OUTRAGE - Show 2017-06-12 21:46:29

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WWX outrage PPV Show

Sometimes, fighting for your goals with all you have got is not enough. There are certain times when the only way to win is to burst into an outrage!

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OUTRAGE - Show 2017-06-12 21:46:29
“Click Click Boom” by Saliva blasts through the PA system as a cataclysm of pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Fans cheer for their favorite star and several signs are seen. The camera then pans to the announce table where Terry Jackson, Mike Hart and Gary Lane are getting settled in.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the New Orleans Superdome, home to the New Orleans Saints. Tonight starts our official road to Hall of Pain. I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson and alongside me is Mike Hart and Gary Lane. 

Hart: And Terry, the noise level in this building is off the charts here!! We have a lot of action on tap tonight. Hex Girl challenges Willie Steen for the TV title. Will Hex Girl make history and become the first female TV Champ?

Lane: I don’t think she can guys. Steen beat her once before. He’s gonna do so again tonight and keep his TV Title.

Suddenly, “The Devil’s Deadly Weapon” starts up as Baalzebul makes his way out on the entrance ramp dressed in a suit and tie. Everyone looks on in complete shock as Baalz makes his way to the announce table and takes a seat next to Gary.

TJ: Ladies and gentleman, apparently Baalz is going to join us for commentary tonight.

Hart: Hey there Baalz! It’s been a-

Baalz: I heard that we got a hardcore gauntlet match coming up pretty soon.

Lane: Yeah we do Baalz. Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister defend the tag titles against any and all available teams in the WWX. The match stipulation made by our World Champ Syndicate.

Baalz: Wait. Syd STILL wrestles? I thought he done retired.

Lane: Nope. Still wrestles.

“Lady Marmalade” by All Saints start up as Kailee begins to make her way out to a few cheers.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from London, England, Kailee!

TJ: Kailee’s one of our up and coming female wrestlers who is trying to find her footing here in the WWX.

Lane: This one’s gonna be a snore fest here.

Baalz: Try to be more professional Gary.
TJ: I wouldn’t say that Gary. The women we have on the roster are just as competitive as the men.

Hart: I agree Terry.

TJ: Guys, I’m getting word that there’s some kind of disturbance going on backstage near the GM’s office.


Mr. Terry stands outside Maxfield Stanton’s office door, which appears to be locked. David Dudley walks up and spots Mr. Terry.

Dudley: Who are you?

Terry: I’m in control of WWX now. 

Dudley: Really now? That means I can have my job back then.

Terry: Fine, now get me my office keys!

Lane: Looks like we got a new person in charge.

Hart: I don’t know Gary.

“Just Another Victim” blasts through the PA system as Beatrice makes her way out to a full blown fanfare.

Frenell: And her opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, “The Graceful Assassin” Beatrice Pendragon!!

Hart: What a return reception for the Graceful Assassin here tonight!

TJ: Beatrice is a former 3-time WWX Women’s Champion. Retired the Women’s title after her final successful title defense. Beatrice kept herself busy by working with the production road crew. She told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to return to in-ring competition.

Baalz: Damn, she getting’ old.

Lane: This’ll be over quick then.

Hart: I wouldn’t count out Beatrice just yet. Beatrice still looks in peak condition.


TJ: Here we go!!

Kailee extends a hand to Beatrice, which she shakes. The two women circle the ring for several moments before they lock up. Beatrice gains the upper hand and shoves Kaliee down. She quickly gets back to her feet and the two women lock up once again. This time Kailee gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Beatrice shoves Kailee into the ropes and follows up with a shoulder tackle. Beatrice then bounces off the ropes but Kailee counters with a dropkick.

TJ: Nice dropkick there by Kailee right there.

Kailee goes for the cover, but Beatrice kicks out before the ref can count. The two women get back to their feet rather quickly. Fans begin getting into the match.

Hart: These fans are getting into our opening bout here.

TJ: This match here might even set the tone for the rest of the night.

Baalz: Set the tone for the rest of the night? I can’t even set the tone in my headphones to get out the feedback I’m dealing with at the moment.

Lane: Tell me about it. 
Beatrice clotheslines Kailee over the top rope, as Kailee spills over to the ringside area. As Kailee tries to recover, Beatrice leaps through the ropes with a suicide dive.

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*

TJ: These ladies are definitely putting on a clinic here.

Hart: I’ll say. These ladies are putting on a show.

Lane: Who were we watching again?

Hart: Are you serious right now Gary? Come on.

Baalz: Give the guy a break Mike. It’s not his fault he doesn’t have a woman.

Lane: Hey!

TJ: I believe that was an official burn.

Hart: We got a cover by Kailee!
1, 2, kickout!!

Hart: Kailee with the near fall right there.

TJ: Kailee’s been in control of this match so far since Beatrice missed the Assassin’s Charge earlier while we were conversing.

Hart: And both of them look like they’re just worn out from going hard since the opening bell.

Lane: This is why the ring is no place for a woman.

Baalz: And this is why Gary Lane doesn’t get any action.

Lane: Come on Baalz! You’re supposed to be on my side here.

Baalz: I’m a realist.

Kailee applies a bow and arrow lock as Beatrice tries to fight out of it.

TJ: Nice bow and arrow hold there by Kailee.

Hart: Kailee could possibly be setting Beatrice up for the Muta Lock.

After a few minutes, Beatrice manages to wiggle free and counter with the Assassin’s Creed.

TJ: What a counter by Beatrice.

Hart: The Assassin’s Creed is locked in. Kailee’s in trouble!

