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WWX mayhem TV Show

Time to take off those training boots.The future of the WWX, begins here....

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MAYHEM - Show 2017-05-28 10:41:05
[The camera opens up panning around the sold out arena in Nashville Tennessee. The camera shows the fireworks going off and then spins to the announcers table where Chip Jones and Matt Michaels are stationed].

Matt: Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting night of WWX Mayhem. I am Matt Michaels here with Chip Jones deep in the heart of Nashville. 

Chip: We sure are. You know you are in Nashville when all you can see are poor street artists performing country songs about their wives leaving them and man rompers. And everyone drinks PBR here. Everyone. 

Matt: You sure know how to be cheery don't you. We have quite the night planned for you all tonight folks. In our opening contest, the dark one Tom Black will take on none other than Glorious Gaijin. 

Chip: No need to worry about this one folks, we have taken the liberty of calling the ambulances. They are all on standby as we speak. I don't know who this kid thinks he is, but hes going to get hurt, and hurt bad. 

Matt: Whatever you say. Next up we have newcomer Blayde Archer taking on none other than WWX Legend Tommy Lipton. One half of our tag team champions, Lipton has been itching to get back into singles action I think. 

Chip: There is no doubt in my mind about that. Archer made some small splashes here and there since coming into WWX, but notching a win against a legend like Lipton could really do some big things for him early in his career here. 

Matt: The action continues with a spill over from last week as Kurtis Ray and Cameron Westport face off in one on one action here tonight. This one should be one for the ages folks. 

Chip: Two egos clashing like theirs in one ring should be nothing short of epic. If you watch nothing else on Mayhem here tonight, please take the time to watch this one. Something tells me you won't be disappointed in your choice. But you should watch it all, someone's got to be number one and we know it ain't that other WWX show. 

Matt: No need to throw shade. We keep rolling in a triple threat street fight for the number one contenders spot for the WWX International Championship. The silent assassin takes on the giant one and Xavier Pendragon in a street fight and this is another one that is bound to be a full fledged classic. 

Chip: Blood. Weapons. Broken Bones. Thats what youll see here. Plain and simple.

Matt: Speaking of the international championship, that will also be on the line here tonight as LX takes on none other than the Stressed one Fill. I am more than excited for this as these two men have always been able to put on some classics. 

Chip: I am inclined to agree with you on that one. However we know that Fill is not one hundred percent. From what I got told he's participating against doctors orders. 

Matt: Well we have plenty of action folks let's get to it. 

Announcer: The following is a singles contest and is a ranking International Championship Match!

The camera moves to the tron as Gaijin is already in the ring awaiting his opponent.

 [“The Darkness Falls” Hits over the PA system as the arena goes dark. Smoke rises from the stage as Tom Black steps out onto the stage, looking around at the fans. Mixed reaction are given as Black collapses on the stage and begins crawling towards the ring, everyone staring at him as he goes].

Announcer: “Coming to the ring, hailing from Liverpool England, standing at six foot eleven and three hundred and ten pounds, he is…TOM…BLACK!”

[He crawls into the ring and takes his corner, staring down his opponent. Black locks eyes as the bell is rung for the match to begin].

The two men immediately start towards each other. Gaijin begins using speed to his advantage as he goes for a few quick kicks to the knees of Black. Black stumbles and falls as Gaijin lines up and strikes with a quick kick to the side of the head. He turns around taunting to the fans much to their delight. As he is turned around, Black reaches up and pulls him down to the mat for a roll up in.


2…and Gaijin kicks out before the referee can count the three.

He rolls back to his feet as Black gets to his. Gaijin strikes him with a series of elbows to the face, as Black strikes him in the chest and comes up with an uppercut sending Gaijin crashing down to the mat. His head hits violently on the mat as Black slowly works his way to his feet. 

Matt: That will shorten a career I have no doubt. 

Chip: Maybe it will make this kid realize hes not really a ninja.

Upon getting up, he grabs hold of Gaijin and throws him into the corner with all his might. Gaijin bounces out and back onto the mat as he tries to pull himself up. Black kicks him back into the corner and drives a boot into his throat, the referee yelling at him to stop. He begins a disqualification count.




4…and Black releases.

The referee begins yelling at Black as he pushes him back. He collapses for a moment and then goes over towards Gaijin pulling him to his feet. He continues to work him in the corner with a series of elbows, each one on target in his jaw area. He stumbles out and falls forward as the referee begins the count.


2…and Gaijin kicks out.

Black looks in shock as he picks him up and sends him crashing back down with a scoop slam. He turns to the fans and mouths something at them as he points at Gaijin. Gaijin rolls around on the mat for a moment and goes towards the ropes pulling himself up. Black sees what he is doing and comes running as Gaijin pulls the top rope down! Black goes crashing to the outside and lies on the outside mat as the fans come to life.

