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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-06-23 20:08:24
“Across the Nation” blasts through the PA system as fans pile into the arena and pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Mike Hart and Terry “TJ” Jackson situate themselves at the announce table as fans hold up sings for their favorite wrestler.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re still feeling the after effects of Outrage where Hex Girl makes history and dethrones Willie Steen to become the first ever female Champion and Syndicate turns back Kurtis Ray to retain the Undisputed Title. Welcome to the O2 Arena in London, the home for tonight’s Ravage. I am Terry “TJ” Jackson and right beside me is my colleague Mike Hart. Mike, Mayhem ended up both Rayne and Blayde Archer being crowned co-International Champions.

Hart: That was an explosive match within itself and we have intense action lined up here tonight as we begin our Ravage World Tour here in jolly ol’ London. Have you been able to do any exploring yet Terry?

TJ: Not just yet Mike but I will eventually.

Sgt. Dixie Clements stands in the ring, obviously looking upset and waiting for her opponent.

“Lady Marmalade” starts off and the crowd goes into a frenzy. Kailee makes her way out on the entrance ramp feeling the energy from the crowd as if it was a hero’s welcome.

Bonn: The following contest is set for one fall! On her way to the ring, London’s own, Kailee!!

TJ: Can you hear the ovation for the London native here tonight Mike?

Mike: There’s no doubt that Kailee definitely has the home field advantage here tonight.

TJ: A win for Kailee here tonight would definitely boost the morale here in London after what they’ve been through the last few weeks.

Hart: I agree Terry. Even the WWX Production team had a rough time getting everything through customs today.

TJ: Yeah.


Clements charges at Kailee, taking her down with a hard clothesline that nearly sends her for a loop.

TJ: If I didn’t know any better, I think Clements is trying to end this early with the Clothesline from Hell.

Hart: Clements has been trying to get back into the win side of things.
TJ: The same could be said for Kailee. She went toe-to-toe with Beatrice at Outrage and nearly pulled off the upset.

As the commentators continue to converse, Clements whips Kailee into the corner and follows up with a turnbuckle clothesline.

TJ: Kailee is getting manhandled by Clements here in the early going in this match.

Hart: I thought it was woman handled.

TJ: That was bad Mike.

Hart: You did kinda walked into that one Terry.

TJ: Point taken.

Clements whips Kailee into the corner and follows up with a shoulder tackle, but Kailee sidesteps the attempt, forcing Clements to hit the post, shoulder first.

TJ: Clements went for a shoulder tackle but nobody home.

Hart: This could be Kailee’s chance to turn this around.

Clements brings Kailee out the corner and goes for a back drop but Kailee counters with the Kailee DDT.

TJ: There’s the Kailee DDT!

Hart: This could be it!

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: That was so close!

Hart: No kidding!

Kailee looks at the ref in disbelief for a few seconds then shakes her head. As she turns back towards Clements, she gets a thumb in Kailee’s eyes, which she follows up with a snap DDT.

TJ: Kailee’s in trouble!

Hart: Sgt. Clements looking like she’s ready to end this match here.

Sgt. Clements lifts Kailee to her feet and whips her to the corner, chest first. She sits Kailee on the top and moves into position to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb. In mid-move, Kailee springs to life, countering with a second Kailee DDT in mid-air. Fans come unglued.

TJ: Wow! What a counter by Kailee in mid-air!

Fans count with the ref as Kailee floats into the cover.

1, 2, 3!!


Fans roar as “Lady Marmalade” starts back up. Kailee gets her hand raised by the ref as she struggles to stand.

TJ: What a win for Kailee in front of her hometown crowd.

Hart: Kailee did London proud tonight.

TJ: My lovely wife Sarah Jackson had the honor to sit down and talk to our new TV Champion Hex Girl, the first ever female TV Champ in WWX history.

Hart: Let’s listen in.

[Cut to a pre-recorded interview]

*Sarah Jackson is on the WWX News set with Hex Girl. Sarah looks very excited to be sitting down with the new Television Champ.* 

SJ: Hello everyone Sarah Jackson here and I'm sitting down with WWX's newest Television Champion Hex Girl. Thank you for joining me today Hex Girl I know you have to be very busy. 

HG: My pleasure to be here Sarah, and yes the management has decided that keeping me on my toes is the order of the day. *She gives a laugh*

SJ: At Outrage you pulled what many consider to be a big rabbit out of your hat and you took the TV title from Willie Steen. So I have to ask the obvious question first how does it feel to be the first ever female TV champ?

