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WWX mayhem TV Show

Time to take off those training boots.The future of the WWX, begins here....

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MAYHEM - Show 2017-06-04 21:11:25
[The show opens up as the pyros go off from every angle. The fans are on their feet as the camera spins around to the announcers table. Chip Jones and Matt Matthews are stationed at the announcer's table].
Matt: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Mayhem. I am Matt MIchaels along with Chip Jones and we are here in St. Louis!
Chip: Yeah cause this place is SOOOO exciting. I have never been more bored in my life here. Its no wonder people leave this town all the time. It blows something awful. 
Matt: And there is chip always in a good mood. Well folks we have another action packed night here tonight. To open our show, we have new comer Bryan Matthews taking on our fair King Richard. Matthews made his statements at the beginning of the week and has since waited to get started here. Tonight is the night. 
Chip: Tonight is the night that either he comes out here and makes a statement, or gets eaten up like the rest of the rookies that are running around here. King Richard is a humongous man, and he can sit on someones face and kill them. I wouldnt want that treatment. 
Matt: *Laughs* Thats quite the interesting way to put it. Our next match places something that we have seen before and are more than happy to see again. Tom Black and Bishop Polaris will step into the ring once again with 420. 420 was not quite successful in their last bout against them, but are hoping that they get a better shot tonight. 
Chip: Those two stoners need to get their stuff together when they want to come out here tonight. If they dont come out in top shape, Black and Polaris will beat them once again. There comes a time where you have to lie down the pipe boys, and this one might be it. Maybe...I dont know...wrestle like youre being paid to do. 
Matt: You really always have something clever to say about them dont you? Its like you like them or something. Our next match features current tag team champion Tommy Lipton taking on Xavier Pendragon in an international championship ranking match. 
Chip: As we get our ranks together with more superstars these two have to be on the list. The only problem is that he cant show up like he did last time. If Pendragon comes out here and gets taken out again, he might want to consider packing his things this time and heading on home. Thats the best he can hope for. 
Matt: We move onto a second international championship ranking match as The Giant Khoklov takes on Blayde Archer. This one should really be one people are talking about. 
Chip: Archer has been making a huge stir since coming into the WWX and this one could really be a show stopper if he can pull it off. The man continues to find the best ways to do things and take the W, and I feel like tonight wouldnt be any different. If he can beat the big man, he needs propelled to the championship stat. 
Matt: And that moves us to our main event for the international championship. The arch angel Rayne will take on the stressed one Fill in a match for the international championship! This is the one that people have been talking about all week. 
Chip: Who wouldnt be interested in this?! These two men went from best friends to hating each other! Best betrayal I have ever seen. I have to agree Fill was holding Rayne down!
Matt: You wont say it to his face though. 
Chip: I mean..
Matt: Exactly. Lets get the show rolling.
[The camera pans to the stage]
[“I Stand Alone” by Godsmack begins blaring over the pa system. Bryan Matthews slowly steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at the fans. He starts down the rampway]
Announcer: Coming to the ring first, hailing from Calgary Alberta Canada, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is….BRYAN MATTHEWS!
[He slides into the ring and takes his corner, ignoring the fans as the camera pans back around to the entrance ramp].
[The camera goes towards the stage as a man in a gold knight costume comes to the stage. He looks around at all the fans and pulls a trumpet out letting out the opening of the kings march. Soon after, “Hail the King” begins blaring over the pa system. A group of Knights come out to the stage and surround King Richard, who comes and stands at the ramp looking over the fans. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as the guards surround him].
Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from London England, standing at seven feet one inches tall and three hundred and twelve pounds, he is…KING…RICHARD!
[Richard gets to the bottom of the ramp and dispatches his guards. He walks up the ring steps and looks over at the announcer pointing towards the ropes telling her to bring them down. She sits on the second rope as he slowly bends down and gets into the ring looking over the fans in disgust. He goes to his corner awaiting his opponent as the camera returns to the stage].
The two men stand opposite with each other as the camera catches a quick flash from the ramp. Dr. Death comes rushing down the rampway with “Dory” in hand as he slides into the ring. He immediately charges at Bryan Matthews, smashing him hard with the bat to the chest. He pulls back and strikes him again in the chest as King Richard comes running over. Richard goes to strike Death but he quickly strikes him in the chest. Richard falls to his knees as Death pulls back striking Richard in the side of the hide. Death looks around at the carnage as both men are down. He puts on a huge smile as he walks over reaching for a microphone.
Death: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Mayhem! *Laughs* Dr. Death decided that maybe it was a good time to come pay everyone a visit. I figured that maybe this was a better time than never to show people what happens when someone is late to an appointment with the good doctor! While you all weren’t scheduled, I made sure to fit you both in. To the rest of you, I hope that you too are lucky enough to make your appointments, but IM NOT AFRAID TO MAKE HOUSE CALLS!
[Death throws the mic down and slowly walks up the ramp as medics rush to the ring to check on the two fallen opponents. The camera fades to a commercial].

