet him near the ropes, trying to trip him. Glazebrook is able to jump over him in time and comes back off the ropes again, getting taken down with a hip toss. Glazebrook works his way to his feet again and comes at Romon, but is taken down with a snap suplex. Romon goes for the first pin. 

1…and Glazebrook kicks out. 

Romon gets to his feet and pulls Glazebrook up, hitting him with a perfectly placed uppercut. Glazebrook stumbles backwards but stays standing as Romon comes through with a shoulder block of his own. Glazebrook hits the mat as Romon comes off the ropes with a leg drop, and then grabs the leg coming down with an elbow. Glazebrook yells in pain holding the leg as Romon continues to circle him. Romon gets around and grabs Glazebrooks knee, driving it into the ring. Glazebrook screams in pain as Romon grabs hold of him, slamming the knee once more. The fans give mixed reactions as Glazebrook continues to roll around. 

After a few seconds, Romon pulls Glazebrook to his feet and hits him with a series of huge chops, each one echoing through the arena. He reaches down and pulls out the big mans knees from under him, causing him to smash his head on the bottom turnbuckle. Glazebrook lies in the corner, holding his head as Romon backs up and comes through with a knee to the face of Glazebrook, sending him onto the mat. He goes for another pin. 

1…2…and Glazebrook kicks out. 

Shaking his head in approval, Romon grabs hold of Glazebrook and pulls him to his knees. He grabs him by the back of the head and strikes him with a huge right hand to the face, sending the big man wobbling. He pulls back, striking him again as Glazebrook once again does not fall. He goes to pull back a third time, but Glazebrook captures the hand. He puts Romon into a wristlock, and begins working his way to his feet. Romon yells in pain as Glazebrook pulls him in and sends him down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. The fans come to life as both men lie on the mat, the referee beginning the KO count. 

1…2…3…and neither man shows signs of movement. 

4…5…and Romon can be seen getting to his feet. 

6…7…and Glazebrook reaches out towards the ropes. 

The two men meet where they started in the middle of the ring and exchange blows. Glazebrook sends romon off the ropes and sends him over with a backdrop. Romon quickly gets to his feet, but is taken down as Glazebrook kicks him in the chest, and sends him up and back down with a crashing powerbomb. 

The move appears to have taken its toll as Romon lies on the mat, breathing heavily. Glazebrook holds his knee for a moment shaking the pain off as he pulls Romon off the mat. He picks him up and sends him into the corner, climbing up the ropes and taking shots at him, the crowd counting with each shot. 


Romon grabs hold of the legs of Glazebrook, walking him out a few feet and falling backwards into the turnbuckle. The smash sounds violent as Glazebrook hits face first and falls back onto the mat. The fans begin yelling “Holy sh*t” as Romon lies on one knee, shaking off the hits that he had just taken. He stumbles over and grabs Glazebrook, pulling him to the middle of the ring. He locks in the coil as the fans come to life. 

Glazebrook shoots up in pain, screaming as he tries to crawl over towards the ropes. Romon pulls him back in as the referee continues to check on him, glazebrook shaking that he doesn’t want to give up. He crawls over once more, this time able to reach the ropes as Romon looks in shock. The referee begins the DQ count as he holds the move in. 

1…2…3…4…and Romon lets go of the hold. 

Completely surprised, Romon goes to Glazebrook and pulls him to his feet. Glazebrook stumbles for a moment, but shocks everyone as he moves quickly to Romon and grabs him up sending him to the mat with a spinebuster! Romon bounces from the force of the hit as Glazebrook lies on his knees, the match taking its toll on him. He crawls over to Romon and goes for the pin. 
1…2…and Romon kicks out!

Glazebrook lies on the mat for a minute pounding it as he looks down at Romon. He pulls Romon up, but is quickly struck and taken down with a DDT onto the mat! Romon stumbles up to his feet and yells “this is over!” as he waits in the corner. After a few seconds, Glazebrook stumbles to his feet as Romon comes in to lock in the snakebite. Before he can get his second shoulder around, Glazebrook elbows him in the chest and turns around, hitting the stoner! The fans are on their feet as he goes for the pin. 


