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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-07-01 00:35:58
“Now get the guns, the drugs, for my generation I’ll take the fall”

A video clips shows Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton walking down a hallway.

“Come on, come on, come on (Let’s get it on)”

Krimzon Blaze flies over the top rope with a suicide dive.

Let’s get it on, let’s get it on, let’s get it on

420 mingles with fans, Hex Girl holds the TV title high for all to see

Forget the lies, the money, we’re in this together and through it all…

The Blade Club holding a press conference, Xavier delivers the Pride Detroit to Kurtis Ray

…they said that nothing’s forever, yeah they refuse to see the change in me…

Syndicate stands in the arena of the WWX faithful, holding up the WWX World Title.

Why won’t they wake up?!

“Across the Nation” continues to blasts throughout the PA system as pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Mike Hart and Terry “TJ” Jackson, dressed in samurai garb and kimono respectively, take their places at the announce table.
*The sound of static interrupts Terry before turning into "Bulls On Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.*
TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Friday Night Ravage and it looks like we are kicking things off with our World Champion making his way to the ring.

Hart: Last week Darkness started playing head games with Syndicate and no doubt Syndicate has some choice words for his World Series challenger.
*After a few moments, Syndicate steps onto the stage to raucous applause.  He is dressed in his white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and worn-down blue jeans, and holds the World title over his left shoulder.*
TJ: Can you feel the electricity in this place Mike?

Hart: I know Terry! It’s off the charts!

*By this point, Syndicate has slid into the ring and grabbed a microphone.*
Syndicate: It is an honor to be here tonight in the historic Jingu Stadium...but I'm not here to talk about your city's history.  Oh, no...we've got some more important matters to discuss.
*Syndicate pushes his back his golden hair as he continues.*
Syndicate: Last week, I sat in this ring, expecting Darkness to do the same.  As you all saw, that did not happen.  Instead, the witch doctor decided to sign the contract for our World Series match from a remote location; how he did that, I don't know and I don't care.  Now, I know this man is famous for his trickery and mind games...but I'm not stupid.
*Syndicate looks directly at the hard cam.*
Syndicate: Darkness, I know you're out there somewhere.  I know you're watching.  Forget about World Series, I want your ass now.
Syndicate: If you want your World title match right here, right now, you get your ugly face down here, because I'm ready to go!
*Syndicate lays down the World title on the mat and faces the entranceway, waiting for the arrival of Darkness.*
TJ: Syndicate is calling Darkness out here tonight, but will he respond?
“8 Mile Road” blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon makes his way out, wielding a mic.  Syndicate, visibly upset, looks at Xavier in disbelief.
TJ: “The Machine” isn’t Darkness but it looks like he’s got something to say as well.

Xavier: Syndicate, I understand that you got Darkness to deal with at World Series. That’s fine. What he did last week was indeed last week. What you need to do is focus on the task at hand. In other words, keep your eyes and focus locked on me. You see, both you and I share the same thoughts. However, that’s where the similarities end. While you are stuck in the past, I look towards the future and in the future…I see me being in possession of that title you currently have around your waist.

*Syndicate chuckles.*

Syndicate: The future?  You wanna talk about the future, Xavier?  You're looking at it.  I'm the World Champion now, and I'm gonna be World Champion for a long, long time, buddy.  All I see in the future is your ass getting kicked all over Tokyo later on tonight.


Syndicate: Tonight, I want you to get a glimpse of true greatness.  I want you to see what you could never and will never be.  Tonight, Xavier...you will fall to the might of Sydney Maxwell Irvine, your WWX World Heavyweight Champion.  And, even though you may disagree, there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

“Bulls on Parade” starts back up as Syndicate drops the mic on the canvas and raises the title in the air, smiling at a determined Pendragon.

TJ: These two huge fan favorites will get it on in our main event of the evening. This is also the first time that these two superstars have met in the ring in singles matches. Both competitors have achieved legendary status in the eyes of the fans here in the arena.


Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton is seen walking towards what appears to be the entrance to the entrance ramp when he is seen and stopped by Chris Sanders.

Sanders: Sir Mr. Stanton, you mentioned that tonight on Ravage, you have a major announcement concerning World Series. Do you care to elaborate on that?

Stanton: I’m actually on my way to the ring to make said announcement. Give me a few minutes, and everyone will hear it at once.