| Commercial Break |
[The camera returns to the announcers table].
Chip: Now THAT was awesome!
Matt: I wonder what possessed him to do that?!
Chip: Statements Matt Statements. He did very well in his. Such a beautiful thing!
Matt: Well folks now that we are down one match, we have many more to look forward to here on Mayhem. As you all know, we have our tag match coming up next as 420 attempts to come in for another shot against Polaris and Black. They were unsuccessful last time and now we have to see if they can pull it off. 
Chip: Like i said before, those two stoners have to for once come out here sober and maybe try and compete. You cant go into every match stoned off your a*s and expect to get somewhere. I dont care what they say, Marijuana is not the way to get ahead. You can see how dumb those two are. 
Matt: You have really grown quite the set this time around havent you? Maybe you should get in the ring chip, it may help you out. 
Chip: Maybe one day I will, and you will be here all by yourself. Good luck trying to make this show interesting on your own. 
The camera moves to the tron as “Overpowered” by Phantom Power Music begins blaring over the PA system. As the music builds the lights on the stage strobe and dance around as if looking for Polaris. The tron slowly fades in a close zoom of Polaris' eyes. On the drop all the lights and tron go pure white as Bishop Polaris comes out from the behind the curtain and kneels down, facing towards the stage. On the second drop he jumps from kneeling onto his feet and all the lights begin flashing colors. He turns to face the crowd and paces quickly to the ring.
Announcer: Coming to the ring first, hailing from the Parish of Polaris, standing at six foot two and weighting in at two hundred and forty five pounds, He is…Bishop Polaris!
He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He brushes himself off at the crowd before hoping back to the ground. He takes the corner and awaits his partner.
“The Darkness Falls” Hits over the PA system as the arena goes dark. Smoke rises from the stage as Tom Black steps out onto the stage, looking around at the fans. Mixed reaction are given as Black collapses on the stage and begins crawling towards the ring, everyone confused as to what he is doing.
Announcer: And his partner, hailing from Liverpool England, standing at six foot eleven and three hundred and ten pounds, he is…TOM…BLACK!
He crawls into the ring and takes his corner, awaiting their opponents.
The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.
Announcer: And their opponents,, at a combined weight of five hundred and seventy two pounds, Gary Tinordi & Matt Glazebrook, 420!
Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.
Tinordi and Polaris enter the match first. The two men circle the ring as Tinordi stops and taunts to the crowd as they all begin yelling “what time is it?!” He smiles at them as Polaris comes running and smashes an elbow to the side of the head of Tinordi. He smashes three right hands to his face and sends him off the ropes and over with a backdrop.
Matt: Wow, that was textbook. 
Chip: Told you that they werent ready for this. Maybe they should get back into this thing!
Tinordi smashes off the mat and jumps up hard as Polaris comes off the ropes sending a boot to his face. The fans begin booing as he turns around and yells “What time is it?!” as he laughs and flips the fans off. Glazebrook goes to get into the ring, but the referee yells as him so he stops himself. Polaris drops down and grabs hold of the right leg dropping an elbow into it. He locks in a leglock rolling Tinordi over.
Matt: Tinordi is in a bad way here folks. I dont know how this is going to end. 
Chip: How its going to end?! Let me lay it down for you. *Claps hands together* Submit, submit, submit!
The referee checks on him to make sure he still wants to compete as he shakes his head yes. Tinordi uses his strength and pulls up climbing over towards the ropes. As he is crawling, Polaris lets the hold break and comes down with an elbow to the back. Tinordi falls back right before reaching the ropes as Polaris tosses Tinordi into their corner and tags in Black. The referee doesn’t appear to be paying attention as the two men begin hitting him together.
Matt: Those fists are flying in a fury! Look at those shots!
Chip: Well you have to take all the advantages that you can get. This one could turn ugly real quick but well have to see what happens. 
Glazebrook pushes past the referee and goes to the corner as the referee appears to have lost all control. He strikes Polaris in the back of the head with a huge clothesline sending him crashing into the second turnbuckle, and then turns his attention to black. He grabs hold of the head of black slamming it into the corner post. Black stumbles and falls to the outside mat as Tinordi rises to his feet. The two men pick up Polaris and send him up with a double DDT much to the fans delight. The referee begins a disqualification count as Glazebrook starts to his corner.
Matt: Now that is how a team works together. 
Chip: Woohoo so they are able to work as a team once. Real proud of them. 
Glazebrook waits as Tinordi takes hold of Polaris and sends him back down with a scoop slam. He reaches down and picks him back up sending him down with a DDT. He gets back to his feet and walks over tagging in Glazebrook. He throws Polaris into the corner and looks over at Glazebrook. Glazebrook smiles and walks over grabbing hold of Tinordi and sling shooting him into the corner. Polaris falls onto the mat as Glazebrook drags him out to the center of the ring going for the pin.
1…2…and Polaris barely kicks out.
Glazebrook grabs hold of Polaris knee and locks him into a cross knee lock. Polaris screams out in pain as Black climbs into the ring. Tinordi goes to stop him but is met with a boot to the face as Black comes over sending a knee to the face of Glazebrook. He falls back onto the mat as the referee once again tries to take control. Black pushes the referee out of the way causing him to hit the ropes and fall down. Black reaches down and grabs Glazebrook forcing him to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and goes to send him up for a spinebuster but Glazebrook pushes against the side of his head stopping the slam. The two men begin exchanging blows back and forth as the camera catches Tinordi and Polaris closeby.
Matt: Far too much action going on right now folks! I cannot even catch all that is going on. 
Chip: What is going on is the boys all tired of each other. Someone is about to get hurt!
Tinordi picks up Polaris who hits him with a low blow. Tinordi goes to the mat as Polaris hits the purification! Tinordi rolls out of the ring as the camera goes around to where Black appears to have been taken out! He is on the other side of the ring on the ground as Polaris turns around. Glazebrook grabs him and sends him over with an atomic drop! The fans begin cheering as Glazebrook takes the corner and hits the stoner! He falls on top of Polaris as the pin is counted.
Glazebrook lies on the mat for a moment as the camera goes around showing the carnage. Glazebrook and Tinordi get to their feet and taunt for the fans much to their delight. They hold the back of their heads as the camera fades to a commercial.