The ref, in perfect position, checks on Kailee and asks if she wants to give up, which she responds with no. After about 2 minutes, Kailee manages to reach the bottom rope with her right leg, forcing the break. Beatrice backs up, allowing Kailee to get to her feet. Beatrice then goes to whip Kailee into the corner but is reversed as Kailee sends Beatrice into the corner post, hard. Beatrice bounces off the post and falls to the ground. Wasting no time, Kailee locks in the Muta Lock. Beatrice tries to prevent Kailee from locking it in completely but doesn’t succeed.

TJ: Muta Lock is on! Muta Lock is on!

Hart: Now it’s the Graceful Assassin that’s in trouble.

Baalz: I’ll admit. These are some bad b(beep)es.

TJ: I don’t think you say that Baalz.

Hart: Well the censors DID do a good job censoring that.
With the last surge of strength, Beatrice wills herself back to a vertical base and delivers End Game.

TJ: End Game! End Game!

Hart: From out of nowhere!!

Lane: Can Beatrice capitalize here?

Both women lie motionless in the ring as the ref continues to count.

TJ: It is gut check time for both these women.

Hart: These women are really something. They’ve been going hard since the match started.

Kailee is the first to her feet. She whips Beatrice into the ropes and tries to go for a clothesline but Beatrice ducks underneath and counters with the Snipe Out.

TJ: Snipe Out! Snipe Out!

Hart: Can she put Kailee away?

1, 2, 3!!


“Just Another Victim” starts up again as Beatrice uses the ropes to stand. Fans come unglued as she shoos the ref away. She slowly moves over to Kailee and helps her stand. Fans cheer for this sign of sportsmanship as the two ladies leave the ring together.

TJ: That was a highly competitive match.

Hart: Yes it was.

Lane: First I didn’t fall asleep on.

Baalz: First match he hasn’t gotten slapped by a woman yet.


Dr. Death is seen walking down the hall, seemingly going towards a locker room when he is ambushed by David Dudley. David lands a few forearm shots until referees and other WWX officials rush in and break up the fight. Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton walks into camera range, obviously pissed off.

Stanton: David Dudley, what the hell are you doing here? I fired you.

Dudley: Yeah, but your new boss hired me back?

Stanton: What?...Nevermind. Since you wanna come back so bad, you will face Dr. Death. You win, I’ll hire you back. You lose, you’re fired. Now take it to the ring…now.

Dr. Death leaves for the ring.

Dudley: This will be over quick.

David then leaves for the ring. A senior ref walks into camera range.

Senior Ref: Sir, did you hire on a Mr. Terry as our new GM?

Stanton: No. Why?

Senior Ref: He’s saying that he is.

Stanton: All right. I’ll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.


“…to be Love” starts off as David Dudley makes his way out to the ring to a sea of boos and jeers.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from London-

David wastes no time, taking Dr. Death down with a Lou Thez Press


David lifts Dr. Death to his feet and whips him into the ropes and follows up with a shoulder tackle on the rebound.

Lane: I kinda like David Dudley. Since he’s back in the WWX, he’s showing more of an aggressive side. He even thanked the new boss for giving him his job back.

Hart: Mr. Terry is not in charge from what I have been told and the real GM is looking into the matter as we speak.

TJ: Me personally, I don’t think that our General Manager is going to approve that one bit.

Baalz: Well, he kinda doesn’t have a choice. Max is just going to have to get over the fact that he’ll soon be out the door.

TJ: That has yet to be seen Baalz.

In the ring, Dr. Death reverses an Irish whip attempt and counters with the Death Drop.

TJ: Nice counter there by Dr. Death.

As Dr. Death goes for the cover, he slides his feet on the bottom rope, just out of sight from the ref.

1, 2, 3!


“Go F*k Yourself” starts up as Dr. Death slides out the ring and has his hands raised by the ref. Fans start singing “Na Na Na, Hey hey, goodbye” to David as he protest that it was a fluke.

TJ: David Dudley is out of a job again.
Lane: This is a travesty! I hope Mr. Terry saw this.

Hart: Still on that kick on Mr. Terry being in charge I see.


Maxfield Stanton walks up to his office to find his office door wide open.

Stanton (to himself): That’s funny…

Max walks in and sees someone sitting in his chair. The chair turns to reveal Mr. Terry sitting in the chair.

Stanton: There must be a reason why you’re sitting in my chair.

Terry: You mean “my” chair. I’m your new boss.

Stanton: Really? Says who?

Terry: Donald Trump. He said so.

Stanton: Just because President Trump said that, you think you’re the new boss around here. Let me break it down to you. First off, I looked at your contract already and it says “wrestler”. In fact, next week on Ravage, you will face off against Vigilante. Second, I don’t know how the hell you fooled some of my staff around here, but that’s another story. Third, I could have you arrested for breaking and entering. Now unless you want me to do that now, I suggest you get up out my chair and out of my office.

Mr. Terry pouts a bit before he leaves the office in a huff.


TJ: So we know now that Mr. Terry is a wrestler and not our new GM and will be in action next week on Ravage.

Lane: This is an outrage! Max is just jealous is all.

“American Witch” starts off as Hex Girl makes her way out to a sea of deafening cheers. She looks into the crowd and gets the vibe that the entire arena is going to be on her side.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the WWX Television Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Busthead, Virginia, “The Wiccan Wonder” Hex Girl!!

TJ: Hex Girl has a chance to make history tonight by becoming the first ever female TV Champ if she can dethrone Steen.

Lane: If Steen can get past the entire locker room, I’m pretty sure he can get past this looney woman.

