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RAVAGE - Show 2017-05-12 20:44:54
“Across the Nation” blasts out through the PA system as fans continue to pile into the arena and pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Several signs are seen as cameras pan around the arena. The camera then pans to the announce table as Terry “TJ” Jackson and Gary Lane are seated and getting settled in.

TJ: Viva Las Vegas and welcome to Ravage! We are emanating from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas! I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson, alongside my colleague Gary Lane and Gary, the Crusade Cup tournament continues this week. Who will advance this week?

Lane: Oh, there’s no telling Terry with all the talent we currently have in the Crusade Cup tournament. I mean, anything can happen.

*The camera cuts to backstage, finding Syndicate chatting with a couple of the backstage producers in what appears to be a loading area. Several crates of production equipment around, along with a table covered in backstage badges, and a huge steel rolling door. The trio laugh before, suddenly, "Bulls on Parade" starts to play from nowhere. Syndicate steps away from the producers, fishing a cellphone out of his pocket and raising it to his ear.*

Syndicate: Hello?

*Before Syndicate can say much else a figure in a black hoodie hits him with a running dropkick into the steel door with a ringing crash, sending the production crew members scattering. Syndicate crumples to the ground, gasping, and the hooded figure follows up with a hard kick into the ribs, and then another kick to the face. He kneels next to Syndicate, flipping down his hood to reveal his identity as Kurtis Ray, who grins.*

Kurtis: Hey Sid, buddy! How ya doing? Looking a little rough, if I'm honest. But I wanted to talk to you about Ravage last week, when you almost cost me my match against Pendragon.

*Syndicate, gasping for air, somehow manages to mutter something to Kurtis under his breath.*

Syndicate: ...yeah...sorry about *cough* that...I guess one hit from the title belt *cough cough* wasn't enough...

*The jovial look on Kurtis' face disappears, replaced with a sneer.  As punishment for his words, Kurtis stomps on Syndicate's arm, causing the champ to roll over in pain.*

Kurtis: That attack was a mistake. And I should hope that by the time I'm finished tonight, you'll know better than to make the same mistake again.

*Kurtis gets back to his feet, shouting at Syndicate to get up, but kicking his hands out from under him whenever he tries. Finally he grabs a handful of Syndicate's hair, pulling the LA Outlaw to his feet and moving in so his nose is almost touching Syndicate's face.*

Kurtis: I guarantee you, Syndicate, that if you EVER interfere in one of my matches again... Next time this will be so much worse.

*Kurtis hurls Syndicate into the steel door again, catching the champion before he falls to the ground and hefting him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, transitioning it into a powerbomb through the table. Kurtis stands over Syndicate, smirking, until security arrives, leading the grinning Kurtis away while the production crew checks on Syndicate.*


“8 Mile Road” blasts from the PA system as Xavier emerges onto the entrance ramp to surprising standing ovation. The Machine soaks in the moment as he makes his way to the ring.

Frenell: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon!!

TJ: It was last week Gary that Xavier Pendragon was screwed out of advancing in the Crusade Cup tournament by Co-Ravage GM Tanno Waters, the same man that basically took Xavier and the Empire for that matter under his wing.

Lane: For once TJ, I agree with you. I mean, something’s you just don’t do to people you’re bringing into the fold under your wing, but then again, I digress and can’t really say too much you know.

Xavier steps in the ring and asks for a mic.

Xavier: For the last 7 days, I thought about that match last week where I thought I had the win, did win, only to have it taken away from me by Co-GM Tanno Waters. Why Tanno thought it would be okay for him to come out after the match ended only to turn and have the ref restart the match is beyond me. But you know what, it’s okay because I’ll get my justice in this. I’m willing to bet you that Kurtis Ray is somewhere saying to himself ‘I told you I would beat you and I did’. No Kurtis, you didn’t win. You didn’t beat me. I was beaten by Tanno. Not you. Why did Tanno restart the match anyway? It’s because of our reigning Undisputed World Champion, Syndicate.

