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WWX mayhem TV Show

Time to take off those training boots.The future of the WWX, begins here....

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MAYHEM - Show 2017-06-20 02:08:35

Backstage Segment


[The camera opens up backstage showing the door of “Bishop Polaris”. The camera pans inside where he and Black can be seen sitting talking about their match tonight].

Black: It isnt worth it. If you get caught, you get fired. Simple as that. I have a score to settle and I dont need you there. 

Polaris: You have to trust that I know what I am doing. I know that I can make this happen right if you let me. This blade club has been causing everyone trouble and they need to be taken down a few notches. I cannot do that if you wont let me. 

Black: So what do you suppose we do then?

Polaris: First we have to…

[Polaris stops talking and looks over seeing the camera peeking through the door. He reaches up and closes the door].

[The WWX Logo flashes onto the screen as the pyros go off all around the arena. The fans get on their feet cheering as the camera pans around showing the exciting faces. After a quick zoom, the camera lands on the announcers table where Matt Matthews and Chip Jones are seen talking amongst each other].

Matt: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Mayhem. We are here in Hartford Connecticut in the XL Center for another edition of this awesome show.

Chip: Blue bloods. Blue bloods everywhere. I don’t think I can handle it. I am way out of my comfort zone here Matt. They all have been quite the people to run into. I had one guy come up from a hair cutting place called” nuttin but a g thang” asking me if I wanted a rock. Unsure of what that was, I googled it. I then took off down the street.

Matt: *Laughs* You really are naïve aren’t you.

Chip: It wasn’t a good point in my life. I never thought we’d come to this.

Matt: Hartford is like any other big city. Has its good and bad but we aren’t here to discuss logistics. We have quite the episode for you here tonight folks. Xavier Adams was reported as sick and couldn’t attend this week’s show and threw in former General Manager James Bourne in his place for this week. Adams gave him the nod to run the show, so we will see how he does in the driver’s seat.

Chip: I just want to see the action. Break it down for us matt.

Matt: Opening the night is a triple threat match. We have Mr. Terry taking on Dr. Death and our newly crowned Television Champion in Hex Girl. You have all of them coming off of a big PPV round and this one should be a good opener.

Chip: Death made lightwork of his opponent this last week, and now has the opportunity to knock off the television champion. Doing that could mean big things for him. Meanwhile, you have that Mr. Terry guy who seems to think he runs everything, but may get run over if hes not careful. And finally, Hex…she’s hands down the best talent we have on our female roster and shes going to have to come out here and show she can hang with the boys again.

Matt: That hasn’t ever been a problem for her. Our next match features Xavier Pendragon taking on one half of 420 in Gary Tinordi. 420 pulled it together taking out the team of Polaris and Black, and now he is looking to get another win in on singles competition.

Chip: As long as he comes out and performs like he did last week, we can only hope that they continue to get better. Tinordi has kind of rubbed off on me, and I would like to see him succeed. If Pendragon can come out and get his sh*t together, we can only hope that he restores himself back to his former glory. His last few runs have not been the best here on Mayhem.

Matt: Our next match is one that Adams himself put together to stop the interference that has been plaguing the WWX. Justice Johnson will go one on one with Tom Black. The Blade Club have been using each other to slingshot themselves into success by cheating. Now, if one of them steps through that curtain during this match, they will receive their very own pink slip from WWX management.

Chip: This just isn’t even fair. They shouldn’t have the power to regulate who comes through that curtain. So what the blade club use each other to help the others win? I would too! Those guys are just being picked on and it should stop immediately. Don’t worry I got you guys. I will be your advocate.

Matt: Jump off the bandwagon there chip. Next your going to tell me you’re a patriots fan because we are in the northeast.

Chip: And if I am?

Matt: Ugh…We move onto another one that should be nothing short of a classic match. Cameron Westport steps into the International Picture once more as he takes on Krimzon Blaze. Both men had eventful weeks last week as Blaze didn’t even get to compete. Meanwhile, Westport put on a beautiful display taking on Rayne and almost taking that match. The winner of this one also get s atitle shot next week. Do you think he can take down the aerial specialist?

Chip: This one should be another great match up. Blaze feels that he is above the international division, but said that he will take it as more practice to get him back to where he needs to go. A shot at the international championship doesn’t mean much to him, but its whatever. I am sure that if he comes out focused, he should walk away with this one but you never know.

Matt: Well we move onto our main event. Originally supposed to be a five man battle royal with falls counting anywhere, LX announced that he would be out with an injury leaving only four men. You have the defending international champion Fill taking on Blayde Archer, Rayne, and The Giant Khoklov. This one should be a massacre at best.

Chip: I cannot wait to see them all tear each other apart. I was watching earlier before the fans came in and saw them stocking under the ring with all kinds of objects. They have security all over the place tonight making sure that they hopefully keep this fight inside. I was also told that referees were hired especially for this event. I am beyond ready for it to happen.

Matt: Well then lets get to it. Here we go folks. Hang tight and enjoy the ride.

[The camera goes to the stage].

[Mr. Terry can be seen in the ring attempting to yell at all the personell within telling them that they are all fired. The fans look in confusion as “Go F*ck yourself” hits as the crowd look on in fear. Then, out from the stage steps Dr. Death. He laughs maniacally. The red blood upon his clothes appears clear and striking. He has Dory in hand as he starts down the rampway, his manical smile evident.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring, hailing from London England, standing at five foot eleven and weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds...he is...Dr. Death!

[Death slides into the ring with dory on his shoulder. He tosses it to the outside and turns towards the stage awaiting his opponent].

[“Her Black Wings” begins blaring over the pa system as Hex Girl steps out onto the stage. She looks around at the fans with her television title around her waist. Smeared in body paint, she takes off running towards the ring].

Announcer: And their opponent, standing at five feet six inches and weighting in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, she is your WWX television champion…Hex…Girl!

