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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-05-19 17:34:17

A black stretched limo starts to pull into the back parking lot where it reads “WWX1” on the front. The limo driver steps out and heads to the left passenger door, opens the door to reveal Co-Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton getting out.

Sarah: Co-Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton has just arrived at the arena. He stated last week that he was firing someone tonight. Who’s getting their pink slip?

“Across the Nation” by Union Underground blasts through the speakers as fans continue to pile into the arena as pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp.

Sarah: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ravage! I am Sarah Jackson. My husband Terry “TJ” Jackson is on assignment in Singapore and will be back here at the announce table next week. Joining me is Gary Lane and Gary, last week, things have really come to a boiling point here on Ravage. Co-GM Maxfield Stanton stated that he was going to fire someone tonight but the question is who

Lane: It could very well be Xavier Pendragon seeing as how last week he sucker punched Tanno Waters.

Sarah: That in itself could very well happen, but that’s not going to stop the action we have on tap here tonight. The Crusade Cup semi-finals start this week with Rayne taking on Darkness. 

Lane: Also, our World Champ is in action tonight against Charlie Orange. I wonder if he ever managed to get a match against Weapon.

Sarah: Sadly not. Weapon hung his boots up for good this time I’m afraid. But that’s not all folks. Willie Steen defends the TV Title against Fill in our main event of the evening.

“Hard Hittin’” by Homebwoi blasts through the PA system as Maxfield Stanton begins making his way out.

Frenell: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Co-General Manager of Ravage, Maxfield Stanton!

Sarah: It looks like our GM is going to open the show with who he’s going to fire tonight.

Stanton: Ladies and gentlemen, as you are well aware, I stated last week that this week, I was going to fire someone and I already have the person in mind of who I’m going to fire…but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Max pauses for a few seconds, then continues.

Stanton: It’s been quite some time since most of our champions faced off in a match against each other, but next week on Ravage, I’m going to change that. 

Lane: What’s he getting at?

Stanton: Our main event next week on Ravage will put the current tag team Champs Tommy Lipton & Rex McAllister against the team of the International Champ LuAndre Xavier & Undisputed World Champ Syndicate.

Fans give off a roar of approval of the idea.

Sarah: That’s a major announcement

Lane: I know.

Stanton: But it gets better. See, Though no titles will be defended in that match, I am gonna through this stipulation into the match- the winning champion team gets to choose the stipulation for the losing team’s next championship title defense.

Fans give off another huge pop.

Sarah: Max has only been back at least 3 weeks and he’s already made a major impact on Ravage.

Lane: And I don’t think he’s done yet.