Matt: Good ring presence there. That was a smart maneuver.

Chip: Do you want thrown out like that? I can have it arranged im sure. 

Matt: Everyone basically hates want to try that again?

Gaijin gets his bearings and waits as Black slowly gets to his feet. Gaijin comes off the ropes and smashes Black into the rail with a suicide dive!  The fans stand up cheering as Black falls to one knee. Gaijin jumps onto the rail and blasts Black in the side of the head with a spinning heel kick as he slumps over. Gaijin climbs up onto the apron and taunts for the fans slamming both feet into the face of Black much to their delight. The referee's count can be heard.


Gaijin slides into the ring and back out trying to keep his assault going. He walks over grabbing Black and takes him driving his head into the ring steps. He slams his head into the steps about three times as Black falls against the stairs. Gaijin backs up and measures him out. He takes off running and hits a senton flip into Black causing him to smash his head off the stairs. He holds the back of his head and falls as Gaijin lies on the mat for a moment trying to recover. 

Matt: I am confident these two men are trying to kill each other. 

Chip: I don't care what they are trying to do as long as they keep on entertaining. As i said earlier tonight, the ambulances are already on standby outside. 

He reaches onto the apron pulling himself up as he grabs hold of Black and leads him towards the announcers table. He leans him up onto the table and starts back towards the ring. Black, in what appears to be a last ditch effort, slides one foot off the table as Gaijin doesn’t notice. The referee restarts his count as Gaijin is taunting for the fans. He climbs up the ropes not realizing that Black has gotten to his feet. 

Matt: Turn around!

Chip: Oh, he's going to. And i can put money on the fact hes not going to like the outcome either.

Black Grabs hold of Gaijins throat and climbs up to the second rope. He jumps with all his might and sends both of them crashing to the mat! The referee looks at the carnage as they both lie flat out. He begins the count.


2…neither man appears to be moving.

The fans are in silence at the attempt by Black as the referee goes trying to talk to both men.


4…Gaijin slowly can be seen moving towards the ropes. Black is still down.

Gaijin reaches out and pulls himself up. He gets to his feet much to the delight of the fans as  the camera turns around on Black. Gaijin takes off towards him as he gets to his feet and is gut checked by Black. Black smashes a forearm to the side of his head as he stumbles backwards. Black quickly rises to his feet as he strikes him with two hard blows. Gaijin stumbles into the ropes as Black picks him up for the Black bomb. As he pulls him up on his shoulders, Gaijin pops up and rolls back smashing Black into the mat with a hurricarana! Black hits the mat as Gaijin quickly goes for the pin.




The fans begin cheering as Gaijin quickly slides out of the ring. Black rolls over and gets to one knee staring down Gaijin as he backs up the rampway out of breath. Black stares him down as the camera fades to a commercial.

Matt: Well folks Mayhem has already gotten off to quite the start here tonight. I cannot believe what we just saw there. Gaijin showed the world that he has quite the heart, and was not going to be intimidated by someone larger than him. 

Chip: The only reason that he won is because Black has some kind of problem falling over all the time. If you couldn't keep your balance like he can't, then you would have issues to. He falls over about as much as you stumble of words! *Laughs*

Matt: Whatever you say. Let's keep the train rolling folks. Coming up next, our rookie Blayde Archer gets into the ring with WWX 
Legend Tommy Lipton. Let's get to it. 

[The camera goes to the stage]

[The arena lights dim to a blue hue. The tron sparks to life with a razor that has the words "The Blade Club written over it as the opening beat of "Stadium Pow Wow" by A tribe called red begins to play and out walks Blade with a bright and colorful native American Indian headdress on his head while holding his trusty tomahawk axe in one hand, a arrow in the other. Blade stands on the main stage, slightly tilting his head to the side while gazing out into the crowd then begins his walk down the aisle as he prepares for war.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Navajo Nation, he is…BLAYDE…ARCHER!

[Archer slides into the ring as the fans give mixed reactions. He goes to his corner giving his items to the timekeeper as the camera goes back to the stage].

[“In the End” by Linkin Park begins blaring over the pa system. The fans get up on their feet cheering as Tommy Lipton steps out onto the stage overlooking the crowd. He throws the tag team championship up in the air and walks down the rampway towards the ring].

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet four inches and weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds, from Ontario Canada, he is one half of your current WWX Tag Team Champions…TOMMY...LIPTON!

[Lipton slides into the ring and hands his belt over looking over at Blade. The bell is rung as the match is set to begin].

The two men stare each other down as Archer comes over towards Lipton. Lipton sides steps him and then hits a Russian leg sweep smashing him into the mat. Archer holds the back of his head as Lipton picks him up whipping him into the corner and feeds him shoulders to his mid section. He pulls him back out and goes to send him over with a snap suplex, but Archer blocks it by locking his knee. Archer kicks Lipton in the chest and throws him into the corner. He begins sending hard chops to the chest and face of Lipton.

