FURY - Show 2015-01-30 03:01:03

On Fri, Jan30, 2015 3:01am America/Phoenix
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WWX fury TV Show

Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2015-01-30 03:01:03
The WWX logo flashes on the screen as “Got the life” by Korn hits over the pa system. The camera shows a few different shots:

Rich and Famous signing autographs

Syndicate delivering the no signal

Fill delivering the stress bomb

And finally James Bourne, Steve Blanchard, and Evan Keys standing behind a golden light, arms extended and smiling

{{wwxyoutube= emNahB_96JY}}    

The camera cuts out to the stage as Pyros begin firing off crazily. After a few seconds, the camera turns around and goes to the announcers table, where Adam Mitchell and Kip James can be seen sitting at the table. Smiles on their faces, they begin speaking. 

AM:  Hello everyone and welcome to the final edition of fury as we move into Holiday Hell. We are in front of a packed crowd here in Seattle Washington, and the roof is blowing off of this place. 

KJ: There is no doubt about that. People have been waiting hours to get in here, and there are so many things that are happening here tonight. 

AM: You are right there. Opening our night here is Damian Price taking on Xavier Pendragon. While many are wondering the significance of this match, it has been a storied battle over the years. These two men have faced each other before and both have a lot to prove as they are just coming back. Pendragon went through a rough spell while Price just flat out disappeared. Since coming back, both men have been on a roll, and tonight, we see who is going to prevail from that. 

AM: Our next match is a stem from last week as Hex Girl is set to take on Black Rose in a rematch for the womens championship. 

KJ: This is one that I think everyone is excited to see. Rose said she wanted to face Hex in a real match outside of hardcore and see if she was just as good, and Hex obliged. Now we get to see what she is really made of. If she can beat Rose here, who has been our resident dominant champion after coming up from nothing, then she will really show she is reshaping the womens division. 

AM: Our next match should also be a crowd pleaser. We have Evan Keys taking on Syndicate. As you all know Syndicate has been a target for the alliance, constantly getting beaten down since his words were sent out to Bourne. However, this week, he has warned them not to come to ringside and let this be a clean match, and one has to wonder if they will hold to that. 

KJ: With Bourne, you never really know what the man is thinking. He plays his hands so close to the chest that he could say one thing and do another. The way that man thinks is something that I don’t even think a psychologist could figure out, and that’s saying a lot. Regardless of what happens, you have to wonder what Syndicate has up his sleeve if they decide to. 

AM: Our next match pits the two men who shook it down at Hall of Pain, Neil Anthony and Willie Steen facing for Steen to have a chance at what he called “his belt”.  If Steen could pull off a win here tonight, it would be huge momentum for him heading into Holiday Hell. 

KJ: That is very true. Steen needs that boost heading in as Anthony just doesn’t seem to appreciate his position. After setting fire to the ravage logo, one has to wonder what that man is going to do next. He seems like a loose cannon here lately. 

AM: He is another one who just doesn’t seem to make sense. Finally, we move onto our main event. A preview of our holiday hell main event as Steve Blanchard and Fill will meet in the ring for the first time. 

KJ: This is going to be phenominal. These two men together in the same ring right before their big match. There is a good chance they may just kill each other tonight and get it over with. It is really hard to tell. Regardless, I want to see it happen. 

AM: Me too Kip so lets get this show rolling. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