HG: Being the first always feels great. It's an accomplishment that can never be taken away from you. Getting that title was no cakewalk and I don't imagine keeping it will be one either.

SJ: Now your first match following your title win was a non-title triple threat match at Mayhem, which you won. Do you feel this just gives you more momentum? 

HG: I can let myself be happy that I won but I can't rest on it. It doesn't give me an advantage going into my next match. All I can do is keep focus and try to keep winning. So does it give me momentum? Only in the rankings.

SJ: Do you think you have been underestimated by the roster?

HG: In a way yes because until now I was simply a three time Women's champion. Some of them do respect that I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but others think that was a publicity stunt by management. 

[The camera cuts to the backstage guerilla area where Matt Glazebrook is preparing himself with legs squats while waiting to hear music cue when Blade Archer and Jumbo Johnston walk into view. Glazebrook quickly squares up with both fists raised and ready to fight. Archer lifts a hand up and takes a hesitant step back.]
Whoa, easy there friend. We mean you no harm. In fact, the Blade Club has a peace offering for you.
[Matt Glazebrook shoots a skeptical stare as Blayde Archer presents him with an Indian peace pipe.]
TJ: Is that what I think it is?
Hart: I think the Blade Club's offering to blow smoke signals with one half of 420!
TJ: .. or maybe they are just trying to blow smoke up where the sun don't shine.
[Blayde Archer reads the untrusting vibe being put out by Glazebrook and reaches a compromise.]
I get it. You are Leary, so please allow me to show you that we are here on the up and up. No dirty tricks. No sneak attacks. Just a simple peace offering to someone we respect.
Hart: Now there is a noble gesture.
[Blade Archer turns slightly off camera and breathes in a long, drawn out breath before coughing up a cloud of smoke. After taking a moment to regroup, Blade repacks the peace pipe and hands it to Matt.]
See? It's safe bro... and really, really, really good. This is some of London's best high grade medical green grass. Please, will you consider this gift as a token of kindness and good will?
Stage-hand: "Hey, Glazebrook! You're up!"
[Matt Glazebrook shrugs and takes the peace pipe, quickly taking a hit off camera before handing it back to Blayde Archer, giving him a thumbs up as he races up the backstage steps and gets in place.]
[Blayde Archer turns to the Juggernaut Justice Johnston and gives the "too sweet" finger touch tap. The cameras cut back to the main stage entrance.]
(The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses. Glazebrook exhales and blows a cloud of smoke up into the air then slowly walks down the aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again. Glazebrook climbs the stairs and begins to become dizzy as he steps over the top rope.

TJ: Is Glazebrook okay?

Hart: He doesn’t look like he is.

The ref goes to check on Glazebrook, asking him if he can still compete. Glazebrook gives him a thumbs up while uttering “I can fight”. The ref shrugs his shoulders and calls for the bell to start the match.


TJ: Match is officially underway but Glazebrook looks like he’s more glazed over than normal.

Hart: I wonder what’s gotten into him?

Glazebrook stumbles forward towards Zion. Zion stretches his foot out, causing Glazebrook to fall on his face.

TJ: Something is definitely wrong here.

Hart: You’re telling me. Glazebrook looks to be glazed 10 times over and looks like he appears to be in La-la land.

Zion looks on and starts to chuckle a little bit

Hart: You don’t think…

TJ: …that Ezra had something to do with it.

Hart: Him and the Blade Club…I wouldn’t put it past them.

Glazebrook manages to grab a hold of Zion and whips him into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. He then lifts Zion to his feet and delivers a chokeslam.

TJ: Glazebrook connects with a chokeslam!

Hart: This could do it!


TJ: Why was the ref counting so slow?

Hart: I have no idea partner.

Zion is slow to get to his feet as Glazebrook gets into position.

TJ: It looks like Glazebrook is going for the Stoner here. 

As Glazebrook sets Zion up for the Stoner, Zion sidesteps and counters with a schoolboy roll up.
1, 2, 3!!


TJ: That was a fast count.

Hart: That and Zion’s feet were on the ropes.

Matt: What the?
[Matt Glazebrook sits up and scoots back into the corner turnbuckle after apparently suffering from a bad trip.]
TJ: Matt Glazebrook is out of it and not in a good way.
[Ezra Zion rolls out from the ring, finding the fan with the colorful 420 sign and ripping it in half before back peddling up the rampway with an arrogant smirk as he stops on the mainstage and points up. The WWX-Tron suddenly sparks to life with Blayde Archer and Justice smiling into the camera.]
(mocking scarface impression) Say hello to my little friend, SALVIA!

