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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-05-26 14:09:26
*The camera cuts to backstage at the Joe Louis Arena.  Here, in what appears to be the main backstage hallway, stands Syndicate talking on the phone.  Dressed in his white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and blue jeans, he is hurriedly talking on his LG G4 smartphone, which is pressed up to his ear.*

Syndicate: Come on, man, get your ass over here...........exclusivity agreement, my ass!  Your next title match's stipulation is on the line in this match, as is mine!  We need to win this!

*He pauses, listening to the response.  After a few moments, his complexion darkens, but he remains resolute.*

Syndicate: Lu, I know you're here in Detroit for the WWX marketing team.  Don't pull this "I'm in North Carolina" bullshit with me.  You get your ass in an Uber, you come to the arena, you put on your gear, and you get out to that ring.  Do you understand me?

*Another pause.  This time, Syndicate becomes more frustrated by the response.*

Syndicate: Well then don't come crying to me when you have to defend the International title in a triple-decker Hell in a Cell.

*Syndicate abruptly hangs up the phone and sticks it into his right jean pocket.  He looks around, takes a deep breath, and reaches for the World title belt, which has been placed on a nearby speaker case.*

Syndicate: Well...guess I'm doing this myself.

*Syndicate walks past the camera with an upset yet determined look on his face.*


???: Are you freaking serious right now?!

Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton is visibly upset about something.

Stanton: Are you telling me that the International Champion is not going to be here tonight?! He’s in the freaking main event!!

???: I’m sorry sir. I wish I could tell you otherwise but it looks like both him and the International Title are gonna be exclusive to Ravage.

Stanton: Ugh…Thank you anyway Sarah. How’s the baby doing?

Sarah: He’s doing fine. Do you have a plan b for the main event then?

Max pauses for a few seconds.

Stanton: Yes…I do. Thank you Sarah.

“Across the Nation” blasts throughout the arena as fans continue to pile into the arena.
TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan!! I am Terry “TJ” Jackson and beside me this week is Mike Hart. Gary Lane has the week off. Mike, thanks for being here.

Hart: Thanks for the invite TJ. Last week we saw Tanno Waters get fired by none other than Maxfield Stanton himself. Now with Mr. Stanton being the only one in power, will Ravage be able to recover?

TJ: Oh, only time will tell Mike. 

“Hard Hittin’” blasts through the PA system as Maxfield Stanton emerges on the entrance ramp. Kyla Bonn stands center stage in the ring, mic in hand. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of Ravage, Maxfield Stanton!

TJ: At the start of the show, Ma was not happy about something.

Hart: Maybe he’s about to explain the situation to the WWX Universe.

Stanton: Ladies and gentlemen of Detroit, Michigan, welcome to RAVAGE!!

Fans roar in approval.

Stanton: Sadly, I have some bad news to report to you. It seems that the current International Title holder, LuAndre Xavier stated that he would no longer appear on Ravage, thus making the International Title only exclusive to Ravage, meaning the main event is looking like a handicap match for our World Champ-


Stanton: …well, that would have been the case if WWX CEO James Ranger didn’t give me an interesting idea.


Stanton: Hold up, hold up. It’s not as bad as you think. One of the ideas he presented to me believe it or not was not only a good idea, but I decided to run with it. Tonight, in that very ring, we are going to have ourselves a WWX Undisputed World Championship title match.

Fans jaws drop almost immediately at the GM’s blockbuster announcement.

Hart: What did he just say?

TJ: He stated that we’re gonna have a World Championship match tonight.

Stanton: Syndicate will defend his World Championship title against both Rex Mcallister and Tommy Lipton in a triple threat match.

Hart/TJ: WHAT?!

Fans give off a somewhat of a mixed reaction, but Max takes it all in stride.

Stanton: I understand that you guys are torn at this point. But you see, by LuAndre Xavier doing what he did, he missed out on a possible World Championship match here on Ravage. In reference to my original stipulation that I added to the main event…it still stands. I’m not going to let a champion’s refusal to appear on a show stop me from turning Ravage back into the primary flagship show it once was. Enjoy the rest of the show.