| Commercial Break |
[The camera goes to the announcers table]
Matt: Well that was quite the match folks
Chip: You arent kidding there. They didnt disappoint. I want to take back all the bad things I said about 420...until next week! *laughs*
Matt: Of course you would wait till next week. Hold on. *Holds hand to earpiece* Well folks, it appears as if we have a problem for our first qualifying match here tonight. I am being told that as of right now, Tommy Lipton is unable to be located and Xavier Pendragon has not been seen since walking into the building earlier in the night. Therefore this match has to be canceled!
Chip: Are you serious? We are down a match?!
Matt: It appears that way Chip. Security advised that they are looking for both men at this time and we will update everyone as soon as they are found. 
Chip: With what happened to Pendragon last week, I cannot blame him for not wanting to show his face here. Thats one smart man. 
Matt: Well folks, we are told that the performers are being advised of this mishap so we can move on with the action. We are going to be taking a quick commercial break and we will be back with our other qualifying match as The Giant Khoklov will take on Blayde Archer. 
Chip: I cannot wait to see the giant in action again!
[The camera cuts to a commercial]

| Commercial Break |

[The arena lights dim to a blue hue. The tron sparks to life with a razor that has the words "The Blade Club written over it as the opening beat of "Stadium Pow Wow" by A tribe called red begins to play and out walks Blade with a bright and colorful native American Indian head dress on his head while holding his trusty tomahawk axe in one hand, a arrow in the other. Blade stands on the main stage, slightly tilting his head to the side while gazing out into the crowd then begins his walk down the aisle as he prepares for war.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Navajo Nation, he is…BLAYDE…ARCHER!