[The camera goes towards the stage as a man in a gold knight costume comes to the stage. He looks around at all the fans and pulls a trumpet out letting out the opening of the kings march. Soon after, “Hail the King” begins blaring over the pa system. A group of Knights come out to the stage and surround King Richard, who comes and stands at the ramp looking over the fans. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as the guards surround him].
Announcer: Introducing first, hailing from London England, standing at seven feet one inches tall and three hundred and twelve pounds, he is…KING…RICHARD!
[Richard gets to the bottom of the ramp and dispatches his guards. He walks up the ring steps and looks over at the announcer pointing towards the ropes telling her to bring them down. She sits on the second rope as he slowly bends down and gets into the ring looking over the fans in disgust. He goes to his corner awaiting his opponent as the camera returns to the stage].
[“The Darkness Falls” Hits over the PA system as the arena goes dark. Smoke rises from the stage as Tom Black steps out onto the stage, looking around at the fans. Mixed reaction are given as Black collapses on the stage and begins crawling towards the ring, everyone staring at him as he goes].
Announcer: “And his opponent, hailing from Liverpool England, standing at six foot eleven and three hundred and ten pounds, he is…TOM…BLACK!”
[He crawls into the ring and takes his corner, staring down his opponent. The two men lock eyes as the bell is rung for the match to begin].
The two men stand in the ring across from each other as the fans give mixed reactions for both men. King Richard walks to the center of the ring as Tom Black also steps to the middle and the two men begin trash talking. Richard goes for the lock up as Black falls to his knees, and crawls back towards the corner. Richard looks confused for a moment as Black pulls himself back to his feet in an unorthodox way. The fans boo loudly as he pulls himself up and comes running at Richard and is taken over with a quick scoop slam. He gets to his feet and gets taken down with a drop toe hold. As he goes to get to his feet, Richard comes off the ropes and blasts him in the back of the head with a boot causing his head to violently bounce off the mat. Black rolls out of the ring and goes towards the guard rails as Richard follows behind. The referee yells for the outside count. 
Richard approaches Black as he gets an eye rake in and slams Richards head into the rail. Richard falls back in as Black begins with a heavy round of strikes to the face and chest. He continues to bounce back and forth before picking Richard up and dropping him face first into the bars. The fans let out an “oww” chant as Black smiles at them. He reaches down and grabs hold of Richard driving him into the apron. Richard lets out a quick scream but recovers quickly sending an elbow to the face of Black, and slides back into the ring as the referee is rounding the count of 7.
Back inside the ring, Black slides in shortly afterward and grabs hold of Richard and sends him off the ropes going for the big boot, but Richard ducks and comes through with a clothesline. He drops a quick elbow and goes for the first pin of the match. 
1…2…and Black kicks out. 
Richard gets to his feet and locks in a sleeper hold on Black. The referee checks on Black, who doesn’t appear to be wanting to give. He slowly works his way to his feet and strikes Richard in the chest with an elbow, causing him to break the hold. Once the hold is broken, Black shoves Richard away and smashes him in the face with a huge boot! Richard lies on the mat as Black falls to one knee, and appears to be having a time getting up. He slowly works his way to his feet as Richard crawls up on the ropes pulling himself to his feet. Black runs over and grabs hold of Richards’ head scraping it against the ropes! The referee continues to yell at him as he pushes past the referee and drives Richard into the corner. Richard comes stumbling out as Black drives him into the mat with a bulldog. He goes for a pin of his own. 
1…and Richard gets a foot up. 
Black appears to argue with the referee about the call not paying attention to Richard. Richard gets back to his feet and waits for Black to turn around. Black slowly turns around as Richard hits him in the face with a hard right hand and sends him off the ropes connecting with the London Bridge Slam! The fans give mixed reactions as he goes for the pin. 
1…2…and Black barely kicks out!
Richard sits up on the mat in awe figuring he had the match won. He goes towards the referee and begins signaling that he should have counted faster, slapping his hands together for a three count. The referee shakes his head no as Richard turns around frustrated. He goes to pick up Black but is met with an uppercut taking him to the mat. Black gets to his feet and waits for his opponent as he slowly creeps up. Black kicks him in the chest and sends him up for the Black Hole! Richard hits the mat violently as Black falls on top of him for the pin. 
Black slides out of the ring as Richard holds his head on the mat. He sits up as Black backs up the rampway, a sick smile on his face. He slowly walks up the rampway as Richard sits in awe at his loss. The camera moves to the commentators table. 
Jackson: Wow, what a way to open the show. Two powerhouses that really gave it what they had out there. I don’t think Richard knew what happened when that pin was being counted though. 
Lane: I think he knew, there just wasn’t anything that he could do about it at the time. He got dispatched by a man that is quickly making a name for himself around here. What does it matter that his main power is to fall over all the time? He just does it for fun anymore I think. If not, he may want to go see a doctor because that sh*t isn’t normal by any means. 
Jackson: Regardless, I think that Richard really showed that he has a lot of promise here in WWX. I don’t figure this will be the last that we have seen of him. He put on an impressive display tonight. 
Lane: Impressive display or not, all that matters when you walk through that curtain at the end of the night is the W. And if your King whatever, then you aren’t the one that is walking out with it. Sorry about your luck, try again next time, and all that other sentimental stuff that people say to make people feel better about the fact that they are a loser. 
Jackson: You sure are in rare form tonight aren’t you?
Lane: Get abducted by a crazy person and tell me how you feel. 


“The Fight Song” comes alive as Rayne makes his way out to a surprising mixed reaction from the crowd. 

Frenell: The following contest is a Crusade Cup Semi-Finals match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Battleground, North Carolina, weighting in at 218 pounds, Rayne!!

Sarah: Should Rayne win tonight, he moves onto the final match to face the winner of the other Crusade semi-final match.

Lane: These two powerhouses are going to tear the house down. Fans don’t really like either of them and that’s what I like about them. Well, more Rayne anyway.
The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.
Frenell: And his opponent, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, Darkness!!

Sarah: You were saying about the fans not liking Darkness?

Lane: I stand corrected. Darkness still sucks.

Sarah: Betcha won’t say it to his face.

