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WWX mayhem TV Show

Time to take off those training boots.The future of the WWX, begins here....

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MAYHEM - Show 2017-06-11 13:36:53
[The WWX Logo flashes onto the screen as the pyros go off all around the arena. The fans get on their feet cheering as the camera pans around showing the exciting faces. After a quick zoom, the camera lands on the announcers table where Matt Matthews and Chip Jones are seen talking amongst each other].

Matt: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Mayhem. We are here in the great state of Virginia invading the city of Richmond for this episode of Mayhem. With all the controversy of last week, we are looking forward to what this week is going to bring to us and I have a feeling it will be special.

Chip: Richmond the state where you don’t want to get pulled over. *laughs* As far as controversy, that is what this show is about. We are full of it on here as the emotions always run high. We have quite the action packed show for you tonight folks.

Matt: Absolutely so. Opening our night tonight we have Dr Death taking on our resident super hero Super Bacon. Death made quite the statement last week making an appearance in our opener when he wasn’t even supposed to be there!

Chip: He came to make the statement that a lot of people here are afraid to make. He came down the ramp and took care of the people that didn’t bother to show their faces prior to their match. He came down and cleaned house and I couldn’t be happier at the way that it ended. I think that man has a purpose here and is going to go places.

Matt: Our next match is an international division qualifying match as the Giant Khoklov takes on Krimzon Blaze. Khoklov took a loss this past week against Archer who cheated his way to victory and then ran for the hills.

Chip: Can you blame him? Pi*s off that big of a guy and hang around to see that aftermath? Yeah, how about no. He did what any smart man would do and beat feet out of here. Khoklov I was told went on a warpath after it happened smashing everyone and everything and site. So for his sake, he did a move that may have extended his career a few years.

Matt: We have the blade club making their tag team debut against a well-established team in Black and Polaris. Polaris and Black put on what some were calling a great match last week against 420 but came up short in the end of it. You have to wonder if that is going to affect them working together here tonight.

Chip: Its really hard to tell. The Blade Club made a lot of enemies as of late, and I was told that there are people that are looking to get their hands on them. This one could honestly go either way. Both teams are talented and I can almost guarantee that we will have a good match going into this one. They are just like Blayde, smart and cunning. If they pull this one off, they could have big things ahead of them.

Matt: We move onto one of our two big matches talked about this week as another international division match pitting the arch angel Rayne against Cameron Westport. Both men have had quite a bit to say about each other, and one has to wonder how all of this will play out. Westport claims hes been robbed out of wins, meanwhile Rayne says that he was robbed of a championship last week.

Chip: He was robbed! That was a travesty of the highest order. Someone needs to get the POTUS on the phone stat. However, these two men are two stars in WWX who’s paths were bound to cross eventually. You have Rayne who is the veteran trying to come up again, and Westport who is the rising rookie star. This should be one for the books folks.

Matt: And finally, our main event pits the champion Fill against LX in a title rematch that we saw here just a few weeks ago. Both of these men have quite a bit to prove as LX has called him out for using other people to help him win, meanwhile Fill has been upset about the interference saying that he never wanted it there in the first place. He took the title from LX, and now has to show the first time wasn’t a fluke.

Chip: I have waited for the rematch of this one. These two men damn near killed each other over that championship last time, and I expect nothing less out of this one. LX wants to show that his title win was more than just a quick second flash, and Fill has a lot to prove after his little stunt last week. We know that Fill is capable of violence though and cannot wait to see what he is bringing this time around.

Matt: Well folks, without further ado, lets get to your action

[The camera pans to the stage].

[“A New Power” begins blaring over the pa system as Super Bacon comes to the stage. He stares down the fans as his pyros go off around the arena. He takes off towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, Hailing from Norwich England, standing at five feet ten inches and weighting in at one hundred and seventy five pounds...he is...Super Bacon!

[Bacon slides into the ring and looks around at the fans as the camera pans back around to the stage].

[“Go F*ck yourself” hits as the crowd look on in fear. Then, out from the stage steps Dr. Death. He laughs maniacally. The red blood upon his clothes appears clear and striking. He has Dory in hand as he starts down the rampway, his manical smile evident.]

Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from London England, standing at five foot eleven and weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds...he is...Dr. Death!

[Death slides into the ring with dory on his shoulder. He tosses it to the outside and turns towards Bacon as the bell is rung for the match to begin].

Death stares across the ring from Bacon who can be seen jumping around. The bell is rung as he wastes not time running across the ring hitting him with a body splash. Bacon slumps down into the corner as Death lays the boots to him, each once more vicious than the prior. He stops as the referee pulls him back to stop. He waits a moment and then goes back in, continuing the assault as the referee yells at him again.

Matt: This is just brutal. He is wasting no time dispatching Bacon.

Chip: I love it. Keep it up Death.

Death grabs Bacon out and delivers a hard right hand taking him to the mat. Bacon rolls on the mat as Death picks him up and sends him crashing back down with a scoop slam. He stares him down for a moment kicking him in the chest as the fans give mixed reactions. Bacon rolls on the mat for a moment as Death gets a twisted smile on his face. He grabs hold of Bacon and sends him outside.

Matt: What is he thinking?

Chip: I have no idea but I think it may be awesome.

Death reaches down grabbing hold of Bacon and dragging him onto the apron. He positions himself and hits the scorpion deathdrop on the apron! The fans give mixed reactions as Bacon crumples to the floor. Death lets off that same sick smile as he jumps down and grabs hold of Bacon sending him into the ring. He stares him down and goes to the second rope as Bacon lies motionless on the mat.

Matt: What a brutal move! I don’t think that Bacon is going to recover from that one!

Chip: You are right about one thing. This death guy means business. He is taking it to him with a series of power moves that I don’t think bacon was ready for.

Bacon pushes his arms out and gets on his knees in the middle of the ring. Death jumps high and hits the hell stomp as Bacon sickingly crumples back down to the mat. The referee pushes Death away and calls for the bell as Bacon lies motionless on the mat.

Announcer: By way of KO, your winner.....DR….DEATH!

Death walks over to the outside and grabs hold of Dory. The fans once again give mixed reactions as he slides into the ring. The referee tries to stop him as he pushes him out of the way. He gets on one knee and grabs hold of Bacons head, pulling it backwards. He takes Dory and rakes it across his face, tearing up his mask as blood begins pouring from numerous areas. Death screams loudly and laughs as security rushes out from the back. They slide into the ring as Death gets off bacon and pulls Dory back on them. They back up with their hands up as Death swings Dory wildly. He slides out of the ring and starts up the ramp as the camera zooms in on Bacon and then to commercial.

Commercial Break

Matt: Wow, what a way to start the show here tonight. 

Chip: That man is going to be the death of someone here. I dont question that for a minute. Hes a maniac!

Matt: He sure is. That bat is something made straight out of a horror movie and I think he intends to use it on whoever gets in his way. I can assure you that I would not want to be on the receiving end of that thing. Well folks, next up we have the aerial specialist Krimzon Blaze in international title ranking match against none other than The Great Khoklov. 

Chip: You have to think that blaze might be alittle worried about this one. Hes been in some great matches, some of the best ive seen, but hes facing a big...mean...dude this time around. Not sure I want to see this one play out. 

Matt: I think that he will be able to handle himself just fine. Lets get to the action folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central blares through the speakers as the crowd is singing along before the area goes pitch black, a single white spotlight on the stage as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze stands at the bottom of it bathing in it, the arena going full on cheers!

Announcer: Introducing first, hailing from Detroit Michigan, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds….he is the aerial specialist….Krimzon...Blaze!

[Blaze runs down the rampway high fiving everyone he can as he slides into the ring and takes his corner].

[Mother Land erupts throughout the arena. The crowd erupt in a scowl of boos at the sight of a massive Russian flag covering the titantron. "USA" "USA" chants can be heard throughout the arena, but the patriotic music of Russia overpowers their voice. The camera stays on..but no one seems to be coming out. The music stops for a moment and then begins replaying again as again no one comes out].

Matt: What is going on here?

Chip: I have no idea…

Matt: *holds earpiece* We are being told that Khoklov is being checked on now. Lets take you backstage.