Baalz: Hence the reason why Gary Lane doesn’t get any action.

Hart: Is it me or is Baalz just having field day of owning Gary?

“Crawling in the Dark” starts off as Steen comes out with the TV title on his shoulder and a chorus of boos. Steen mouths off just out of camera mic range that “this’ll be easy because I already beat her once already”

Frenell: And her opponent, from Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, he is the WWX Television Champion, “The Cool Factor” Willie Steen!

TJ: Steen was successful in defending the TV title back in Birmingham but almost immediately is facing a new challenger in the form of Hex Girl.

Hart: These two have met in the past with Steen getting the victory over Hex Girl but this time could be different.

Lane: Not really. Steen is much faster and stronger than Hex Girl.
Baalz: I’m kinda going with Mike on this one. 

Lane: Come on Baalz! Who’s side are you on anyway?!


TJ: Here we go! TV title is on the line.

Steen gives off a smirk and approaches Hex Girl.

Steen (off-mic): Why don’t you just go ahead and throw the match to me and save yourself the embarrassment? You know you can’t-


TJ: Wow!

Hart: What a slap by Hex Girl.

Enraged, Steen charges at Hex Girl but she sidesteps and counters with a palm strike to Steen’s chest. She begins unleashing a barrage of punches and palm strikes, driving him into the corner. She immediately climbs over Steen’s face and begins to rain down more punches. She manages to get in 4 before Steen shoves her away. Steen charges at Hex Girl but she counters with a drop toe hold. Steen gets to his feet almost immediately but is met with several kicks to his back calves.

TJ: Hex Girl relying on her martial arts training here in the early going of this match.

Lane: They only get you so far though and Hex Girl is way out of her league.

Hart: You can never count Hex Girl out Gary. You know that.

Baalz: That maybe true Mike, but Gary will never know

Lane: Oh, come on already.

Hex Girl starts to whip Steen but Steen reverses the attempt and throws her out the ring.

TJ: This is where Willie Steen can be dangerous.

Steen lifts Hex Girl to her feet and whips her against the steel steps. The impact of the steel hits her left hip. Hex Girl grabs her hip as Steen lifts her to her feet again and rams her back first into the edge of the ring apron.

TJ: Hex Girl is in a world of trouble here.

Steen slings her back in the ring and goes for the cover.

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: Steen with the nearfall right there.

Steen lifts Hex Girl to her feet and whips her into the ropes. He bends down to follow up with a back drop but Hex Girl counters with a thunderous DDT.

Hart: What a counter by the challenger.

TJ: It is gut check time for both these combatants.

Hart: The challenger is hurting but so is the champion. Both Hex Girl and Steen took and dished out an incredible amount of punishment in this match here.

Steen is the first to get to his feet but finds it difficult to keep a solid base stance while Hex Girl tries her best to ignore the pain in her hip. Steen throws a right hand but Hex Girl blocks and counters with one of her own. She throws two more right hands and moves to whip Steen but Steen reverses the attempt. He tries to follow up with a clothesline but Hex Girl ducks underneath him and bounces off the other side of the ropes. Steen tries to counter with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Hex Girl counters into a head scissors. Hex Girl steps out on the ring apron as Steen tries to stand. As Steen turns, he is hit by a cross body from Hex Girl.

TJ: Hex Girl taking to the skies here.

Hart: But she’s also taking risks to with the injuries she’s been sustaining in this match.

Hex Girl starts laying into Steen, driving him into a corner. Steen begins to cower in the corner, causing the ref to get between Steen and Hex Girl. While the ref is occupied with Hex Girl, Steen discreetly takes off the turnbuckle padding.

TJ: Steen taking off the turnbuckle pad right there.

Hart: Steen resorting to cheating tactics to try and retain the TV title here.

Lane: Say what you want about Steen, but Steen gets the job done regardless. 

Hex Girl goes to whip Steen but Steen reverses the attempt and send her into the exposed corner post…in front of the ref. Before the ref can call for the bell, Maxfield Stanton’s voice can be heard over the PA speakers.

Stanton: Hey ref! Before you think about calling for the bell, let the match continue. With the way it’s going so far, the fans deserve to see a winner.

Fans roar in approval of Max’s decision.

Lane: See?! It would’ve been better with Mr. Terry in charge.

Hart: Mr. Terry’s a wrestler. Not a GM.

TJ: And nowhere near the caliber that the WWX needs a GM to be.

Steen goes to the top rope and hits the Cali Clash and immediately goes for the cover.


TJ: Excellent ring presence by the challenger.

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*
TJ: After everything these two having been dishing out, I’m surprised that any of them is still standing, let alone moving.

Steen lifts Hex Girl up for a scoop slam.

Steen (off-mic): Stay down woman!

Steen goes to the top rope once again.

TJ: If Steen hits a second Cali Clash, this one could very well be over.

Lane: It’s already over Terry. Admit it.

As Steen goes for the Cali Clash, Hex Girl moves out the way at the last possible second. Wasting no time, she locks in the Magic Carpet Ride.

TJ: Magic Carpet Ride is locked in! Steen’s trouble!

Lane: Come on Steen! You got this!

Steen struggles to get free but has difficulty doing so. After about a minute, Steen inches and crawls his way to the bottom rope, forcing a break. Steen tries to whip Hex Girl into the exposed turnbuckle once more but Hex Girl reverses the attempt, sending Steen into the exposed steel. Hex Girl follows up with a springboard cross body. Perhaps running on fumes at this point, Hex Girl locks in the Final Sacrifice.

TJ: Final Sacrifice is locked in! Steen’s in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!!