Fans immediately roar in approval at the mere mention of his name. Xavier nods in acknowledgement.

Xavier: I see he’s a fan favorite. Syndicate, not sure if you meant to interfere in my match or not to get back at Kurtis or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is this: I hereby formally challenge you to a match.

TJ/Lane: WHAT?!

Fans become unglued at the thought Xavier just stated.

Xavier: For quite some time, I wanted to face you, one-on-one in the ring. Whether you decide to put the title on the line makes no difference to me. I just want you in this ring…in a match. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh and Tanno, don’t think you’re out of the woods. After I settle things with Syndicate, you’re next.

Xavier drops the mic as “8 Mile Road” starts back up.

TJ: Xavier just challenged the World Champ to a match.

Lane: Question is will he accept?

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go nowhere!!


“Lady Marmalade” by All Saints hits over the pa system. The fans come to their feet cheering loudly awaiting the arrival of Kailee. Soon after, Kailee steps out from the back looking over all the fans. They begin cheering loudly as she waves to all of them, and then begins skipping down the rampway. 
TJ: Its nice to see such a happy face here in WWX. I feel like this girl may have a chance to go places if she puts her mind to it. 
Lane: *Laughs* I think she is about to take a beating that she wont soon forget. This girl doesn’t realize that she isn’t getting into the ring with another female, she is getting into the ring with an animal plain and simple. 
Kailee makes it to the bottom of the ramp. She jumps up onto the apron and slowly goes through the ropes. She climbs up onto the ropes and sends kisses out to all the fans, each one of them eating it up. She jumps off and goes to her corner awaiting her opponent. 
Soon after, “Her Black Wings” by Danzig hits over the pa system. The fans rise to their feet yelling “Hex, Hex Hex” as she comes out onto the stage. She wastes no time heading down the rampway towards the ring, her face showing nothing but determination. 
TJ: Oh my, this doesn’t appear to be good. 
Lane: Appear to be good? This girl is about to take a beating that she wont soon forget. She came out here jumping and skipping, and honestly, best case scenario, shes going to go out on a stretcher and hope that she comes out the same if ever again. 
Hex climbs up onto the apron and flips over the ropes staring over her opponent. The referee looks at both women and rings the bell. 
Hex wastes no time going after Kailee as the two lock in the center of the ring. Kailee looks in shock at the strength of Hex as the two continue to get the upper hand on each other. Soon after, Hex delivers a huge headbutt sending Kailee back into the ropes and holding on to keep her balance. The fans come to life as Hex stares down her opponent, her face not changing. The two approach each other once more and lock up as Hex sends an elbow to the face, and then whips her into the corner. She takes off running and climbs up onto the turnbuckle sending a flurry of shots to the face as the fans count along as fast as they can. 
The referee comes over pulling Hex off of her as Kailee comes stumbling out from the corner and falls to the mat. Hex smiles and walks over picking her up off the mat kicking her in the chest and sending her over for a suplex. She goes for the cover. 
1…2…and hex pulls her off the mat. 
The fans are in awe as Hex appears to be far more aggressive than normal. She gets to her feet and pulls Kailee up to her feet yelling something inaudible at her. She feeds her a hard right hand to the face, followed by another, and then comes through with a devastating kick. Kailees head bounces back and falls to the mat as Hex stalks her prey. The referee asks Hex to stop but she pushes past and picks up Kailee throwing her into the ropes. Kailee comes back as Hex grabs hold and finishes her with a spinning heel kick! Kailee falls flat to the mat as Hex goes down for the pin. 
The fans cheer loudly as “Her Black Wings” hits over the pa. She signals for them to cut the music as she walks over towards the ropes signaling for a microphone. She walks over to the apparent lifeless body of Kailee and raises the mic. 
Hex Girl: This is the only time I'm going to do this for you Kailee. You didn't come prepared to give the fans their money's worth but I made up for it. 
Hex looks up at the fans.
Hex Girl: Did I give you what you paid for?
Crowd gives a huge pop. Hex looks back down at Kailee.
Hex Girl: It takes more than a cute face and blowing kisses to make them happy. Come face me again when you are serious about this business.
She lays the mic down on Kailee's chest and leaves the ring while the crowd chants "Hex". “Her Black Wings” hits again as the camera pans over towards the announcers table.
TJ: Wow that was quite the brutal start to his episode of Ravage. Poor Kailee has so much potential and just got put up against an animal. I understand that she was upset about losing recently, but there have to be better ways to handle it. 
Lane: Animal? Are you kidding TJ? She was put up against the best female that we have to offer here hands down. You want to hang with the best, then you have to beat the best. It is simple and she just couldn’t hang. And hey, hex is right. This business isn’t just about pretty faces and blowing kisses. Its about taking names and kicking as*es. Plain and simple. Speaking of kicking as*, we have quite the contest coming up next for you. 
TJ: This is going to be one for the ages. Fans have been talking about this since it was announced. 4 men all with one chance to move forward with an opportunity at the Crusade Cup. The big announcement in this match though wasn’t anything more than the return of WWX Legend Krimzon Blaze. Boy did that serve up some controversy. 
Lane: This is one that needed to come back. WWX needed to reinstate its geriatric department around here. We have the all known Darkness running around again, why not have that turd come back for one more chance. We all have to take our chances though I guess. 
TJ: I bet you wont say that to his face. 
Lane: Sure I will. Wait till I see him. 