Lane: I don’t have to. He already knows it and he’s gonna lose to Rayne here tonight in a few moments.


Rayne and Darkness circle the ring before the two lock up. Rayne takes advantage, applying a side headlock. Darkness tries to fight out of it but Rayne applies more pressure. After a few moments, Darkness pushes Rayne into the ropes and follows up with a shoulder tackle. Darkness then bounces off the ropes butt Rayne counters with a snap powerslam. Rayne goes for the cover but Darkness kicks out before the ref can make the count. Rayne quickly applies a side headlock.

Sarah: Rayne trying to retain the advantage here in the early going in this match.

Lane: It really is hard trying to keep up with these two but in the end, it will be Rayne who will win this match. Mark my words Sarah. Rayne’s gonna win this match. I betcha $200 that Rayne goes onto the finals.

Sarah: Deal.

As the commentators argue, Rayne hits a few elbows on Darkness. Rayne goes for a 3rd elbow but Rayne misses the elbow. Darkness capitalizes with an elbow of his own. He then lifts Rayne to his feet and whips him into the ropes, following up with a hard clothesline.

Sarah: What a clothesline by Darkness.

Darkness goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!

Sarah: And a nearfall by Darkness, as well as Gary almost being short $200.

Lane: Talk all you want, but I’m gonna win and you know it. I never lost to a woman nor am going to start tonight.
Sarah: We’ll see.

Darkness goes to whip Rayne into the corner. Darkness charges in but Rayne steps out of the way, causing Darkness to hit the corner post, shoulder first.

Sarah: Darkness was going for a shoulder tackle but no one home.

Lane: See? Told ya that Darkness wouldn’t win there and he’s not gonna win this match.

Rayne whips him into the ropes and locks on a sleeper. Darkness tries to get free but Rayne applies more pressure, looking like he’s getting ready to fade away.

Sarah: Darkness is in trouble here.

Lane: So is Sarah’s $200 which will soon become mine. I want 2 Benjamin Franklins, please.

Lift arm, drop 1!

Lift arm, drop 2!

Lane: I’ll go ahead and take my money now, thank you.
Lift arm, drop thr-NO! 

Lane: Are you serious right now?

Sarah: You were saying?

Lane: It’s not over yet. Rayne is still gonna win this no matter what.

As Lane continues to try and play mind games with Sarah, Darkness begins building momentum, driving Rayne back into a corner. He takes about 4 steps back and charges in, this time hitting a clothesline. Rayne falls forward as Darkness goes for a cover.


Sarah: Impressive ring presence by Rayne to get his foot on the bottom rope.

Lane: What did you expect? Rayne is just that better than Darkness.

Sarah: That has yet to be seen.

Lane: This match is already done. Darkness, nice knowing ya buddy.

In the ring, Rayne dropkicks Darkness’ knees, knocking him down to his knees. As Rayne looks down on him, Darkness stretches his hand, seemingly towards the heavens. Rain suddenly starts in the ring and ringside area.

Lane: Rain? Inside the arena?

Sarah: This is interesting.

With Rayne distracted by the rain, Darkness whips Rayne into the ropes, connecting with the Dark Abyss on the rebound.

1, 2, 3!!


Lane: WHAT?!

Sarah: Sounds like someone owes me $200.

Lane: Darkness cheated. He had to have cheated.

Sarah: Sounds like someone can’t accept the fact they lost a bet.

Max appears to be looking at a monitor when there’s a knock on his door.

Stanton: Come in.

The door opens to reveal Terry Jackson.

Stanton: Ah, TJ. Welcome back. I didn’t know it would end so quickly for you.

TJ: I didn’t know either.

Stanton: Needless to say, I called in Sarah to fill in for you tonight, so you can take the rest of the night off.

TJ: Thank you sir.

Without another word, Terry leaves the office.


[“epoch” by Savlonic begins blaring over the pa system. Orange steps out onto the stage with a mask on stating “No Turning Back”. He quickly walks down the rampway towards the ring as the fans give mixed reactions].
Announcer: Coming to the ring, standing at five foot eleven and weighing in at one hundred and ninety two pounds, from Seattle Washington he is…Charlie…Orange!
[Orange gets to the ring and removes the mask tossing it into the crowd. He climbs into the ring and jumps around looking up the ramp awaiting his opponent].