[She jumps onto the apron and flips over the ropes. She unstraps her belt throwing it up for the fans to their delight. She hands the belt over to the referee and takes her corner as the bell is rung for the match to begin].

The bell is rung as Hex looks at both men. Terry can be seen scampering around as Death stares at both of his opponents. He takes the opportunity and runs over body splashing Terry into the corner. He bounces into the corner as Death takes him down with a DDT. He quickly jumps to his feet and turns his attention to Hex as Terry rolls out of the ring. The two immediately lock up as Hex breaks the hold and smashes him in the face with a beautiful elbow. Death stumbles backwards and reaches up wiping his chin as he shakes his head in approval. He walks over and locks up with Hex again, and once again gets another elbow to the face!

Matt: Don’t learn the first time, obviously go back for a second one.

Chip: When youre as crazy as this guy is, it is expected. You don’t learn lessons easily.

Death stumbles backwards as Hex comes through grabbing him and driving his head into the mat with a well placed bulldog. Hex wastes no time sending boots to the side of Death as she picks him up and drives him into the corner. Hex feeds three shoulders to the chest of Death as Terry can be seen getting back up. He sees them in the corner and comes over placing Death in a reverse chokehold on the apron. Death sends a kick forward to the chest of Hex sending her back and pulls out of the chokehold from Terry. He turns around and hits a dropkick sending him crashing back to the outside.

Matt: That was a nice quick set of moves.

Chip: Death is going to be go places here. I’ve been telling you this.

Hex comes running back towards Death and he drops her to the second rope with a drop toe hold. He climbs up onto the top rope and jumps down on her head with a boot driving it into the buckle! She lies on the buckle as he pulls her out and sends her over with a german suplex bridging her out into a pin.


2…and Hex kicks out.

The fans give mixed reactions as Death gets to his feet and pulls Hex up with him. He kicks her hard in the chest bringing her to a knee and takes off running smashing her with a boot to the face. She falls to the mat as he jumps down with an elbow drop and then comes in for a sitting headlock. The referee checks on Hex waiting to see if she is going to give up.

Matt: I think he is learning that Hex isn’t going to take it easy on him.

Chip: Evidently so. Hopefully he starts hitting her like a man. That’s what she needs.

Hex can be seen attempting to work herself up to her feet. The camera catches Terry getting to his feet as he comes running into the ring and hits a cross body on both Hex and Death! The two stumble and go rolling out of the ring as the fans get to their feet. The camera zooms in as Terry can be seen yelling at the ref saying something about how he is fired. The referee stares confused as he continues yelling at him.

Matt: Is…he…trying to fire the referee?

Chip: This guy is a lunatic just as well. How did he ever make it into this place?

Terry looks around and finally starts back out to the outside. He reaches down and grabs hold of Hex Girl throwing her into the ring steps. She flips over the steps and smashes into the other side of the mat as he turns around and focuses on Death. He goes to pick him up and is met with a fist to the stomach, as Death grabs hold of him and drives him into the ground with a facebuster! Terry yells in pain as Death picks him up and drives his face into the side apron! Terry falls back down as Death looks around trying to find Hex. The camera moves slightly as she comes running off the apron and hits a flipping neckbreaker onto Death much to the delight of the fans!

Matt: And THAT is why shes our Television Champion.

Chip: I cannot believe what we just saw there. That was amazing!

The referee slides out to look at the carnage in front of him as all three are down. Terry can be the first one moving as he slowly gets to his feet reaching up and grabbing the apron. Death can be seen getting up next as the two men begin exchanging blows. Death takes the upper hand and goes to pull Terry up for a suplex, but Terry crosses a leg behind his and sends him over for a snap suplex into the stairs! Deaths leg smashes off of the stairs as he holds it yelling in pain. Terry slowly gets back to his feet in approval of what he has done, mouthing something inaudible to nearby fans.

Matt: Terry seems to be real proud of himself out here.

Chip: This guy is an idiot. Hes going to get his.

Terry turns around and grabs hold of Hex girl sending her back into the ring. He picks her up and sends a hard right to the side of her face dropping her to one knee. He pulls her back to her feet and once again strikes her in the face as she drops to a knee again. Terry taunts around the ring and turns back to get her as she hits him with a leg sweep. Terry falls to the mat as she jumps on top and begins sending hard right and lefts to his face to try and keep him down. He overpowers her sending her off as he gets to his feet and comes charging. Hex jumps up and takes him over with a hurricarana much to the fans delight!

Matt: Bit off more than he could chew there.

Chip: What Hex doesn’t have in size she makes up for in sheer aggression.

Hex slowly works her way to her feet and sees Terry lying on the ropes. She climbs to the top rope and jumps off in a flying leg drop knocking his throat off the ropes! He falls back onto the mat as she lands on the outside. She goes to get back into the ring and is taken off her feet with a huge spear! Death gets back to his feet and looks down at her as she lies flat out. He kicks her in the chest three more times as she doesn’t appear to be moving.

Matt: My God! Did you just see that? He blasted her!

Chip: She should know that getting into the ring with big men like that there is a chance that something like that could happen.

Death gets to his feet and looks at Terry down in the ring. He quickly slides into the ring and drags him to his feet. He delivers three stiff headbutts to him and watches him fall. Terry rolls around the ring as Death drags him back over near the corner and sizes him up for the Hell Stomp. He waits on the second rope as Terry slowly gets to his knees. Death jumps off the ropes but Terry rolls out of the way just in time to miss it.

Matt: Talk about timing!

Chip: He knew that one was coming. He had to!

Terry gets to his feet as Death comes charging at him. He swings wide with a clothesline as Terry ducks and comes off the ropes hitting him with the clothesline from hell! Death flips over smashing into the mat as the fans give mixed reactions. Terry goes to get to his feet go to for the pin and takes a boot to the face from Hex. He rolls backward and gets to his feet as she sends him flying with the cauldron! The fans come to life as she goes for the pin.