[The camera goes backstage to the locker room of the Giant Khoklov. A stage hand can be seen knocking on the door as nothing can be heard inside. After a few more knocks, the stage hand opens the door as Khoklov can be seen laid out in the corner! The stage hand slowly backs up as “STRESSED” can be seen written in blood on the wall. The stage hand slowly backs up and out yelling for medics to come in and check on him as the camera goes back to the ring. The referee can be seen holding his ear piece as he shakes his head and walks over towards the announcer].

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is being deemed that The Giant Khoklov is unable to compete here tonight. With that, this match 
is officially declared a draw!

[KB stands in the ring shaking his head for a moment before sliding out and heading up the rampway. The camera fades to a commercial].

Commercial Break

[The camera opens up backstage showing the locker room of the Blade Club. The door is slightly ajar as you see Blayde Archer in the room with Zion and Johnston. The three men can be heard talking unaware that the camera is able to hear them].

Archer: Did you all get it done?

Zion: Yeah, he didnt even see it coming. We waited till he went to get ready to head towards the stage and took him out from behind. We took some blood and wrote stressed on the wall so that way everyone thinks its Fill that did it. We didnt want the blame falling back on us. 

Johnston: Figured he would be the easiest target due to the issues that theyve all had here recently. 

Archer: *laughs* Good play boys. Good play. Now all we have to do is go out there later tonight and make sure that we get what we want. He doesnt know that he signed us on for help, but hes going to tonight. If it werent for us, he wouldnt still have that precious championship. 

Zion: We just have to make sure that no one else gets in the way. 

Johnston: Strength in numbers is all we need. If we all stick together we’ll have nothing to worry about trust me.

[The camera slowly backs out and fades to a commercial break].

Commercial Break

[The camera pans out showing the announcers table]

Matt: Wow folks, what do you think about that. This Blade Club is 
really doing some underhanded work nowadays. 

Chip: They want the championship and who can blame them? You take down a man that big and blame it on someone else and get away with it….why not? That is just a smart move.

Matt: Well lets hope that Khoklov pays attention to that video and gets the revenge that needs to happen. We were all looking forward to seeing Blaze back in action here on Mayhem. 

Chip: Guess we dont always get what we want do we there Matt? Im sure that Blaze will have his chance to get back on Mayhem and who could blame him? This is a great show to be on. 

Matt: Speaking of the Blade Club, we have them in action coming up now against Polaris and Black in a tag team match. Theyve been exchanging words back and forth all week, and its finally time to see them climb into the ring and get it done. 

Chip: It appears they have already been busy so lets hope that they didnt wear themselves out. If they want to beat Black and Polaris, who are quite the odd pairing, then they are going to have to bring their A game. They took a loss to 420 last week, and weve been told they are more motivated than ever to get back into the ring and get themselves back on the right page. 

Matt: Lets hope so. Without further ado though folks, lets get to the action.

[The camera goes to the ring].

[Inside the ring, Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston can be seen in their corner awaiting their opponents. Soon after, [The camera moves to the tron as “Overpowered” by Phantom Power Music begins blaring over the PA system. As the music builds the lights on the stage strobe and dance around as if looking for Polaris. The tron slowly fades in a close zoom of Polaris' eyes. On the drop all the lights and tron go pure white as Bishop Polaris comes out from the behind the curtain and kneels down, facing towards the stage. On the second drop he jumps from kneeling onto his feet and all the lights begin flashing colors. He turns to face the crowd and paces quickly to the ring.]

Announcer: “Coming to the ring first, hailing from the Parish of Polaris, standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, He is…Bishop Polaris!”

[He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He brushes himself off at the crowd before hoping back to the ground. He takes the corner and awaits his partner.]

[“The Darkness Falls” Hits over the PA system as the arena goes dark. Smoke rises from the stage as Tom Black steps out onto the stage, looking around at the fans. Mixed reaction are given as Black collapses on the stage and begins crawling towards the ring, everyone confused as to what he is doing.]