TJ: That’s just low.

Hart: Glazebrook was set up by the Blade Club.
[A small plastic zip bag containing a brownish green substance labeled "Salvia" is held up for the viewers to see.]
-Justice Johnston-
We hope you enjoyed your TRIP! Hahaha come back next fall!

Hart: Wow. That’s unforgiveable.

TJ: Folks, we’ll be right back.



Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton is seen walking down the hallway when he spots Zion, Johnston, Archer and the ref.

Stanton: I don’t know what the hell that was out there, but it stops tonight. Next week, Archer & Johnston will take on both members of 420.

He then looks at the ref.

Stanton: As for you John, since it was apparent that the Blade Club paid you to fix the match in their favor, you are hereby relieved of your referee duties. In other words, you’re fired.

John begins to argue as Max turns a dear to him and continues on his way.

All the lights turn off, leaving the entire stadium pitch black. A single, bright white spotlight shines on the entrance ramp revealing Bishop Polaris standing proudly with a mic. Polaris paces towards the ring as the fans boo his presence. He signals with his hands to calm them down, but they continue to boo.
Polaris: Patience my brothers and sisters, I know you await purification, but I must address another matter now.
The fans continue to boo.
Polaris: I know if I was you I would be begging for purification as well! Unfortunately there are more immediate matters that need to be discussed and your times will come. I speak of the Blade Club. A group of degenerate, cold blooded pillagers. On Sunday at Mayhem my tag team partner Tom Black defeated one third of this disgusting collective with my help. Two weeks ago they defeated us in a tag team match and afterwards they assaulted me. The following week, outnumbered though we maybe we have overcome, defeating The Blade Club.
Polaris enters the ring and the lights of the stadium come back on. Polaris stands alone in the ring, pacing around it as the fans continue to boo.
Polaris: Our battles are not over. We are even and that’s not good enough. So right here right now, I want to call out the Blade Club! I know you are in the back, present yourselves!
Polaris motions to the entrance ramp waiting impatiently, nobody appears.
Polaris: Don’t be scared, come face me, face me like a man! Blayde Archer there is a discussion to be had, bring your sorry self out here!
The Blade Club theme hits and the three members of the group present themselves. Archer flanked by Zion and Johnston look down the ramp at Polaris. The trio make their way down to the ring and upon entering Archer grabs a mic.  Archer gets right up close to Polaris and raises the mic to his face. Before he can get a word out, the lights once again go off and the mic can be heard hitting the ground, followed by a series of crashes to the mat.

TJ: What is going on here!

Hart: Who is that in the ring!?
The lights come back on to reveal Polaris wielding a steel chair standing over Zion, Tom Black with a lead pipe standing over Justice Johnston and in the middle a cloaked figure standing over Archer. Black looks to the cloaked figure as Polaris seems puzzled, not sure who the third man is. The cloaked figure holding a baseball bat removes his hood, revealing himself to be Dr. Death! 

TJ: What in the world is going on here?

Hart: Dr. Death just evened up the odds here tonight!

TJ: The action is non stop!

Hart: What’s going to happen next?!

“Hard Hittin’” blasts through the PA system as GM Maxfield Stanton makes his way out. Fans stand and cheer for the GM as he makes his way to the ring.

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of Ravage, Maxfield Stanton!!

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the contract signing between our World Champion Syndicate and his #1 contender Darkness for World Series.

Hart: Both these superstars have had very excellent and very storied careers.

Maxfield Stanton, wearing his signature purple suit and hat, stands over a black table with black office chairs facing each other on both sides.  The ring's canvas has been covered up with a red velvet carpet.  On the table lies two microphones and a black folder with the WWX logo embossed on the cover.  Maxfield raises his microphone to his lips.*

Stanton: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here this evening to witness the contract signing for the WWX World Heavyweight Championship match at World Series.


Stanton: Without further delay, I present to you the competitors.  First, he is the Undisputed WWX Heavyweight Champion of the World, the Los Angeles Outlaw, SYNDICATE!




*After a short burst of static, Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade" blares through the arena's loudspeakers as Syndicate steps out onto the stage.  The champion is dressed in his usual attire of white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and blue jeans, and holds the WWX World title belt over his right shoulder.  He smiles at the London crowd before walking down the ramp, climbing the steel steps, and entering the ring.*

TJ: The champion looking fresh as ever tonight!