Hex immediately slides out of the ring as Death gets to his feet looking at what has happened. Terry can be seen stomping around the ring yelling at the referee as Hex retrieves her Television title and starts up the rampway. The scene fades to a commercial.




Matt: Wow folks, welcome back to Mayhem. We have had quite the opening to the show as Hex has walked away from the match that no one thought she was going to. 

Chip: Death is not happy at all with the outcome and honestly who can blame him? He just got cheated out of a match that should have been his. Far as im concerned, she walked away with a steal of a victory plain and simple. 

Matt: Say what you will but she held her own out there. I am proud to see her competing at the top levels that she is. But now we switch gears to our next match as Xavier Pendragon steps into the ring with one half of 420 in Gary Tinordi. 

Chip: Tinordi gave the “respect” speech all week to Pendragon, and Pendragon basically blew him off. Even as a stoner with no brain cells to speak of, I would think that would upset him pretty bad. 

Matt: You sure have a great outlook on people. 

Chip: Im a realist. Sue me. 

Matt: Lets get to the action folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

 [“8 Mile Road” By Eminem begins blaring over the pa system as the fans begin booing loudly. Pendragon steps out from behind the curtain staring them all down as he starts towards the ring ignoring them as he goes].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six foot three inches and weighing in at two hundred and seventy three pounds, from Detroit Michigan, he is…Xavier…Pendragon!

[Pendragon slides into the ring and takes his corner looking up the ramp awaiting his opponent].

[The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses. They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again].

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet four inches and weighting in at two hundred and sixety nine pounds, from Annapolis Maryland, being accompanied to the ring by Matt Glazebrook, he is….Gary…Tinordi!

[The two men high five each other as Tinordi slides under the ropes and into the ring. The bell rings for the match to begin]

The two men immediately square off in the ring exchanging shots as Pendragon starts with a roundhouse kick taking Tinordi to the mat. Tinordi rolls over and gets back to his feet as Pendragon goes to hit the roundhouse again. This time Tinordi ducks it and pulls him in for a tiger suplex! Pendragon rolls into the corner and lies there as Tinordi comes with a running knee to the face. Pendragon bounces violently as Tinordi pulls him to his feet and kicks him in the chest sending him over with a snap suplex. He goes for the first pin of the match.

1…and Pendragon kicks out.

Tinordi looks in surprise as he pulls Pendragon back to his feet. Pendragon wastes no time getting himself together as he comes at Tinordi with a right hand and sends him off the ropes. Tinordi comes running back as Pendragon donkey kicks him and then turns around sending him over with a standing senton flip! The fans give mixed reactions as Pendragon picks Tinordi up and heaves him towards the ropes. Tinordi grabs hold of the ropes trying not to come back as Pendragon comes charging quickly towards him. Tinordi grabs him and sends him over the top with a belly to belly suplex causing him to crash hard onto the outside!

Matt: Can he even get up after that?

Chip: If his back isn’t broken, I will be very impressed.

Tinordi lies on the mat as Pendragon lies flat on the outside. The referee looks at both men and begins an outside count on Pendragon.





Tinordi gets to his feet and slides to the outside going after Pendragon once more. Pendragon gets to his feet and drives an elbow into the midsection of Tinordi, grabbing his head and delivering it into the announcer's table. He reaches over grabbing one of the headphone cords ripping it off of Chip. He wraps it around the throat of Tinordi as the referee yells at him and begins a disqualification count.




4…and he breaks the hold.

Tinordi falls down to his knees as Pendragon pulls him to his feet and walks him towards the apron. He slams his head into the apron twice dropping Tinordi back to the mat. Glazebrook can be seen stalking around but stops before getting involved as the referee yells something at him. Pendragon picks up Tinordi and throws him back into the ring. He kicks him a few times in the chest circling him. Tinordi stumbles to his feet as Pendragon hits the X Marks the spot! He wraps Tinordi up for a pin.


2…and Tinordi barely kicks out!

Pendragon gets to his feet in surprise that Tinordi kicked out. He reaches down grabbing Tinordi into a single boston crab. He pulls back on the hold much to the disgust of the fans. They continue to boo loudly as Glazebrook can be seen hitting the mat yelling for Tinordi to get up. The referee continues to check on Tinordi to see if he wants to give, but he shakes his head no.

Matt: You know hes in a bad way right here.

Chip: Hes still hanging on. I cant believe that as*wipe Pendragon took my headset.

Tinordi uses his strength to flip Pendragon off of him. Pendragon gets to his feet as Tinordi comes back up with a baseball slide taking Pendragon out at the knees! Pendragon recovers quickly as Tinordi comes up from behind and locks him in the red eye! He smashes into the mat as Tinordi locks in the figure four twenty! The referee continues to check as Pendragon tries not to tap out. The referee comes over to check his hand to see if he is still with it as he doesn’t appear to be moving.

1…and his arm drops.

2…and his arm drops.

3…and his arm begins to move!

Pendragon rolls over locking Tinordi into the move as he yells in pain. The referee stays down as Tinordi tries crawling over towards the ropes with his might. He reaches out grabbing them as the referee counts the disqualification.




4…and Pendragon lets up!

Pendragon gets to his feet and waits as Tinordi crawls towards the ropes. Pendragon goes to lock him into the Detroit drive, but Tinordi strikes him in the side of the head with an elbow. He takes a step back and lines up hitting the stoner! The fans are on their feet cheering as Tinordi crawls over for the pin.




Tinordi lies on the mat as the fans yell “420! 420!” Glazebrook climbs into the ring and helps his partner to his feet as the two men once again share a high five. Tinordi turns around and stares at Pendragon for a moment and then turns around walking out. The two men climb out of the ring leaving Pendragon as the scene fades to a commercial.




Matt: And Tinordi comes up with quite the victory there folks. 

Chip: Pendragon came out and finally gave us a show, but it just wasnt enough to pull it together against Tinordi. I would say that the loss they suffered in the tag match must have really brought something out in him. He seemed like a different person here tonight. 