Announcer: “And his partner, hailing from Liverpool England, standing at six foot eleven and three hundred and ten pounds, he is…TOM…BLACK!”
[He crawls into the ring and takes his corner as they stare across the ring at their opponents]
All four men can be seen discussing who is going to go into the ring first. Black points over at Zion but Polaris pushes past him and quickly climbs into the ring. The bell is rung as Zion and Polaris stare each other down before going to the center of the ring locking up. The two men work back and forth as Zion shoots a knee to the chest and comes off the ropes with a kick to the side of the head. Polaris falls to the mat as Zion puts on a sick smile

Matt: Well that was unexpected

Chip: A good opening for the club

Zion walks over picking Polaris up and throwing him off the ropes hitting a beautiful dropkick. He lies on the mat for a few moments trying to get his bearings as Zion walks over trying to pull himself up to his feet. Polaris shoots an elbow to the mid second and comes through with a quick recovery DDT taking Zion down to the mat hard. The smash can be heard throughout the arena much to the fans liking.

Matt: Textbook reversal there

Chip: That may be a big mistake on his part. He has the height advantage but that’s about it.

Polaris gets to his feet and grabs hold of Zion sending him over with a quick arm drag. Zion rolls to the mat and recovers coming up for a clothesline, but Polaris ducks it and comes back off the ropes with a nice cross body. He goes for the first pin of the match.


2…and Zion kicks out.

Polaris gets to his feet and walks over grabbing hold of Zion and placing him in a nice sleeper hold. The referee checks his status to see how he is as Zion continues to insist that he can continue. He lets out an awful yell and powers Polaris over with a back slam causing him to hit his head off the mat. Polaris goes to roll out of the ring, but is quickly grabbed hold of by Zion, who drags him back in. He picks Polaris up and sends him into their corner. Johnston strikes Polaris in the back of the head with a quick shot as the referee comes over yelling at him.

Matt: Another cheap shot by these dirty players. Wow…

Chip: Take what you can get until you get caught…and this time…he got caught.

He throws his hands up and tags in Johnston. The two men come into the ring and complete a double suplex followed by a double elbow drop! The fans give mixed reactions as Polaris lies on the mat in pain. Johnston reaches down to grab Polaris and gets taken down with a huge uppercut to the chin. He falls to the mat as Polaris runs over with his energy and tags in Black! The fans come to life as Black climbs into the ring.

Matt: Business is about to pick up folks.

Chip: We can only hope so. They have to get something going for them.

Black takes off running and smashes into Zion sending him crashing to the outside mat. Johnston comes running at Black and is met with a huge boot. The fans continue to cheer as Black picks him up and collapses to one knee. He strikes him in the stomach with a quick right and then stands up grabbing his head and delivering a huge head butt! The fans cheer louder as he pulls him back up and sends him crashing to the mat with a pump handle slam! He goes for the pin.


2…and Johnston kicks out of the pin.

Shocked that he was able to get up, Black gets to his feet and pulls Johnston to his feet. Johnston chop blocks Black and delivers his own headbutt! He climbs down and begins striking him numerous times as the referee comes over and tells him to get off. Johnston continues to throw a few more strikes as the referee threatens to disqualify him. He throws his hands up once again and gets to his feet ready to continue the assault.

Matt: He is lucky he stopped when he did. He almost got disqualified there.

Chip: He sure did. Boy would have been a tough loss.

Johnston reaches down and picks up Black bringing him to his feet. He sends a hard chop to the chest of Black and then goes to swing a fist as Black catches it! He sends him off the ropes and over with a huge backdrop! The smash can be heard throughout the arena as Black wastes no time continuing the offensive. He grabs hold of Johnston and throws him into the corner. Black comes in and feeds him a few shoulders to the chest as the fans begin cheering once more.

Matt: I would hate to be taking those shoulders to my gut. That’s just brutal.

Chip: I would say that his insides are getting rearranged as we speak.

Black pulls him out from the corner and pulls him in acting as if he is ready for the chokeslam. He wraps his hand around the throat of Johnston and taunts for the fans as Zion comes running in and strikes him in the back with a huge forearm. Black quickly turns around but is taken down by Johnston with a german suplex! He releases the hold as Polaris can be seen climbing to the top rope. He jumps and hits a hurricarana on Zion sending him back to the outside.

Matt: Polaris made his presence known here folks!

Chip: That’s how you protect your partner. Glad to see he had it in him!