Fans are now on the edge of their seats, cheering on Hex Girl as she struggles to hang onto the submission hold.

Hart: Steen’s trapped in the center of the ring with nowhere to go!

Steen fights valiantly to crawl to the bottom rope. As Steen gets within a ½ inch from the bottom rope, Hex Girl drags him back to the center of the ring and reapplies the submission hold, applying more pressure. After 4 minutes, Steen finally taps.


“American Witch” blasts off throughout the PA system as Hex Girl rolls off Steen. The ref comes back in the ring and raises the hand of Hex Girl while handing her the TV Title. After a few moments, Hex Girl’s eyes widen after she realizes what just happened.



Lane: NO!!
Frenell: Here is your winner, and the NEW WWX Television Champion, “The Wiccan Wonder” Hex Girl!!

TJ: Congratulations to Hex Girl for becoming the first female in WWX history to become the TV Champion.

Baalz: I’m actually surprised. That match could’ve gone either way for real.

Hart: You are so right about that.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, that was only one of our championship matches we have on tap and we have plenty more action coming up.


Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton is seen talking to several WWX referees when he spots Dr. Death.

Stanton: I saw your performance out there. Nice. Very nice. I see potential in you.

Dr. Death says nothing and walks away.


“Hype” starts off as Kurtis makes his way to the ring to a sea of jeers and boos.

Frenell: The following contest is the Crusade Cup Finals set for one fall! Introducing first, from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, weighting in at 270 pounds, Kurtis Ray!

TJ: Regardless if Kurtis wins or loses this match, he still faces Syndicate later on this evening for the Undisputed Title.

Hart: In Kurtis Ray’s case, he’s gonna have to somehow save most of his energy for later tonight in his World Title rematch against Syndicate but getting past Darkness is no easy feat at all.

Lane: I bet you $200 that Kurtis Ray walks out of Outrage as both the Crusade Cup winner AND the new World Champion.

Baalz: I’ll take that bet.

Hart: Oh. Someone else gets a crack at taking Gary’s money besides myself and Terry here.

Lane: What was that for?

TJ: You would normally lose a bet to either of us if not both of us.

Lane: That’s because you two rig the matches in your favor.

TJ: Excuses, excuses…

The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.

Frenell: And his opponent, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, Darkness!!

TJ: Darkness, much like Kurtis Ray worked his way up through the Crusade Cup bracket to get to this point. Only one man will have the honor of being named the Crusade Cup Champion.

Hart: Question is which one will get that honor?

The two lock up with Kurtis getting the upper hand and applying a side headlock. Darkness pushes Kurtis into the ropes but Kurtis counters with a shoulder tackle. Darkness gets to his feet but gets knocked down by a clothesline from Kurtis. Kurtis lifts Darkness to his feet and whips him into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline on the rebound. Kurtis then goes for a cover.

1, 2 kickout!

TJ: A kickout there by Darkness.

Hart: Kurtis has been on a roll as of late. 

Lane: Of course. Not only is he going to win the Crusade Cup but he’s also going to regain his Undisputed World Championship Syndicate took from him and I get my $200 from Baalz.

Baalz: That has yet to be seen Gary.

Kurtis throws Darkness to the outside and then climbs out the ring. Kurtis whips Darkness into the steel steps.

TJ: Kurtis is gonna have to get this match back in the ring if he wants to win.

Lane: Kurtis Ray can’t be stopped. He’s on a roll.
Hart: Just because he’s been on a roll doesn’t mean he can’t be stopped Gary.

Lane: Mike, he can’t be stopped. He’s gonna become the Crusade Cup AND Undisputed World Champion and as an added bonus, get $200 from Baalz.

Baalz: I’ll be surprised if his predictions hold true. It’ll be the first time since his personal toy left him.

Hart: Really now? Didn’t know Gary actually had a woman.

TJ: I doubt it was a real one.

Lane: Hey, now hold on!

Baalz: Damn.

Hart: Good one Terry.

Baalz: I didn’t know you had one in you TJ.

TJ: Well, he DOES leaves him wide open to them.
In the ring, Kurtis whips Darkness into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Darkness ducks underneath and counters with one of his own. Darkness begins to lay into Kurtis with lefts and rights. Kurtis is driven back into a corner as Darkness hits a turnbuckle clothesline.

TJ: Darkness starting to build momentum here.

Lane: Won’t last though.

Two hooded figures try to sneak in the ring but the ref spots them, who in turn ejects them from ringside.

Hart: Who were those guys?

TJ: I have no idea.

While that’s going on, Kurtis Ray sneaks up behind Darkness and hits him with a low blow, just out of view from the ref.

TJ: And Kurtis hits a low blow on Darkness behind the ref’s back.

Lane: If the ref didn’t see it, then it’s legal

Hart: Just like Gary to say something like that.

Baalz: Much like women turn their backs on Gary for being an idiot.

Lane: Oh come on!

Suddenly, the crowd burst into cheers when they spot Syndicate casually walking to the ring, chair in hand.

TJ: What is Syndicate doing here this early?

Hart: Who knows?

Lane: He’s here to help Kurtis out.

Syndicate slides in the ring with the chair and looks poised to hit Kurtis. In an ironic twist Syndicate turns and hits Darkness with the chair, in plain view of the ref.


TJ: Syndicate just hit Darkness with the chair.

Hart: Looks like Gary done lost again.

Lane: Damn it Syndicate!
Baalz: Told you so.

Frenell: Here is your winner by disqualification and the NEW Crusade Cup Champion Darkness!!