Hart: Syndicate has finally vanquished Kurtis Ray, but now he has to turn his attention over to a true WWX veteran in Darkness.

*Syndicate performs a crucifix pose, much to the crowd's delight, before sitting down and grabbing the microphone nearest him.*

Syndicate: How we doin' tonight, London?


*He chuckles as Maxfield raises his mic again.*

Stanton: Now, please welcome Syndicate's challenger for World Series.  He is an 18-time champion in the WWX and the winner of the Crusade Cup.  He is...DARKNESS!


*Syndicate and Stanton look towards the stage, but nothing happens.  Maxfield looks confused as he mutters something under his breath.*

Stanton: ...damn techies...

*The mic is raised again.*

Stanton: Please welcome, DARKNESS!

*Again, nothing happens.  Stanton is looking pissed off now, but Syndicate raises his hand to calm the general manager down.*

Syndicate: Please, Maxfield, the man is probably busy conjuring up spirits with his magic candles or something.  Give him a break.  Let me handle this.

*Maxfield pauses, softly chuckles, and lets the champ speak.*

Syndicate: Darkness, I'm not going to pretend that you're ignorant.  I know you're not.  I know that you understand what you will be facing at World Series.  By my estimations, winning the Crusade Cup was not a difficult affair.  All you had to do was beat Kurtis Ray at Outrage.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: You want to know why I interfered, Darkness?  You want to know why I came out with that chair and struck you clean in the head with it?  It's because I knew.  I knew everything.  I knew that you would have beaten Kurtis with or without my help.  I knew that Kurtis's overconfidence would cost him in the main event.  I knew that, at World Series, we would be facing off for the World title.  So I thought...might as well get my damage in while I still can.

*The Outlaw props his feet up on the black table.*

Syndicate: At World Series, Darkness, you and I won't be facing off with any gimmicks attached.  There will be no chair shots, no table slams, no ladder climbing, nothing.  No, it will be me and you in a ring facing off for the business's top prize.  Now, I know how good you can be, Darkness...but by that same train of thought, you should know how dangerous I can be.  I don't care if I'm facing you or Kurtis Ray or James Ranger or David Gideon Smith or Xander Adams or Tommy Lipton or any other "veteran"; I'll flip you over my head for the No Signal all the same.


Syndicate: But I'm going to be honest, Darkness, you're making all the same mistakes right now as all of those other guys have in the past.  You aren't showing up for a damn contract signing with the World Champion.  I treat that as a sign of disrespect, something that I've become accustomed to over the past few years.  Now, I don't know if you people have noticed the pattern going on here, but whenever someone disrespects me...I shut them the |BLEEP| up.  And Darkness, I'm sorry to say that you're next on the list.

*Syndicate reaches over and grabs the black folder.  When he opens it up, he is greeted by the World Series contract itself.  He glances through the various pages of legalese before taking out the pen and signing the front page.  Syndicate then flips the contract over onto the table and reaches for his microphone once more.*

Syndicate: So Darkness, if you've got the balls to come out here, sign this contract, and face the champ one-on-one, then you better do it right |BLEEP|ing now.


*Syndicate props up his feet once more, waiting.*

TJ: I don't think Darkness is showing up here tonight.

*Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out except for a single spotlight which illuminates the ring.*

Hart: What the -

*On the RavageTron, an image of a flickering candle appears.  Syndicate, confused, looks up as the camera pans to reveal Darkness watching the candle intently.  He is dressed in a black cloak and cowl and seems to be muttering a chant under his breath.  Darkness, after finishing his ritual, quickly looks at the camera.*

Darkness: I mean no disrespect, Syndicate.  I simply had more important things to attend to than talking to you face-to-face.

*In the ring, Syndicate yells up at the image of Darkness to come down to the ring, but the cries are falling on deaf ears.*

Darkness: At World Series, you will face a power unlike anything you have EVER faced before.  Those men that you listed off - Kurtis Ray, David GS, Xander Adams - cannot provide the amount of pain that I am capable of producing.  For years, the WWX has been my personal playground...and at World Series, it will finally be time for you, Syndicate, to feel the power of darkness.

*Darkness turns back to the candle.*

Darkness: We are in the midnight hour, Syndicate.  Everyone has fallen to the might of Darkness...except for you.  You are the lone survivor, the last source of light in this forsaken world.  It is my time to extinguish it.

*Darkness snaps his fingers, and the light above the ring goes out, leaving the candle as the only source of light.*

Darkness: I'll see you at World Series, Syndicate.  Until then, enjoy the light...while you still can.