[Archer slides into the ring as the fans give mixed reactions. He goes to his corner giving his items to the time keeper as the camera goes back to the stage].

 [Mother Land erupts throughout the arena. The crowd erupt in a scowl of boos at the sight of a massive Russian flag covering the titantron. "USA" "USA" chants can be heard throughout the arena, but the patriotic music of Russia overpowers their voice.]

Announcer: And his opponent Hailing from Moscow, Russia.. Standing seven feet tall and weighing in at five hundred and twenty pounds…he is…Giant…Khoklov!

[Out from the entrance ramp steps the 7" tall, 520 ibs of pure Russian muscle known only as Giant Khoklov. The camera rises. Starting down below his black laced boots rising all the way up his ripped muscular physique to his grimacing head. He slides into the ring and stares down his opponent].

Archer sizes up his opponent as he immediately takes off and goes for a chop block. Khoklov sidesteps and drives a huge boot into the back of Archer who screams out in pain. The fans grimace as Khoklov grabs hold of Archer and heaves him into the corner. Archer bounces out onto the mat as Khoklov gives him a quick scoff and picks him back up sending him down with a backbreaker!

Matt: My god! His back may be broke from dropping that high!

Chip: I cannot believe the referee is letting that match continue. This behemoth is going to kill someone soon. 

Khoklov slowly gets to his feet and reaches down grabbing hold of Archer. Archer steps on the foot of Khoklov and pokes him in the eye! He stumbles around for a moment as Archer strikes him with a clothesline sending him rocking. Archer comes off the ropes with a cross body taking the big man to the mat!

Matt: He got him down! He got him down!

Chip: Now the chance comes to see what he is really made of. 

Archer takes off running with an elbow drop and immediately goes to working the leg with a boston crab lock! Khoklov screams in pain as the referee comes to check on him. Archer stands up and taunts for the fans as everyone wonders why he got up from the hold. He grabs hold of Khoklov slamming his knee into the mat. Archer reaches down and grabs hold of Khoklov bringing him to his feet and driving him into the corner. He feeds him four stiff shoulders to the chest and backs up, putting him in a camera angle pose. He turns around and taunts for the fans who boo loudly as he seeks out Khoklov. Khoklov takes off running out of the corner smashing into Archer with a body check. Archer rolls backwards and lies in the corner as Khoklov looks down at him. 

Matt: Why did he get him out of that hold?!

Chip: Here we thought Khoklov was the one with no brain. 

Khoklov turns around to the fans yelling something inaudible and turns back around. Archer comes running and hits the chopblock to Khoklov. He lies on one knee as Archer goes to the second rope and comes through with a missle dropkick to the face of the big man!

1…2…and Khoklov throws him off. 

Archer gets back to his feet and throws numerous right hands to the face of Khoklov, who captures his fist. He slowly works his way to his feet, putting heavy pressure on the hand of Archer who is now screaming in pain. He gets to his feet still holding the hand of Archer who is down on one knee. He uses his brute strength to pick him up and heave him over with a suplex of sorts! 

Matt: That is scary the strength that man has!

Chip: Did you see that?! ONE HANDED!

Archer holds his arm on the mat as Khoklov approaches him. He goes to pick up Archer but is shoved backwards hitting the referee! He stares down at Archer as the camera moves back towards the stands. Two masked men can be seen jumping over the banister with chairs in hand! They jump into the ring and smash the big man in the back, and follow with a shot to the head. The referee can be seen coming to as they slide out of the ring and hide down by the apron. Khoklov stands strong and slowly gets to his feet.


Chip: He just got hit with two chairs! How is he getting up!

Khoklov rises as Archer reaches up and pulls Khoklov into a schoolboy holding his tights! The referee sees it and starts counting!