TJ: Syndicate just costed Kurtis Ray the Crusade Cup

Syndicate (off-mic): I’ll see you later tonight.

Hart: Syndicate playing mind games, getting into the head of Kurtis Ray. Question is will it work later tonight? We’ll find out in our main event.


WWX Senior Reporter Chris Sanders I seen standing in a hallway when Maxfield Stanton walks up.

Sanders: Max, great pay-per-view so far.

Stanton: Thanks Chris. You know, since I came back to the WWX, I’ve been looking for ways to get at Ravage back up to the standards it needs to be at. I know I still have a lot of work to do.

Max’s phone rings and he picks up.

Stanton: Talk to me…uh huh…yes, sir. I’ll be there tomorrow morning

Max then hangs up the phone.

Stanton: Sorry about that. Had a call. At any rate, with the way Outrage has been going, anything can happen.


Frenell: The following contest is the Hardcore Gauntlet Match and it is for the WWX Tag Team Championship!!

Baalz: Now this might get interesting.

“In the End” starts off as fans give off more boos than cheers. Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister make their way out on the entrance ramp, holding the tag titles for all to see.

Frenell: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 523 pounds, they are the WWX Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!!

TJ: This stipulation was chosen by our World Champion after a successful and brutal title defense against both the tag team champions.

Baalz: I really wouldn’t call it successful Terry. Syndicate had help from the person that should’ve been in the match itself.

TJ: Maybe but I’m not entirely convinced that LuAndre Xavier can make a request like that.

Baalz: Well, he apparently did Terry and there ain’t a damn thing people can do about it either.

Hart: It was still an interesting stipulation by our champion.

“Pop Goes the Weasel” starts off as Funzo and Happy Gigglesworth make their way out to a full-on fanfare.

Frenell: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 673 pounds, Funzo and Happy Gigglesworth, Happy Fun Time!!

TJ: Funzo and Gigglesworth maybe all smiles now but they are all business when they’re in that ring. This a huge opportunity for them to try and dethrone the tag champs.

Hart: The tag champs have been on a roll since winning the tag titles from the Empire.
Lane: Please tell me you’re not talking about them again?

Baalz: Aww, what’s wrong Gary? Scared that Mike Hart gets more women than you do?

Terry: Ouch.

Baalz: Don’t feel too bad Gary. Half the women Mike had were actually guys.

Hart: Now, see here!

TJ: Well, damn.


TJ: For the folks watching at home, if my understanding is correct, unlike a regular tag team match, both teams are going to be in the ring at the same time. If a member team is pinned or made to submit then both team members go back to the locker room and the next team comes out until we have a winner.

Baalz: And possibly new tag team champions.

Funzo begins laying right hands into McAllister, slowly driving him into a corner. Gigglesworth rains down on Lipton with lefts and rights, driving him into the opposite corner of his partner. Funzo and Gigglesworth then whips Lipton and McAllister into each other.

TJ: Happy Fun Time gaining an early advantage over our tag team champions.

Hart: Happy Fun Time has also been on a roll as of late. This match is going to ultimately come down to intestinal fortitude on who will last the longest in this match.

Baalz: Sadly, with Terry, that’ll only be 60 seconds.

TJ: What?!

Baalz: Mike called you out on that one.

Hart: Wow.

Lane: Now THAT was an official burn.

As the commentators continue to bicker, all 4 men are now on the outside. Funzo whips Lipton to Gigglesworth who back drops him to the floor. McAllister sneaks up behind Funzo and whips him into the security guardrail. Gigglesworth spots this goes to help his partner and charges in but Rex steps out of the way, countering with a drop toe hold, causing Gigglesworth to trip over Funzo.

TJ: Nice counter there by Rex right there.

Lipton comes up behind Rex and hands him a chair. Rex then goes under the ring and pulls out a table and sets it up. During this time Gigglesworth comes to and spots Rex setting up a table and charges at him, taking him down with a Lou Thez Press. Lipton rears his chair back to swing at Gigglesworth but Funzo hits Lipton with a chair of his own.

TJ: We got chaos erupting at ringside here!

Baalz: At least it’s more of an eruption that you and Mike have.

Hart: Now that was a low blow there Baalz. 

Baalz: Still legal as a headlock.

As Gigglesworth dukes it out with McAllister, Lipton hits a low blow, much to the dismay of the fans. McAllister follows up with a DDT. Before Rex has time to reset himself, Funzo springboards over the top rope, connecting with a cross body.

TJ: Funzo taking down McAllister with that cross body right there.
Hart: This match is as chaotic as it gets right now.

Lane: This match is actually interesting.

Baalz: More interesting than your love life Gary.

Lane: Now, see here!!

As the commentators bicker, Funzo and Gigglesworth sling Lipton back into the ring along with Rex’s table. Gigglesworth sets the table up in the middle of the ring as Funzo sets Lipton up on the table. As Funzo climbs to the top rope, Mcallister comes up and hits Gigglesworth on the back of his knees, causing him to fall. As Funzo turns to face Rex, Lipton springs to life and throws Funzo…right through the table.


TJ: Good God Almighty!! Funzo is broken in half!!

1, 2, 3!!

Frenell: Happy Fun Time has been eliminated.

Operator’s Voice: (over the intercom) At the tone, the time will be 4:20… exactly.

(“Little Green Bag” by George Baker Selection pumps through the speakers, as the crowd jumps to their feet.)

Frenell: Weighing in at a total combined weight of 572 pounds. Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, 420!!!!!!