“Hard Hittin’” starts back up as Max goes to leave the ring.
TJ: Our GM assuring fans that the show will go on and be better than ever.


WWX Reporter Chris Sanders is seen walking the hallway when he runs into Syndicate.

Sanders: Hey, Syndicate, I just wanna know what your thoughts are about having to defend your title here tonight on Ravage?

Syndicate: What’s to talk about? I’ve done my talking already. The only talking I will do now is in the ring.

Without another word, Syndicate leaves Sanders to his last words.

“A Tribe Called Red” hits as Blayde Archer makes his way to the ring to a sea and jeers of boos.

Bonn: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, from the Navajo Nation, weighting in at 245 pounds, Blayde Archer!

TJ: Blayde Archer here is the supposed leader of the Blade Club who looks to make a major impact here in the WWX.
Hart: We’ll know for sure after his match with Redneck Rick.

“Master pf Puppets” starts up as Redneck Rick starts to make his way out on the entrance ramp.

Bonn: And his opponent, from Victoria, Texas, weighting in at 270 pounds, Redneck Rick!

Hart: Redneck Rick has been on a roll lately, finding himself in the International Title rankings lately. We’ll know if Rick can keep that momentum going.


Rick and Archer lock up in the middle of the ring almost immediately. Rick gains the upper hand, locking in a side headlock. Archer shoves Redneck into the ropes but Rick counters with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Rick goes for a cover but Archer kicks out before the ref can even make the count. Rick lifts Archer to his feet and whips into the ropes, following up with a hard clothesline on the rebound. Rick follows up with a few elbows and goes for another cover.

1, 2, kickout!

Hart: A nearfall by Rick right there.

TJ: Redneck Rick showing a lot of promise here in our opening bout against Archer

Hart: But Blayde Archer’s got his Blade Club with him somewhere in the building though. I wonder if it’s a matter of time before we see the entire Blade Club.

TJ: Didn’t Archer himself state that he was recruiting new members for his Blade Club?

Hart: He actually did and-

TJ: We got a cover!

1, 2, 2.5 KICKOUT!!

TJ: Redneck Rick almost got the win there with the 12 gauge.

Hart: That was a close call.

Rick whips Archer into the ropes but Archer reverses the attempt, sending Rick into the corner, hard. As Rick bounces back from the corner post, Archer hits a Backstabber.

TJ: Blayde’s starting to feel it here.
Archer then goes for the pin.

1, 2, KICKOUT!

Hart: A nearfall by Blayde right there.

Blade get in the face of the ref, arguing that it was a 3 but the ref insists that it was only 2. Rick comes up to seemingly get the jump on Archer, but Archer gets a leg up into Rick’s nether regions and falls rather suddenly. The ref goes to check on Archer while Rick is holding his groin.

TJ: Archer got in a low blow-

Hart: And the ref never saw it.

Archer suddenly springs to his feet, catching Rick off guard with the Blade Cutter.

TJ: Blade Cutter!

Hart: This one’s pretty much over folks.

1, 2, 3!

“A Tribe Called Red” starts back as Blayde slides out the ring.

Hart: Well Blayde will steal this victory here tonight over Redneck Rick.

TJ: Looks like Archer isn’t done yet with Rick.

Hart: What is he doing with those clippers?

TJ: Where did he even get those clippers from?

Archer slides back in the ring as Rick comes to, only to be dropped by a second Blade Cutter.

TJ: Oh, come on Archer! You won the match.

Hart: It doesn’t look like that Archer is done with Rick just yet.

Archer takes the clippers and cuts off a small portion of Rick’s hair and puts it in his pocket, laughing.

TJ: Archer might be a little twisted here.

Hart: That might even be an understatement there Terry.


Ravage GM appears to be on the phone with someone.

Stanton: That’s rather unfortunate that happened to you man…is she going to be okay?...Okay, tell you what: you let me know when you can return and I’ll book you in a match, simple as that. Sound like a plan to you?...All right. Take care of her then and get back with me from time to time.