Glazebrook lies on the mat for a moment as both men are breathing heavily. The fans stand and clap for both men as Glazebrook slowly rises to his feet. He looks over at Romon and then drops down, sliding out of the ring. Romon rolls over onto his knees and looks up at Glazebrook, and shakes his head at the fact the surprise move took him out. The camera goes backstage. 

Winner: Matt Glazebrook

| Segment II  |

[Backstage you can see the WWX Ravage logo hanging in the background with a mic lying on the floor. A figure walks over to the microphone up off the floor. That figure is WWX International Champion Neil Anthony. The crowd's reaction is mixture of cheers and boos as Anthony, wearing a black t-shirt and blue adidas shorts, bends down to pick up the mic. He looks at the camera and gently chuckles to himself].

ANTHONY: So, it's come to this. The WWX International Champion having to walk into his own interview time, pick up his own microphone off the floor and ask his own questions? God I'm pissed off. I'm really pissed off

[Anthony paces round and looks at the Ravage logo draped behind him]

ANTHONY: I am the Natural Born Champion. I've been in this company for nearly 8 months and held gold in 7 of those 8 months. I fought off all challenges for the AAA Championship, and now I hold the International Championship. The second biggest belt in the company. I've proved myself over and over again, and I'm an after thought. A damn after thought.

[Anthony strolls over to the WWX Ravage logo and puts his hands on it]

ANTHONY: No more is the Natural Born International Champion going to be a joke

[Anthony aggressively pulls and tugs at the Ravage logo, sending it crashing down to the floor. He then pulls a lighter out of his sock and lies it against the logo. The logo goes up in a ball of flames as Anthony walks off camera, spitting into the camera lens in the process].

AM: Wow…what has gotten into our international champion? He started out a man of the people, and now he has been nothing more than as as*hole. 

KJ: You aren’t kidding there. I get that he is upset for not being booked this week, but that doesn’t mean that he has to do that. There is other ways of dealing with things, and that isn’t one of them. 

AM: Well, we move onto our main even there folks. This one cant really be said any other way than the people in this match hate each other, and are going to do everything that they can to destroy each other. 

KJ: I don’t even want to put any input on this. Lets get right to it. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

| Main Event  |
Chris Paradise © vs The Tornado
No Disqualification Single Match
Non title 

[Lights pulse and flash as "Far Cry" by Rush hits the PA. The main riff plays and a large pyro burst illuminates the stage. When the flash dies down, the Tornado is already standing there, looking about the arena with a wild look in his eyes.]

[With an intense focus, he strides down the ramp before leaping up on the apron. After climbing through the ropes, he jumps up on the turnbuckle, trying to work up the fans. Before he jumps down, he draws his hands across his waist in the classic "belt-wearing" taunt.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at five foot nine inches and weighting in at one hundred and seventy pounds, from Fort Rapids Michigan, he is…the Tornado!

Tornado (off-mic): It's going to be mine!

[The Tornado hops off the turnbuckle and paces along the far end of the ring, waiting anxiously for Chris Paradise to show his face.]

[“Jack The Ripper” by The Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space blasts out of the PA, Chris Paradise, being accompanied by Dr. Arika Devareux is brought out strapped to a gurney in a ring jacket designed to look like a straightjacket and a Hannibal Lecter mask.  The two stop at the top of the ramp and then start down towards the ring with the belt wrapped around the jacket].

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet two inches and weighting in at two hundred and forty pounds, from Bay Valley Mental Asylum, he is your current WWX television champion…Chris Paradise!

[As he nears the ringside area he is unhooked from his jacket, giving fans a glimpse of his tattered asylum jumpsuit, he slides into the ring eerily and sits in the corner giggling to himself. He then stands and removes the mask and sits in the corner looking up at Tornado, with the belt in hand].