Max is seen on the phone, apparently upset about something.

Stanton: WHAT?! LUANDRE IS JUST GONNA BLATANTLY NO SHOW?! HE’S IN THE VERY NEXT MATCH!!...BUT YET, HE’S TAKING HIS AGGRESSIONS OUT ON ME LIKE I HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!...No, I’m not cancelling the match. It will go on as is in a triple threat format.

The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day" by Dope starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. 
Announcer: Coming to the ring, standing at six foot six and weighting in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from Shuman Bulgaria, he is the stressed one…FILL!
TJ: Now this is a man that has proven his worth here in WWX. He deserves this shot, and we can only hope that he is focused enough to get it. Hopefully his stress levels are down!
Lane: The only stress he should have in his life is wondering what will happen next when he gets beat here tonight. I mean, this isn’t a match that you can just walk in and use your size to dominate. 
He walks down the ramp, gets in the ring, stands in its middle and as he looks over the crowd he bumps his chest a few times and lifts his fist in the air. He takes his corner and awaits his opponents. 
"Now, I'll rule the World and the starry sky spreading above"
As Jake sings the lyrics to his theme song, the crowd explodes into loud boos. Megan comes out first, and points to the jumbotron, handwiriting spells out King Jake Devine. Jake follows out of the curtains at the start of the piano solo, further enhancing the boos, while at the same time the female section of the crowd sings the lyrics.
Coming to the ring next, standing at six foot four and weighting in at two hundred and thirty nine pounds, From New York City New York he is…JAKE…DEVINE!
"I'll never give up, i'll always try my best, never looking back"
Jake lowers his sunglasses and winks for the camera, and struts down the ramp.
"I look in the mirror, the King looks back at me"
Jake jumps, grabbing the bottom rope, striking a pose. He then helps Megan climb the apron and lowers the ropes to help her in.
"Now, I'm the King, Jake Devine, no one stops me, this is who I am, you'll remember me"
Jake and Megan pose together in the middle of the ring, Megan helping Jake remove his red and black jacket and sunglasses.
"Now I can reach for the stars, and I will show you how. You will not stop me"
Jake jumps the second rope posing, before looking at the camera again and singing the final lyrics:
"Because I am the King"
And finally…

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central blares through the speakers as the crowd is singing along before the area goes pitch black, a single white spotlight on the stage as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze stands at the bottom of it bathing in it, the arena going full on cheers!