Blade immediately slides out of the ring and joins the other two men who pull their masks off!


Chip: Yet again he impresses me!

Khoklov gets to his feet and stares at Archer yelling something inaudible. Archer smiles and salutes as he backs up the rampway. Khoklov continues to stomp his feet and reaches over grabbing the referee. He chokeslams him into the mat as the fans give mixed reactions. Security comes rushing from the back as the camera fades to a commercial.

| Commercial Break |
Announcer: The following contest will be for the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and will be the MAIN EVENT of the evening!
A huge BANG rattles the view as plenty of fireworks explode over the thousands of WWX fans in attendance. The moment the fireworks come to an end, those at home could then hear how loud the audience was tonight- it was deafening.
Cameras cut to various sections of the stadium, showing fans of all types with supporting signs and merchandise of their favorite Superstars! One section has a group of fans holding a letter each that spelled out "The BLADE Club. An angst teenager shakes a sweet homemade drawing of 420. A young group of girls wall sport various t-shirts of past female talents that came through WWX, while an obnoxious group of college boys yell, scream and shout loud as humanly possibly with their own merch of Syndicate, Kurtis Ray, Willie Steen, and even Xavier Pendragon. Cameras then cut to the barricades and swiftly move along side of it while the fans that paid the most get their own camera time before we settle in on our two announcers of the night!
Matt: We have had an exciting night of Mayhem so far but now it's time for what everyone has been waiting for, our main event of the night!
Chip: So much bad blood between these two, I cannot wait to see how this goes down..
Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger..
Standing Six foot, three inches tall and weighing in at Two hundred, twenty pounds.. Fighting out of .Battlefield, North Carolina.. This IS the Silent Assassin, RAYNE!
[The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with a white robe covering him and a thorned crown. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway.]
Matt: When Worlds Collide were once a dominating force here in WWX but Rayne severed all ties with his tag team partner and brother in arms by stabbing the man he claimed to be his friend in the back.. a friendship that the self proclaimed Arch Angel used for his own personal gain..
Chip: Oh, please!! Spare me the sob story. Rayne had the right idea. Fill was dead weight that was riding his coat tails and holding him down like an anchor at sea.
[Upon arrival, Rayne will walk to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He takes the crown off and looks over towards the ramp awaiting his opponent.]
Announcer: And now, introducing your REIGNING, DEFENDING, International CHAMPION of the WORLD! Standing Six foot, six inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.. This IS the Stressed One, FILL!!
Matt: This will be Fill's first title defense since winning the International Championship..
Chip: That's right and Rayne is about to make it his last..
[The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day" by Dope starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. He walks down the ramp, gets in the ring, stands in its middle and as he looks over the crowd he bumps his chest a few times and lifts his fist in the air.]
Rayne runs right at Fill but the International Champion shoots low and tackles the Silent Assassin with a double leg takedown almost immediately, as the two begin exchanging punches while they roll around on the ring mat! Rayne gets the advantage early on and mounts on top then does not hesitate bashing the back of Fills skull into the canvas using a handful of hair. Fill kicks Rayne off and then rocks his jaw with a solid discus forearm shot to regain the advantage! Fill lands several hard shots to the face of Rayne then yanks him up, blasting him with a head-butt right to the face!
Matt: The animosity these guys have for each other is off the charts!
Chip: So is the anxiety of the Stressed One, just look at that vein bulging out of his forehead..
Fill rolls out of the ring and signals for a time out to the referee. Fill pushes the referee aside and suicide dives through the middle and bottom ropes superman style, sending Rayne crashing Into the barricade spine first. Both fight up onto their feet but Fill keeps it close quarters, as he swings for the fences with wild haymakers, delivering several hard shots to the face then proceeds to slam the side of Rayne's head right into the Mayhem announce booth! Rayne reels and retreats before shifting gears, suddenly going downstairs with a boot to the midsection, then raking his eyes before snapping off a couple heavy right hands. 
Matt: Fill is really taking it to him here tonight. He asked for the best and hes getting it!