The fans are on their feet as Polaris comes running and does a suicide dive through the ropes crashing into Zion and leaving him down on the outside! Both men lie on the outside as both Black and Johnston are down in the ring. The referee looks to the outside checking on both men as Blayde Archer comes crawling from under the ring! He slides into the ring and picks up Black hitting the Blade Cutter! He rolls out of the ring before the referee can notice as Johnston slowly crawls over to Black.

Matt: No…it cant end like this!

Chip: Get in there Polaris!

Johnston makes it over and reaches out placing his arm over the chest of Black. The referee turns around and sees it and begins the count.




[The fans boo loudly as Johnston and Zion lie in their respective places. Archer comes out and walks over picking up Zion and putting a boot to the back of the head of Polaris! Johnston slowly crawls out and slides out of the ring with the other two men as they all back up the rampway. Black slowly raises his head and stares a whole through all three men. Polaris lies on the outside as the camera pans to the Blade Club and then to a commercial].

Commercial Break

[The camera returns from a commercial break showing the office of Xander Adams. The camera moves in where Adams can be seen sitting at his desk with a look of disgust on his face. He begins speaking].

Adams: Somewhere along the way, these superstars have gotten the misconception that they can run amuck on my show and not have any consequences for their actions. I am tired of seeing this non stop interference in all the matches that have taken place recently and this is where it comes to a halt. 

[Adams reaches down and signs what appears to be a contract. He puts on a huge smile and continues speaking].

Adams: Next week on Mayhem, Tom Black will go one on one with Justice Johnston in a singles match with NO INTERFERENCE! If for some reason one of the other blade club members deem it justifiable to step through that curtain, that person will immediately be TERMINATED from WWX. The same goes for Bishop Polaris. If you step through that curtain at ANY POINT IN TIME during that match, your contract with WWX will be terminated. The people deserve to see a great show and I intend to give that to them. 

[Adams lets out an evil laugh as the camera pans out of his office and to a commercial].

Commercial Break

Matt: Adams seems to be on the warpath tonight, and honestly, who can blame him?

Chip: It seems here recently everyone is meddling in each others affairs, and no one can seem to get the upper hand at this point. The bad part about it is that everyone keeps doing it to different people. Its almost too hard to keep up with. 

Matt: Regardless, I have to say that if it werent for the interference by Blayde, Polaris and Black would have had that match in the bag. I think that what he did here was a smart decision honestly. 

Chip: Its going to cost someone their job to interefere? I would say so. That is epic. 

Matt: Well folks we move onto our next event of the night. Cameron Westport and Rayne one on one for a ranking spot in the international championship picture. Rayne didnt take the belt after taking the win last week, and Westport has been chasing that belt for quite some time. These two men started out civil and then turned real ugly. 

Chip: Ugly isnt the word for it. Westport said he has nothing to prove, Rayne thinks he does, and both men are going to be doing everything that they can to hurt each other here tonight. I have a feeling we are in for quite the showing. 

Matt: Well without further ado, lets get to it. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

[“Outlet” by Desiggner begins blaring over the pa system. The fans begin booing loudly as Westport steps out onto the stage. He stares them all down and then starts down the rampway towards the ring].

Announcer: Introducing first, hailing from Atlanta Georgia, standing at six feet seven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds...he is...Cameron Westport!

[Westport continues down the ramp ignoring the fans as he slides into the ring and takes his corner, watching the ramp].

[The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with a white robe covering him and a thorned crown. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway.]

Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Battleground North Carolina, standing at six feet three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...he is the arch angel...Rayne!

[Upon arrival, Rayne walks to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He takes the crown off and stares across the ring at Westport as the bell is rung].
The two men circle around the ring for a moment and go to the middle for a lock up. Westport whips Rayne over with a quick hip toss, but Rayne catches and comes off the ropes swinging a clothesline. Westport ducks the clothesline as Rayne comes back around. Westport goes for a clothesline of his own, but Rayne ducks and once again comes off the ropes. Westport takes the upper hand with a drop toe hold taking Rayne to the mat. He immediately rolls into a half boston crab locking it in.

Matt: Athleticism by these two men is phenomenal.

Chip: Absolutely so. I don’t think Rayne was expecting him to be this quick.