|  Match One  |
Damian Price vs Xavier Pendragon
Singles Match 
Non Title

Announcer – Our first match is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, already in the ring from Detroit, Michigan, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 273 lbs… here is…  Xavier Pendragon!!!!
[The crowd applauds as Xavier waves.]
Announcer – And now making his way down the aisle from Los Angeles, California, standing 6’ tall and weighing 225 pounds, here is Damian Price!!!!!
[The opening guitar riff of 'Maybe I'm a Lion', by The Black Mages plays throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of Damian Price. He is led to the ring by his long-time girlfriend and business manager, Lydia Rose.  Rose precedes her charge, smiling and looking on as Price enters through the curtain. He has the hood up of his plain black hoodie and a huge smile on his face as he throws it back, signaling his pyro to explode from the ramp. He descends the ramp, slapping hands with some fans before taking two quick steps a leaping up onto the apron in front of Lydia. Damian holds the ropes open for Rose before leaping over them himself and rolling through, stopping on one knee with his arms spread wide. Lydia stands over him with her arm on his shoulder.]
The bell rings and we are under way.  The two men circle each other a bit before Pendragon comes in for a lock up.  Price side-steps him and gives a quick boot to the mid-section of the big man.  Pendragon again attempts a lock up and again is ole’d and kicked in the gut.  He bounces off the ropes and Price hits the mat.  Pendragon jumps over and bounces off the other side and is met with a clothesline, sending him to the mat.  Price quickly jumps down and applies a Scissors Shoulder Lock to Pendragon, who writhes in pain as Price wrenches the hold in.  The referee checks to make sure he is not being choked and allows the hold.  Pendragon reaches back and punches Price right in the thigh and Price cries out in pain.  Pendragon hits him with another Charlie Horse on the other leg and Price releases the hold.  Xavier crawls to the corner to pick himself up as Price complains to the referee about the closed fists, but to no avail.
Pendragon is a bit more cautious as he and Price circle each other again in the middle of the ring.  He finally closes in again, and Price throws the kick, but Xavier catches him this time and spins Price around.  He lifts Price in the air and nails an Atomic Drop.  As Price turns around, he is met with a Motor City Drive.  Xavier motions towards the crowd as they come alive and cheer their man on. 
Pendragon lifts Price to his feet, and then slaps a choke on him.  He’s got him up high for a Fallen Angel Choke slam and comes crashing down onto the mat.  Pendragon goes for the cover.
1, 2… and Price kicks out.
Pendragon again gets Price to his feet and then whips him towards the ropes.  Price bounces off and it’s Xavier with the big clothesline, but Price ducks under and hits the other side of the ropes.  Pendragon ducks for a Back Body Drop, but Price jumps over him this time.  Price off the ropes again and hits a Flying Elbow right to the temple of the big man.  Both men are slow to get up and reach their feet at relatively the same time.  Price charges at Pendragon and initiates a lock up, catching Pendragon off guard and pushing him back into the corner.  The referee calls for a clean break and gets it for a second before Price hits a Swinging DDT out of the corner.  Price puts his arms out for the crowd and they show their approval for his excellent counter moves.
Price stands over Pendragon who quickly rolls Price into a Small Package.  The ref is slow to make the count.
1... and Price kicks out.
Price goes after Pendragon, but Xavier counters with an Arm drag Takedown.  Price is up quickly and down soon afterwards with another one.  Price up again and Xavier goes for a standing dropkick, but it is brushed aside by Damian Price, who follows down hard with an elbow across the neck.
Xavier makes it to his feet and is met with a quick right hook from Price, who then whips his opponent to the ropes.  As Pendragon bounces off, Price hits the Blitzkrieg Bop.  Price up quickly and puts on an Ankle Lock.  Price really pulling tight on the lower leg of Xavier, who stretches, then lunges for the ropes and gets there.  The referee calls for a break, but Price holds on for an extra few seconds before releasing his grip.  Price jumps up and again struts around for the fans.
Xavier uses the ropes to help himself up to his feet, but Price come behind him with a double Ax Handle before he fully stands up.  Damian pushes Pendragon into the ropes and quickly lays a knee to the lower back area as he bounces off.  He then hits a quick German Suplex.  Price goes for a cover.
1… 2… and Pendragon kicks out.
Price has Xavier to his feet and whips him hard into the corner.  He comes in hard after him with a Splash.  He scampers up the turnbuckles to the top one and hits a Hurricarana, flipping Pendragon into the middle of the ring.  Price gets up and goes back to the corner.  He climbs the turnbuckle again and comes off with a huge 450 Splash!  He covers.
1… 2… and Pendragon barely kicks out.
Price again lifts Xavier to his feet and fires him against the ropes.  He bounces off and hits Price with a quick Shoulder Block.  Price gets to his feet and Pendragon fires him into the opposite corner.  Xavier walks to the corner and lifts Price up to the top rope.  Xavier begins climbing the ropes as well; setting up for a Super Plex, but Price gives him a stern boot to the chest and sends him to the canvas.  Then, he’s off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick.  Price is up and lifting Pendragon to his feet.  He hits the Knee Trembler.  Price hooks the leg for a cover.
1… 2… 3!!!

