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RAVAGE - Show 2017-07-21 20:58:27
“Across the Nation” blasts through the PA system as pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Fans continue to pile into the arena as cameras pan the arena, catching glimpse of fans holding up various signs. The camera then pans to the announce table where Terry “TJ” Jackson and Mike Hart take their positions, seemingly dressed in Canadian suits.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stampede Corral in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Ravage continues its world tour. I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson and as always alongside me is Mike Hart. Mike, thanks for joining me.

Hart: You’re welcome Terry. We got a huge 6-man tag main event. Jake Divine teams up with 420 to take on all 3 members of the Blade Club in Ezra Zion, Justice Johnson and their leader, the International Champion Blayde Archer. The Blade Club has been trading barbs with 420, poking fun at their expense and then turn around and shower them with gifts and whatnot. What is the logic behind their reasoning for doing that Terry?

Hart: No one really knows Mike. I do know that all 3 members of the Blade Club will be in action on Mayhem this coming Sunday. Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston and Bishop Polaris and Tom Black of Pure Darkness will go at it for the tag team titles and Blayde Archer defends the International Title against Fill. Not for nothing Terry, I think the Blade Club is trying to assert themselves as the most dominant faction in the WWX.

TJ: While that has yet to be seen, another match on Mayhem that might also spark some interest in the WWX faithful the match between Jake Divine and Darkness. The winner becomes the #1 contender for the Undisputed Championship.

Hart: Darkness being the Crusade Cup Champion has his ticket punched for World Series. Should Darkness become champion before then, it could change the landscape of the main event.

“Hard K.O.” starts off as B.S.K. begins making his way out on the entrance ramp. Fans give the muscular newcomer a small standing round of cheers.

Bonn: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighting in 310 pounds, B.S.K.!

TJ: B.S.K. making his WWX debut here tonight against Beatrice Pendragon. Seeing as how Hex Girl has gained some form of success in matches she has been placed in against the male side of the roster, Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton is hoping to see if Beatrice can repeat the same success. 

Hart: But B.S.K. is as big and powerful as they come and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

TJ: I’m pretty sure that Beatrice will think nothing less of B.S.K. here tonight. She knows she’s in for a fight.

A familiar heartbeat rhythm pattern starts up before a flatline noise is heard, followed by the sound of an explosion. Fans almost immediately come unglued as “Just Another Victim” blasts through the PA system. Beatrice comes out wearing denim shorts and her “Graceful Assassin” t-shirt.

Bonn: And his opponent, from 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan, she is “The Graceful Assassin” Beatrice Pendragon!!

TJ: What an ovation for the 3-time WWX Women’s Champion!

Hart: Beatrice was on Twitter earlier today once again congratulating Hex Girl on a successful title defense and becoming the first female TV champ. She also mentioned that facing B.S.K. here tonight was the first step in trying to elevate her game according to her.


Beatrice and BSK circle the ring for a few moments before the two lock up. BSK easily shoves Beatrice down to the mat but Beatrice gets to her feet almost immediately. As BSK moves in, Beatrice slides under BSK’s legs. Before BSK can react, Beatrice jumps to her feet and kicks the back of BSK’s knees.

TJ: Nice way to use her speed and technical prowess right there.

Hart: Beatrice is giving off well over 120lbs. easy against BSK here tonight and she’s gonna have to rely on her speed and technical prowess in order to make through this match.

As the two commentators continue to converse, BSK clotheslines Beatrice, hard.

TJ: What a vicious clothesline by BSK.

BSK then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: Kickout there by the Graceful Assassin.

Hart: Unfortunately, she’s not looking so graceful now.

TJ: While it’s true that Beatrice had some offense going in the early part of this match, BSK, power was too much for her to maintain under control.

BSK whips Beatrice into the ropes and follows up with a sleeper hold.

TJ: Sleeper hold applied and Beatrice is trying to fight out of it but looks like she’s fading away.

Beatrice flails valiantly but then drops to a knee as the ref moves into check on her.

Lift arm, drop 1!

Lift arm, drop 2!

TJ: If Beatrice’s arm drop this time, its over!

Lift arm, drop th-NO!!
Beatrice begins to gain a second wind, raising her fist in the air, shaking it. As she does so, fans begin to get into the match, cheering both competitors on. Beatrice throws an elbow. And then a second one. And a third. As BSK goes to whip Beatrice into the ropes, she swings around in mid-air, connecting with End Game.