Max leaves Chris and heads down a dim-lit corridor where several WWX Production staff set the Ravage GM up. As Max gets closer to the curtain, “Hard Hittin’” blasts through the PA system as Maxfield Stanton starts making his way to the ring.

Frenell: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of Ravage, Maxfield Stanton!!

TJ: Twitter has been buzzing all day about what Maxfield Stanton’s major announcement concerning World Series could be 
Hart: Well, we won’t have to wait too much longer because it looks like Max is ready to tell everybody.

Stanton: Greetings Tokyo! Welcome to Friday Night Ravage!!

Fans roar in approval and start up “WWX” chants.

Stanton: Now, in regards to World Series, we have our main event which is Syndicate defending the World Championship against Crusade Cup Winner Darkness. What about the World Series match itself? Of course, in the spirit of our traditional World Series Match. Over the next few weeks and leading up to the World Series event itself, I will pick a few stars to represent Ravage and Xander Adams will pick a few superstars from Mayhem and we’re going to put them in our World Series match. Now, who can qualify to compete in the World Series match you ask? That’s an easy one- the entire WWX roster qualifies, including the women.

TJ: Wow. That is a major announcement coming our GM Mike.

Hart: I agree. Maxfield Stanton getting the women more involved in the WWX. A very noble and wise move this time around.

Stanton: Starting next week on Ravage, I will host a few matches for people to qualify to compete in the World Series Match at World Series. Enjoy the rest of the show!

“Hard Hittin’” starts back up as Maxfield Stanton leaves the ring.

TJ: This year’s World Series is going to be interesting to say the least.

Hart: Yes it is.

TJ: We’re just getting started. We’ll be right back.


“Lady Marmalade” starts up as Kailee makes her way out. Kailee has somewhat a look of determination on her face as she shakes hands with  few fans.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from London, England, Kailee!!

TJ: Kailee looks a little determined tonight as she will get another chance at Hex Girl.

Hart: Me, personally, I think that Hex Girl basically toyed with Kailee last time and it had to have been bugging her since. Should Kailee be successful and pull out an upset victory, that would definitely boost her morale a bit more.

TJ: I agree.

“Her Black Wings” blasts through the PA system as Hex Girl makes her way out onto the entrance ramp with the TV title snuggly around her waist.

Frenell: And her opponent, from Busthead, Virginia, she is the WWX Television Champion, Hex Girl!

Hart: Hex Girl knows that she has a challenger in Super Bacon waiting in the wings for her sometime in the near future but tonight, she takes on Kailee once again.

As Hex Girl climbs in the ring, Kailee knocks her down with a forearm almost immediately.


TJ: Kailee wasting no time in going after the TV champ here tonight.

Kailee lifts He Girl to her feet and whips her into the ropes and follows up with a hard clothesline. Kailee goes for the cover, but Hex Girl kicks out before the ref can make the count. Kailee immediately goes for a side headlock. Hex Girl tries to break free but Kailee applies more pressure.

TJ: Kailee is taking the fight to Hex Girl tonight.

Hart: She’s looking to get back into a winning pattern after defeating Sgt. Clements last week.

TJ: Well Kailee’s got every reason in the world to come out the gates swinging like she has been in this match here.

Kailee whips Hex Girl into the ropes but Hex Girl counters with a thunderous spear. Hex Girl then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: That spear by Hex Girl nearly broke Kailee in half. 

Hart: What a counter by our TV champion right there.

Hex Girl lifts Kailee to her feet and begins laying into her with various kicks. Hex Girl whips Kailee into the corner with such force that Kailee bounces off the corner post, stumbling into a back drop from Hex Girl. Kailee holds her back in pain as Hex Girl bounces off the ropes and hits a low-end dropkick to Kailee’s back.

TJ: Kailee might be in trouble here.

Hex Girl starts to lock Kailee in a Boston Crab but Kailee wiggles free and from out of dodge.

Hart: If Kailee would’ve had that Boston Crab locked in, she would’ve had to tap out.

TJ: I agree with you on that

Wasting no time, Hex Girl locks in the Magic Carpet Ride.

TJ: Magic Carpet Ride is locked in and Kailee has nowhere to go.