The bell is rung as Tornado wastes no time going towards his opponent. Paradise throws the belt at Tornado trying to hit him, but Tornado catches it. Paradise comes through and hits him with a clothesline, smashing the belt back into his face. Tornado falls to the mat with the belt as Paradise picks it up, and grinds it onto his face! Tornado screams in pain as Paradise eventually stops, and kicks Tornado in the chest. Tornado rolls over as Paradise once again takes the belt and whips it onto the back of Tornado, causing him to roll out of the ring to avoid another hit. 

Paradise tosses the belt to the side and comes out as Tornado quickly turns around and strikes him with a spinning heel kick followed by a roundhouse to the face. Paradise falls to the mat hard as Tornado wastes no time dragging him to his feet and whipping him into the ring steps. Paradise smashes hard into the steps, flipping over them as Tornado goes through the wreckage. He drags Paradise up to his feet once more, sending him with a snap suplex onto the stairs! Paradise screams out in pain as Tornado quickly rises to his feet, wasting no time on his relentless assault. 

Tornado drags Paradise to his feet and throws him into the corner of the security rail. He begins hitting him with hard right and left hands. Paradise shoots through the shots kicking Tornado in the chest, giving Paradise a brief moment to hit a drop toe hold sending Tornado into the security rail. He uses the rail to pull himself up and runs over sending a boot to the side of the head of Tornado. Tornado slumps down holding his head as Paradise reaches up grabbing his lip, seeing some blood trickle down from it. He lets out a small laugh as he heads back towards Tornado. 

Paradise grabs Tornado and walks him up the rampway, sending him down with a scoop slam. Tornado holds his back up as Paradise picks him up and slams him down once more with a DDT, Tornado holding his head. Paradise grabs him and walks him up the stage towards the announcers table. Tornado sees what is happening and is able to strike Paradise with a quick dropkick, both men hitting the stage. 

Soon after, the two men work their way to their feet and begin exchanging blows back and forth. Tornado takes the upper hand sending Paradise into the ravage set with a monkey flip. Paradise smashes into the steel bars and stumbles forwards as Tornado comes through with an enziguri. Paradise crashes down as Tornado once again comes through with a flurry of blows to the face, attempting to bust Paradise open. Paradise pulls him in a shoulder pin restraint, and strikes him with a few elbows using his momentum to take the upper hand. He rolls over and hits Tornado with a headbutt, causing Tornado to stop his offensive. 

After a moment, Paradise rises to his feet, this time blood covering him. He stumbles around for a moment and then walks over grabbing hold of Tornado. He walks him over to the stage and tosses him off, making him land onto the announcers island. Kip and Adam move out of the way as Paradise comes over and strikes Tornado with a few hard shots, and then grabs one of the cable cords, wrapping it around the throat of Tornado! He pulls back on the cord as Tornado tries to get his hand around it to release the pressure. 

After a few seconds, Paradise lets go of the cord as Tornado falls toward. He slowly works his way to his feet as Paradise comes through with a paradise lost! Tornado flies off the table and falls to the concrete below as the fans give mixed reactions. Tornado slowly goes to work his way to his feet as Paradise jumps off the table and hits a double face stomp into the concrete! Tornado lies flat out as Paradise grabs him and walks him back down towards the ring. 

As they approach the ring, Tornado strikes Paradise in the chest and heaves him into the ring apron. Tornado quickly jumps up onto the apron and comes down with a leg drop onto the head of Paradise, sending him back to the mat. Tornado tosses Paradise into the ring and goes for the first pin of the match. 

1…2...and Paradise kicks out. 

Tornado slowly gets back to his feet and pulls Paradise up to his feet. Paradise comes through with an uppercut, and hits the ropes coming off with a quick neckbreaker. He takes Tornado down to the mat and slowly crawls to his feet, over towards the turnbuckle. He slowly works his way to his feet, and reaches back exposing the turnbuckle, throwing the pad off to the side. As he rises to his feet, Tornado comes running and jumps on the shoulders of Paradise going for a hurricarana but Paradise quickly turns around and smashes him into the exposed turnbuckle with a powerbomb! Tornado crumbles as Paradise crawls over towards him for the pin. 

1…2…and Tornado kicks out!