Price stands up to celebrate as the fans give mixed reactions. Soon after, “The fight song” begins blaring over the pa system. Price looks around for a moment as Keys and Blanchard storm the ring. The two men begin beating on Price, who tries to fight but is overpowered. Blanchard reaches in his back pocket and pulls out two pairs of handcuffs, tossing one of them to Keys. The two men drag Pendragon and Price to the corners, and handcuff them. Blanchard leaves pendragon alone and turns back around to Price, as both men begin to attack him. 

Soon after, “Crawling in the dark” by Hoobastank begins blaring over the pa system. The two men turn to the ramp as Willie Steen comes running down the rampway. He slides into the ring as he meets with Keys. He strikes him with a huge dropkick. Keys rolls out of the ring as Blanchard follows him. The two men back up the rampway as Steen tries to get Price out of the handcuffs. The camera goes to the announcers table. 
Winner: Damian Price

AM: Well, you talk about an explosive way to start our show. Wow. The alliance is beginning to get out of hand here. 

KJ: This is insane, but I love it! I mean, you never know who is going to come out or what is going to happen. You want to talk about momentum moving forward into a pay per view this is how you do it. Plain and simple. 

AM: But they are just taking out random people. They have their set targets like Syndicate and Fill, but then they are just hitting others just to prove that they can. I mean, it has to stop somewhere. 

KJ: It doesn’t stop because right now there isn’t anyone to stop it. These men are going to continue to do what they do because they can. Until someone decides to rise up and take them on, its not going to stop, and frankly, I don’t see anyone ready to do that. 

AM: Bourne promised us that the alliance was going to take over this year, and they are off to a good start. They have already made plenty of enemies going into the new year, and I only see it getting worse from here. However, we have more action coming to you folks as Hex Girl will take on Black Rose for her WWX Championship, and this time, there is no weapons involved. 

KJ: I think that Rose just wanted to prove that she could beat Hex without weapons and take her out of her element. Anyone that has seen Hex knows that she is hardcore to the bone. She grew up with the likes of that crazy as* Kate Cameron, Ice Queen, and the other originals. For Rose to find her footing, she had to do it a different way and was successful. She knocked off long time champ Krystal, Dee Dee, and even that manly thing Lupa. 

AM: *laughs* forgot about that. 

KJ: I didn’t. 

AM: I couldn’t imagine why. Love interest maybe?

KJ: You are lucky that the censors work. 

AM: Lets get to the action. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

|  Match Two  |
Hex Girl © vs Black Rose
Singles Match 
Womens’ Championship

[A blooming red rose is seen on the tron before it turns black and starts to wilt as Down in the Catacombs by Dale Oliver starts to play. Black Rose appears on stage staring lifeless at the ring. She stares forward as she starts towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at five foot nine and weighing in at one hundred and sixty two pounds, from Wheeling West Virginia, she is…Black Rose!

[When she enters, she takes off her trench coat and removes the black rose from her hair and places it in the pocket square on the ref's shirt. She goes to her corner and looks up the ramp focused, awaiting Hex].

[Her Black Wings" by Danzig hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts. She is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint.The belt glistens in the light as She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp].

Announcer: And her opponent, standing at five feet six inches and weighting in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, from Busthead Virginia, she is your current WWX womens champion...Hex Girl!

[Hex comes running and leaps over the ropes. She hits the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight].

The bell rings as the two women circle the ring. They move in on each other as Hex quickly takes the upper hand, sending Black Rose down to one knee with an arm bar. She kicks her in the chest and pulls her in for a DDT, immediately going for the pin. 

1…and Rose kicks out. 

Hex gets hold of Black Rose and brings her to her feet striking her with a hard set of right and lefts, sending her off the ropes and over with a backdrop. Rose holds her back as she quickly turns around and picks her back up onto her feet, sending her off the ropes once more and taking her down with a clothesline. She comes off the ropes with an elbow drop and gets up looking at the fans, much to their delight. 

Hex leans down and grabs hold of Rose, who comes in with a knee to the chest. She kicks Rose in the face, sending her stumbling backwards, and comes through with a neckbreaker. Rose quickly rises to her feet and begins stomping on Hex. She grabs Hex by the hair and drags her to her feet, driving her into the corner. She quickly locks in a choke hold as the referee comes over and begins the DQ count. 