Kailee tries to inch and crawl her way to the bottom rope but Hex Girl drags her back to the middle of the ring and applies more pressure. With no other option, Kailee finally taps.


“Her Black Wings” starts off again as Hex Girl is handed the TV title. She is seen mouthing something to Kailee, but can’t pick up what is being said.

TJ: Hex Girl gaining some momentum going into her upcoming title defense against Super Bacon.

Hart: Terry, I just found out that Hex Girl will defend the TV title against Super Bacon next week on Ravage.

TJ: This will be Hex Girl’s first title defense as the TV Champ, which it’ll be fun to watch.
[The camera cuts backstage where Ezra Zion, Justice Johnston and Blayde Archer, collectively known as the Blade Club are shown standing opposite of interviewer Bryan Chase in front of a WWX Ravage banner hanging in the backdrop.]
Chase: “Last week on Ravage, we all witnessed you drugging your opponent Matt Glazebrook with Salvia to gain the unfair advantage after you alleged “peace offering” that ultimately resulted in the win, thanks to what Mr. Maxfield Stanton feels was a quick count from a referee that you bribed which leads us to tonight, where both members of 420 will seek retribution in tag team action against the Blade Club. What can we expect to see from you here tonight in Toyko?”
[The Juggernaut Justice Johnston rips the microphone out of the reporters hands then pie faces him out of view as he smiles into the camera with a menacing glare.]
Expect.. the unexpected!
[Johnston hands the mic over to Blayde Archer who cracks a rare smile.]
Gary Tinordi. Matt Glazebrook. I know you boys are lighting up a fatty somewhere right now, listening in on what we have to say and wanting to hear our reasoning for what we did last week on Ravage. The whole Salvia thing? That it was an innocent prank, a harmless rib! Consider it an initiation of sorts to see if you had that energy reserve to draw from and hang with the Club, which to much of many surprise Glazebrook was able to do right until the very end of the match. Now Mr. Stanton is trying to stir the pot but really guys, you shouldn't take it so hard and as a show of good faith, we are willing to forfeit the match and ask 420 to join forces with the Blade Club. Together we could dominate this entire federation but time is ticking boys, and we’re going to need an answer soon enough so don’t keep us waiting too long…


TJ: I cannot believe the audacity of those guys. First, they taint 420’s stash, they cover it up saying that it was some part of initiation to join the Blade Club. Me personally, I don’t like them.

Hart: They look like some bad dudes Terry.

“Theme of the King” starts off as Jake Divine makes his way out.

Frenell: The following contest is a falls count anywhere match set for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, weighting in at 239 pounds, Jake Divine!

TJ: Divine and Kurtis brawled it out backstage and never made it to the ring-

Suddenly, Kurtis Ray ambushes Divine from behind, taking him down with a forearm.

TJ: And Kurtis Ray is wasting no time here.

Hart: He’s picking up where he left off last week.

TJ: No doubt him losing both the Crusade Cup and World Title match at Outrage has been on his mind since the outcome.

Kurtis whips Divine into the ring apron, causing Divine to go down to a knee. As Divine gets to his feet, Kurtis whips him into the security guardrail, back first. Kurtis comes up and gorilla presses Divine above his head and then lets go, causing Divine to drop to the ground.

TJ: What power by Kurtis Ray right there.

Hart: That normally would break a normal man in half.

Kurtis lifts Divine to his feet and goes to whip him into the steel steps but Divine reverses the attempt, sending Kurtis into the steps, shoulder first.

TJ: What a counter by Jake Divine right there.

Hart: Divine has already taken a considerable amount of damage and we haven’t really gotten into the middle part of the match yet.

TJ: The way this match is going so far, it may not be going on too much longer the way Kurtis Ray has been dominating Jake Divine here tonight.

Kurtis starts to rip up the monitors at the announce table as both TJ and Mike get out of dodge. Kurtis lays in a few more forearm shots before climbs up on the table as well. Kurtis sets Divine up for a powerbomb but Divine counters with a backdrop onto the Japanese announce table. Divine then leaps from the Ravage announce table, connecting with an elbow on the Japanese announce table. Though the table does not break, the Japanese announcers wisely move out the way. Terry and Mike cautiously try and retrieve their headsets.

TJ: Kurtis Ray tried to put Divine through our announce table but Divine countered by trying to put Kurtis through our Japanese brethren’s announce table.