Matt: I think thats the first nice things I have ever heard you say about them. 

Chip: Yeah well, dont get used to it. They are still pot smoking hippies. They dont deserve to be where they are. 

Matt: Wow...well switching gears folks we have our next match that carries alot of weight. Tom Black will take on Justice Johnston in a singles match where if ANYONE interferes, they will immediately be fired from WWX. 

Chip: They sure will and I know that Adams is a man of his word. He doesnt like to tell someone something and not follow through with it. Everyone in the back should probably consider the risk that comes with this one. I wouldnt want to lose my job over a small interference. 

Matt: I would like to think that they would be smarter than that, but when the Blade Club is involved, its hard to tell what tricks they have up their sleeve. Lets get to the match.

[The camera goes to the stage]

“The Darkness Falls” Hits over the PA system as the arena goes dark. Smoke rises from the stage as Tom Black steps out onto the stage, looking around at the fans. Mixed reaction are given as Black collapses on the stage and begins crawling towards the ring, everyone confused as to what he is doing.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, hailing from Liverpool England, standing at six foot eleven and three hundred and ten pounds, he is…TOM…BLACK!

He crawls into the ring and takes his corner, awaiting his opponent.


“Welcome to the Jungle” begins blaring over the pa system. A white skull with the Blade Club Logo appears on the tron as the camera goes to the stage awaiting the arrival of Justice Johnston. The music continues to play for a moment but he doesnt appear on the stage. The camera pans to the announcers table. 


Matt: What is going on with his entrance?

Chip: I have no idea. I know he was looking forward to this match I don’t think he would just back out. Mind games maybe?

Matt: *holds earpiece* I was told that there is action happening in the back. Lets see if we can get a camera back there.

The camera goes backstage showing Polaris can be seen in the back hammering Johnston with a bat! He strikes him in the knee and then goes to hit him in the head as Johnston blocks it with his forearm. He yells in pain as he draws back and blasts Polaris with a huge boot to the chest followed by a shot to the head. He picks him up and throws him into nearby sound equipment. Polaris falls down hard as the camera shoots back out showing Tom Black climbing out of the ring headed towards the back, referee in tow.

Matt: He interfering in this match! He is going to get fired! Doesn’t he care about his job!?

Chip: The match hasn’t started yet! This is a smart power play by Polaris.

Johnston goes to pick Polaris up but is caught with a low blow and an enziguri kick to the head. Johnston collapses down for a moment as Black can be seen coming through the curtain. As soon as he comes through, Zion comes out of the shadows and hits him with an axe handle to the back. Black crumples down as Polaris comes running at him. Zion drops back and sends him crashing into the entrance steps to the ramp. Polaris screams out in pain as Zion sees the bat on the ground. He walks over and picks it up tapping it on the ground as Black gets to his feet. He swings wide smashing it into the side of the head of black who collapses from the blow!

Matt: My god the brutality of that hit! Is he even still alive?

Chip: That was why you don’t mess with the blade club. They have been warned before and now they are feeling the errors of their ways!

Zion pulls back and strikes him once more as the referee continues to try and get the two other men out of the area. Security comes rushing in and grabs both Polaris and Zion escorting them out as they try to fight them. Black and Johnston are both down on the ground, but begin to stir as both men get to their feet. Black pulls himself up off the steps as Johnston reaches over to the speaker equipment. He reaches over finding a microphone and bashes Black in the head with it making an awful noise.

Matt: There we go. That should put an end to this. That is a disqualification for sure.

Chip: The match still hasn’t officially started. Once both men are in the ring, then the bell is rung for it to begin. This is just extra action prior to and im loving every minute of it. These men HATE each other.

The referee looks around in an attempt to disqualify him…but the match has never started! The referee shakes his head as Johnston grabs hold of Black and leads him up the stairs towards the stage. Nothing can be seen for a moment as Black comes flying out from behind the curtain and hits the stage top. Johnston comes busting through and walks out, looking down at Black. He walks over and grabs him by the hair dragging him to his knees as Black strikes him in the chest with an elbow. He sends a sharp uppercut to the face of Johnston sending him teetering back into the stage.

Matt: These men are determined to tear each other apart. They are all power in this one.

Chip: The question is how long can they hold on? They aren’t necessarily the finest tuned athletes in the business folks.

Black rises to his feet and charges over towards Johnston slamming his head into the stage design. The referee continues to urge both men towards the ring as Black picks up Johnston and throws him over his shoulder carrying him down the rampway.

Matt: Talk about strength. He is carrying Johnston down the rampway!

Chip: I cant imagine having to pick up that big of a load and carry it all the way down there. His back may be broke before the end of this one.

About midway, he collapses and drops Johnston on his head and comes down with a diving headbutt! Both men lie on the stage exhausted as the fans are on their feet loving the action. Black slowly works his way to his feet and picks up Johnston, delivering a throat chop. Johnston trails down the rampway coughing as Black comes running for a clothesline. Johnston ducks the clothesline and kicks Black in the chest sending him crashing onto the stage with a DDT! The noise can be heard all over the arena as Black flops on the stage.

Matt: There it is folks. Turn out the lights because I think that this one is over.

Chip: I cannot believe that the stage is still in one piece. Those two hitting it sounded like it was going to crack the floor of the arena!

Johnston looks down at him and laughs as he taunts the fans, much to their distaste. He looks down at Black who gets to his knees as he sends a hard right to his face. He looks around at the fans and yells “You want to see another one!?” and draws back smashing him again. The camera zooms in as he looks down at Black and yells “Beg for me to stop! Beg”. Black looks at him and then charges forward spearing him into the ring apron!

Matt: There you go Black. Show them that you aren’t going to go out like that.

Chip: What are you now? Some kind of fan boy? Black deserves everything he is getting in this one.