*Static begins crackling through the loudspeakers of the arena before transitioning to Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade".  After a few moments of the crowd going crazy, Syndicate, with the Undisputed World Championship in tow, steps onto the stage with a smile on his face.  The champ is dressed in his white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and worn-out blue jeans.*

Lane: And here's Charlie's opponent, the poor soul.  The kid's going to be going up against the World Champion?  How is that fair?!?

Jackson: Hey, you never know, Orange could give Syndicate a fight.  Syndicate has said that he will give Charlie a fair and respectful match.

Lane: Yeah, right.

*By this point, Syndicate is perched on the top turnbuckle, holding the World title up for the fans to see.*


Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet one inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and twenty four pounds, from Los Angeles California, he is your WWX Undisputed Champion…SYNDICATE!
[Syndicate slides into the ring throwing up the championship much to the fans delight. Syndicate hands the belt over as the referee sets it to the outside and calls for the bell].
The two men stand over looking at each other as Syndicate walks to the center of the ring and sends out a hand asking for a handshake. Orange stares him over for a moment and then walks over reaching out for the hand, slapping it out of the way and pulling him in for a quick roll up pin!
1…and Syndicate kicks out.
Syndicate gets back to his feet and backs towards the ropes letting out a laugh as Orange puts on his own smile. The two men stare each other down as Orange comes charging over towards Syndicate. Syndicate hits a beautiful drop kick and then picks him up for the no signal! Orange lies flat out on the mat as Syndicate goes for the pin. 
The fans cheer loudly as Syndicate rises to his feet. He smiles down at Orange and shakes his head as he walks over getting his championship belt. He holds it up for the fans and slides out of the ring, shaking fans hands and taking photos. The referee checks on Orange who doesn’t appear to be moving at the time as the camera goes to the announcers table. 
Jackson: Well that was over quick. 
Lane: I mean, what do you expect? The kid went in there expecting to take the win! *Laughs* I mean, he looked more green than an unripe banana in there. He had no idea what he was doing. 
Jackson: I don’t think that they really thought the booking of this match through, but you have to give it to him for his efforts. Maybe he will train harder next time. 
Lane: That was just sad. I mean, sad. I don’t even know what to say. Maybe go home and try again. Syndicate took the ball out of your court, deflated it, farted on it, and threw it in your neighbors yard. Take that weak stuff somewhere else, WWX has no room for things like that. 
Jackson: I swear, just once could you have a little couth about you?
Lane: Always dear…always.

*Syndicate is given the World title and asks for a microphone.*

Syndicate: How we doin' tonight, boys and girls?


Syndicate: While I respect Charlie Orange for trying, I think it's pretty clear who was gonna come out on top all along.


Syndicate: Hey locker room...that's what happens when you mess with the Outlaw.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

As Syndicate starts to leave, “8 Mile Road” blasts through the PA system. Xavier Pendragon emerges on the entrance ramp with mic in hand.

Xavier: Congratulations Syndicate. Be sure to come out on top in your next title defense. Your next challenger…will be me.

Xavier drops his mic and leaves.

Lane: Xavier is way out of his league.

Sarah: How will Syndicate respond to this? The main event is next so don’t go nowhere!


Sarah: What an explosive night it has been thus far Gary. Oh, by the way, thanks for the $200. I could use the extra money to get some things for my baby.

Lane: Terry’s got money already, so you can give me my money back and tell me that I won after all, thank you.

Sarah: No. You still lost the bet. Second, this isn’t for Terry. This is for my baby who’s currently with our babysitter.

Lane: WHAT?!

“Today is the Day” starts out as Fill makes his way out on the entrance ramp. Fans go ballistic as the Bulgarian Monster makes walking down the ramp.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the WWX Television Championship! Introducing the challenger, from Shumen, Bulgaria, weighting in at 230 pounds, Fill!!

Sarah: Fill using his rematch clause to get this rematch for the TV title here in our main event.

Lane: Well that’s all fine and dandy, but Steen’s gonna win this one for sure. Mark my words.

“Crawling in the Dark” starts up as fans immediately boo and jeer. Willie Steen comes out with the TV Title over his shoulder. He holds the title up high for all to see, which earns him more boos.

Frenell: And his opponent, from Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, he is the WWX Television Champion, Willie Steen!

Sarah: Willie Steen and Fill look like they know each other pretty well, so this could very well be a knock down, drag-out slugfest.

Lane: No it won’t. Steen’s gonna win this match in less than a minute and not even break a sweat.