Matt: Look at him go. This would could end up brutal.

Chip: We are just getting started here. Lipton is going to turn this thing around.

Archer drags Lipton out into the middle of the ring and goes to set him up for the Blade Cutter. Lipton pushes Archer hard and makes him hit the referee who falls to the mat. Lipton goes to hit Archer with a clothesline but he ducks it as Archer pulls back and strikes him with a well placed kick. Lipton falls to the mat as Archer slides out of the ring quickly and grabs the tag team title belt.

Matt: What is he doing?

Chip: I am not really sure what he is about to do. This could be real interesting though.

He slides back into the ring and waits as the referee appears to be coming to. Lipton slowly gets to his feet as Archer smiles over at the fans who are already booing. Lipton turns around as Archer throws the tag team title belt at him and then falls to the mat grabbing his face. The referee sees the belt in Liptons hand and immediately calls for the bell! Lipton flies off the handle yelling that he didn’t do anything as Archer slides out of the ring, still holding his face.

Announcer: Your winner by disqualification, Blayde Archer!

Archer backs up the ramp and smiles at Lipton as the camera goes to commercial


Matt: I cannot believe that he did what he did out there. 

Chip: You have to win by any means necessary. He saw an opportunity to take out a WWX Legend the quickest way possible and im more than proud of what he did there. Lipton however, cannot guarantee the same thing. He seemed a little upset.

Matt: You would. You dont have any honor to speak of anyway. None the less, we have more exciting action is two former tag partners from last week are now at each other's throats after one walked out on the other last week leaving him to take a loss. 

Chip: Its your classic lovers quarrel. What could be more fitting than to have a match like this here in ol Nashville right? 

Matt: Why dont you say that to their faces and tell me how it works for you? I feel like you'd get an extended vacation while they put your face back together.

The camera moves towards the stage as Cameron Westport comes out from the curtain as the bass hits in "Outlet" by Desiigner. He stands center stage and does his signature shirt rip as the fans give mixed reactions. He starts walking down to the ring chest out, arms swinging filled to the brim with his signature swagger.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet seven inches and weighting in at two hundred and forty five pounds, hailing from Atlanta Georgia he is…CAMERON…WESTPORT!

Westport climbs up the steps and leaps over the ropes. He ascends to the top rope and motions a title belt around his waist. He jumps around looking up the ramp as the camera returns to the stage.
Soon after, All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can be seen emerging onto the stage as “Hype” begins blaring over the pa system.

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six foot seven and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, hailing from Truth or Consequences New Mexico, he is….KURTIS…RAY!

Ray continues down the rampway ignoring all the fans as he slides into the ring, his focus proven on his opponent. He slides in the ring and flips off the fans as the two men waste no time going at each other. The bell is rung for the match to begin.

Westport and Ray send equally matched shots to the face of each other, both showing they are here for a fight. Neither man appears to be taking the upper hand as they go blow for blow. Ray takes the quick game and stomps on the foot of Westport and slams a right elbow to the side of the head. He pushes him back into the ropes and sends him off trying for a clothesline, but Westport ducks it and comes back as Ray tries catching him with a hip toss.

Matt: Neither man is wanting to give the other the edge in there. 

Chip: I'm just surprised for as big as these men are how fast they are moving. I am not going to lie, I expected to see the same boring power moves over and over until someone got tired of lifting the other lard and we wait for the pin. This is good stuff. 

Westport lands on his feet and sends a quick roundhouse kick to the face of Ray, but Ray catches his foot tossing it down. Ray swings wide for Westport but its ducked once more as the two men come at each other and take each other down with a clothesline much to the delight of the fans. The referee checks on both men as they immediately recover and crawl to opposite sides of the ring using the ropes to get to their feet. The two men pull themselves up and go back to the center of the ring pulling a fist back on the other and jumping back as the fans laugh.

Matt: *Laughs* It appears that the two men scared themselves there. 

Chip: I haven't seen anything more ridiculous in my life. This is a wrestling match boys not a pillow fight. Get your head right.

Westport takes the hesitation and moves in locking Ray into an armbar. He keeps the hold on wrenching on it as much as he can. The referee continues to ask if he wants to tap, to which he shakes his head no. Ray keeps trying not to focus on the pain as Westport pulls up and wrenches on the arm once more dropping Ray to a knee. Ray uses his strength and gets hold of Westport sending him over with a fireman's carry. Westport gets to his feet as Ray places him in a headlock, sending him crashing to the mat and keeping the hold on. The referee once again checks the hold.

Matt: A nice quick takedown. The two men really are doing everything that they can to take the other out. 