Hart: What a counter by Beatrice right there!!

TJ: But can Beatrice capitalize?

Both competitors are down as the ref begins the count.


Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*


BSK begins to stir as Beatrice tries and crawl towards the ropes for more balance. BSK is the first to his feet and moves in on Beatrice. He lifts her up to the top rope and sets her up for a superplex.
TJ: It looks like he’s going for a superplex here.

As BSK goes for the superplex, Beatrice blocks his first attempt and then his second. Beatrice throws a few right hands that causes BSK to lose his balance, dropping back to the mat but manages to land on his feet. Beatrice repositions herself and leaps off with a cross body but BSK catches her in mid-air. He goes to counter with a spinning side slam but in mid-move, Beatrice rolls through, using BSK’s own momentum to deliver a picture perfect Snipe Out.

TJ: Snipe Out! Beatrice hits the Snipe Out!

1, 2, 3!


“Just Another Victim” starts up again as Beatrice’s hand is raised by the ref. Fans begin applauding both combatants.

Bonn: Here is your winner, “The Graceful Assassin” Beatrice Pennnnndragon!

TJ: It was a tall order for Beatrice indeed but she got the win here tonight to start off our show. 
Hart: It was a hard fought and a well-earned victory for Beatrice here tonight.

In the ring, as BSK starts to leave, Beatrice calls BSK back to the center of the ring. He turns, though he’s a little hesitant. The two stand face to face again, only this time Beatrice extends a hand which BSK smiles and shakes, much to the delight of the fans.

TJ: Now that’s sportsmanship right there.

Hart: Yup.

The two then leave the ring together.

TJ: Well ladies and gentlemen, WWX Management recently signed newcomer Luke Jairus and here’s a clip of his last match in the last wrestling promotion he was in.

[The camera - a handheld one, judging by the low angle and instability of the image - comes to life inside a high school gymnasium. In the middle of the floor lies a wrestling ring, around which steel chairs are set up four rows deep. There isn't an empty seat in the house; the crowd is loud, and many are on their feet as two indy wrestlers go at it in the ring. Both competitors are relatively small - one wears silver trunks and golden boots, and the other wears black tights, a red wrestling mask, white tape from hands to forearms, boots, and kneepads. The crowd pops as the young man in the black tights sends his opponent to the ropes, catching him with a picture-perfect standing dropkick on the rebound. It being an indy show, and there not being much technology to work with, the commentary for this match is broadcast through the gym's loudspeakers.]
Commentator 1: And a picturesque dropkick by Luke Jairus, smashing Vic Gray right in the chops!
Commentator 2: Ontario’s Favorite Son has been on offense for a good sixty, seventy percent of this match. If Vic can't find a way to get back in it, he's done for - I guarantee ya.
[The man known as Luke Jairus stands over Vic Gray and raises his arms above his head, opening both hands to a pop from the crowd.]
Commentator 2: We've seen this before ... Jairus may be looking to end it with the -
[Calling out the name of the impending move in true indy wrestling fashion, Jairus suddenly kicks Gray in the kneecap forcing him to drop to his right knee and in one swift movement drops Vic Gray to the canvas head first with a snap DDT!]
Commentator 2: OH!
Commentator 1: KENJI HAGA DDT!
[The ref slides in, and the crowd counts along with him only to burst into boos as Gray kicks out at two-and-a-half.]
Commentator 1: Gray kicked out!
Commentator 2: Are you kidding me?!
Commentator 1: Vic Gray kicked out of the KENJI HAGA DDT, and ... oh, boy. Oh, boy, we've seen THIS before, too!
[Scrambling to his feet, Jairus looks around at the seventy or eighty fans for a moment. He raises his open hands into the air again before swinging them down into a classic "it's over" gesture.]
[Jairus brings Gray to his feet and hooks him up for what looks to be a back suplex. Gray suddenly surges to life, however, and fights his way out with elbows to the head before he can be lifted. Maneuvering around behind Jairus, he hooks him up for what appears to be a Cutthroat Olympic Slam.]
Commentator 1: Luke wants the Fire Driver ... but Gray counters, he's going for the Golden Arch!
[Gray lifts, but Jairus flips through, landing on his feet behind Gray to “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd. Before Gray can react, Luke springboards off the middle rope and CRACKS Gray in the face with a springboard roundhouse kick!]
Commentator 2: Holy hell, did you see that?!
Commentator 1: Cheat Code, right to the face! That's a knockout situation, ladies and gentlemen!
[Jairus rolls Gray's lifeless body over and leaves him on his back, and crowd goes berserk as Luke Jairus climbs the turnbuckle. Luke points to the ground and receives a massive pop as he leaps into the air, bringing his knees to his chest before stomping his feet down onto the chest of the fallen Vic Gray.]
Commentator 2: OH MY GOD!
Commentator 1: MAJORA’S MASK! Vic Gray just got the wind knocked out of him!
[Jairus barrel rolls to his feet and turns to cover his downed opponent. The crowd roars as the referee’s hand hits the mat for the three count. Luke gets to his feet, doubles over for a moment to catch his breath, and allows the referee to raise his hand in victory as the ring announcer calls out his win.]
Announcer: Here is your winner by pin fall ... LUKE JAIRUS!!!
[The crowd begins showering Luke Jairus with verbal praise as streamers fly in the ring from every possible angle. The masked wrestler applauds the crowd before taking a bow in the middle of the ring.]
[The applause from the crowd continues being heard as the screen turns to black.]
[The words appear in red letter before cutting back to the Ravage announce table.]