(Tinordi and Glazebrook appear at the top of the ramp, nodding their heads to the beat of the music. Both men are wearing a pair of black track pants with a green stripe down the side and white T shirts with the 420 logo in green written on the front. Tinordi has a green floppy hat on and both men are wearing dark sunglasses. 

They dance their way down the aisle for a bit, until the breakdown in the music comes. At this point the two men really break it down, with moves that resemble a cross between John Travolta in Pulp Fiction and a man having an epileptic seizure. The guys follow the direction of the song and “turn to the left, jump to the right. Looking upstairs, looking behind.” 

Glazebrook finds a nice looking young lady at ringside and does a little bumpin’ and grindin’ with her through the guard rail. Tinordi has taken a sign from a fan and is parading it back and forth in front of the ring. The sign says, "What Time Is It?"

TJ: 420 looking to become the new tag champs here. Since no other team has responded, 420 will be the last team to compete in this match.

Baalz: I wonder what Xavier’s doing nowadays?

As the commentators talk, all 4 men charge at each other almost immediately.

TJ: And here we go! Last team in the gauntlet match and we’re already descending into chaos.

Hart: This half of the match is pretty much going to be as explosive as the first half was.

TJ: I agree. I’m actually surprised that Gary hasn’t spoken up about him wanting the tag champs wanting to win. By the way, how’s that extra $200 treating ya Baalz?

Baalz: Pretty damn good actually.

Lane: Y’all need to focus on your jobs.

Glazebrook and Tinordi manage to toss Lipton to the outside, leaving 420 to double team on Rex. The two whip McAllister into the ropes and follow up with a double flapjack on the rebound. 

TJ: 420 taking advantage of the champs being the first team in this match here.

Hart: Very sound strategy by 420. Hitting the tag champs hard and fast.

Lane: I’m pretty sure Lipton and McAllister will pull through from this.

Hart: Wanna make another bet?

Lane: I’m good. I don’t wanna take y’all money.

Baalz: That’s what she said when Sarah took your money.

Lane: Now that was a fluke and pure luck!

Lipton and McAllister manage to separate Glazebrook from Tinordi by tossing Glazebrook over the top and onto the arena floor. Lipton and McAllister drag Tinordi over to the Spanish announce table and pull out the monitors.

TJ: It looks like someone’s about to go through the Spanish announce table.

Victor and Hugo Hernandez scurry out the way as Lipton sets Tinordi on the table. McAllister climbs to the top and delivers a stern elbow…right through the table.


Victor: Gary Tinordi fue conducido simplemente a través de nuestra tabla del anuncio!!

Hugo: Tiene que ser roto a la mitad después de tomar un disparo como ese Víctor!

As Lipton and McAllister turn their attention towards Glazebrook in the ring, Glazebrook flies over the top rope, taking both Lipton and McAllister down with a cross body. All 4 men lie motionless on the crowd as the fans begin chanting “This is awesome!”

TJ: Good GOD!! All 4 men laying among the rubble of the Spanish announce table!

Hart: It’s gonna come down to who wants to emerge the tag team champions more.

Glazebrook is the first to get to his feet and immediately goes to check on Tinordi, helping him to his feet. Lipton does the same with McAllister.

TJ: I’m surprised that any of them are still moving, let alone standing.

Both teams climb back in the ring and begin slugging it out, hitting each other with lefts and rights until McAllister goes for a suplex on Tinordi but Tinordi counters with one of his own. Lipton looks to go for the CIB on Glazebrook counters with the Stoner.

TJ: Stoner on Lipton!!

Meanwhile, Rex positions himself to ambush Glazebrook but Tinordi sneaks up behind him on the outside and grabs Lipton’s legs, dragging him to the ground. Lipton turns to face Tinordi but Tinordi grabs his legs once more pulling him into the steel post, groin first.

TJ: Good GOD!!

Victor: DIOS MIO!

Wasting no time, Tinordi locks in the Figure 420 on the steel post. 

TJ: Tinordi’s got the Figure 420 locked in with on the steel post. Lipton’s in trouble!

Glazebrook goes to for the cover but Rex cuts him off with the Rex Effect. As the ref goes to check on Lipton, Rex climbs to the top rope and hits an elbow on Tinordi, breaking the submission hold.


TJ: What a way to break the submission by Rex McAllister. Putting his own body on the line.

Lipton barely makes it to his feet and Glazebrook comes to. Glazebrook goes for a right hand but Lipton sidesteps the attempt and hits the CIB.


Lipton falls on Glazebrook with his arm over Glazebrook’s chest. Tinordi tries to climb in the ring to break up the pin, but McAllister cuts him off.

1, 2, 3!!


“In the End” starts up again as McAllister grabs Lipton and drags him out the ring, Lipton and McAllister are handed the tag titles as they hoist the titles high.

Frenell: 420 has been eliminated. Therefore your winners and STILL you WWX Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!!

TJ: What a hellacious match these teams had. Despite the champs being one of the first two teams to start, they hung in there and perservered.

Hart: I agree. The match could’ve have gone either way.

TJ: What an explosive pay-per-view we have had thus far. The main event is still to come!!


Xavier Pendragon is seen walking down the hallway towards the exit. He slings his bag on his back when Chris Sanders stops him.

Sanders: Xavier! Xavier! A word with you as to why you didn’t show up at Mayhem last week?

Xavier: The reason why I wasn’t there was my nephew was in the hospital and I went to go see him. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch and a Mayhem match to get ready for.

Without another word, Xavier leaves the arena.

“Hype” starts out as Kurtis Ray begins making his way down the ring, apparently still seething about earlier.