Chip: Westport better get back into this one otherwise Ray is going to put him down and out. You cant keep up this lackluster showboating.

Ray keeps the hold on, putting as much pressure as he can on it. The referee continues to keep asking, but Westport remains resilient. He slowly works his way to his feet and hits a modified neckbreaker, slamming Ray’s jaw into his shoulder. Ray stumbles back and comes forwards as Westport shoots forward with a super kick to the face of Ray. He hits the mat and rolls out of the ring as he falls to one knee to catch his breath.

Matt: Wow! What a kick!

Chip: That was just textbook. That made me salivate a little that was so pretty. 

Matt: Um...what?

Ray can be seen getting back up to his feet as Westport gets up to his. Westport takes off running and goes for the baseball slide, but misses as Ray drags him out of the ring and hits him with a dropkick for his mistake. Westport smashes into the mat as Ray pulls him up and kicks him hard in the gut sending him over with a suplex. The thud can be heard throughout the arena as Ray mouths something inaudible before continuing his assault.

Matt: Given all they have done to each other, I dont think that trash talking is the best option at this point. Id stay focused. 

Chip: Trash talking is good at any point in time. It lets your opponent know whos in charge, and right now, clearly, that is none other than Kurtis Ray. 

Ray can be seen striking Westport with hard rights and lefts as Westport pushes him off of him. Ray gets back to his feet and goes at Westport again as he gets monkey flipped into the steel steps! Ray curls into a ball as the fans yell “Holy sh*t” at the top of their lungs. Both men appear to be down as the referee count can be heard from inside the ring.


Westport gets to his feet and slides in the ring stopping the count. He goes back out and picks up Ray sending him up with a facebuster into the security rail! Ray lies on the mat as Westport looks around at all the fans. He shakes his head at them and goes to pick up Ray but stands at an angle where the referee cannot see and takes a low blow! Westport falls to his knees as Ray reaches up on the security rail and takes off running blasting Westport in the face with a boot. The fans boo loudly as Ray waves at all of them laughing.

Matt: What a cheater! I mean, can he atleast make it a fair fight?

Chip: What are you talking about? That was clean. Do you hear the referee throwing a fit? You sure dont. So how about you sit here and watch the match backseat driver.

Ray grabs hold of Westport and throws him back into the ring as the count was wavering once more. He throws Westport off the ropes and comes from the other side with a bulldog taking him to the mat and going for the pin.


2…and Westport barely gets a shoulder up.

Ray looks at Westport and pulls him up keeping him on his knees. Westport appears very exhausted as Ray sends a disrespectful slap to his face. Westport doesn’t react as Ray pulls back and does it again. He yells “This was your champion” and laughs as he pulls back a third time to slap Westport. As he is getting ready to connect, Westport catches his hand and stands up pulling him in for a belly to belly suplex!

Matt: See, I told you trash talk wasn't the way to go. Look at what that just cost him. It could cost him this match. 

Chip: I never said that it wasn't a good route to take. All i said was that it shows who's in charge. The fact he didn't keep up with the match isn't my issue, that's his. 

The fans give mixed reactions as Westport capitalizes on the advantage. He gets to his feet and goes running towards Ray sending him into the corner. He measures him up and takes off running with a body splash. Ray stumbles out a few feet and then falls to the mat as Westport climbs to the top rope. He does his signature superman pose and waits as Ray slowly gets to his feet. Ray rises as Westport comes through with the air cam! He goes for a roll up pin upon impact.
1…2…and Ray reverses!

1…2…and Westport reverses!

1…2…and Ray kicks out!

The two men rush to their feet as Westport grabs hold of Ray sending him up for the W! He smashes him into the mat as Ray rolls near the ropes. He yells “IT'S OVER” and goes for the pin.



Ray places his foot on the rope but the referee doesn’t see it.


Westport lies on the mat as the referee walks over to declare him the winner. As he is getting ready to do so, the time keeper comes to the ring pointing out the mistake. The referee looks back as the tron as it shows the footage. He says something to the announcer.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, due to Kurtis Ray having his foot on the ropes, this match will continue! Cameron Westport is not the victor of this match as previously declared and this match will begin now!

The bell is rung as Westport turns around towards the referee. He continues to slap his hands in a three count not paying attention the fact that Ray is getting back to his feet. Ray waits as Westport continues yelling. Westport turns around as Ray hits the wake up call. He grabs the trunks of Westport and rolls him up.


Ray rolls out of the ring quickly as Westport jumps to his feet. Ray turns around and runs up the ramp with a smirk on his face as Westport looks in shock. He turns to the referee again and tells him that he had a handful of his shorts, but the referee refuses to listen. The fans boo loudly as he smiles at all of them and walks back through the curtain, waving at Westport before he goes. Westport can be seen screaming at the referee as the camera fades to commercial

Announcer: The following contest will be a three way Street Fight and will determine the number one contender to the International Championship! Introducing first... Hailing from Moscow, Russia.. Standing SEVEN foot tall and tipping the scales at a massive FIVE hundred, twenty pounds.. This IS, Giant  KHOKLOV!!