Frenel: From Detroit Michigan! Weighing in at 215 pounds, former WWX World Champion and Hall of Fame Class of 2011, He is the one, the only, "The Aerial Specialist" KRIMZON BLAZE!!!!


Jackson: Can you hear that?!?! My God!

Lane: Go back to wherever you came from Blaze!

Blaze walks down the ramp towards the ring as he eyes all 3 competitors before stepping up the stairs and goes up to each man with his signature taunt to a whopping OOOOOOOH from the crowd!

Jackson: Blaze isn't giving any quarter! He's truly here to be the best which we all know he can be!

Lane: This is true!
The bell rings as the four men all look at each other wondering who is going to attack first. Blaze immediately takes at Devine, both men sending shots to each other. The two go back and forth as Blaze takes the upper hand sending Devine into the ropes and striking him with a beautiful dropkick! He wastes no time picking him up and sending him over the top rope and taunting for the fans as they all begin to cheer. 
On the other side of the ring, Fill and Divine can be seen battling as Fill grabs hold of Divine and throws him over the other side, crashing hard into the mat. Fill turns around as he and Blaze stand face to face. The fans come to life as the two men hold out hands with each other, each man trying a test of strength against the other. Blaze appears to take the upper hand at first as Fill comes back over forcing Blaze to his knees. Blaze gets back to his feet and breaks the hold pulling fill for an arm drag. Fill gets to his feet and clotheslines Blaze as Blaze bounces back up and sends one back to Fill. Fill gets to his feet quickly as the two men stare each other down once more. The fans eat up every minute of it as the two men lock up again. As they are locking up, Devine comes off the ropes with a missle dropkick taking both men separate ways. Fill rolls out of the ring as Blaze lies on the mat. 
Devine walks over grabbing Blaze and striking him with a hard right elbow to the face. Blaze stumbles back into the corner as Devine begins feeding him elbows to the chest. Blaze falls to the mat as Devine steps back and takes off running driving a knee to the face of Blaze and turns around taunting for the fans much to their delight. He turns back around to continue fighting blaze and sees Fill coming through the air. He catches Fill and takes him down with a modified powerbomb! He goes for the pin. 
1…2…and Blaze jumps through breaking the pin up. 
Blaze rises to his feet as he and Devine begin fighting once more. Fill comes from the outside delivering a huge boot to the face of Devine. Devine lies on the mat as he grabs hold of Blaze sending him over with a snapmare and locking him into into a headlock. Fill wrenches on the headlock as the referee continues to check and see if he wants to give up. Blaze continues to shake his head no, eventually getting to his feet. He gut checks Fill a few times breaking the hold and then smashes him to the mat with a DDT. He goes for the pin. 
1…2…and Fill kicks out. 
The fans are on their feet at the action as Devine can be seen in the corner getting to his feet. He stumbles around and comes over at Blaze sending him into the corner. He sends a set of strikes and kicks to the chest of Blaze. He pulls him from the corner and hits the enziguri kick sending Blaze crumbling into the mat. The fans come to their feet once more as he goes for a pin of his own. 
1…2…and Fill breaks up the pin. 
Blaze can be seen climbing back into the ring as Fill runs over towards the ropes. He grabs hold of him and hits the superplex from the top! The fans are on their feet as Fill wastes no time capitalizing on his downed opponents. He walks over grabbing hold of Blaze and throws him out of the ring, and turns around towards Devine. He rips Devine to his feet and drives him into the corner with a running shoulder. He takes off up the ropes and reaches his foot up for a huge boot to the side of the head of Devine. Devine falls to the mat as Fill reaches down and taunts for the fans setting up the stress bomb. He smashes Devine hard into the mat as the fans come to life. Fill gets down to go for the pin.
Fill gets to his feet and stares down Divine who continues to send right and left hands. Fill hits a scoop slam on Divine and then heads towards the ropes to come down with a leg drop. Blaze can be seen on the outside as he reaches up slamming Fills face into the mat! Blaze slides into the ring and capitalizes on the move as he locks him in a figure four leg lock! Fill screams in pain as the fans wait to see if he is going to tap out. Fill continues to try and work his way out of it, lying on the mat in agony. Devine can be seen crawling to the ropes as he pulls himself up. Devine runs and hits the baseball slide to the face of Blaze leaving him down on the mat. He then grabs hold of Fill and takes him to the corner taunting to the fans. He pulls him up onto the top rope and locks him up for the Kings Style. He takes him to the center of the ring as Blaze can be seen coming to his feet. Blaze runs over and grabs him up for the Kode of Silence! All three men crash to the mat as Blaze crawls over towards Devine. 
The fans stand in awe and begin clapping as all 3 men lie on the mat. The camera zooms around the carnage and then moves to a commercial. 