Johnston falls to the mat as Black reaches out and grabs hold pulling himself back up. He grabs hold of the leg of Johnston and drives it into the mat outside trying to stop him from standing. Johnston rolls around for a moment as Black pulls him back to his feet and picks him up driving him into the ring post back first! Johnston hits the mat with a sickening thud as the referee continues to point the two men towards the ring.

Matt: These men are  determined to make sure that someone goes home with some broken bones tonight. I cannot believe the referee is allowing this to continue.

Chip: Do you really blame him? Would you want to get in the middle of these two?

Black says something inaudible to the referee and then picks up Johnston throwing him into the ring as the bell is finally rung. Black stares down at Johnston and locks him into a headlock keeping him grounded. Johnston immediately powers up and drives both of them into the corner. Black keeps the hold through the first impact, but lets go as he is driven back into the corner again. He lies there as Johnston turns around and attempts to choke him. The referee yells and begins the disqualification count.




4…and he releases the hold.

He throws his hands up and then goes back for the choke once more.




4…and he once again releases the hold.

Black falls to his knees as Johnston pulls him up and over with a stalling suplex smashing him into the mat. Johnston leans on the ropes for a moment to catch his breath and then walks over picking up Black. He turns him around and picks him up going for the slammer! He goes to send him off his feet but Black counters and lands back on his feet. Justice tries a stiff right and misses as Black picks him up hitting him with a huge spinebuster!

Matt: What a reversal! I cannot believe he was able to get him off the ground.

Chip: I don’t care what you say about Black, he has the strength factor down to a T. That was awesome.

He crawls over to him for the pin.


2…and Johnston barely kicks out!

The fans are in awe at the two big men as they both lie on the mat. They crawl in opposite directions getting to their feet and meet in the middle. The two men lock up as Johnston overpowers Black and this time delivers the slammer! He makes his signature cut throat gesture and goes for the pin.


2…and Black kicks out!

Matt: Two kick outs in a row! These men are showing some real heart.

Chip: I don’t want to see this one end. The fact that are still going is impressive enough.

Johnston turns around and begins arguing with the referee about the count frustrated. The referee continues to insist it was a two as he turns around looking at Black. Black can be seen once again trying to get to his feet as Johnston yells “This is over!” He reaches down and pulls Black to his feet, and Black grabs hold of Justice and sends him down crashing with a chokeslam!

Matt: Chokeslam! He got the chokeslam!

Chip: This has to be it. He cannot get up from this one.

He collapses on top of Justice as the count is made.




Black lies on the mat as Zion wastes no time coming back out. He slides into the ring and grabs hold of Black dragging him to the corner. He hits the holocaust Piledriver on him leaving him down. Soon after, Polaris comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring charging at Zion. He takes him down with the purification! Zion rolls out of the ring grabbing Johnston as the fans stand up yelling “We want more. We want more”. Polaris checks on his partner as Zion and Johnston back up the ramp. The scene fades to a commercial.




Matt: How about that! Those men are on the verge of trying everything that they can to break each other. I cannot believe they were trying to get themselves fired. 

Chip: That was a display of sheer brains on their part. The fact they had the sense to come together like that and try and take out the other person before the match even started was textbook genius. I swear we have some real war generals here Matt, and I like it. 

Matt: Our next match is for the ranking of the International Division, and one person is going to walk out with a title shot next week. Alot of people have been giving Krimzon Blaze slack for saying that he is “above this” but hes coming into this match I was told ready like he always is. 

Chip: Always? He hasnt “always” been ready. I am not discounting him but I mean…

Matt: You mean that you dont have the heart to say this to his face? Because we both knows that true. However, we do have a match to get to, so lets get it. 

The camera moves towards the stage as Cameron Westport comes out from the curtain as the bass hits in "Outlet" by Desiigner. He stands center stage and does his signature shirt rip as the fans give mixed reactions. He starts walking down to the ring chest out, arms swinging filled to the brim with his signature swagger.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet seven inches and weighting in at two hundred and forty five pounds, hailing from Atlanta Georgia he is…CAMERON…WESTPORT!

Westport climbs up the steps and leaps over the ropes. He ascends to the top rope and motions a title belt around his waist. He jumps around looking up the ramp as the camera returns to the stage.

The arena goes black, but a single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the ramp. As fans become unglued cheering.

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighting in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, hailing from Detriot Michigan, he is…Krimzon…Blaze!

Blaze walks down the ramp way towards the ring as he claps as many hands as he can before giving a young fan a pair of his trademark KB glasses. Before entering the ring as green pyro erupts on all four corners as KB gives off his signature taunt being the double-guns. He jumps off the ropes and faces his opponent as the bell is rung.

The two men circle the ring and immediately go and lock up with each other. Blaze wastes no time showing his technical skill as he swings Westport into a quick armbar. He takes hold of the arm and flips him over keeping the hold locked in as Westport tries to fight back. Blaze keeps the hold as Westport uses his strength to rise to his feet and utilize a sit-down power bomb hard into the mat.  

Matt: A nice display of power from Westport. This man is one gifted athlete.

Chip: Gifted or not, hes going to have his hands full here tonight. Lets hope he brought his A game.

Blaze lets the arm go as Westport gets to his feet. He grabs hold of Blaze sending him into the ropes and hitting a nice looking dropkick. He gets up and taunts for the fans to a sea of Boos’ as he turns back around. Blaze can be seen on his feet as he connects with a nice roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Westport rolls out of the ring and holds up a time out sign as he looks towards the fans.

Matt: I think that kick to the head really brought him out of something. He thinks hes in a basketball game or something holding up a time out sign.

Chip: When you get your clock rocked like he just did, its hard to tell what universe hes living in right now.

As he is walking around the outside, Blaze comes running and hits a suicide dive into Westport damaging both of them. The two men lie on the mat as the referee begins the outside count.






Blaze and Westport can be seen getting to their feet as Westport grabs hold of Blaze and drives his head into the security rail. He sends a huge chop to the chest of Blaze, and then picks him up for a facebuster into the rail. Blaze falls back onto the mat as Westport runs towards the ring and slides in at 7.