The referee gets down and checks on Rayne as he screams in pain. He uses his upper body strength and rolls out of the hold kicking Westport in the chest. He goes for a quick school boy roll up pin.

1…and Westport kicks out quickly.

The two men get to their feet and begin throwing fists as Rayne takes the upper hand and drives Westport into the corner. He delivers a huge chop to the chest of Westport and then puts him up onto the third rope. Rayne climbs up onto the second rope and goes to hook him as Westport strikes Rayne hard in the face. He gets to his feet and jumps off the ropes hitting a well timed missile dropkick. Rayne rolls back to the center of the ring as Westport continues on the offensive.

Matt: I don’t think that Rayne was ready for this speed. He seems way off his game.

Chip: You aren’t kidding there. Hes taking a beating at the hands of Westport here tonight folks.

Westport gets Rayne to his feet and kicks him in the stomach sending him up for a suplex. He follows with an elbow drop and gets up taunting for the fans. They give mixed reactions as he comes off the ropes with a running leg drop. He gets to his feet and pulls Rayne back up, sending an elbow to the side of the face and backing him into the ropes. He takes a step back and measures him up charging from the opposite side of the ring. Rayne comes to and sees him coming and drops the top rope sending him crashing to the outside!

Matt: Talk about timing! This match could turn out differently had he not have done that!

Chip: This one isn’t over yet. Never thought id say that but Westport has been on top the majority of this one.

Rayne lies on the mat and then rolls to the outside where Westport can be seen getting to his feet. Rayne delivers a knee to the side of the face dropping Westport back to the mat. Rayne picks him up throwing him into the security rail with force. Westport arches his back out from the pain as Rayne comes over striking him with hard rights in the face. Westport pushes him off and then comes through with a cross body as both men land hard on the outside floor.

Matt: He keeps finding a way to come back!

Chip: That is that comeback game. Real proud of his performance.

After a few seconds, both men rise to their feet. Westport takes off towards the ring sliding in as the referee count is at six. Rayne takes off running behind him and slides in as Westport puts the boots to his back. Rayne reaches up and sweeps his feet out from under him taking him to the mat. He jumps up to his head area and locks in a quick headlock as the fans give mixed reactions. Westports arms immediately drop as the referee comes to check on him. Westport shoots back to life and slowly works his way to his feet as the referee stands back.

Matt: Hes coming back again!

Chip: He sure is. This is amazing!

Westport gets to his feet and feeds three elbows into the chest of Rayne. Westport takes towards the ropes and comes running back as Rayne catches him sending him over with a spinebuster! The fans give mixed reactions as Rayne gets to one knee taking a breath. After a moment, he gets to his feet and takes Westport into the corner placing his face on the bottom rope. He climbs up onto the third rope and jumps down in a curb stomp fashion! Westport screams in pain grabbing his face as Rayne looks down at him.

Matt: That was just brutal. Why would you be allowed to do something like that?

Chip: That was beautiful. He needed to be brought back down to earth.

Rayne grabs hold of Westport and sends him off the ropes coming through with a running knee. Westport falls back into the mat as Rayne circles him for a moment and then pulls him to his knees. He strikes him in the face three hard times and then comes off the ropes with a running neckbreaker! Westport smashes hard into the mat as Rayne goes for a pin.


2…and Westport gets an arm up.

The fans once again give mixed reactions as Rayne picks Westport up and heaves him back to the outside area. He slides out of the ring and takes him out throwing him into the ring steps with serious might. Westport falls to the mat as Rayne slowly walks over waiting to see what he is going to do. Westport slowly crawls to his feet as Rayne approaches. Rayne reaches down to grab Westport but is struck with a huge uppercut followed by the game changer! The fans come to life as Rayne smashes into the mat hard.

Matt: The game changer! He got him with the game changer!

Chip: What a move. That was something that will go down in the history books as amazing. Westport may have the number here tonight.

Westport leans on the apron for a moment and goes to pick Rayne up. He takes him to the announcers table and slams his head off of it. Rayne turns as he is struck with a hard right hand. Westport goes to get back into the ring as Rayne stumbles in following him. Westport waits for Rayne to get up and hits the W! Rayne lies flat out on the mat as he goes for the pin.