[Mike Hart is standing in the ring, microphone in his hand.]

HART: Ladies and gentlemen, last week we witnessed Tanno Waters single-handedly turning around Xavier Pendragon's progress in the Crusade Cup by restarting his match. Here to explain his actions is the WWX General Manager, Tanno Waters.

[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.]


["Transcendence" by Devin Townsend Project starts playing. As the music drops, lights illuminate the arena to show Tanno standing on the stage, wearing a suit. He makes his way to the ring to boos of the crowd. He hops into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

HART: Mr. Waters, welcome.

TANNO: Thank you, Mike.

HART: Now, the reason you are standing here is of course because of Xavier Pendragon's help in taking down James Ranger. Yet, last week--

TANNO: Let me stop you right there, Mike. All Mr. Pendragon did, was seal the deal. I'd already dealt most of the damage, cracking open Ranger's skull and possibly putting him into a retirement home forever. Mr. Pendragon just delivered the final blow, while I did all the heavy lifting.

HART: That's not what it looks like on tape.

TANNO: Nothing's ever what it looks like on tape. And let's be clear: my actions last week were nothing personal towards Mr. Pendragon. I just don't want any funny business on MY show. WWX management seems to love it and has never done anything against it, but I have a problem with the World Champion Syndicate deciding who wins the match. Therefore, I took action against it. Mr. Pendragon was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now--

"8 Mile Road" by Eminem hits as Xavier Pendragon walks out and makes his way to the ring. He stares down Tanno as he steps onto the apron and over the ropes. It is clear that there’s very bad tension between the two. Xavier shakes his head and turns to leave. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Xavier turns, flooring Tanno with a high-powered Charge Kick.

JACKSON: Xavier just floored the Co-Ravage GM with the Charge Kick

He starts hitting Tanno into the corner. Tanno manages to get a few in. Xavier counters a punch, pulls Tanno out of the corner and hits the Pride of Detroit. “8 Mile Road” starts up again as Xavier slides out the ring and paramedics start checking on Tanno, who lies motionless in the middle of the ring.

LANE: Unbelievable. I’m pretty sure there are gonna be consequences for Xavier’s actions here tonight.

TJ: You may be right Gary but you can’t help how Xavier feels after being screwed out of the Crusade Cup the way he did. Folks, we’ll be right back.


Xavier is seen walking backstage when he stops rather suddenly. Camera pans and spots Co-Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton.

Stanton: Is there any reason why you attacked Tanno the way you did?

Xavier: Is there any reason why he screwed me out of being in the Crusade Cup right now?

Stanton: I’ll deal with Tanno.

Suddenly, Max’s phone rings, which he answers.

Stanton: Talk to me…yeah, he’s standing in front of me…really now…well, considering the fact I was going to fire him for attacking Tanno moments ago, but this may work out for all parties. I’ll talk to you later.

Max then gets off the phone.

Xavier: So you was going to-

Stanton: By every right, I should fire you here and now, but instead, you’re going to Mayhem. I cannot have you and Tanno on the same show. Now get out the arena but I change my mind and fire you. 

Xavier then storms off.


TJ: It looks like Max is not happy with Xavier’s actions.