[Mother Land erupts throughout the arena. The crowd erupt in a scowl of boos at the sight of a massive Russian flag covering the titantron. "USA" "USA" chants can be heard throughout the arena, but the patriotic music of Russia overpowers their voice.]

Matt: This cold blooded beast is a freak of nature, just look at this guy!

Chip: Million dollar body, ten cent brain.

[Out from the entrance ramp steps the 7" tall, 520 ibs of pure Russian muscle known only as Giant Khoklov. The camera rises. Starting down below his black laced boots rising all the way up his ripped muscular physique to his grimacing head. All brawn. No Brain. They like to say. His face full of anger and rage from having to stand in an American Ring.]

Announcer: "The next opponent.. fighting out of Battleground, North Carolina.. standing and weighing pounds.. This IS, RAYNE!

Matt: The North Carolina native will have his hands full tonight..

Chip: Rayne is looking to finish what the Giant started last week when Khoklov brutalized and ultimately hospitalized his tag team partner Fill.

[The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The opening guitar riff of "The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson begins blaring over the PA system. Soon after, A white light appears on the ramp as Rayne steps out into it. Rayne looks around at the crowd and starts down the rampway. He stops in the middle of the cross and throws his arms out to his sides as a cross catches fire at the top of the tron. He slowly continues down the rampway and grabs up onto the ropes pulling himself up. He stays on the outside and points into the middle of the ring as the words "Fight, Fight Fight" appear in the middle of the ring. He jumps off the ropes and climbs in awaiting his opponent.]

Announcer: "The final competitor... currently residing on 8 Mile road in Detroit, Michigan... standing  six feet, three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred-seventy three pounds... This IS, The MACHINE, Xavier PENDRAGON!"

["The Machine" flashes on the video wall in black and white as 8 Mile Road by Eminem hits the load speakers and out walks Xavier Pendgragon dressed in street clothes along with a rubber trash can filled with various weapons. After walking halfway down the ramp,  a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire is removed from the rubber trash can where a few practice swings are taken before storming the ring.]

Matt: The Machine looks primed and ready to tear through the competition..

Chip: He will have his work cut out for him here tonight with Rayne and the giant known as Khoklov.

[Xavier Pendragon, Rayne and Giant Khoklov stare each other down in a three way stand off. Xavier and Rayne give each other a knowing nod as both turn to face Khoklov with a pair of growing smiles.]

Matt: It looks like the Machine and Rayne are willing to work together and topple this Moscow Monster.

Chip: Khoklov is standing his ground in the middle of the ring and inviting both men to do their worst!


[Xavier Pendragon cracks the kendo stick across the lower back of Rayne who yells out in pain as the razor wire wrapped around the wood cuts through the flesh! Giant Khoklov immediately follows up with a big boot that flattens Rayne!]

Matt: So much for an alliance!

Chip: The Machine steps over Rayne as he rolls out from the ring and now his sites are set on the big man..

[Giant Khoklov eyes grow wide and his veins bulge out from his swollen muscles as he taunts Pendgragon to make his move.]

Matt: The Giant is practically begging for the Machine to hit him!

Chip: Well be careful what you ask for because now Xavier is about to let em' have it!


[Pendragon lights up the legs, knees and shins of Kholov with repeated barbwire kendo shots until it splinters in half!]

Matt: Now there's an effective way to get the Giant off his feet..

Chip: Khoklov has a very noticeable limp but he isn't down yet!

[Xavier Pendragon hits the ropes at full speed and sprints towards Giant Khoklov. The remains of the broken kendo stick wrapped in barbwire is used to strike the Russian in the throat. The momentum carries both men up and over the top rope, where they crash hard and spill out onto the outside of the ring where the two fall at the feet of a smirking Rayne.]

Matt: I have seen that smirk before. That is the look of payback and retribution..

Chip: Rayne is going to make Xavier regret stabbing him in the back at the beginning of this match!

[The silent assassin soccer kicks Pendragon hard in the ribs, then twice more for good measure. Giant Khoklov uses the edge of the ring apron to hoist himself up on a bum leg and catches a knee clip from behind by Rayne, who rolls back to both feet and begins to dig through the rubber trash cans filled with weapons that The machine brought with him to the ring.]

Matt: Rayne is called the silent assassin for a reason and clearly 
we can see why that is..

Chip: ..and now it looks like the hardcore toys are about to come into play..