1…2…3…4…and Rose throws her hands up. 

She quickly pulls Hex to her feet and chops her across the chest, the echo of the shot going throughout the arena. She grabs hold of Hex and monkey flips her out of the corner and back onto the mat. She climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and comes down with a leg drop. She goes for a pin of her own. 

1…2…and Hex kicks out. 

Rose grabs hold of Hex and sends her off the ropes taking her down with a nice dropkick. Hex hits the mat as Rose comes down locking in a headlock, the referee checking the hold. Hex continues to shake her head no, saying she doesn’t want to give up. The two women work their way to their feet as Hex shoots a hand up to the side of the face of Rose, trying to break the distance between them. She sends a quick elbow to the chest and gets hold of Rose, powerbombing her hard into the mat! The fans cheer loudly as both women lie on the mat. 

After a few moments, the two women work their way to their feet once more. The two begin exchanging blows once more as Hex takes the upper hand. She continues to strike her into the ropes and then reaches up and pulls on the mask of Rose! The mask begins to come loose as Rose slips out of the ring and takes off running up the ramp, attempting to fix the mask. Hex looks confused for a moment as Rose doesn’t appear to be coming back. The referee begins the count. 

1…2…3…Hex waits

4…5…6…Black rose still isn’t appearing…


The referee turns around and rings the bell. Hex looks up the rampway as the referee goes and grabs the belt. He hands it to Hex as she can be seen talking to the referee, who throws his hands up. The camera goes to the announcers table. 

Winner: Hex Girl

AM: Why did Rose just give up like that?

KJ: I don’t really know. She was trying to adjust her mask or something as she was walking off up the ramp, but that still doesn’t make any sense. I mean, she could have had a chance to win back the championship, and threw it all away. 

AM: Come to think of it…no one has ever seen her with her mask off…have they?

KJ: I…guess not. That is a valid point. I wonder what she is hiding under there. A mustache maybe? 

AM: *Laughs* The things you come up with. Regardless, Hex Girl retains her championship once more in what im sure even she would say is the easiest victory that she has ever attained here in WWX.

KJ: I guess that Rose felt that whatever she was hiding was more important than winning back her championship. That is all I can figure. 

AM: Well folks, we move onto our next match of the evening, and this is wehre the temperature is going to start turning up. We have Bourne Alliance member Evan Keys taking on Syndicate. These two men have been at each others throats for the past few weeks, and we don’t see any sign of it slowing up. 

KJ: Syndicate has told people that he wants to take down the alliance, but lets be honest, one man and that buffoon that follows him around are not enough to do that. Like he has stated before, the Follower isn’t even under contract here in WWX. There is really nothing that those two could do by themselves, but attempt to pick them apart piece by piece. 

AM: Well, here is his first opportunity. He warned the alliance not to come out, and said he would make good on his promise. I wonder what he has planned. Lets get this one started. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

| Match Three |
Evan Keys vs Syndicate
Singles Match 
Non Title

[Keys can be seen standing in the ring as "Bulls on Parade" blares over the loudspeakers, and out comes Syndicate and The Follower.  Syndicate stands on the ramp for a moment before slowly taking off his leather jacket and dashing towards the ring, baseball bat in hand].

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six foot one and weighting in at two hundred and twenty four pounds, from Los Angeles California, he is…Syndicate!

[Syndicate slides into the ring and gets in the face of Keys as the two men begin trash talking].

Before the bell rings, Evan Keys holds the Race for the Case briefcase in front of Syndicate's face, taunting him with it.  Syndicate responds by grabbing the briefcase and slamming over the head of Keys.  He then throws it out of the ring, and the ref quickly rings the bell.  

Syndicate doesn't give Keys a chance to stand up and gets on top of him, throwing punches and elbows his way.  Eventually, Keys gets his leg on the ropes, which causes Syndicate to break the chain of attacks.  Syndicate stands up and walks around the ring before hitting Keys with a clothesline, sending him outside the ring.  Syndicate then gets onto the turnbuckle and waits for Keys to stand up before jumping for a Tornado DDT, but Keys moves out of the way before Syndicate can grab his head. 