Lane: I knew that it would happen. You don’t put your hands on the GM like that and not have some consequences behind it you know.

“Tick Tock” starts up as Rhyminister and Poett make their way out on the entrance ramp. The two take turns in trying to hype up the crowd.

Frenell: The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 286 pounds, Poett and Rhyminister, the Sophisticated Army!

TJ: Poett and Rhyminister set to take out the #1 contenders for the tag team titles 420 in just a few moments. 420 themselves travel to Mayhem in 2 days to challenge the Lipton/McAllister tandem for the Tag Team Titles, which Lipton made his displeasure known about him not being given what appears to a free shot at the Undisputed World title.

Lane: Well, Lipton’s a freaking legend. Legends shouldn’t have to ask for anything. They should give it to him because he’s that good.

TJ: That has yet to be see Gary.

Operator’s Voice: (over the intercom) At the tone, the time will be 4:20… exactly.

(“Little Green Bag” by George Baker Selection pumps through the speakers, as the crowd jumps to their feet.)

Frenell: Their opponents, at a combined weight of 572 pounds. Matt Glazebrook…and Gary Tinordi…420!!!!!!

Tinordi and Glazebrook appear at the top of the ramp, nodding their heads to the beat of the music. Both men are wearing a pair of black track pants with a green stripe down the side and white T shirts with the 420 logo in green written on the front. Tinordi has a green floppy hat on and both men are wearing dark sunglasses. 

They dance their way down the aisle for a bit, until the breakdown in the music comes. At this point the two men really break it down, with moves that resemble a cross between John Travolta in Pulp Fiction and a man having an epileptic seizure. The guys follow the direction of the song and “turn to the left, jump to the right. Looking upstairs, looking behind.” 

Glazebrook finds a nice looking young lady at ringside and does a little bumpin’ and grindin’ with her through the guard rail. Tinordi has taken a sign from a fan and is parading it back and forth in front of the ring. The sign shows the number 420, written in large block numbers with a really colorful, trippy pattern.

 Tinordi returns the sign to the fan and enters the ring. He looks around a bit confused until he spots Glazebrook, still halfway down the aisle dancing with his new friend. He slides under the ropes and runs down the aisle to grab his partner, who reluctantly follows Tinordi to the ring, after looking back and waving. The two men finally enter the ring.  Tinordi jumps into the corner on the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air as the crowd roars.  Glazebrook is standing in the opposite corner, raising the roof.  The song cuts off and the guys go back to their corner.

Tinordi and Glazebrook - (Shouting, in unison) Las Vegas, Nevada!!!!!  WHAT TIME IS IT?????

Crowd - 420!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poett and Tinordi start off the match for their respective teams. The two circle each other for a few moments then lock up. Tinordi gains the upper hand, applying a side headlock. Poett manages to push Tinordi into the ropes but Tinordi responds with a clothesline on the rebound. Poett gets to his feet but is knocked down again with another clothesline. Tinordi goes for a third clothesline but Poett sidesteps the attempt and tags in Rhyminister. Rhyminister stares Tinordi down for a few moments before locking up with him. Rhyminister shoves Tinordi into the ropes and answers with a dropkick on the rebound. Rhyminister immediately goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: Rhyminister with a nearfall right there.

Lane: Why are we getting all of these weird tag teams here? We need the Lipton/McAllister tandem here. They display what a true tag team should be.

TJ: But Lipton stated that neither him nor McAllister was gonna show on Ravage.

Lane: They shouldn’t have to. They’re the champs. They can do what they want to do

TJ: Well, on Mayhem, they defend their titles against 420 and I spoke with Glazebrook and Tinordi during the break and they are ready to take on the Lipton and McAllister tandem.

Lane: Well, saying and doing are two totally different things Terry. You should know this by now, 

As the commentators argue, Tinordi tags in Glazebrook who dropkicks Rhyminister almost immediately. Glazebrook shouts “420!” as the crowd responds. Glazebrook drags Rhyminister to his corner and tags Tinordi back in and the duo delivers a double suplex. Tinordi whips Rhyministr into the ropes and hits a clothesline on the rebound. Tinordi drags Rhyminister back to his corner and tags Glazebrook back in.