[A "one way" street sign, fluorescent lap tubes, tire iron, fire extinguisher and a cinderblock are emptied from the trash can and thrown into the ring. Rayne slides into the ring and is immediately dragged back out under the bottom rope by Giant Khoklov who uses his overwhelming size and strength to send Rayne face first into the steel ring post!]

Matt: "Rayne is gushing blood after getting busted open by the ring post!

[Giant Khoklov flips up the ring apron and digs underneath to retrieve... a wooden table! Xavier Pendragon creeps up from behind as the table is being set up and placed into position on the outside and kicks a field goal between the uprights of the Big Russians legs. ]

Chip. Ye-ouch! That will sure slow down any man, even the Giant..

[Xavier Pendragon jumps onto the back of Khoklov and locks on the cross face chicken wing.]

Matt: The Machine Meltdown!! That is his trademark submission move! 

[The crowd pops as Giant Khoklov struggles to break free with zero success. His movement slows as the oxygen continues to be cut off to the brain and the big Russian begins to fall forward onto the ring steps with his hands. Slowly continuing to walk on all fours up the steel staircase one step at a time, Khoklov finally reaches the ring ropes while standing on the outside edge of the ring.]

Chip: Come on ref, that is a rope break! Where is the five count?

Matt: This is a triangle street fight, there are no rope breaks and there must be a winner..

[Rayne rolls back into the ring and scans the ring for weapons then quickly picks up the cinderblock and spins around to smash it over the head of Giant Khoklov! A concrete dust cloud forms as it implodes and the Russian free falls with Xavier Pendragon on his back and both crash through the wooden table on the outside floor, snapping it in half!]

Matt: Rayne just killed two birds with one stone!

Chip: .. or rather one Silent Assassin just sniped out two victims with a cinder block..

(Holy-shit! - Holy-shit!! - Holy-shit! - Holy-shit!! - Holy-shit! - Holy Shit!! - Holy shit!)

Matt: This looks like a bloody crime scene!

Chip: All that is left to do is chalk an outline around the bodies..

[Rayne roles under the bottom rope to the outside and steps through the broken rubble to pin the Giant Khoklov! The referee takes a few moments to exit the ring and get into position to make the count.]











Giant Khoklov shoves Rayne off just in time to get his shoulder up before three. The Silent Assassin then turns to Xavier Pendragon and hooks his leg for the pin fall!











[The Machine kicks out before three! Rayne stands tall and pulls his hair back in frustration.]

Matt: What is it going to take for The Silent Assassin to put either of these two away!?

Chip: I thought both these guys were leaving on a stretcher or in a body bag after that..

Matt: There is no doubt that all three of these competitors have incredible resiliency.. 

[Rayne throws back and ring apron and digs underneath it to retrieve... A LADDER!]

Chip: Here comes the hardware!

[Rayne slides the ladder into the ring and climbs in to set it up in the middle of the squared circle. The camera cuts to Giant Kholov rising up from the remains of the broken table with an infuriated expression on his blood covered face as Xavier Pendragon regains his bearings and stumbles back into the ring and directly into the RAYNE DROP DDT!!]

Matt: Rayne Drop DDT out of nowhere!

Chip: That's gotta be it!!

Vladimir Abakumov climbs onto the ring apron to distract the Silent Assassin from making the cover and eats a hard right hand for his troubles as the Moscow Monster Giant Khoklov climbs over the top rope and into the ring behind Rayne.

Matt: Giant Khoklov is staring daggers into the back of Rayne's head!

Chip: If looks could kill the Silent Assassin would be a pile of bones and ash..

Giant Khoklov loads up with a clothesline, waiting on that perfect moment for Rayne to turn who does so while pulling down the top rope and ducking the lariat attempt, sending the Moscow Monster topples over crashing hard on the outside floor! Rayne spots The Machine Xavier Pendragon laying motionless in the ring and quickly scales the ladder to the top rung.. a silent prayer given before taking a leap of faith!

Matt: The Silent Assassin with the Assassination leg drop off the top of the ladder!

Rayne hooks the leg while taunting Giant Khoklov to get into the ring but his manager restrains his client while whispering something into the ear of his Monster that brings a rare smile to his face.



The camera cuts to Giant Kholov backing up the rampway with his words audible to the camera.

Giant Khoklov: "!"

The big Russian gives the break in half gesture as the view switches back to the main camera where Rayne climbs the nearest corner in celebration with both arms raised to a loud chorus of cheers. He turns around where Pendragon appears to be laying out on the ground. He jumps down and turns as the lights in the arena begin to fade.

Matt: What is happening?


Rayne goes to the center of the ring and raises his hands in a cross form. The cross falls down in the middle of the ring marked “Pendragon”. Rayne walks over and picks Pendragon up strapping one arm to the cross. Pendragon dangles sickly as Rayne reaches down picking up the other arm strapping it to the cross. Khoklov can be seen standing on the ramp watching as Rayne points at him with a sick smile behind his crimson mask. 