The fans give mixed reactions as Paradise looks in shock. He slowly rises to his feet and stumbles around as he pulls back and strikes Tornado with a chop. Tornado stumbles as Paradise chops him once more. Tornado stumbles again as Paradise grabs him sending him off the ropes. Tornado comes running as Paradise goes to grab him for a sidewalk slam. As he goes to pick him up, Tornado reverses the move and comes through with a hurricarana taking Paradise down to the mat. The fans give mixed reactions once more as he lies on the mat, smashing his first into it as the fans begin to clap. 

Tornado and Paradise rise to their feet as Tornado begins sending a round of kicks to the knees and chest. He steps back and sends another boot to the side of the head, taking him to the mat. Tornado comes off the ropes with a lionsault and then rises to his feet Tornado pulls Paradise to his feet and drags him to the exposed turnbuckle, smashing his head into it twice. He goes to get hit it a third time, but Paradise puts his foot up and strikes Tornado in the chest. Paradise goes to strike again as Tornado hits him with a heel kick. He rolls backwards over Paradise back and gets up to the second turnbuckle coming down with a bulldog! Paradise head slams into the mat as Tornado slides out of the ring and goes to the apron. He reaches in and pulls out a table, throwing it into the ring, much to the fans delight. 

Tornado slides into the ring and picks up the table as Paradise can be seen coming to his feet. He slowly stumbles up as Tornado has his back turned setting the table up in the corner. Paradise gets to his feet and comes running from behind dropkicking tornado into the table. The table doesn’t break, as he comes out from the corner. Paradise comes running again as Tornado swings around and catches him in a snap suplex, breaking him through the table! He drags him out of the corner and goes for the pin. 

1…2…and Paradise kicks out!

Tornado slams his hands on the mat frustrated. He gets to his feet and comes over towards the ropes, awaiting to do his Tornado Rana. He waits for a moment as Dr. Devareux slides up onto the apron and smashes Tornado in the back of the head with a  clipboard with a weight in it, causing him to fall and land awkwardly onto the mat. Paradise can be seen slowly going to get up to his feet. He comes over and gets hold of Tornado, locking him in the suicide collar. The two men move around as Tornado tries to fight out of it. They continue to struggle as Tornado stomps onto the foot of Paradise numerous times, eventually causing him to let go of the hold. 

Tornado turns around and goes for a wheel kick trying to take down Paradise. He slides out from under the move as Tornado gets to his feet and comes back around. Paradise kicks him in the chest and hits the killing joke! He drags him near the ropes as Devareux holds his feet on the ropes. The referee counts the pin. 


The fans boo loudly as Paradise lies on the mat, his face and body covered in blood. The referee goes and grabs the belt laying it on Paradise. Paradise throws the belt to the outside, not caring about it at first. He crawls to his feet and pulls himself up, going towards Tornado. 

He waves Devaruex in and instructs her to do something near his face as he climbs on top and holds him down. Devareux grabs hold of the mask as Tornado tries to fight her off. He hits her in the face with an elbow but she takes hold of Tornado’s mask! Tornado rolls over to not show his face as the fans are in complete shock. Paradise and Devareux slide out of the ring and quickly go up the rampway. The referee comes in with a towel to shade tornados face as he puts it over and quickly retreats from the ring, headed to the backstage area. The camera’s follow as he goes back.

Winner: Chris Paradise

| Segment III |

[The camera follows backstage as Tornado keeps the towel over his face, pushing through people as he goes. the stage hands try to get a look at his face as he contineus to push through yelling at all of them].

Tornado: get the fu*k out of my way!

[He continues to push through people as he gets to his lockerroom. He kicks open the door and shuts off the lights except for a high light. He walks over with the towel on his head as a voice can be heard].

???: Are you ready to accept it now?

[Bourne steps out of the light as Tornado keeps his head down. Bourne slowly walks up to him and places a new mask at his feet. Donning a black and white design, broken in places like his old mask, Bourne continues to speak].

Bourne: This is your time...your chance. make the right decision. You know what you need to do. 

[Bourne turns around and walks out the door. Tornado leans down and picks up the mask off the ground. He looks it over as the WWX logo flashes and the scene fades to black].

---End Show---

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