*Darkness blows out the candle on-screen, and as he does, the lights in the arena come back on.  The in-ring camera zooms in on the contract to see that Darkness's name has been signed on the dotted line.  Darkness immediately disappears from the RavageTron, leaving Syndicate and Maxfield Stanton in a confused state.*


TJ: Darkness has signed the contract!  The match for World Series is on!

*Syndicate stands up and holds the World title in the air for all to see*

TJ: We’ll be right back!

Hart: Don’t go nowhere!



Jake Divine is seen walking down the hallway when he is suddenly ambushed by Kurtis Ray. Ray whips Divine into a fenced up wall with such velocity that the wall gives out as Divine falls to the ground. Ray lifts Divine to his feet but Divine fires back with several rights and lefts of his own. He then whips Ray into a garage door. The brawl continues for several minutes before refs and security rush in, breaking up the scuffle.


TJ: Those two were supposed to be in our next match.

Hart: It looked like they couldn’t wait to get in the ring and wanted to get it on then.

TJ: But it wasn’t scheduled as a street fight!

Hart: I don’t think they care about that now.

“Angel of Salvation” starts up as Glorious Gaijin starts making his way out.

Bonn: The following contest is a battle royal where the winner will be declared the #1 contender for the Television Title! Introducing the participants. First weighting in at 185 pounds, Glorious Gaijin!

TJ: Our main even is giving several new stars a chance to compete for the chance to challenge for the TV title, currently being held by Hex Girl.

Hart: She indeed made history at Outrage when she dethroned Willie Steen for the title.

“Hail the King” starts and fans begin to boo as King Richard makes his way out. Despite being in his hometown, King Richard gets less of a hero’s welcome.

Bonn: Next, from London, England, weighting in at 312 pounds, King Richard!!

TJ: King Richard getting less of a welcome home reception than Kailee did earlier.

Hart: I know. And King Richard’s a London native!!

TJ: Either way, King Richard has been given an opportunity to compete in this match by our GM tonight.

“I Stand Alone” starts and fans begin to boo lounder as Bryan Matthews makes his way out. Matthews waves around Canada’s flag as walks toward the ring.

Bonn: Next, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighting in at 220 pounds, Bryan Matthews!

TJ: The self-proclaim king and self-proclaim assassin are both in this match? This oughta be good.

Hart: I talked to half the guys in this match earlier and let me tell you that they’re just about as pumped to be in this match as I am getting to calling the action alongside you.
TJ: Well thank you Mike.

“Pop Goes the Weasel” starts up as boos turn to cheers. Funzo comes out all smiles and a few balloons. He hands the balloons to small kids he can reach.

Bonn: Next, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighting in at 258 pounds, Funzo!!

TJ: Funzo is really exciting to watch in the ring alongside He maybe all smiles now but he knows how to hold his own when that bel rings.

Hart: Who knows? Funzo might become the new #1 contender.

TJ: That could very well happen.

“A New Power” starts up as fans continue to cheer. Super Bacon begins to make his way out to the London crowd.

Bonn: Next, from Norwich, England, weighting in at 175 pounds, Super Bacon!

TJ: Another England native here in this match. This is getting exciting with all the talent we have in this match. We got one more superstar who has yet to make his presence felt.

“Vangelis” starts up as Vigilante makes his way out to a sea of cheers. He spots a small crowd wearing replica vigilante masks and stops, pulling out his cellphone and takes a selfie with vigilante fan base.

Bonn: Finally, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighting in at 211 pounds, the Vigilante! 

TJ: Vigilante loves his fans as the fans love him.

Hart: For the folks watching us at home, the way this battle royal works is that all the superstars will be in this match. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor.

TJ: It is truly every man for themselves. The winner gets a shot a Hex Girl and the WWX Television title.


TJ: Here we go! 

King Richard stands in the corner and starts shouting “you all should go ahead and eliminate yourselves and let me win because I’m the king of the WWX and I said so”. Gaijin dropkicks Richard, causing him to drop to the mat in a sitting position. Matthews charges after Funzo but counters with a back drop. Though Matthews goes over the top rope, he hangs onto the ropes. As Funzo walks up to Matthews, Matthews grabs Funzo and slings him over the top rope as Matthews climbs back in the ring.

Bonn: Funzo has been eliminated.

TJ: King Richard eliminates Funzo.

Hart: Who nearly eliminated King Richard.