Matt: Westport is trying for an easy victory here. He wants this one over with quick.

Chip: That is a solid idea. You take him out by count out, your night is over easy.

The referee looks down at Blaze who is getting to his feet and continues to count.


9…and Blaze slides in at the last second.

Westport takes the opportunity and strikes Blaze in the back with a few kicks. He pulls Blaze to his feet and sends him into the corner. He takes the opposite side and starts running with a body splash. Blaze falls to the mat as Westport climbs up onto the ropes and shows off his superman taunt to a field of boos’. He jumps off the ropes with the air cam and goes for the pin!


2…and Blaze kicks out.

Westport gets to his feet and pulls Blaze up once more getting fed an elbow to the face. Westport stumbles back as Blaze jumps up hitting a hurricarana and goes for a pin of his own.


2…and Westport kicks out.

The two men get to their feet as Westport comes at Blaze with a clothesline. Blaze ducks and turns around trying for a kick but misses as Westport comes back through taking him down with a neckbreaker! Blaze lies on the mat as Westport once again takes a moment to taunt everyone.

Matt: Enough with the showboating already. They didn’t come here to see you taunt them.

Chip: Hes an athlete Matt. Hes supposed to get them into it whether they want him to or not. That’s what hes here to do.

He turns around and picks Blaze up setting him in the corner. He climbs up on top and begins throwing hard right hands one after the next. The fans try to count and keep up as Blaze comes to life and grabs hold of his legs walking him slightly out of the corner. He drops him back slamming him into the corner face first as Westport collapses onto the mat. Blaze lies on the mat for a moment trying to regain himself as the referee checks on both men.

Matt: The intensity is getting to both men. They know whats on the line here.

Chip: Well for someone who was “Above this” match, hes sure getting into it heavily. He doesn’t have a choice. If he wants it, then he has to come out here and take it. Westport wont just give it to him.

Blaze gets to his feet and looks over at Westport as he is getting up. Westport stumbles to his feet as Blaze gets hold of him and sends him down with the michinoku driver! He looks around at the fans and then goes to the corner climbing to the top rope. He jumps off for the fires of del ray but Westport moves!

Matt: Talk about ring presence! That could seal the deal for him!

Chip: Blaze has to be in pain! That was some height he got there! I cannot believe it!

The fans give mixed reactions as both men lie on the mat not moving. The referee checks on both men as they crawl to the same side of the ring. The two men get to their feet and begin exchanging chops as Westport takes the upper hand. He pulls Blaze in and hits the W! He reaches out for the ropes where the referee cannot see him and the pin is counted.




The fans boo loudly as Westport slides out of the ring. He slowly backs up as Blaze gets to his knees and looks up. He yells “this isn’t over!” Westport backs up the rampway as the scene fades to a commercial.






Backstage Segment


[The camera opens up showing the “Office of James Bourne”. The camera rolls in showing Bourne sitting behind a desk. He has his feet propped up as he begins speaking].

Bourne: I love controversy. I love it within every fiber of my being. With that said, I happened to review what has happened with this last match, and I am appalled at the travesty that has happened here. 

[Bourne shifts himself and takes his feet down off the desk].

Bourne: With that said, I am going to award the title shot that was originally supposed to be an international championship both men. However, since you all are “above it”, I am going to offer you the chance of the lifetime. Next week, live on mayhem, Syndicate will face both Cameron Westport and Krimzon Blaze in a NON TITLE match with the stipulation that whoever pins him...gets the shot. Now, I know what you are thinking. What if Syndicate pins them? Well *laughs* thats where it gets fun. If he pins either one of you, then he has the choice to banish one of you from challenging from the title so long as he has it!

[Bourne puts on a big smile as he adjusts himself on the desk once more].

Bourne: Now, if you will excuse me, i have better things to do. Be gone!

[The camera goes to a commercial]




Matt: Can you believe that?! What a main event we have coming for you next week! 

Chip: This one should be a great one for all parties involved. 

Matt: Blaze can get the revenge he needs after being screwed like he was. He tried to tell the referee what had happened during the break,and the referee ignored him. 

Chip: All is fair and love and war, and Westport came to play the game. 

Matt: Well folks, the time has come for your main event. Four men, one title, falls count anywhere. 

Chip: This is going to be a bloodbath. They need no introduction. 

Matt: You have that right, so without further ado, here is your main event!

[The camera goes to the stage].

Announcer: The following is a fatal four way falls count anywhere match for the WWX International Championship!

[Mother Land erupts throughout the arena. The crowd erupt in a scowl of boos at the sight of a massive Russian flag covering the titantron. "USA" "USA" chants can be heard throughout the arena, but the patriotic music of Russia overpowers their voice.]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, Hailing from Moscow, Russia.. Standing seven feet tall and weighing in at five hundred and twenty pounds…he is…Giant…Khoklov!

[Out from the entrance ramp steps the 7" tall, 520 ibs of pure Russian muscle known only as Giant Khoklov. The camera rises. Starting down below his black laced boots rising all the way up his ripped muscular physique to his grimacing head. He slides into the ring and stares down the ramp awaiting his opponents].

[The arena lights dim to a blue hue. The tron sparks to life with a razor that has the words "The Blade Club written over it as the opening beat of "Stadium Pow Wow" by A tribe called red begins to play and out walks Blade with a bright and colorful native American Indian headdress on his head while holding his trusty tomahawk axe in one hand, a arrow in the other. Blade stands on the main stage, slightly tilting his head to the side while gazing out into the crowd then begins his walk down the aisle as he prepares for war.]

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Navajo Nation, he is…BLAYDE…ARCHER!

[Archer slides into the ring as the fans give mixed reactions. He goes to his corner giving his items to the timekeeper as the camera goes back to the stage].

[The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with a white robe covering him and a thorned crown. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway.]

Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Battleground North Carolina, standing at six feet three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...he is the arch angel...Rayne!

[Upon arrival, Rayne will walk to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He takes the crown off and stares across the ring at Khoklov and Blayde as the camera returns to the stage].

[The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day" by Dope starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. He walks down the ramp and throws the belt in the air much to the delight of th fans].

Announcer: And now, introducing your REIGNING, DEFENDING, International CHAMPION of the WORLD! Standing Six foot, six inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.. This IS the Stressed One, FILL!!

[Fill gets in the ring, stands in its middle and as he looks over the crowd he bumps his chest a few times and lifts his fist in the air. He hands the belt over and takes his corner, staring down all the other men in the ring.]

The four men stare each other down as each one is hesitant to act. Khoklov looks around at the other three men as they shake each others head. Rayne, Fill, and Archer all three take off towards Khoklov. He throws a fist trying to catch one of them but misses as Fill drives him into the corner. Archer climbs outside onto the apron and grabs hold of Khoklov holding his arms back to make sure that he cant fight. Rayne and Fill take turns exchanging shots to the big man as Archer moves his arms up to Khoklovs throat placing him in a headlock.

Matt: It appears they have all decided that they need to take the big man out first.

Chip: What a solid ideal. Divide and conquer. This is really smart.

Rayne slides out of the ring and throws the cover up reaching under and begins throwing weapons into the ring. He tosses ladders, barbed wire bats, chairs, light tubes, and other objects into the ring and slides back in. Archer lets the hold go as Khoklov falls to one knee in the ring. Archer climbs back in and walks over grabbing a light tube blasting it on the back of Khoklov.

Matt: They are wasting no time turning this into a match of nothing but weapons and blood. Khoklov isn’t going to stand much a chance on this one.

Chip: He had better find his groove or else he is going to be out of this one quick. These guys aren’t here to play around.

He keeps on his knee screaming in pain as Fill grabs hold of the bat. He draws back smashing it into the forehead of Khoklov and placing a boot on his chest to pull it out. Blood and flesh fly across the ring as Khoklov falls to the mat a bloody mess.

Matt: Eww, did you see that?

Chip: Yeah…yeah I did. Folks, viewer discretion is advised at this point.

The three men look at each other as they all wonder who is going to make the next move. Rayne points at Fill and says “Finish him!” Fill looks over at Khoklov and pulls him to his feet. He kicks him in the chest as Rayne and Archer assist with the stress bomb. The referee counts the pin.




Giant Khoklov is eliminated!

The fans get up on their feet and begin cheering as the action appears ready to start. The three men stare each other down and wait as each one hesitates to make a move. They go charging in the ring and begin sending shots to each other. Rayne takes a right hand from Archer and stumbles back as Fill delivers a nasty shot to Archer and sends him off the ropes. He comes charging over at Rayne as he drops shoulder and sends him crashing to the outside.

Matt: What a set up. Rayne took Archer out of the equation to make sure that he and Fill were there to continue what they started.

Chip: its going to take a lot more than that to take archer out. Watch and see.

Fill wastes no time as he grabs hold of Rayne and drives him into the corner. He delivers three stiff elbows to the mid section and then brings him out sending him to the mat with a scoop slam. Fill turns around and grabs hold of a chair tapping it on the ground as Rayne recovers to his feet. He draws back and smashes it into his head dropping him back to the mat. He takes the chair and wraps it around the knee of Rayne as Archer comes running in with a chair of his own. He takes fill out with a well placed shot and then strikes the chair on Rayne’s knee!

Matt: He is trying to disable Rayne!

Chip: That is the best thing to do. Take care of the limbs of your opponents and you have nothing more to worry about.

Rayne rolls to the outside holding his knee in pain as Archer takes the fight to Fill. He lies the chair in the corner placing it between the ropes and picks Fill up throwing him into the corner. Fill bounces off the back of the chair yelling in pain as Archer reaches down grabbing the bat. He waits for Fill to get to his feet and drives the bat into his chest. Fill rolls forward in pain as Archer jumps up and stomps his head into the mat. Rayne can be seen climbing to his feet as he flips the apron up and grabs hold of his sledgehammer!

Matt: Well folks business is about to pick up!

Chip: That is his go to weapon. Of course he cant fight without it!

He slides into the ring with the hammer and waits as Archer turns around. He blasts Archer hard in the face as the fans give mixed reactions. Archer lies cold on the mat as Rayne falls to one knee holding his in pain. He throws the hammer to the side and looks over at Fill who is still down. He climbs on top of him and begins sending a series of shots to the face of Fill. Fill reaches up and locks him into a headlock rolling over to get the upper hand. He gets to his feet and pulls Rayne up throwing him into the chair in the corner. Rayne comes stumbling out as Fill delivers a huge boot knocking him to the mat.

Matt: Our champion appears to be dominating Rayne this time around. He cant let him find his groove.

Chip: You are right about that one. He is really taking it to both men here tonight.

Fill looks around at the variety of weapons and slides out of the ring. He flips the apron up and pulls out a table much to the fans delight. He takes the table and sets it against the steel barricade and turns around as Archer comes running with a baseball slide! Fill smashes into the table and falls as it falls forward almost on top of him.

Matt: He could have knocked him unconscious with that!

Chip: It’s the name of the game. Take your opponent out before they take you out. Its all about the belt for this one.

Archer slides out of the ring and picks the table back up setting it back against the barrier. He picks Fill up and places him on the table with a series of shots to the face as Rayne can be seen getting to his feet. He climbs out onto the apron and does a senton flip sending all three of them through the table!

Matt: What a flip by Rayne! He couldn’t have timed that move better.

Chip: You aren’t kidding there. That is what the people want to see!

The referee comes out and checks on all the men as an arm is draped over Fill by archer. He counts the pin.

1…and Fill kicks out.