Steen hands the title over to the ref, who shows it to Fill then hands it high for all to see. He then hands it to Frenell as he calls for the bell.


Sarah: Here we go! Main event is underway and TV title is on the line!

Steen and Fill lock up in the middle of the ring. Fill gains the upper hand and tosses Steen into the ropes causing him to rebound into a hip toss. Fill wrenches the head and neck of Steen. Steen manages to struggle to his feet with the chinlock still applied. He sends shots into the ribs of Fill causing him to let go of the hold. Steen bounces off the ropes but is caught by a vicious clothesline on the rebound.

Sarah: What a vicious clothesline by the challenger!

1, 2, kickout!

Sarah: And a nearfall for the challenger right there.

Lane: It won’t happen again.

Fill lifts Steen to his feet and whips him into the corner and connects with a turnbuckle splash. Steen stumbles forward and falls to the mat, face first. Fill goes for another cover.

1, 2, kickout!

Sarah: Fill with another nearfall.

Lane: Fill’s gotta be cheating here. Do your job ref!!

Sarah: What do you mean? Fill hasn’t broken any of the rules in this match and the ref is right there, calling it right down the middle.

Lane: Then the ref needs to get his eyes checked.

Sarah: You are in rare form tonight Gary. What are you smoking on?

Lane: I’m not smoking on anything and even if I was, you wouldn’t know about it.

Fill drags Steen to his feet, but Steen drops back to his knees and catches him with a jawbreaker. With Fill momentarily stunned, Steen hits a dropkick on Fill sending him to the mat. Steen goes for a rolling senton, but Fill gets his knees up just in time. Steen rolls out of the ring clutching his back. Fill gets up to follow him. As Fill bends down to climb out of the ring, Steen grasps the middle rope, pulls back, and snaps it right into his face. Fill clutches his right eye and stumbles back. Steen takes advantage, leaps off of the rope and hits him with a flying clothesline.

Sarah: Hey! Steen thumbed Fill’s right eye

Lane: Well hey. The ref never saw it so booya!

Sarah: Well, needless to say, Steen snuck away with a few illegal move right there.

Lane: Fill should pay more attention to Steen then.

Fill drags Steen to his feet, but Steen drops back to his knees and catches him with a jawbreaker. With Fill momentarily stunned, Steen hits a dropkick on Fill sending him to the mat. Steen goes for a rolling senton, but Fill gets his knees up just in time. Steen rolls out of the ring clutching his back. Fill gets up to follow him. As Fill bends down to climb out of the ring, Steen grasps the middle rope, pulls back, and snaps it right into his face. Fill clutches his right eye and stumbles back. Steen takes advantage, leaps off of the rope and hits him with a flying clothesline. 

1, 2, kickout!

Sarah: A nearfall for the champion right there.

Frustrated, Fills get up to argue with the ref. He walks back to pick up Steen, but as he does, Steen reaches up and fires a punch at Fill’s crotch. But this time Fill catches Steen’s fist. He shakes his head, slams Steen’s hand onto the mat and stomps on it. Steen hollers in pain and rolls out of the ring. Fill rolls out and chases Steen around the ring. Steen runs into the ring and pulls the referee in front of him causing Fill to stop in his tracks. Fill grabs the referee and yanks him away. But as he does Steen jabs his thumb into the right eye. Fill winces over in pain and Steen wastes little time delivering a superkick to the side of Fill head. Fill drops to mat as Steen climbs the turnbuckle.

Lane: Do it Steen!

Steen leaps off the top rope with the Cali Clash and goes for the cover.

1, 2, 3!!


Fans boo as Steen slides out the ring and grabs the TV Title and starts making his way to the back.

Lane: Yes! I knew Steen would win this. I think I’ll be taking my money back now.

Sarah: Too bad you didn’t make an official bet Gary. Money’s still mine.

[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.]


["Transcendence" by Devin Townsend Project starts playing. As the music drops, lights illuminate the arena to show Tanno standing on the stage, wearing a suit. He makes his way to the ring to boos of the crowd. He hops into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

LANE: I'm glad to see that our General Manager has come to comment on the current, sad state of the WWX.

JACKSON: I wouldn't call it sad, Gary. Let's see what he has to say.

TANNO: I had it all under control.

[The crowd boos.]

TANNO: You can boo, but it's true! Ravage was doing fine... Until Maxfield Stanton came along. And just as I feared, under him Ravage descended into chaos. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what corporate does with this beautiful show!