Hart: Good thing they got out of dodge.

TJ: Yeah.

Divine goes to whip Kurtis but is countered as Kurtis whips Divine into the steel steps, head first.

TJ: Ow. Jake Divine going head first into those unforgiving steel steps.
Hart: I know.

As Divine slowly tries to get to his feet, he looks up out the corner of his eye in time to see Kurtis charging at him. Divine manages to grab Kurtis’ arm and use Kurtis’ own momentum, ramming him into the steel ring post, head and shoulder first.

Hart: These two are trying to kill each other.

TJ: Either that or end each other’s career.

Kurtis then shoves Divine back in the ring with Kurtis sliding in after him. He lifts him up and whips him into the corner.

TJ: Looks like Kurtis is ready to end this.

As Kurtis goes to set Divine up for a mid-air Death Ray, Divine wiggles free, countering with King’s Style off the top rope.

TJ: What a counter from Jake Divine!

Hart: King’s Style from off the top rope!

1, 2, 3!

“Theme of the King” starts back up as Jake Divine rolls out of the ring, clutching his side.

TJ: A hard fought victory for Jake Divine tonight, defeating the former World Champion in Kurtis Ray.

Hart: Kurtis thought he would get the early jump on Divine but Jake was able to weather the storm and find a way to win here tonight.


Lead WW Reporter Chris Sanders stands poised with a mic in hand, as if he’s waiting to interview someone.

Sanders: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is none other than “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon.

Xavier walks into camera view.

Sanders: Xavier, tonight, you’re in the main event with World Champion Syndicate. What are your thoughts going into the main event tonight?

Xavier: My thoughts? My thoughts are solely giving Syndicate one hell of a fight. Of course Syndicate will say that I will never earn a shot at the World Title. I basically made it my mission to silence my critics. When I decided to get back in the ring, I won championship gold on 2 occasions. That should’ve told people then that ‘hey, Xavier means business’ or something along that line, but since people like Syndicate still doubt my world-class abilities, by the end of the night, I will silence him.

Without another word, Xavier walks off.

TJ: More action after this.



“Whisper in the Dark” starts up as Darkness comes out to a deafening ovation.

TJ: Listen to this ovation for the Crusade Cup Champion and the challenger for Syndicate’s World Title at World Series!

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, he is the Crusade Cup Champion and #1 contender to the Undisputed World Championship, Darkness!!

TJ: Darkness signed the contract last week to face Syndicate at World Series for the title and Darkness played some mind games with the Los Angeles Outlaw but tonight he takes on a co-International Champion in Rayne.

Hart: A win for Darkness here tonight would definitely boost his morale going into World Series later on.

TJ: Not to mention going into the match itself.

“Ain’t No Grave” starts out as Rayne begins making his way out on the entrance ramp to a few boos and jeers. Rayne flips a few off, earning him another round of boos.

Frenell: And his opponent, from Battleground, North Carolina, weighting in at 220 pounds, he is the WWX International Champion, Rayne!

TJ: Rayne became International co-title holder alongside Blayde Archer on Mayhem last week and the two will battle it out on this week’s Mayhem to see who will walk out with the International title in their sole possession.

Hart: A win for Rayne here tonight could quite possibly move him up in the World Title rankings possibly.

TJ: Indeed could quite possibly happen.


Rayne and Darkness circle the ring for a few moments before the two lock up. Darkness gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Rayne tries to fight out of it but Darkness applies more pressure. Rayne manages to shove Darkness into the ropes but Darkness counters with a shoulder tackle. Darkness bounces off the ropes and tries to follow up with a clothesline but Rayne counters with an armdrag takedown, holding on for an armbar.

TJ: Nice armdrag into the armbar by the co-International Champ right there.

Hart: Technical style wrestling right there.

After a few minutes, Darkness powers out of the armbar, taking Rayne down with his free hand. Darkness shakes the pain out of his arms and goes back on the offensive.

TJ: Darkness trying to get some blood circulation back in his left arm after being in that armbar.

Rayne approaches Darkness but Darkness whips Rayne into the ropes and follows up with a hard clothesline.

TJ: What a hard clothesline by Darkness right there. 

Darkness lifts Rayne to his feet and whips him into the corner. He charges in, but Rayne moves out the way, causing Darkness to hit the turnbuckle, chest first. Rayne follows up with a forearm shot to the back of Darkness.