TJ: 420 keeping Rhyminister on their side of the ring in the early going in this match.

Lane: I’ll admit. 420 is keeping the Sophisticated Army separated from each other.

TJ: 420 knows that they have a chance of dethroning the tag team champions on Mayhem if they can get some momentum going into the championship match Sunday.

Lane: Personally, I don’t think it can be done. The Lipton-McAllister duo have been unbeatable since they formed up. They done turned away the so-called powerful Empire. They wasn’t that much of a powerful empire anyways.

TJ: Now hold on! The Empire had at 2-3 successful title defenses. Xavier & Damian were great tag team champions.

Lane: If they are this so-called great tag team champions, then why are they not the champs right now?

TJ: Lipton and McAllister just got the better of them that night is all.

Lane: No, you implied that they were the best tag team ever.

TJ: I didn’t say that either. There are a lot of great tag teams out there.

Lane: And you just said that the Empire was the best one.

TJ: I did not…Poett with the cover!!


TJ: Gary Tinordi saving the match for his team. Folks, we’ll be right back.


TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Ravage. Before we went to break, the Sophisticated Army took control of the match, keeping Glazebrook isolated on their side of the ring.

Poett takes some time to try and hype the fans up for themselves.

TJ: Poett trying to rally the crowd up on his side. Don’t think it’s wise to do that though.

Lane: 420 did it earlier in the match.

TJ: Really? Are you doing this Gary?

As the commentators continue to argue, Glazebrook drops Poett with a DDT. Both men lie motionless in the middle of the ring as fans try to rally both teams.

TJ: It is gut-check time for both of these teams.

Lane: Whoever is the first to get to their feet will be the team that wins this match. Betcha $100 it’ll happen.

TJ: Deal.

Lane: What?

Poett is the first to his feet as Glazebrook begins to stir. Glazebrook starts crawling towards his corner. Poett sees this and moves to stop him. Poett grabs Glazebrook’s leg, trying to drag him back to the middle of the ring but Glazebrook counters with a reverse spinning heel kick, knocking Poett back. Poett scurries and tags in Rhyminister. He tries to cut Glazebrook off but is too late as he tags in Tinordi.

TJ: Tinordi and Rhyminister hot off the tags!!

Tinordi floors Rhyminister with a clothesline and then a second. Poett tries to get in a clothesline but Tinordi responds with a clothesline of his own.

TJ: Tinordi is firing on all 8 cylinders.

Lane: The Sophisticated Army will pull out the victory and you’ll owe me $100.

TJ: That has yet to be seen Gary.

Glazebrook jumps back into the fray as all 4 men are now in the ring.

TJ: This match has descended into chaos. I’m not sure if the ref will be able to restore order but the fans are seemingly loving it here.

During the bedlam, Tinordi sneaks up behind Rhyminister and connects with the Red Eye. Wasting no time, he locks in the Figure 420.
TJ: Figure 420! Figure 420! Center of the ring!! Rhyminister is in trouble!!

Glazebrook spots Poett trying to break up the hold but cuts him off by knocking him out the ring. With no other options, Rhyminister taps out.


“Little Green Bag” starts up again as Glazebrook and Tinordi begin to celebrate in the ring.

Frenell: Here are your winners, 420!!

TJ: That was a very close match to call. Both teams really tried to raise the bar in the tag team division and someone now owes me $100.

Lane: 420 just got lucky. That won’t happen against the champs.

TJ: The main event is next! Don’t go away!!


TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Ravage. We are moments away from our main event of the evening.

"The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.

Frenell: The following contest is a Crusade Cup Tournament Match set for one fall. In the ring, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, Darkness!!

TJ: Will it be Darkness or the current TV Champ Willie Steen that will move onto the next round of the Crusade Cup tournament?