Keys pushes Syndicate off driving him into the ring apron. He slams his head a few times into the apron and whips him over towards the stairs, sending him over. He takes off over towards Syndicate in a fury, grabbing hold of him as the referee begins to yell. Keys quickly pulls Syndicate back into the ring and goes onto the ring apron, where he performs a springboard moonsault to Syndicate.  He goes for a quick pin, 

1…2…and Syndicate kicks out. 

Keys doesn't let Syndicate recover, however, hitting a few punches fiercly. He picks him up and whips him off the ropes, following with a spinebuster.  Keys goes for the pin. 

1...and Syndicate is able to roll him over in a school boy!

1…2…and Keys kicks out. 

Syndicate quickly stands up and goes to one of the corners.  He waits for Keys to get to his feet and hits a huge spear before performing a crucifix pose, igniting the crowd.  He then picks Keys up and hits a Catalyst DDT before going for a pin.  

1…2…and Keys kicks out!

Syndicate rises to his feet in shock as "The Fight Song" starts playing over the pa system. Bourne and Blanchard step out onto the stage and wave as Syndicate looks up in frustration. He points to the time keeper and has him walk over a mic. He raises it and begins speaking. 

Syndicate: You guys are idiots.  I point-blank TOLD YOU not to come out here, and look what you do!  You come out anyway!  Bravo, Bourne.  Really, good job.

Bourne: Now, now,  Syndicate.  Why the hostility?! We're only out here for moral support.  And…to provide a bit of a distraction.

While Bourne speaks, Keys gets up and runs towards Syndicate from behind, but Syndicate quickly whips around and counters with a No Signal!  He then gets back up and raises the mic.

Syndicate: Again, not an idiot.  Your turn, kid!

Bourne: You calling me a kid?

Syndicate: No, not you.  Him.

All of a sudden, "The Pride" by Five Finger Death Punch starts playing, and out comes Johnny Love, nailing Blanchard from behind with a steel chair.  Syndicate sends The Follower to go help Love and quickly covers Keys, who is still knocked out from the No Signal.  


Syndicate doesn't celebrate for a moment before he rushes out to the ramp, where he protects Love and The Follower from Bourne, who is trying to pull them off Blanchard.  Bourne and Syndicate have a staredown at the top of the stage, and Syndicate is quickly joined by Love and Follower.  Bourne slowly raises his microphone.


Security rushes out from the back, but before they can capture the trio, they all run into the crowd and escape through the audience.


They continue to leave, and Bourne storms to the back in anger. The camera goes to the announcers table.

AM: What did we just witness? Are Syndicate and Johnny Love becoming a team?

KJ: I…don’t…even know what to say to that. Those two as a team? I could never see that working. Love is far too irrational for Syndicates liking. However, maybe that is what he needs to get him out of his shell, and start fighting like a man for once. 

AM: *Laughs* Like a man eh? And tell me, what does a “man” fight like?

KJ: Like the Syndicate we saw when he was in a triple cage match. That is the Syndicate I want to see. The wreckless, hungry man that we had seen before. Maybe having Love with him will only help that. 

AM: If I were to guess, I would say that these two men are going up against the alliance, knowing that they may have a chance to take them down and out. I mean, Blanchard is pre occupied with Fill enough as it is. Then you have Keys who not only has Syndicate on him now but also Love. The numbers just aren’t matching up for those men. 

KJ: You are right about that, but the wildcard in all of this is Tornado. No one really knows what he is going to do. Bourne gave him that offer, and from what ive been told, no one has heard from him. He lost his mask, and that was the only thing that he really cared about. Since then, he has been radio silent. 

AM: *holds ear piece* well folks the action isn’t done. I am being told that there is a brawl breaking out backstage between our next two competitors. Lets get back there. 

[The camera goes backstage].

|  Match Four |
Neil Anthony vs Willie Steen
Singles Match 
*If Willie Steen wins, he will get a shot at the International Championship at Holiday Hell
[WWX producers, security, and camera men come running down the hallway as loud crashes and bangs can be heard from down the hallway. The camera moves inside the backstage area where there are several wrestlers trying to split up Anthony and Steen, but it looks like the two men are on the floor beating the hell out of each other. The AAA Championship belt and the International Championship belt are both just strewn next to them, as Anthony is the first one to his feet and throws Steen head first into one of the metal lockers.