TJ: Rayne not really letting up on Darkness here is he? 

Hart: Well, considering that Rayne has a title defense/championship match this upcoming Mayhem, he’s gonna wanna finish this match rather quickly so he can have all the energy he’s gonna need against the leader of the Blade Club.

TJ: I agree.

Hart: If you had to choose between Blayde Archer and Rayne, who would you go with to walk out the one and only International Champ?

TJ: Clearly the edge would go to Rayne because he has the skills that is needed to possess a title such as the International title. I don’t know too much about Blayde Archer but the little bit I do know is that he’ll use any kind of underhanded tactics to win.

Hart: We got a cover here!

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: Nearfall by Darkness right there.

Hart: Darkness has been taking firm control of the match. I agree that one of these guys is gonna have to find a way to swing the match in their favor so they conserve all the energy they can.

In the ring, Darkness lifts Rayne to his feet and whips him into the ropes and follows up with a powerslam. Darkness drops a few elbows and then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: Another nearfall for Darkness.

Hart: Darkness, looking to keep the momentum solely on his side.

TJ: He gonna have to because he’s going against Syndicate for the World title at Word Series

Darkness walks up to a downed Rayne who appears to be holding his right knee. The ref then backs Darkness up but Darkness shoves past the ref. Rayne springs to life, catching Darkness off guard with a school boy roll up and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage, out of view of the ref.
TJ: Hey, ref! Rayne’s feet are on the ropes!

Hart: He can’t see it nor hear you, unfortunately.

1, 2, 3!!


“Ain’t No Grave” starts back up as Rayne rolls out the ring, giving off a smirk to Darkness as he is seen in the ring fuming over what happened.

TJ: Rayne steals a victory from Darkness tonight.

Hart: While Rayne himself has some confidence going into his match with Blayde Archer on Mayhem. Speaking of which, Blayde Archer and Justice Johnston takes on 420 when we come back.




[A bright spotlight shines onto the home field dugout as “Welcome to the Jungle” by guns and roses blast through the Jinju stadium and the Japanese fans stand on their feet in anticipation.]
[Ezra Zion, Justice Johnston and Blayde Archer walk up the steps to the on deck circle in Sleek and stylish white leather button up baseball jerseys and caps with “Blade Club” written in black cursive across the front, each with a wooden black Louisville slugger hoisted over their shoulders. Zion, Johnston and Archer all give a synchronized 180 degree pivot spin with arms outstretched to model the other side of the jersey with their number / nicknames with #18 “Hebrew Hitman” #99 “JUGGERNAUT” and #1 “BLADE” across the shoulders and on the back. ]

Frenell: The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, Justice Johnston, Ezra Zion and the WWX International Champion Blayde Archer, the Blade Club!

TJ: How can these 3 hoodlums be proud of themselves for what they did to Matt Glazebrook last week and then try and recruit them to be a part of the Blade Club? They’re nothing but a pack of thugs and the fact that they bribed a ref as well makes it even worse.

Hart: While our GM made this match for the Archer and Johnston to face 420, Archer basically stated our GM didn’t have that kind of power.

TJ: I tell you that Blayde Archer is going to have his day of reckoning soon. Mark my words.
[All three members of the Blade Club taunt the crowd on their way to the squared circle positioned on the infield grass and make their way into the ring then engage in a quick game of paper rock, scissors to see which to will compete in the match.]
“Little Green Bag” starts up as Glazebrook and Tinordi make their way out. Glazebrook appears more focused than Tinordi, locking eyes with Archer, giving him “if the looks could kill look” 

Frenell: And their opponents, Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, 420!!

TJ: You can tell Glazebrook is not a happy camper this week and will be looking for retribution and revenge against the Blade Club for what they did to him last week in London.

Glazebrook and Tinordi charge the ring as Zion and Johnston move to intercept them.


Tinordi and Glaebrook immediately lay into Zion and Johnston with lefts and rights with Archer trying to rally his team to fight back.

TJ: Both Glazebrook and Tinordi starting off strong here against the Blade Club.

Hart: Glazebrook especially looking for retribution and revenge on his mind tonight. Hopefully they will get some form of retribution on the Blade Club. What they did to Glazebrook last week was wrong on al counts.