Lane: Willie Steen, because he keeps it cool.

TJ: Keeps it cool, like he cheated to win the TV title last week?

Lane: Hey now! Steen won that title fair and square.

“Crawling in the Dark” starts out as Steen comes out with the TV Title draped over his shoulder. Fans give him a mixed reaction with more boos than cheers.
Frenell: And his opponent, from Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, he is the WWX Television Champion, Willie Steen!

Lane: I like this new Willie Steen here. Darkness doesn’t stand a chance.

TJ: Don’t forget Gary. Darkness is a former TV Champ in his own right. This is going to be a brawl to say the least.


TJ: Here we go!!

Darkness and Steen lock up almost immediately. Steen gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Darkness breaks free and pushes Steen into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline on the rebound. Darkness bounces off the ropes but Steen hits a dropkick and immediately goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: Steen wanting to end this early.

Lane: Of course. Darkness is not worthy of the TV Champ’s time.

TJ: What was that you was saying earlier that you was gonna say to Darkness’ face?

Lane: Hey! What are you doing? I’m trying to call a match here.

TJ: But you said that you was gonna say something about Darkness when he got out here or more or less in his face.

Lane: He’s busy getting his butt kicked by our current TV Champ, which he can’t hold a candle to anyway.

TJ: If Darkness finds out you’re dissing him…

Lane: He can’t do nothing. I’m protected. He touches me, he gets fired.

TJ: That may change so don’t count your eggs yet Gary.

During the argument, Steen takes control, applying a side sleeper hold.

Lane: Steen’s got the sleeper in. Darkness is done for.

Darkness struggles to get free but begins to fade. The ref, in perfect position, goes to check on Darkness.

Lift arm, drop 1!

Lift arm, drop 2!

TJ: If Darkness’ arm drops again, Steen wins!

Lift arm, drop thr-NO!

Darkness begins to gain his second wind, throwing elbows into Steen. Darkness delivers a swift kick to the gut and delivers a DDT. Both men lie motionless as the ref begins the count.
TJ: This match has been back and forth since the opening bell.

Lane: Yeah, but Steen is gonna win this one because he’s the champ. 

TJ: Are you sure? The last time you made an assumption, you lost $100.

Lane: Come on, double or nothing.

TJ: Deal.

During the announcer’s deal, Darkness gains the advantage and looks to end the match when Co-Ravage GM Tanno Waters makes his way out to a chorus of boos.

Tanno: Darkness, there are a few things that you said that I want to address.

As Tanno begins to question Darkness, Steen moves into capitalize on a distracted Darkness but a mystery man pops out from the stands, slides in the ring, taking Steen down with a clothesline. As Tanno tries to get Steen’s attention, a second mystery man emerges on the entrance ramp and ambushes Tanno, tossing him off the stage. During the chaos that ensues, Darkness turns his attention back to Steen. As Steen tries to clothesline Darkness, he ducks the clothesline and counters with the Dark Abyss.

Lane: Noooooooo!!

TJ: Darkness with the Dark Abyss Powerbomb!!

Darkness goes for the cover.

1, 2, 3!!

“Path to Darkness” starts back up as Darkness gets his hand raised.

Frenell: Here is your winner, Darkness!!

TJ: Darkness moves onto the next round of the Crusade Cup Tournament and Gary owes me another $100. 

Lane: Damn it.

Suddenly, “Hard Hittin’” starts out fans become unglued as Maxfield Stanton comes out, visibly upset.

Stanton: WWX Ravage is supposed to be the main flagship show in front of Mayhem. As one of the co-GMs of Ravage, I will NOT let this slide. While the main event was going on, I was on the phone with WWX upper management. Next week on Ravage, someone, WILL be fired.

Lane: Uh-oh.

TJ: Who is Maxfield Stanton going to fire next week?

Lane: He could fire Xavier. He DID put his hands on Tanno earlier.

TJ: Folks, tune into Ravage next week!!

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