Anthony points down at the championship belts and shouts 'they should be mine', before Steen jumps back up off the floor and rams Anthony back first into another locker on the other side of the room. Anthony has to get his hands up as Steen fires back with fists of rage. 

[Eventually security and the other wrestlers manage to strip Steen off of Anthony, but the camera cuts back to Anthony who is wiping blood away from his nose. He hastily staggers over to his International Title belt, picks it up and smiles through the blood pouring over his mouth as security continues to try and hold the two men apart. Security holds the two men apart as Bourne comes walking through, obviously still fuming over the prior incident].

Bourne: For fuc*s sake you bunch of babies, cant I trust you to settle just one thing in the ring?! Fair enough. You want to play a game like this, lets play. Holiday Hell. Willie Steen. Neil Anthony. International Championship. 30 minute ironman match. Enjoy your fate. 

[The two men breathe heavily staring at each other as the scene goes back to the announcers table].

AM: Well, there is a match announcement im sure that no one was ready for. 

KJ: Those two men in an ironman match? You thought falls count anywhere was bad? Having 30 minutes to decimate your opponent is not going to result well for either of those men. 

AM: Bourne paid over twenty five thousand dollars in damages when they fought at the Staples Center. I would say that he wants them to wear themselves out before they end up doing anymore damage. 

KJ: I don’t know if that is the best route, however, I guess you have to do what you have to do. 

AM: We are finally here at our main event folks. As you all know, this one is going to be another preview for Holiday Hell. Steve Blanchard, WWX Champion, and the stressed one Fill, both are more than ready for this to happen. Blanchard has been waiting for an opponent, and Fill has been waiting for the title. After winning the tournament, all he has said is that it is his time, and he intends to prove it. 

KJ: There is no doubt there. But you have to wonder how Blanchard is going to do this tonight, and then move onto Holiday Hell to face this man once more. He is a monster I tell you. 

AM: I think that he will be alright. Lets get onto this one. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

|  Main Event |
Steve Blanchard vs “The Stressed One” Fill
Singles Match 
Non Title

“Today is the day” by Dope begins blaring over the pa system. Fill shows up under the jumbotron, a few seconds after the song hits. He looks at the ring with fear in his eyes as if he is wondering whether he can take it.]

Announcer: And their opponent opponent, standing at six foot six and weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds from Shumen, Bulgaria, he is…the Stressed One Fill.

[He walks down to it talking to himself at moments even stopping and talking to himself. He enters the ring when the vocal starts singing "I want to be free of everything" and at the same time Fill screams "This stress is killing me" and makes an angry look at the crowd. He stares up the ramp awaiting the champ].

Fill stands in the ring waiting as the tron lights up. The camera shows the WWX medical office where Blanchard can be seen holding his knee. He screams in pain as the doctor tries to move it, saying that it hurts far too bad for him to do anything. The doctor continues to try and move it as Blanchard squeezes his arm, acting as if in agony. The doctor looks towards a referee who is standing nearby. 

Dr Amos: I am sorry sir but Mr Blanchard cannot compete here tonight. 

Referee: Are you sure? He was fine just a few minutes ago. 

Blanchard: Didn’t you hear the damn man?! I was attacked by some foolish savage. What makes you think that I can compete?!

Referee: Very well…

[The referee goes towards the stage as Fill stares in disbelief. The Dr. turns around for a moment and then looks back at Blanchard].

Dr. Amos: I would take some time off from that knee and try and rest it. Here is some ice, go ahead and get your street clothes back on. I will leave you be. 

Blanchard: *agonizing* thanks Doc. 

[The doctor walks out of the office as Blanchard looks into the camera and smiles. He jumps off the bed and leans in on it as Fill stares in disbelief].

Blanchard: Sorry Fill, you heard the man, cant compete tonight. I have to rest. See you at Holiday Hell…moron. 

[Blanchard laughs and throws the WWX championship over his shoulder. He stumbles out the doorway acting as if he has a knee injury. Fill continues to stand in the ring in disbelief as the WWX logo flashes on the screen. The camera fades].

---End Show---

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