2…and Rayne barely kicks out!

Westport looks in shock at what has happened and gets up yelling at the referee slamming his hand for a three count. The referee continues to argue for a moment as Rayne can be seen getting to his feet. He uses the ropes to pull himself up as he turns and waits for Westport to realize that he is there. Westport stops arguing with the referee and turns around and gets hit with the Rayne Drop DDT! Rayne rolls him up for the pin.


2…and Westport kicks out!

Rayne sits up running his hands through this hair wondering what it will take to get him down. He looks over at Westport who is lying out on the mat breathing heavily. Rayne falls back onto the mat as the referee waits to see who is going to move first.
Rayne slowly works his way to his feet and swings at Westport who has also gotten to his feet. Westport ducks it and picks Rayne up for the W again! 

Matt: Here comes round two of the W. He hits this and its over!

Chip: Rayne, you better get it together or this one is over. You aint getting up again!

Rayne recovers and slides down getting the Arch Angels Fall! Westport smashes into the mat as Rayne reaches back pulling his leg up for the pin.




Both men lie on the mat in severe pain as the fans stand up cheering and clapping for both men and the match. Rayne slowly works his way to his feet and looks over at Westport shaking his head in approval before sliding out of the ring. Westport looks up at Rayne as he slowly backs up the ramp. The camera fades to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Matt: Wow folks that was one for the ages. 

Chip: You arent kidding there. Westport held his own in that match, and there isnt a single negative thing you can say about it. Unless youre Westport.

Matt: He shouldnt be upset with that outcome. Those two both gave it their all and it came down to a final move. Now we move to the one that everyone has been waiting to see. The title rematch from two weeks ago pitting the new champion against the old. 

Chip: This one could honestly go either way. Fill had a hell of a battle last week while LX is fresh, but weve been told that LX hasnt wanted to be bothered with any cameras claiming hes “preparing”. 

Matt: We will have to see what happens here folks. Lets get to the action

[The camera goes to the stage]

[“Encore” by Jay Z hits over the PA System as the fans stand to their feet. LX comes out onto the rampway and stares over the fans, throwing his hand up and taunting. He slowly walks down towards the ring showing nothing but focus.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first,, standing at five feet eleven and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds, from Thomasville North Carolina…he is…LuAndre Xavier!

[LX continues down the rampway and slides into the ring, ignoring the fans as he stretches in his corner. The camera returns to the stage]

[The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day" by Dope starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. He walks down the ramp and throws the belt in the air much to the delight of th fans].

Announcer: And now, introducing your REIGNING, DEFENDING, International CHAMPION of the WORLD! Standing Six foot, six inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.. This IS the Stressed One, FILL!!

[Fill gets in the ring, stands in its middle and as he looks over the crowd he bumps his chest a few times and lifts his fist in the air. He hands the belt over and takes his corner, staring down LX with his normal death eyes.]

The two men stare across the ring from each other as the title belt is shown to both of them. The referee sends the title outside the ring as the bell is rung. The two men waste no time going at each other swinging wild rights and lefts, each one connecting with the other and neither looking as if they are ready to let up.

Matt: Wow, look at the intensity of these two.

Chip: You aren’t kidding. They are looking to hurt each other.

Fill shoots a knee to the chest of LX driving him into the corner. He strikes him with a back elbow to the side of the head sending LX stumbling out and comes through with a well-executed bulldog. LX smashes hard into the mat as Fill picks him back up off his feet and leads him over with a suplex. LX bounces off the mat and rolls out of the ring as Fill wastes no time following.

Matt: This one is going to get ugly really quick if LX doesn’t get his bearings.

Chip: Hes about to get a beating is what hes about to get.

Fill chases LX to the outside and gets met with an elbow. LX shoots two more stiff elbows to the face and goes to jump up onto the apron. He comes down off the apron with a crossbody but is caught by Fill! Fill tosses him on his shoulder and power slams him into the steel steps! LX screams in pain and rolls to the mat as Fill looks around at the crowd, who is silent at his destruction.

Matt: I cannot believe what we just saw. Is LX even still alive?

Chip: I don’t really know. I hope so just so this one will continue.