TJ: In every since of the word Mike.

Tinordi and Glazebrook manage to double suplex Zion. Johnston charges at 420 but 420 counters with a double clothesline.

TJ: 420 is on fire here tonight!

All 3 members of the Blade Club regroup on the outside as 420 hypes up the crowd.

Hart: 420 definitely has the crowd on their side here in the Jingu Stadium.

After a few minutes of collaboration, Johnston climbs back in the ring with Glazebrook waiting on him. Glazebrook and Johnston lock up but Johnston’s strength proves too much to Glazebrook and is eveuntally overpowered. Glazebrook is dragged back to the Blade Club’s corner where Johnston tags in Zion.

TJ: Here’s where the Blade Club can be dangerous, isolating Glazebrook from his partner. I hate to say it but the Blade Club is using technically sounded tag team fundamentals here in the early going of this match.

Hart: They’re cutting the ring in half and keeping Glazebrook from getting to Tinordi.

Zion tags Johnston back in and looks like Johnston is going to allow Glazebrook to get to Tinordi to get the tag but Johnston cuts him off and flings him back into the Blade Club’s corner. As Johnston charges in. Glazebrook knocks Zion off the ring apron and slips past Johnston, just in time to reach Tinordi.

TJ: And here comes Tinordi!

Tinordi comes in, knocking down anyone moving. Archer jumps up on the ring apron but G;azebrook hits Archer with a dropkick.

TJ: This match has descended into chaos here Mike.

Hart: The ref is gonna need to restore some order here soon.

During the ensuing bedlam, Glazebrook starts slugging it out with Archer. Zion goes to assist Archer. As ref tries to regain control, Johnston sneaks up behind Tinordi and hit a vicious low blow and follows up with a snap DDT. Zion slide back as both Johnston and Zion connect with the Decapitation Clothesline.

1, 2, 3!!


“Welcome to the Jungle” starts back up as the fans boo the 3 men.
TJ: These 3 men make me sick.

[The lights flicker then power off, leaving the stadium in Pure Darkness. After a few moments of silence, the lights flicker back to life with Bishop Polaris, Tom Black and Dr. Death standing face to face with the Blade Club in the middle of the ring. Johnston, Zion and Archer tighten the grip on their black baseball bats and pull back ready to swing when the lights once again flicker off for a few short seconds then power back up to show the Blade Club in the ring alone.]

TJ: Pure Darkness making their presence known here tonight.

Hart: How will the Blade Club respond to this? Our main event it next!


TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back and it is time for our main event: Xavier Pendragon against Syndicate. Xavier wanted to test his skills against the LA Outlaw and we’ll see how this is going to go.

Hart: These two are pretty evenly matched on paper.

Two rows of samurai fill the entrance ramp up. Once in position, they all raise their katanas, forming a blade-like cover.

Got it, move, whoa

“Just Live More” blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon emerges on the entrance ramp. Xavier bows to the fans in the arena before making a dash under the blade-like canopy.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan, weighting in at 275 pounds, “The Machine” Xavier PENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDRAGON!!

TJ: What an ovation for Xavier here tonight. How huge it will be if Xavier can somehow pin the World Champion Syndicate here tonight?

Hart: Oh, it would be huge for Xavier. Quite possibly the biggest upset in Xavier’s already storied and legendary career. I spoke with Xavier earlier this afternoon and he has informed me that he’s treating this like he was actually going for the World Title.

TJ: Smart thinking on the part of Xavier.




*The sound of static fills Jingu Stadium, followed by the familiar chords of "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.*

Frenell: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds, he is the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEEE!!!


*Syndicate steps out onto the stage, dressed in his white leather jacket and worn-down blue jeans and holding the World title over his left shoulder.*

Hart: This is our main event, ladies and gentlemen!  Two men, fighting it out for nothing more than bragging rights and supremacy.  I love it, Terry!

TJ: But you have to remember that Darkness is watching Syndicate tonight.  The #1 Contender must be very curious to see what Syndicate brings to the table against a seasoned veteran like Xavier.

Syndicate slides into the ring and holds the title up in Xavier's face, asserting his perceived dominance over Xavier. Xavier seemingly stands defiant. The ref takes the World title belt from Syndicate and signals to start the match.


TJ: Here we go!!