Chip: You arent kidding there. I am loving this. This is what Fill had always needed to do. 
The silent Assassin muscles the International Champion up onto his shoulders, looking for the Breaking Point submission but Fill slips loose and bumps the referee  to the ground as he lands behind, nailing Rayne with a blatant kick to the groin from the backside! Rayne drops to his knees and doubles over in pain, while Fill strips his shirt off and wraps it around his throat for a chokehold on his former stable mate and tag team partner! Fill drags him across the ring, choking him relentlessly while the fans cheer loudly.
Matt: This has become as nasty and personal as any feud can get!!
Chip: We have never seen this side of Fill before, he is fighting like a man possessed..
The shirt's still wrapped tightly around Rayne's neck, as Fill bashes the side of his head into the metal ring post! He jams a knee into Rayne's back for an extra bit of leverage but Rayne thrashes around, sneaking in a thumb to the eye before clocking Fill with an elbow to the face! Rayne quickly scores with a couple quick knee lifts to the midsection, dropping Fill down to one knee. A solid kick to the ribs sends the International Champion down onto the outside padded mats. Rayne taunts Fill to get up and begins hammering him back down with a series of hard forearm shots to the lower spine.
Rayne pulls Fill up then goes to Irish whip his face into the ring steps, but Fill counters it with a back elbow smash and bounces Rayne's face into the metal stairs instead! The silent Assassin stumbles away and Fill's all over him like a bee on honey with a few more stiff potato shots to the face, then delivers a kick to Rayne's ribs before he hauls him back up again and goes for an Irish whip. Rayne reverses the attempt, then shoots Fill headlong into the stairs at ringside!
Matt: Good Gawd, the base of those ring steps must have moved two feet after that impact!
Chip: These two are pulling no punches.. both these guys are going to be sore for WEEKS after this one is over!!
Rayne takes control again, using his speed as an advantage to maintain the upper hand. He pummels Fill across the back of the head repeatedly then buries a knee into his ribs, which knocks the wind out of him! Rayne quickly follows it up with a barrage of several lung punches. A snapping right hand catches Rayne immediately by surprise but he shakes it off and shuts Fill down with another knee to the midsection, then he yanks the International Champion straight into a t-bone suplex right on the floor outside as the crowd boos! Rayne drags him off the floor again and tells the front row fans to move out of the way, before he launches Fill right over the barricade and sending him crashing onto the empty chairs!
Matt: I gotta say.. The referee is being extremely lenient in this Main Event Championship match.
Chip: Fill is just trying to find a way to get himself disqualified to retain that International Gold, the Stressed One should be ashamed of himself!!
Rayne climbs over the barricade, only to find himself in the thick of the booing crowd. He scowls and actually shoves a fan onto the floor, then turns his rage onto Fill again. A slugfest breaks out between the two as Fill tries to battle back but he's shut down yet again by a hard shot to the abdomen. Rayne quickly capitalizes and lifts Fill off his feet for a sidewalk slam, dropping him right onto a steel chair! Fill clutches his ribs tightly, writhing in agony as Rayne's eyes move over the crowd, wanting all of the fans to understand and acknowledge who's in charge. 
Matt: Such Arrogance. It makes me sick
Chip: Thats why hes the arch angel. No love in this house.
Rayne picks up a chair and moves into position behind Fill, beckoning him back to his feet again before pulling back with a chair shot that is intercepted by the referee who throws the chair aside and thrusts a disciplinary finger in the face of Rayne, laying down the law! 
Matt: The referee has had enough of this finally saying enough is enough here..
Chip: What the hell is this?
The referee slides back into the ring and begins the double count out as the cameras catch sight of - The Blade Club - Blayde Archer, "the Hebrew Hitman" Ezra Zion and "The Juggernaut" Justice Johnston who clap in approval of the referee's decision all while watching on from the comfort of their front row seats at ringside, each with a bucket of popcorn and a cold beer in hand.
Referee counts.. One, two..
Rayne shoots the double bird salute in their general direction with coy smile. Blade splashes his alcoholic drink into the face of Rayne then simply points behind the self proclaimed arch angel, who turns just in time to speared into the seats currently occupied by The Blade Club!
Referee continues his count. Three, four..
Matt: The International Champion just unintentionally took out the Blade Club!
Chip: Serves them right for sticking their noses where it doesn't belong..