As Ma goes to hang up the phone, Cameron Westport bursts in the office.

Westport: Where’s Kurtis Ray at?

Stanton: Um, excuse me?

Westport: Where is Kurtis Ray? I know you’re hiding him-

Stanton: First off, change your tone when addressing me. Second, I hide no one anywhere. Third, it is a good thing you are here because it seems due to situations far beyond his control, your opponent Jake Divine won’t make it

Westport: Only because he knows I’ll beat him senseless. I’ll keep that in mind. Now get out of my office. Oh, and uh, if you bust through my door again just now, you will buy me a new door.

Westport then storms out before cameras pan back to the announce table.

TJ: First full week under Maxfield Stanton has not been an easy one for our GM.

Hart: No, but at least he is trying his best here.

TJ: That anyone can at least try and give him credit for.

“Pop Goes the Weasel” starts up as Funzo and Gigglesworth make their way out to the delight of the fans.

Bonn: The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Circus-Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada, at a combined weight of 673 pounds, Funzo and Happy Gigglesworth, Happy Fun Time!!

Hart: Happy Fun Time looking to get a win over the team of the highly smoking duo of 420.

TJ: Fans pretty much love both of these teams for various reasons. Plus, I actually enjoy watching these two teams when they’re booked in matches.

Hart: I agree. They are fun to watch.

“Little Green Bag” burst on the PA system as fans continue to cheer. Both Tinordi and Glazebrook appear to be very sedated.

Bonn: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 572 pounds, Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, 420!!

TJ: Mike, is it me or is 420 really on 420.

Hart: Nope, you’re seeing it right Terry.

TJ: At least they are living up to their name.

Hart: Indeed they are Terry.


Funzo and Tinordi start out for their respective teams. Both men circle each other in the ring for several seconds before they lock up. Tinordi gets the upper hand and applies a side headlock on Funzo. After about a minute, Funzo manages to counter with a back suplex. 

TJ: Nice counter there by Funzo.

Hart: Contrary to what their peers say or think. These two teams maybe all smiles and everything but when they are all business when that bell rings.

TJ: You’re right on that factor Mike.

Tinordi and Funzo look at each other and almost feels like they are feeding off the vibe they give each other. They look at each other, then to their tag team partners, which they tag both in. Fans roar in approval.

TJ: And hear comes the heavy hitters of both teams.

Gigglesworth and Glazebrook stare each other down with fierce looks of determination in their eyes. Both men lock up, not giving up an inch to the other.

TJ: These two teams are not giving each other an inch and these fans are loving it!

Hart: This is classic wrestling right here. The true spirit of competition.

Gigglesworth whips Glazebrook into the ropes and follows up with a big boot. Gigglesworth then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: A nearfall for Happy Fun Time right there.

Hart: These two teams are exciting to watch every time they get in the ring. 

TJ: Indeed they are.

Hart: We got a school boy roll up!

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: Glazebrook with a nearfall right there.

Glazebrook and Gigglesworth tag in their respective partners. Both Funzo and Tinordi come into the ring hot off their respective tags and put on a clinic, laying into each other with lefts and rights.

TJ: These two teams are putting on a clinic here.

Tinordi goes for a clothesline but Funzo ducks the attempt and counters with a school boy roll up.

1, 2, 3!!


“Pop Goes the Weasel” start back up as a surprised Funzo stands up and has his hand raised by the ref.

TJ: The look on Funzo’s face tell the story.

Both teams stand face to face in the ring. Tinordi extends a hand to Funzo, which he accepts the handshake gesture, much to the delight of the fans.

Hart: Good sportsmanship on everyone’s part here tonight.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen. Don’t go nowhere. We have an explosive main event coming up! When we come back, main event triple threat match for the biggest prize in the WWX!


“Intimidation” (Intro) by End of Music hits the PA system and plays throughout the arena for a brief moment before Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton make their way out to the ring in full ring attire the WWX Tag Team Championship belts around their waist. Both ascend the ringside steps, duck underneath the top opposite of each other awaiting for the music to die down, as they ready for their upcoming match.