Fill picks LX up and tosses him into the announcers table wrapping his hand around his throat. The referee begins yelling at Fill, who ignores the calls. He lets up as the referee rounds another disqualification count. LX goes to lean forward as Fill reaches down grabbing him and slamming his head into the announcers table. He picks him up once more and slams his head again as LX slumps over.

Matt: I am worried about LX. He doesn’t seem to be with it tonight.

Chip: I agree with you there. This one does not seem like it is going to end well.

Fill grabs hold of LX and tosses him into the ring. He stares down at him as LX climbs towards the ropes. Fill reaches out and grabs hold of him pulling him into the middle of the ring. He takes him up for the stress bomb laying LX out completely. The fans are silent as Fill places a boot on the chest of LX.




The fans cheer as Fill looks around at all of them. As he gets ready to celebrate, the lights in the arena shut out. Nothing is heard for a moment as the lights kick back on in the arena.  Blayde Archer can be seen in the ring standing right near Fill. He smiles and waves at him as he walks over grabbing a microphone.

Archer: So this is what we have come to. *Points at LX* this guy wasn’t who he normally was tonight and I think we all know that. However, the reason that I am out here tonight is simple. Last week, I gave you the opportunity to keep your championship when you should have lost it. The Blade Club are the ones who are responsible for helping you, and I have come as the official representative to not only receive the thank you that we deserve but also I don’t know…maybe…a…title shot. Or, better yet, you could just hand it over. I mean *laughs* we all know you don’t want another beat down from one of these guys that are after you.

[Fill stands staring at Archer breathing heavily. He puts on a smile and walks over grabbing a mic and his championship].

Fill: *holds up the international championship* You mean…this championship? You seem to think that you are entitled to something that you are not, and im not sure where your warped sense of entitlement came from. You mind explaining that to me?

[Archer shakes his head in disgust as points towards the stage as the other two members of the blade club come from the crowd. They slide into the ring as Fill slowly backs into a corner].

Archer: We evidently don’t seem to understand each other Fill. We can do this one of two ways, the easy way or the hard way. The question you need to ask yourself is…is it worth the beating of us taking that title off your shoulder forcefully?

[The three men slowly start to walk towards Fill as he puts a hand up].

Fill: Hold it now. You didn’t even give me time to make my choice. And ive come together with it. My choice is…look up!

[Fill moves quickly as LX can be seen up on the ropes. He comes jumping in a cross body taking out two of the Blade Club. Fill takes off running and smashes the international championship into the face of Blayde as he falls into the mat. Soon after, movement can be caught as Khoklov comes marching down the rampway. He comes in and delivers a huge boot to LX sending him back out of the ring].

Matt: I cannot believe what we are seeing here folks!

Chip: This is utter chaos!

[Fill immediately goes over and takes the big man down to one knee with a chop block. He goes running to hit a boot of his own as Khoklov gets to his feet and catches Fill, sending him up for a chokeslam! The ring shakes as Khoklov lets out a loud yell. Zion and Johnston get to their feet and take the fight to Khoklov beating him into the corner. They take him down to a seat position and feed the boots to him. Movement can be caught again as Rayne jumps the barricade with his hammer in hand! He slides into the ring and goes at the two men taking a shot to the back of the head of Johnston! Johnston falls forward on top of Khoklov as Rayne drops the hammer. Zion goes to swing but Rayne ducks and hits the Rayne Drop DDT!]

Matt: The arch angel is in this now! This is pure carnage!

Chip: Keep it coming boys, keep it coming.

[Rayne goes to turn around as Fill meets him hitting the stress bomb! Rayne lies on the mat flat out as Fill drops to one knee. Soon after, Xander Adams appears at the top of the stage].

Xander: That’s enough! Stop all this! You all want to fight? You all want to hurt each other?! Well we can make that happen. Next week on Mayhem, we will have a huge championship match. Fill, you will defend your championship against Giant Khoklov, Blayde Archer, LX, and Rayne! The five of you will meet in an elimination style battle royal…where anything goes! You all want to continue to draw the blood of each other, here is your opportunity.

[Xanders steps back behind the curtain as all the men can slowly be seen working their way to their feet. They all stare across the ring from each other as the WWX logo flashes and fades to black].

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