Matt: He has him strapped to that cross!

Chip: He's showing he's a man of his word. 

Rayne runs his hand through his blood and marks a huge cross on the forehead of Pendragon in blood. He then takes some more and writes sinner on his chest. He points at Khoklov and smiles as the words “You’re next” can be seen edged from his mouth. The fans are in silence as the cross slowly rises up hanging Pendragon high above the crowd. 

Matt: I have a feeling this feud between these two is FAR from over!

Chip: Rayne won this battle but this cold war is just beginning to heat up..

Matt: Don't go anywhere folks because we have our main event after this short commercial break.


Matt: I cannot believe what we have just seen here folks. Rayne has lost his mind. 

Chip: Lost his mind?! That was beautiful. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. Though he didn't get the one he wanted, this one isn't over yet. We will see them in the ring together again. 

Matt: We are being told that Pendragon is being checked on for any further injuries but none appear to be of any major threat. Now we move to our main event folks and this is one you should all be excited for. 

Chip: Fill and LX for the International Championship. I cannot wait to see how this one plays out. You have Fill coming off his injury and LX coming off a few rounds of huge luck wins. You have to wonder if his luck will run out. 

Matt: Why do you think it would? He hasn't been getting “Luck wins”. He's a solid competitor. He deserves everything that has come his way lately. 

Chip: Luck. Watch and see. 

The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day" by Dope starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. He slowly walks down the ramp, the effect of his injuries still noticeable.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six foot six and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from Shuman Bulgaria, he is the stressed one…FILL!

He walks down the ramp, gets in the ring, stands in its middle and as he looks over the crowd he bumps his chest a few times and lifts his fist in the air. He takes his corner and awaits his opponent.
“Encore” by Jay Z hits over the PA System as the fans stand to their feet. LX comes out onto the rampway and stares over the fans, throwing his hand up and taunting. He then throws the belt in the air and starts down the rampway.

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at five feet eleven and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds, from Thomasville North Carolina…your current WWX International Champion…he is…LuAndre Xavier!

LX continues down the rampway and slides into the ring, throwing the belt up for the fans to mixed reactions. He hands the belt to the referee as he shows it to both men. The referee then walks to the center of the ring and throws the belt into the air, much to the delight of the fans. The two men stare each other down as the referee hands the belt out and the bell is rung.

The two men circle the ring for a moment as Fill extends his hand. Xavier stares at him for a moment and then slowly steps forward reaching for it. The two men shake hands for a moment as Xavier takes the advantage with a quick kick to the rib cage of Fill bringing him to one knee. Xavier comes off the ropes with a hurricarana taking Fill down quickly. Xavier jumps up and looks at the fans taunting to another round of mixed reactions.

Matt: LX wasting no time showing his lightning quickness against Fill. Let's hope he can keep up. 

Chip: If Fill gets the time and gets hold of him, it will all be said and done before we know it. 

Xavier walks over picking Fill up off the mat and takes him to the corner. He runs and jumps for a body splash, but Fill side steps him at the last second, sending him crashing into the corner. Fill takes him over with a backdrop onto the mat and comes back down with an elbow drop followed by the first pin of the match.

1….and LX quickly kicks out.

Fill rises to his feet and takes control of Xavier with a few well placed shots. Xavier strikes Fill in the chest and hits an enziguri taking him down to the mat. Xavier gets to his feet and waits as Fill gets back to his feet. He clenches on hitting a snap DDT as he goes to the second rope and comes down with a diving elbow. He goes for a pin of his own.

1…and Fill kicks out.

Xavier raises Fill to his feet and places him against the ropes. He measures him and takes off running sending them both crashing to the outside with a clothesline. Both men lie on the mat for a moment as the fans give mixed reactions to both men. Soon after, Fill makes it to his feet first as Xavier comes running. Fill sweeps him off his feet onto the mat and stomps quickly on the back of his head. Xavier screams out in pain as Fill places his heads in his hands for a moment, and then screams loudly.

Matt: You hate to see Fill in that much pain. Maybe it wasnt a good idea for him to get back into the ring yet. 

Chip: In his country, you work from day to night. Hell, you are probably in a factory by the time you are six!

He walks over picking Xavier up and throws him into the stairs separating them! Xavier lies on the flat steps as Fill walks over picking him up. He headbutts him as Xavier stays lifeless for a moment. Fill goes to put Xavier up on his shoulders for a powerbomb onto the stairs, but Xavier reaches out grabbing hold of the post using it for leverage. The two men are in a power struggle as Xavier tries to hold onto the post. Fill eventually pulls him back and powerbombs him into the ring post! Xavier makes a sickening thud as fill grabs his side, still in obvious pain from his accident.

Matt: The brutality..that was just disgusting to watch!