Vigilante throws a right hand to King Richard and then a second and third right hand. King Richard rakes the Vigilante’s eyes and tries to yank off Vigilante’s mask. Matthews hits Richard with a forearm to the back, causing Richard to fall to one knee. Before Matthews can react, Vigilante clotheslines Matthews.

TJ: The action is heating up in our main event.

Hart: Funzo was eliminated early on by Bryan Matthews and we still have 5 other superstars competing to become the #1 contender to the TV title.

As the bedlam continues, King Richard falls prone and rolls out the ring under the bottom rope. He then goes over and sits next to Mike Hart, putting on a headset.

Hart: Um, aren’t you still in this match Richard?

KR: That’s KING Richard to you peasant! And this match is already over because I have already won. That is my decree. Now make it so.

TJ: And just who are you again?

KR: I’m the king of the WWX. Now, go and declare me the win-

Matthews gives Richard a vicious right hand and throws his head on the announce table. Terry and Mike move out the way as Matthews whips Richard back towards the ring. As the two heavyweights move the action away from the announce table, Mike and Terry try to regain their composure.

TJ: Hello? Mike, can you hear me?

Hart: I think so. Can you hear me? Testing 1, 2…

TJ: I can hear you.

Hart: Man, we got a little too close to the action for a moment there.

TJ: I agree.

Matthews and Richard continue to duke it out on the edge of the ropes. Gaijin charges at Richard but Richard counters with a back drop, causing Gaijin to crash and burn on the arena floor. Fans begin to boo their displeasure at the current turn of events.
Bonn: Glorious Gaijin has been eliminated.

TJ: We are down to Super Bacon, King Richard, Bryan Matthews and Vigilante.

Hart: And any one of these 4 men could walk out of here the #1 contender to the TV title.

Matthews clotheslines Super Bacon hard. He then whips Super Bacon into the corner. Matthews tries to throw Super Bacon over the top rope but Super Bacon holds onto the ropes. Matthews begins to rain down forearms on Super Bacon. Unknown to Matthews, King Richard sneaks up behind Matthews and hits a low blow. With Matthews bent over in pain, holding onto his neither regions, Richard tosses Matthew over the top.

Bonn: Bryan Matthews has been eliminated.

TJ: We’re down to 3 now.

Enraged that he was eliminated, Matthews hops up on the ring apron and grabs King Richard’s hair. As the two tussle, Vigilante dropkicks Richard over the top, much to the delight of the fans.

Bonn: King Richard has been eliminated.

TJ: And we are down to two: Super Bacon and Vigilante. Which one of these two is going to face Hex Girl?

Half of the fans begin to chant “Su-per Ba-con!” while the other half chants “vi-gi-lan-te!”

TJ: These two are definitely fan favorites here in London Mike.

Hart: Indeed they are Terry. Only one of these men will face Hex Girl for the TV title.

Super Bacon and Vigilante begin duking it out, going at each other with lefts and rights. Super Bacon whips Vigilante into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline.

TJ: Super Bacon starting to build momentum.

Hart: Vigilante is gonna have to do something to stop Super Bacon or else he’s gonna get fried.

TJ: Mike…too soon.

Hart: Sorry Terry. I guess hanging around Baalz and Gary so long that they rubbed off on me.

TJ: It’s cool.

Super Bacon goes for a clothesline but Vigilante counters with a scoop slam. Vigilante then goes to the top rope as Super Bacon struggles to get to his feet. As Super Bacon turns towards Vigilante, Vigilante connects with the Vanquish.

TJ: Vigilante hits the Vanquish on Super Bacon.

Hart: Now all Vigilante has to do is throw Super Bacon over the top rope to win.

Vigilante lifts Super Bacon to his feet. As he goes to whip Super Bacon into the ropes, Super Bacon springs to life and reverses the attempt, tossing Vigilante right over the top.


“A New Power” starts up again as Super Bacon stumbles back to the mat. Fans go into a frenzy chanting “That was awesome!” in the process.

Bonn: Here is your winner and the #1 contender for the WWX Television Championship, Super Bacon!!

TJ: Super Bacon is our new #1 contender to Hex Girl’s TV title!

Hart: That match could have gone either way and pretty much unpredictable if you ask me.

TJ: You’re right about that. That’s all the time we have here in London. The Ravage World Tour continues as we head to the land of the Rising Sun next week. For everyone at Ravage, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson-

Hart:…and I’m Mike Hart…

TJ: …so long from Jolly ol’ London!

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