Frenell: The following contest is our main event for Outrage and it is for the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing the challenger, from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, weighting in at 270 pounds, Kurtis Ray!!

TJ: Kurtis Ray is going to be not only looking for revenge on Syndicate but is sole bent on reclaiming the WWX World Title.

Hart: Syndicate really got into the mind of Kurtis earlier when our World Champion costs Kurtis the Crusade Cup finals match against Darkness.

Lane: Kurtis is gonna make Syndicate pay for earlier.

Baalz: This is where I make my exit.

Baalz sets his headset down and makes his way to the back. As he does so, he pulls out $200 from his pocket and begins counting it with a smirk on his face.

Lane: Hey!! Give me my money back!

Hart: Uh Gary, he beat you fair and square for that money.

Lane: I want my money back!

*The camera cuts to the backstage area, where Leon Jones is standing with a microphone in his hand.  The veteran broadcaster is dressed in a crisp blue suit for Outrage.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Leon Jones, and we are here right outside the entrance area to witness the arrival of the four-time WWX World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate.

*He notices something out of the corner of his eye and turns to his left.*

Jones: And here's the champ now!

*The camera pans to reveal Syndicate walking towards the entrance to the Superdome.  He is dressed in his white leather jacket and blue jeans combination and is holding the World Heavyweight Championship belt over his right shoulder.  For the special event, he wears a silver chain around his neck with a silver cross dangling near his chest as well as a black bandana to hold back his blonde hair and his black sunglasses.  When he sees Leon, he immediately forms a smile on his face.*

Syndicate: Leon!  Great to see you.

Jones: Syndicate, do you have any last words before you step into the Superdome to face Kurtis Ray in a third-straight pay-per-view main event?

*Syndicate pauses, thinking.*

Syndicate: Let me just say this, Leon: you better stick around.  Because not only is this match gonna be a quick one...you're going to want to be the first to get an interview with me after I retain this championship.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: It's go time.



*Static fills the Mercedez-Benz Superdome to signal the arrival of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  At this, Syndicate reaches over and shakes Leon's hand before stepping out into the stadium.*


*The static immediately turns into Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade" as the camera shifts to the stage, where Syndicate is now standing.  He raises the World Championship into the air for all to see before performing an emphatic crucifix pose on the top of the ramp.*


Frenell: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 224 pounds, he is the WWX Undisputed World Champion, “The Los Angeles Outlaw” Syndicate!!

Hart: Syndicate entering the Superdome to a thunderous reaction!  He really has the fans behind him.

TJ: Yeah, but as Kurtis mentioned earlier this week, what matters is what goes down inside the ring, not outside.  They sure are making a lot of noise for the Outlaw, though!

*Syndicate begins walking down the ramp, staring directly at Kurtis Ray while doing so.  He has a faint smirk remaining on his face, but his jovial attitude with Leon earlier has largely turned into a determined one.  As Syndicate reaches the ring, he slides in and climbs to the top of the nearest turnbuckle, performing another crucifix pose for the crowd's enjoyment.*


Hart: As Leon Jones mentioned a minute ago, this is Syndicate and Kurtis Ray's third straight pay-per-view main event.  Kurtis won the World title back at Aftershock, but Syndicate got his revenge at Deadlock.  Who will come out on top here tonight in New Orleans?

TJ: Let me just mention this: the last time we were here in the Superdome, Syndicate was on the receiving end of a beatdown by Kurtis.  The same may hold true in this match.

Hart: But Syndicate has rebounded spectacularly from that defeat, not losing a single match since Aftershock.  The future of the WWX and the World title are very much at stake here tonight.

TJ: You have a very good point there Mike.

Lane: Hmph. That’s a first.

As Syndicate climbs into the ring, Kurtis ambushes him almost immediately, knocking him down with a stiff forearm.


TJ: Kurtis Ray wasting little time here going after Syndicate.

Kurtis rains down on Syndicate with lefts and rights. The ref pushes Kurtis back to separate the two but Kurtis shoves past the ref, kicking at Syndicate in the corner. As the ref gets to his 4 count, Kurtis lets go and backs up a few feet then steps forward and does it again.

TJ: Kurtis Ray needs to be careful and not get himself disqualified here tonight.

Hart: But Kurtis is gonna be hell bent on extracting revenge on Syndicate for costing him the Crusade Cup earlier tonight.

Lane: Not only that guys, Kurtis is going to get his World Title back and show him that his win at Aftershock was a fluke.

TJ: While that he yet to be seen, Kurtis is definitely on the offensive here in the early going of this match.

Kurtis hard whips Syndicate into the corner and charges in, following up with a clothesline. He almost yanks Syndicate out of the corner and goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: Early nearfall there for the challenger.

Hart: It’s gonna take more than that to put Syndicate down for the 3 count.

Lane: Syndicate’s only delaying the inevitable guys. I mean come on. Syndicate doesn’t deserve to be champion. If anyone deserves to be champion, it is Kurtis Ray and everyone here knows it, even you two.

TJ: While neither Terry nor myself will question Kurtis Ray’s accomplishments nor his in-ring style, it’s his methods that bother me.

Hart: That and he always seem to think of himself being better than everyone else on the roster.

Lane: Come on guys, think about it. Kurtis has been several superstars and so-called “legends” including Syndicate. Kurtis only lost the World title because of a fluke and he’s gonna expose Syndicate like the fraud he really is.

Kurtis shoves Syndicate to the outside ring area and goes out the ring after him. Kurtis then whips Syndicate into the steel steps with such velocity that Syndicate, upon impact, flips over the steel steps and the top half of the steel steps off its mark.