Chip: That was beautiful. The stress is building...and everyone better watch out. 

Xavier lies on the ring steps as Fill works his way to his feet. He stumbles over towards Xavier and pulls him up to his feet. He throws him into the ring and follows in as the referee yells at them to stay in the ring. Fill grabs hold of Xavier and hits the pump handle slam. He once again falls to his knees as it appears to be getting worse throughout his match. He looks down at Xavier who appears to be flat out. He reaches out for a pin.

1…2…and LX kicks out.

Fill goes towards the ropes and pulls himself up shaking his head. He reaches down pulling Xavier up to his feet as he pulls him in for another powerbomb. Xavier shoots up sending Fill over for a backdrop smashing him into the mat. He takes off towards the ropes for a lionsault and goes for a pin of his own.

1…2…and Fill barely gets his shoulder up.

Fill yells in pain grabbing his side as Xavier studies it for a moment. He sends a few well executed strikes to both sides of Fills ribs, and then stands him up delivering a silencer! Fill slams into the mat as Xavier looks around at the fans and taunts, getting a more positive reaction this time around. He reaches down and locks Fill in the indian deathlock!

Matt: This could be it! This could be what does him in!

Chip: You very well may be right. I dont know about Fill on this one. 

The referee comes over and checks with Fill seeing if he wants to submit. Fill screams in pain but shakes his head no as he attempts to crawl towards the ropes. He tries to reach out, but Xavier pulls him back into the middle of the ring making it that much worse. 

Fill continues to yell in pain as the fans yell “don’t give up” as loud as they can. Fill goes to reach towards the ropes once more and collapses. The referee walks over and grabs the hand to see if he is still conscious.

1…and Fills arm falls

2…and Fills arm falls

3…and Fill comes back to life

He pushes his arms up onto the canvas and crawls towards the ropes reaching out and grabbing hold. Xavier keeps the hold on as the referee begins the count.




4…and Xavier breaks.

He looks shocked as he rises to his feet and grabs Fills leg driving it into the mat. He kicks it a few times and continues the work slamming it against the mat. He grabs hold of the leg and locks Fill in the figure four leg lock! Fill once again jumps up in pain as Xavier can be heard yelling “Tap…Tap…Tap!” Fill uses his strength and rolls the move over locking Xavier into the lock!
Matt: I cannot believe what we are seeing here folks. Both of these men are giving their all in this match. It is nothing short of spectacular. This is what a main event should look like. 

Chip: You are absolutely right about that. This is a good one and we got the best seats in the house. 

Xavier yells in pain as he tries to roll it back over and cant. He crawls to the ropes and tries to reach them as Fill uses his strength to crawl back into the middle of the ring. The referee asks Xavier if he wants to continue as he shakes his head yes. Xavier reaches out and makes it to the ropes. The referee yells at Fill to break the hold and he complies.

Matt: That was the worthy thing to do. Good job Fill. 

Chip: I would take every advantage that I could get. Fill should have kept that hold on him. 

Both men lie on the mat as the referee waits to see who is going to get up. They both lie out of breath as they go to the same set of ropes. The two men pull themselves up and begin sending hard chops to the chests of each other. One right after another, the physical wear of this match appears to show on both men. Xavier gets the upper hand and comes off the ropes as he goes to grab Fill for the X-Breaker! Fill reverses capturing hold of Xavier and throws him up on his shoulder. Xavier tries to kick out but Fill hits the stress bomb! He falls on top of Xavier as the referee counts.




The fans come to life as Fill lies on the mat. The referee runs over grabbing the belt bringing it into the ring. Confetti begins falling from all over the arena as Fill lies on his back looking up at the lights. He slowly sits up and looks at the belt with a smile on his face. He turns and looks catching someone coming down the ramp out of the corner of his eye. Rayne slides into the ring and reaches out to his friend. The two men share a quick embrace as Rayne grabs his hands and throws the belt up with Fill. They turn around to all the fans for a standing ovation as Rayne lets his hand go.

Matt: That is what true friendship looks like folks. Rayne and Fill have been friends for quite some time, and regardless of their differences, they can come together in a display like this. 

Chip: Please someone gag me. 

Fill turns around and continues to taunt for the fans as Rayne stands there clapping. He turns back around and faces Rayne as the two men say something to each other. Fill takes a small step back with a confused look on his face as Rayne pulls him in and hits the Rayne Drop DDT! 


Everything goes silent as Rayne stares down at Fill. He reaches over to the international championship and stares it down. He throws the belt on top of Fill and leans down towards him. “Im sorry it had to be like this. You have what I came for, and now I have to take it”. Rayne turns around climbing out of the ring. Without turning around, Rayne heads up the rampway. The camera zooms in on Fill and the International Championship as the WWX Logo 

flashes and fades to black.

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