RAVAGE - Show 2017-07-14 20:36:00

On Fri, Jul14, 2017 8:36pm America/Phoenix
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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-07-14 20:36:00
Filmed at WWX Mobile Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning into this week’s episode of Ravage. I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson alongside Mike Hart. This week’s Ravage was held at the US Army Garrison here in Stuttgart not too far from our headquarters here. Mike, this week’s Ravage was dedicated to our US armed forces who keep us safe and allows us to continue to do what we do best.

Hart: That’s right Terry and we had a blast entertain our armed forces. Sadly, our television production crew were not allowed to tag along this week. While some of you may be disheartened by that, the show went on.

Willie Steen vs. King Richard

TJ: Our first official match pits Willie Steen against the self-proposed King of the WWX, King Richard. King Richard started off strong in this match, trying to wear down the former World Champion but Steen quickly reverses Richard’s initial onslaught and came right back like a house ablaze.

Hart: Though Terry and I were there and ready to call the action, the Blade Club came out and basically hijacked the commentary table and called the action for basically the remainder of the match. As for the match itself, though King Richard tried to mount a comeback against the Cool Factor, it would not be the case on this night. Steen decided to end the match with the Cali Clash. After the match ended, Blayde Archer and the other members of the Blade Club approached Steen in the ring and proposed to Steen to join them, even throwing Steen a t-shirt, promising wins, females and possibly another World Championship run.

Winner: Willie Steen by pinfall

TJ: Speaking of the Blade Club there Mike, they continued to shower Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi with gifts, this time being a fruit basket and some pizza in an attempt to try and convey them to join the Blade Club as well. Only time will if 420 will take the Blade Club up on their offer.

Hart: Me personally, I hope they don’t. They way they did Glazebrook before he took on Zion was totally not right and down right a cowardly thing to do.

TJ: You’re absolutely right Mike. I guess the only thing we can do is hope that 420 rejects their offer, but it’s ultimately up to them for that.

Mr. Terry vs. “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon

Hart: Our next match pits the self-proclaimed new GM of the WWX vs. WWX Veteran and possibly future Hall of Famer Xavier Pendragon. 
TJ: Xavier’s son and former WWX Conquest Champion Jeffrey Pendragon was on hand as well to see his father take on Mr. Terry.

Hart: Though Mr. Terry protested against facing off against Pendragon, Xavier played some mind games with the self-proclaimed GM and the match was on. 

TJ: Through some questionable tactics, Mr. Terry started to take control of the match but was quickly cut off by the veteran Pendragon. Halfway through the match, Mr. Terry decided that he had enough and decided to try and get counted out. That was, if he actually got away.

Hart: Xavier followed him out the ring and up the ramp. Sadly, neither men were able to get back in the ring before the ref’s 10 count, much to the dismay of the fans.

Winner: Double countout

TJ: Eventually, Mr. Terry did managed to evade and escape from Xavier’s clutches. Xavier, still itching for competition ran into Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton, asking him to be booked on next week’s card in which Maxfield Stanton replied “We’ll see”

Super Bacon vs. Hex Girl (champion)
WWX Television Championship Match

TJ: Our main event of the evening features Hex Girl in her first title defense as our TV Champ against her #1 contender Super Bacon. These two put on a clinic of a show and basically made for almost the entire show in general for being as lackluster as it was this evening.

Hart: I really couldn’t agree more Terry. Both competitors came into this match looking like they prepared to counter each and every move that the other had to dish out. 

TJ: Both competitors looked pretty much evenly matched on paper. Super Bacon was definitely riding a wave of momentum going into this match with our defending TV Champ. Super Bacon started off strong against Hex Girl, relying on his training this past week. Hex Girl weathered the storm and came back with a solid offense of her own.

Hart: When Super Bacon’s original plan failed, he decided to try and take to the skies but Hex Girl denied him of changing the flow of the match, instead keeping it more of a ground and pound.

TJ: Super Bacon was able to get the momentum shifted back in his favor for a good portion of the match before missing a moonsault, shifting the momentum back to Hex Girl. Hex Girl was looking to end things with the Magic Carpet Ride but Super Bacon managed to get to the ropes to force the break.
Hart: Hex Girl didn’t give Super Bacon much room to recover or recoop. Super Bacon did manage to try and mount what ended up being one last offensive comeback on the TV champ but it was Hex Girl who toughed it out in the end, pinning Super Bacon after delivering the Cauldron.

Winner: Hex Girl by pinfall to retain the WWX Television Championship

TJ: That was one hell of a match. It could’ve gone either way.

Hart: I agree. These two put on a show within tonight’s show.

TJ: Well, that’s gonna do it for us here. For everyone in the WWX, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson-

Hart: and I’m Mike Hart-

TJ: saying so long from Stuttgart!!

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