TJ: What viciousness from the challenger.

Lane: And he’s soon to be champion once again, where the title belongs.

Hart: Which has yet to be seen.

Kurtis slides back into the ring and back out again, breaking the ref’s 10 count. He lifts Syndicate to his feet and whips him into the security guardrail. Kurtis follows up with a knee to Syndicate’s shoulder.

TJ: Kurtis is just leveling the champion right now.

Hart: Syndicate has yet to mount any sort of offense here thus far.

Lane: That’s because he can’t hang with Kurtis Ray. He’s gonna show the entire world that his win at Aftershock was nothing more than a fluke. You know it. I know it. Syndicate knows it and the whole world knows it.

Kurtis whips Syndicate into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Syndicate ducks under the clothesline and counters with a schoolboy roll up.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: The champion nearly got the better of Kurtis right there with a school boy.

Enraged that he was almost pinned Kurtis hammers down on Syndicate with lefts and rights until Syndicate crumples to the mat. He lifts Syndicate up and whips him into the ropes, following up with a pop-up powerbomb.

TJ: What a thunderous pop-up powerbomb by the challenger.

Lane: Terry, just get used to saying that Kurtis Ray is our new champion. Go ahead.

Hart: Sadly enough, if this continues on with no offense from Syndicate, that just might happen guys.

Lane: Finally Mike agrees with me for once.

TJ: Don’t count Syndicate out yet. Syndicate is a fighting champion and he has proved to be a fighting champion over and over again. He’s only a few days removed from defending the World title against both Lipton and McAllister and here he is defending the title yet again.

Hart: Would Kurtis Ray do that Gary?

Lane: Of course he would! Kurtis Ray is a man of the people! He gives the people what they want and the people want him as their World Champion. Not Syndicate.

TJ: And how do you know this?

Lane: Cause I asked the people and they all said they don’t want a coward like Syndicate as their champion.

TJ: And Gary wonders why he’s not on Ravage…

Inside the ring, Kurtis locks in the sleeper hold. Syndicate fights valiantly to try and fight out of it but begins to fade.

TJ: Sleeper hold locked and our champion’s beginning to fade here.

Hart: This is it! The end of Syndicate and the beginning of Kurtis Ray’s World Title reign!

Lift arm, drop 1!

Lift arm, drop 2!

Hart: This is it!

TJ: If Syndicate’s arm drops for a 3rd time, this match is over!!

Lift arm, drop thr-NO!

Fans begin to cheer for Syndicate as he tries to get back to a verticle base. He gets in an elbow to the sternum. And then a second. On the third elbow, Kurtis whips Syndicate into the ropes and goes for a back drop on the rebound but Syndicate counters with a DDT.

TJ: Syndicate trying to get an offense going here but is it too late to mount a comeback?

Hart: Kurtis Ray has basically been dominating this entire match so far. Just about every time Syndicate has tried to mount an offense, Kurtis was one step ahead of him.

TJ: Both men on the mat right now as the ref continues with his 10 count.
Lane: Come on Kurtis! I know you can do it. Go ahead and beat Syndicate already.

TJ: I expect nothing less from these two. These two have main evented a total of 3 consecutive pay-per-view events including this one. All of them for the very same title that’s on the line in this match.

Hart: The first time it was Kurtis, the second time belonged to Syndicate. With the way this match has been going, anything is possible and could go either way.

Lane: Well despite, what you two think, it’s gonna go Kurtis way. I mean, just look at our future Champion!

Kurtis whips Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate responds with a jump running knee knocking the challenger down.

TJ: Nice counter there by our World Champion.

Syndicate bounces off the ropes but Kurtis catches him with the Death Ray with authority.

TJ: There’s the Death Ray!

Hart: The move that beat Syndicate at Aftershock.

Lane: And the move that’s gonna beat him right now!

1.............................2...................................Kurtis lets go!

Hart: What the hell is Kurtis doing?!?

TJ: He's out to hurt Syndicate.

Kurtis has a vengeful look on his face, as if he wants to give more punishment to Syndicate.  He mutters something under his breath.

Kurtis: I’m gonna break your f[beep]ing neck. You’re gonna pay for earlier.
Immediately, Kurtis pulls Syndicate to his feet and kicks him squarely in the gut.  A doubled-over Syndicate is pulled in as Kurtis attempts the Wake-Up Call, but just as he does, Syndicate manages to roll out of it!


With both men on their feet, Kurtis spins around to face Syndicate only to be met with another jumping running knee!

Hart: Again with the knee!

Syndicate quickly brings Kurtis back up and flips the challenger over for the No Signal!




1, 2…




“Bulls on Parade” starts back up as the entire arena comes unglued. Syndicate pulls himself away from Kurtis and will himself on a corner post. The ref hands Syndicate the world title as he clutches it in his chest.

Frenell: Here is your winner and STILL WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, SYNNNNNNNNNNNDICATE!!

TJ: Kurtis Ray threw everything he had at Syndicate and had the match won if he didn’t let his overconfidence get to him.

Lane: This is a travesty! Syndicate cheated and you know it guys. Come on!

Hart: Syndicate got into Kurtis’ head earlier this evening and cost him the Crusade Cup and going into the main event, Syndicate knew that Kurtis would be blinded by wanting revenge and in the end, that’s what truly cost Kurtis Ray the championship.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome here in New Orleans, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson…

Hart:…I’m Mike Hart…

Lane:…and I’m just appalled by this…

TJ: So long from New Orleans! Mike and myself will see you on Ravage as we start our Ravage World Tour!


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