Fill pulls Rayne up and drags him hover the barricade, slinging the Silent Assassin into the ring, then drags him partway out again draping his body over the bottom rope. Fill gets a head of steam and lands a running drive-by kick, sending Rayne rolling across the mat! Fill slides into the ring, showing no interest in going for the cover as he stomps Rayne repeatedly from head to toe. Fill picks Rayne up, immediately snapping off some more hard shots but he ducks a discus punch and catches  in a waistlock, launching him with a release German suplex right into the turnbuckle! Rayne drags Fill to the center of the ring, which leads to the first 2-count of the match!
Matt: Welcome to concussion City!
Chip: HOW does he keep kicking out? Stay down Fill, for your own sake, stay down!
Rayne punishes Fill with a double underhook suplex that earns Rayne another 2-count. Fill uses the ropes to pull himself up but Rayne runs straight at him with a clothesline, knocking the International Champion over the top rope and down onto the floor outside! Rayne follows him to the outside, where the assault continues. With the fans cheering Fill on, trying to will him back into the fight, which in turn causes Rayne to turn up the aggression of his attack. There's nothing fancy as he beats Fill down on the outside then shoots him shoulder-first into the announce table, sending the commentary team scattering for safety!
Chip: Out of the way!
(The referee begins the double count out, again. One, two..)
Rayne reaches down and grabs a handful of electrical cables running along the floor, wrapping them around Fill's throat for another blatant choke! While he thrashes around in a vain attempt to escape, Rayne starts hammering Fill right in the side of the face with several hard right hands!
(The referee continues his count. Three, four..)
He switches to a rear mat slam and he immediately slams the back of Fill's head onto the floor! The impact busts the back of the International Champions head open, as Rayne turns his attention to the stairs at ringside then he snatches them up from their base, lifting them high above his head.
(The referee does not break cadence in his count. Five, Six..)
Rayne turns toward Fill and comes charging in but The International Champion manages to hit a drop toe hold as a counter, causing the Silent Assassin to come crashing face-first into the steps! Rayne runs a hand over his head then pauses, seeing the blood from the impact. Fill begins to fire up and balls his fist as he gets up, pounding on his chest repeatedly to get the adrenaline flowing.
(The referee count slows slightly, as it gets to seven, then eight..)
The fans get behind Fill, chanting his name as he continues to hammer Rayne with bloody right hands! Fill backs up a little, creating a little space to run and he uses the displaced stairs as a Launchpad for the superman punch but Rayne catches him in the air, then drives his spine straight into the metal ringpost! A massive series of boos fills the St. Louis Arena, as Rayne tosses Fill into the ring again. Rayne taunts the crowd as he confidently re-enters the ring, giving a throat slash gesture towards the Blade Club in attendance before turning back to Fill who is staggering up to both feet only to get planted face first with the RAYNE DROP DDT!
Matt: Rayne Drop DDT! That's gotta do it..
[The referee slides into position and begins the count. one, two, THR--NO! He is dragged out of the ring before the final three count by Blade, who drops the zebra striped official with a single shot. He signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell and throws the match out.]
Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman.. your winner as a result of a Disqualification... RAYNE!!
[Boo's reign down from the rafters at the announcement.]
Ring Announcer: However, a championship cannot change hands as a result of a disqualification. Therefore, FILL remains your  WWX INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!
Chip: What? WHAT! WHAT?! You GOTTA be kidding me!
[The arena roars with cheers as the International Title is handed to Fill and the referee raises the arm of Rayne to the sound of the final bell ringing as Rayne pulls at his hair looking on in disbelief of what just transpired. The Blade Club are shown ringside in the front row, giving a round of applause with an extra added slow clap to provide that feel of sarcasm.]
Matt: Rayne scores the win but Fill retains the Title, thanks in part to the Blade Club..
Chip: Rayne deserves to be our International Champion, especially after that display of sheer dominance.
Matt: I guess backstabbing only gets you so far in this business, isn't that right Chip?
Chip: This is an OUTRAGE! What a travesty of justice..
[Fill backs up the ramp as Rayne stares down at the Blade club. He immediately jumps out of the ring and over the ramp taking off after them. They all retreat up the stairs as the show fades to black].

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