The broken pieces of board lie all over the area as security moves the fans back. All three men begin to stutter around for a moment as Fill can be seen reaching out grabbing a piece of wood. He takes it and seeks out Rayne driving it into his forehead! Rayne yells in pain as Fill puts pressure into the wood sending blood across the face of Rayne as he slashes it across.

Matt: That is just disgusting. Fill is becoming something that he has never been here tonight. He wants to destroy anyone in his path.

Chip: That is called the heart of a champion. He wants to walk out with his belt and knows that doing what he has been isn’t going to work.

Archer gets to his feet and grabs hold of Fill sending him over the barricade and into the crowd seats as the fans are pushed further back. Archer jumps onto the barricade and comes through with a flying elbow onto fill on the seats. He winces in pain as Archer pulls him off and onto the ground. He reaches down and picks up one of the fan chairs smashing it over the back of Fill. Rayne can be seen once more getting to his feet his face covered in blood. He slips getting to his feet and jumps over the barrier charging Archer and smashing him through some chairs. He picks him up and delivers a spine buster onto a chair separating it as the fans stand in awe at the carnage.

Matt: He drove him through the chair!

Chip: If he can stand after this one, someone needs to give him a medal.

Fill slowly gets to his feet as he and Rayne begin exchanging blows once more. Rayne takes the upper hand and throws Fill into the nearby bottom of the stage. He takes hold of him and drops him up onto one of the speaker sets. He picks him up and drops him in for the Rayne Drop DDT!

Matt: There it was. Rayne Drop DDT!

Chip: Can he get out of it?!

He goes for the pin.


2…and Fill kicks out.

Rayne looks in awe as Fill rolls off the speakers. He jumps down and kicks him in the stomach walking into the back area. The camera follows as Rayne throws him into the loading dock door. Fill falls down as Rayne walks over and begins pulling the door up revealing the concrete below. He finally gets the door open as Archer can be seen coming through the back. He grabs hold of a roll of speaker wire and throws it at Rayne to distract him. Rayne catches the wire as Archer takes off running and spears him off the dock to the concrete below!

Matt: Are those men even still alive? That has to be atleast an eight foot drop!

Chip: This is falls count anywhere Matt, and they are taking full advantage of it.

The referee looks down and sees Archer covering rayne as he counts the pin.


2…and Rayne barely gets a shoulder up.

Fill gets up to his feet and looks down at the mess below. He walks over picking up a pallet and drops it down on both men who aren’t moving fast. He jumps off in a leg drop smashing the pallet into both men! He gets up and goes for the pin on Rayne.


2…and Rayne kicks out.

He walks over and pins Archer.


2…and Archer kicks out.

Shocked, he gets to his feet and takes a piece of the wood with a nail in it. He places it on the arm of Archer and stomps down sending the nail through the skin! Archer yells in pain as Fill turns his attention back to Rayne. He grabs hold of him and walks him over towards a set of cars in the parking lot. He goes to throw him into a car, but Rayne reverses with a drop toe hold onto the vehicle. Fill smashes his face off as Rayne walks around to the drivers door and finds the hood release. He pulls it up and walks back slamming Fills head into it. He reaches down and unlatches the hood placing Fills body into it.

Matt: Someone needs to stop this. This is not going to result well.

Chip: Don’t stop it. Let it happen. They need to get this out of their system.

He climbs up onto the top of the car and jumps down smashing Fill in the hood of the car! Fill rolls down as Rayne goes for the pin.


2…and Fill barely kicks out.

Rayne shakes his head as Archer comes through and takes Rayne clean off his feet. He drags him over to the drivers door and lies Raynes head in the arch, and comes running kicking it back into the chest and face of Rayne! He slumps down as Archer goes for the pin.


2…and Rayne raises an arm.

Archer lies on one knee breathing heavily as all three men are showing wear. He gets to his feet and walks over grabbing Fill and tossing him onto another vehicle. Fill gets up onto the top of the car as Archer follows behind. The two men continue to fight back and forth as Fill headbutts Archer and sends him to the concrete below with a backdrop! He stands on the sunroof of the vehicle as Rayne comes up and low blows Fill! He grabs hold of him and hits the arch angels fall through the sunroof window!

Matt: He just put him through a sunroof window! There is glass everywhere folks!

Chip: They better watch out before someone hits an artery. This could get really nasty.

Glass shatters everywhere as both men lie inside the car. The referee looks inside the window and sees that someone is covering another. The camera cant move around fast enough to catch it. 1…



Everyone waits to see who is still in the match as the referee pulls the passengers door open and pulls Fill out. Fill lies on the concrete as the referee declares him…ELIMINATED!

The fans give mixed reactions as Rayne and Archer are the last two left. Archer gets to his feet and stumbles up looking around. He walks over to the drivers door and pulls Rayne out. Rayne is covered in blood from head to toe as he slips trying to pull him out. He kicks him a few times and then goes for a pin.


2…and the hand barely raises up.

Archer looks over at Rayne and then sees a semi truck behind him. He walks over pulling himself up on the ladder. Rayne slowly works his way to his feet and sees him climbing. He stumbles up and grabs hold of the ladder climbing up to it. Archer meets him at the top as the two men begin exchanging blows.

Matt: They have already had one fall here tonight. If one of these men come off this truck their life may be over more than this match.

Chip: There is no doubt in my mind, but we have to let them finish it. One way or another , we need an international champion.

Archer takes the upper hand and delivers the blade cutter onto the hood of the truck! The two men fall off the truck and back onto the ground. The referees come running over as glass appears to have heavily cut both men from the windshields. Neither man is moving as the referee begins the KO count.




4…neither man is showing signs of life




8…blood fills the entire area as neither man is still moving


10! The referee calls the match and looks into the camera.

Referee: Due to the dual knockout, your winners and dual international champions, Rayne and Blayde Archer!

The fans are silent and confused as both men lie out on the concrete. Blood continues to pour as medics rush out and check on both men tending to their injuries. The WWX logo flashes as the scene fades to black.

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