Bonn: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall, and it is for the WWX Undisputed World Championship!

Lipton and McAllister’s eyes light up, apparently shocked.

TJ: They just realized that these two are going to have a chance to dethrone Syndicate here tonight.

Hart: But if that happens, it would kinda complicate the World Championship match that Syndicate has with Kurtis Ray coming up at the next pay-per-view.

Bonn: Introducing the challengers. In the ring, at a combined weight of 523 pounds, they are the WWX World Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!

TJ: The Lipton-McAllister tandem has been on a roll lately and with them now in this impromptu championship match might cause some friction between Lipton and McAllister.

Hart: You know, that might.




*Static blares through the Joe's PA system before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.  The crowd goes absolutely insane, setting the stage for Syndicate's emergence from the curtain.  He is dressed in his white leather jacket and blue jeans and holds the Undisputed World title over his right shoulder.*

Bonn: And their opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 224 pounds, he is the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEEE!!!


TJ: Syndicate is all alone here tonight, and he's facing the Tag Team Champions of the World!

Hart: This match was supposed to be both the World and International Champs vs the tag champs but our International Champ said he was only exclusive to Wreckage.

TJ: Syndicate is outnumbered here. We’ll see if he can retain the World title against the tag champs.

Syndicate slides into the ring headfirst.  He immediately gets up and gets right in Tommy Lipton's face, holding the World title up as the two men talk trash.  Rex goes in to separate them, but ends up getting involved in the back-and-forth.  The referee is finally able to send all three men to their respective corners and rings the bell.


TJ: Here we go! Main event time with the Undisputed Title on the line. 

Hart: Something else that’s gonna be tested here is the bond that McAllister and Lipton have. It’s gonna be a test of will on all fronts.

Rex and Syndicate lock up. Syndicate gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Rex shoves Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate counters with a clothesline. Syndicate tries to go for the cover but Lipton climbs into the ring and breaks up the attempt almost immediately.

TJ: Syndicate obiviously knew that he was going into an uphill battle when he discovered that LuAndre was going to be going into this alone but had to be beside himself when he found out that he was defending his title here against both tag team champs who want nothing more than to literally destroy Syndicate.

Hart: You are so right on that factor Terry. Since winning the Undisputed title back from Kurtis Ray, he’s been the primary target by Kurtis Ray and tonight from both tag team champs.

Lipton whips Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate hangs onto the ropes. Lipton charge forward with a clothesline but Syndicate pulls the rope down, causing Lipton to crash and burn, spilling outside the ring. As Lipton gets to his feet, Rex goes to check on his partner. At the same time, Syndicate flies over the top rope with a suicide plancha, taking down both men.

TJ: What a move by Syndicate, taking down both men.

Hart: So far, our World Champ’s holding his own against the tag team champs.

TJ: Sooner or later in this match, the numbers are gonna get the better of him.

Hart: Sadly, that is true.

Syndicate slides back in the ring with Lipton following him moments later. Frustrated, Lipton then tags in Rex.

TJ: Rex tagged in by Lipton.

Hart: But this is a triple threat match.

TJ: I don’t think they care too much about it being a triple threat. I think they wanna hurt Syndicate and soften him up should Syndicate survive the match tonight.

Hart: Cover here by the Outlaw!


TJ: Syndicate looking to do the impossible here tonight.

Hart: I really don’t think that’s gonna happen too tough.

TJ: I agree with you. The deck looks completely stacked against the champion.

Both Lipton and McAllister begin to double team Syndicate. The LA Outlaw fights back valiantly but the numbers become too much.

TJ: Syndicate getting overwhelmed by the numbers game here.

Hart: Regardless who you are or how good you are, at some point, the numbers will go against you, which is what’s happening with our World Champ.

Lipton hits a blatant low blow in full view of the ref.

TJ: Unfortunately for Syndicate, that low blow is as legal as a headlock.