[Tanno looks around.]

TANNO: And then there's Xander Adams with his oh-so-great Mayhem show. For whatever reason, WWX stars think they now have the power to make themselves exclusive to his show! LuAndre Xavier, Tommy Lipton, Rex McAllister... The absolute nerve and disrespect shown by the WWX stars ever since Stanton's appointment is ridiculous. And let's talk about Tommy Lipton for a second, shall we?

JACKSON: Oh my, this should get interesting.

TANNO: You know why Lipton left Ravage and made himself exclusive to Mayhem? Because he's a little crybaby who believes that he should be offered special treatment because... why, exactly? Because he's a certified WWX Legend? Give me a |BLEEP|ing break!

[The crowd goes wild at the rare profanity.]

LANE: Yeah, say it like it is!

JACKSON: I doubt the producers were aware of this.

TANNO: Never in my life have I encountered a wrestler less entitled than Lipton. I offered him a chance to wrestle his way onto the World Rankings and win the World Title, and instead he rejected the opportunity and told me in person that he believes that his unique status of being Tommy Lipton means that he doesn't need to work his way up the rankings.

JACKSON: That sounds like Tommy Lipton, alright.

TANNO: Tommy Lipton is an arrogant prick, and I, for one, am glad that he is out of the Crusade Cup and therefore out of the World Picture for the foreseeable future! Of course, none of this would've happened if Maxfield Stanton had never appeared.

[Suddenly, 'Hard Hittin'' by Homebwoi hits to cheers of the audience as Maxfield Stanton makes his way on the entrance ramp with a microphone.]

SARAH: Uh-oh.

LANE: Not now! We’re getting to the good part!

STANTON: Sorry to interrupt, Tanno, but this is important. I'm actually glad I caught you here. Last week, I said somebody would get fired this week, and since we run this show together, I wanted you to be there when I announce who it is.

[Stanton takes a notepad from his jacket.]

STANTON: But first, I want to go through your performance report with you. Now, I'm going to skip right to the conclusion, and leave the details for you to read.

LANE: Sounds like Tanno's about to get graded as the perfect General Manager that he is!

STANTON: Your professional conduct is fantastic, and I'd expect nothing less from the CEO of a major corporation. You have a tendency to delegate your tasks to lower employees, while making the actual decisions yourself. In doing so, you put faith in their abilities, and so far they have delivered well.

[Tanno nods with a smile. The crowd boos.]

LANE: I repeat: a perfect GM.

STANTON: You are also the worst General Manager I have ever seen in my entire life.

[The crowd erupts with cheers. Tanno's eyes widen.]

STANTON: You're corrupt and frequently inject yourself in matches you have no business in. You sabotaged several WWX Superstars on multiple occasions, while favoring others. You have turned several of our biggest stars against Ravage and scared them off to Mayhem. You do very little actual work on the show, preferring to let others do the heavy lifting, after which you take full credit for their work. And throughout all of this, you have praised yourself as a great General Manager who has restored "fairness and balance" to the WWX. See the main reason I was brought back was to give you a performance review and for you Tanno, you have received a failing grade.

[The crowd goes wild cheering.]

JACKSON: Finally someone stands up to this tiran!

LANE: What the hell is happening?!

STANTON: Everyone here in the arena already knows Tanno that the Undisputed World Champion will team up with the tag team champions where the winning team will choose the stipulation for the losing team’s next title defense. Fans in the arena will see it, people at local bars will see it. Hell, everyone around the world will see this main event match…but sadly, for you Mr. Waters, you won’t be seeing this match. Nor will you have any say in this match.

TANNO: Wha-what are you saying?

STANTON: Tanno Waters, you’re fired.

[The crowd loses it. Tanno's jaw drops in surprise at his firing.]



STANTON: Security, please escort Mr. Waters out of the building. From now on, I'm running this show.

[Security guards enter the ring. One of them puts a hand on Tanno's shoulder, which Tanno immediately grabs to toss the guard into the turnbuckles. Several guards surround Tanno and puts him in handcuffs. Tanno screams and struggles, but is far outnumbered. Stanton looks on as Tanno is escorted out of the ring.]

LANE: Absolutely unbelievable. The end of an era.

JACKSON: And finally, Ravage will be back under proper, capable management.

Lane: This is unfair! Maxfield can’t do that.

Sarah: He just did. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re out of time! So long from the Corral.

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