Syndicate and Xavier lock up almost immediately. After trying to jock for position, Xavier goes for the Wire Cutter but Syndicate counters and sets up Xavier with No Signal but Xavier counters with the Charge Kick. 

TJ: These two aren’t wasting any time. They’re pulling out all the stops our main event here.

Hart: Xavier has the most to prove in this match and by defeating Syndicate here tonight will not only solidify Xavier as a World Title contender down the road, but could ultimately get him a world title shot.

TJ: You’re right about that Mike.

Xavier goes to whip Syndicate into the ropes, but Syndicate counters with No Signal.

TJ: Syndicate strikes with No Signal!

Hart: Will this be it for the Machine?!

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: Nearfall there by the champion.

Syndicate wastes no time and whips Xavier into the corner. Syndicate charges in but Xavier jumps to the outside on the ring apron, causing Syndicate to bounce into the corner post, chest first. Seizing the moment, Xavier springboards off the top rope with Gangnam Style.

TJ: Gangnam Style connects!! This could be huge if Xavier pins him now!

Instead of going for the pin, he goes to lock on the Wire Cross, but Syndicate drags Xavier in, countering with the Vault. Xavier tries to fight out of it, but Syndicate manages to fully apply the submission.
TJ: The Vault’s locked in! The Vault’s locked in! Will Xavier tap?

Hart: Xavier hardly ever taps out to anything but with him being in the center of the ring, he may not have much of a choice.

After a few minutes of being trapped in the hold, Xavier manages to reach the bottom rope, forcing the break. As Syndicate moves in on Xavier, he springs to life, connecting with the Wire Cutter.

TJ: The Wire Cutter!

Hart: From out of nowhere! 

TJ: But can Xavier capitalize?

Xavier inches and crawls towards Syndicate’s seemingly motionless body as the ref makes the count.

1, 2, 2.99 KICKOUT!

TJ: Whoa! How close was that?

Hart: A millisecond away from Xavier pulling off one of the biggest upsets in his career.

Xavier shows a little frustration but remains focused. Xavier moves himself into position, begging for Syndicate to stand.

TJ: Xavier’s looking for the Pride of Detroit here.

As Syndicate gets to his feet, Xavier hooks him up but Syndicate counters into No Signal.
TJ: No Signal #2!


Hart: What ring presence by the Machine right there.

TJ: And great ring awareness. Syndicate ‘s probably thinking to himself now “What do I have to do to put this man away”?

Hart: You’re right about that.

Syndicate steps out on the ring apron and waits for Xavier to stand. As he turns, Syndicate springboards off the top rope with seemingly a cross body but in one fluid motion, Xavier catches Syndicate, rolls through the cross body and stands, still with a firm grip on Syndicate.

TJ: Oh my god! Look at the strength and raw power of the Machine.

Xavier hoist Syndicate on his shoulders and delivers the Detroit Drive.

TJ: Detroit Drive!

Hart: Detroit Drive! Xavier may have him here!

Instead, Xavier goes to the top rope. As Syndicate stands, Xavier leaps off the top rope, delivering a picture perfect Charge Kick.


Xavier, barely groggily on his feet gets one last surge of energy, calling for the end. 

TJ: Usually after a Charge Kick, Xavier will go for the Detroit Drive.

Xavier goes for to set Syndicate for the Detroit Drive but Syndicate senses it and tries to counter with No Singal but Xavier counters at the last minute with the Pride of Detroit. The fans go ballistic.


1, 2, 2.9 KICKOUT!!

TJ: Another nearfall by Xavier.

Both these men are winded, giving it everything that they have and the fans are loving it.

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*

As Xavier tries to get Syndicate, he catches Xavier off guard with No Signal #3.


The ref sees Syndicate’s arm over Xavier’s chest as fans make the count along with the ref.

1, 2, 3!


“Bulls on Parade” blasts throughout the arena as fans become unglued.

TJ: What a main event we just had!

Hart: Xavier has nothing to be ashamed of here tonight. He came close to pulling off the upset several times in this match but it just wasn’t Xavier’s night tonight.

In the ring, Xavier and Syndicate struggle to get to their feet. Xavier extends a hand to Syndicate, which he accepts, much to the delight of the fans.

TJ: What an explosive Ravage we had here tonight!

Hart: So long from Tokyo!!


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