Hart: Other than that, the odds are truly stacked against Syndicate.

TJ: It looks like the hardware is gonna be introduced into the match now.

As TJ finishes the statement, Rex grabs a chair from the timekeeper and slides back in the ring with it in hand.

TJ: And it looks like things are about to get a lot worse of our champion.

Lipton holds Syndicate in place as Rex winds up his chair. As Rex swings with the chair, Syndicate moves out the way, causing Rex to inadvertly hit Lipton. Before Rex can react, Syndicate hits a DDT. All 3 men lie motionless on the mat. 

TJ: This could be the break that Syndicate is looking for to try and turn this around for him and get some momentum going his way.

Hart: But the odds are still stacked against him. 

Syndicate slides out the ring as Lipton and McAllister argue a little bit over the missed chair shot earlier. After a few moments, they nod their head in agreement over something and the two slide out the ring and surround Syndicate.

Hart: Things aren’t looking too good for Syndicate.

TJ: The numbers game is catching up to Syndicate yet again.

Suddenly, Lipton and McAllister rush him together, beating Syndicate down. Lipton whips Syndicate back into the ring with Rex soon following. The two hit a double suplex.

Hart: And just like that, the tag team champs ae back in control.

*Tommy looks down at Syndicate, smiling at the World Champion, before pulling him to his feet and hitting the Canadian Ice Breaker!*

TJ: ICE BREAKER!  Syndicate is stunned!

*Syndicate wobbles around in the ring but is still standing after Lipton's signature move.  Rex, noting this, immediately bounces off the ropes and plants Syndicate with the Rex Effect!*


Hart: Looks like this match is over with.

*Just as Rex lowers himself down to the mat to pin Syndicate, a mysterious figure suddenly appears on the RavageTron.*

???: Tommy!  Rex!

*The camera pans to reveal the source of the voice as LuAndre Xavier, the International Champion.  The RavageTron lists him as appearing via satellite from his hotel room in Detroit.  He is dressed in a blue button-up shirt and holds the International title around his right shoulder.*

LX: Sorry I couldn't make it to our match tonight.  Unlike you two, I actually honor my exclusivity agreement.

*Tommy and Rex snicker at this.*

LX: I really wanted to make it up to Syndicate, considering what's on the line here tonight.  So, Rex, Tommy, I leave you with this advice - look out.

*The Tag Champions get confused at this line as the image of LuAndre disappears.  They slowly turn back to Syndicate, but just as they do, they are floored with a double spear from the World Champion!*


*Syndicate pushes Tommy out of the ring, pulls Rex to his feet, and flips him over for the No Signal!*

Jackson: NO SIGNAL!



“Bulls on Parade” starts up as Syndicate slides out of the ring and goes through the fans.

Bonn: Here is your winner, the Undisputed World Champion, Syndicate!!

TJ: That means he gets to choose the stipulation for the tag champs next title defense!

Syndicate then raises the mic to his face.

Syndicate: WOOOOOOO!


*The Los Angeles Outlaw takes a moment to catch his breath.*

Syndicate: ...let me ask you two a question...do you like pain?

*The faces of Tommy and Rex, who are looking back at Syndicate from the stage, provide Syndicate's answer.*

Syndicate: I ask because your next title defense will be painful.  It will be horrific.  It will mark the end of the McAllister - Lipton Tandem.  You two will be defending your titles in a Hardcore Gauntlet match featuring all of the WWX's tag teams and many, many ways to bleed.


Jackson: A Hardcore Gauntlet match?!?

Syndicate: And if that's not enough...you two will be the first team to enter the Gauntlet.


Syndciate: Next time, boys...don't piss the champ off.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate drops the mic to the canvas and raises the World title in the air as Rex and Tommy storm off, visibly upset at their fate.*

TJ: A hardcore gauntlet match?!

Hart: That sounds interesting.

TJ: Folks, we’re out of time here in Detroit. For everyone here at Ravage, I’m Terry Jackson-

Hart: and I’m Mike Hart. So long from Detroit!!


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