TJ: I’m pretty sure we’ll see him in action very soon.

Hart: I’m getting excited to see how he will fare against some of our other talents in the ring.

TJ: Folks, we’ll be right back!


[All of the lights in stadium shut off, leaving the stadium to darkness. After about 10 seconds of confusion from the crowd and commentary team bright, white lights all focused on the top of the titantron where Bishop Polaris is standing tag title around his waist. The camera sweeps away showing a very grandiose shot of Polaris in all white light, standing in the sky high above the crowd.]
Polaris “The time has come sons and daughters! I have long spoke of the day where in the name of Purity I claimed gold and finally had a platform grand enough to enlighten the masses of awe struck fans, captivated with my glory! Here I am today, I stand ABOVE you a tag team champion. The emphasis here is why? Why is Bishop Polaris standing with a belt above his waist? Because he fights for the greatest good of all, he believes in the purity you all so desperately need!
Now my friend down in the ring.”
[A black light turns on above the ring revealing Tom Black, with the other title belt around his waist standing in the ring. In the darkness on the ground strongly contrasting Polaris in the light.]
Polaris “My friend is not a subscriber to the purity, he however finds himself a beneficiary.
He may fight in darkness, but his power and strength battle for the light in the greater picture! Tom Black is a hero!”
[The fans fight back and boo Black heavily as Black looks out to the crowd enraged. Polaris looks down to his partner and bows in a gesture of appreciation. As Polaris is bowing a third light, this one red turns on over the announce tables, where Dr. Death is standing.]
Death “Last but not least is I, Dr. Death.”
Polaris “Though Death, strays even farther from the light. His sins and wrong doings will be forgiven for his contributions to the greater good.  Putting down the mutts of the Blade Club and joining forces with Pure Darkness, he was the final piece to the championship puzzle of Pure Darkness.”
Death “Wrestlers, fans, and to all whom it may concern hold onto the light because when Dr. Death, Tom Black, and Bishop Polaris arrive, darkness shall befall you all. Reigning supreme will stand Pure Darkness!”

[A wide shot showing all three men across the arena and the contrast of lights is shown as they pose with the belts to a resounding boo from the fans.]

TJ: Strong message from these 3 men.

Hart: Dr. Death will be in action later tonight against Cameron Westport. Since Westport was ranked a little higher in the International Division, he thinks that he’s the reason that everyone comes to the arena.

TJ: I could probably think of a few others that do the same thing as well.

Hart: Same here.

TJ: Don’t go nowhere, we’ll be right back!



“Today is the Day” starts off as Fill makes his way out on the entrance ramp.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Ravage. The current #1 contender to Blayde Archer and the International Title on Mayhem Sunday takes on DJ Killer of the Rogues-

Suddenly, both Killer and Bruiser ambush Fill. Though Fill tries to fight back valiantly, the numbers prove too much for Fill to handle.

TJ: The Rogues of Anarchy being relentless against Fill here and the match hasn’t even officially started yet!

Hart: The Rogues of Anarchy trying to send a message to the WWX locker room at Fill’s expense.

Chassity King then instructs both rogues to whip Fill into the steel steps, which they happily oblige.

TJ: Someone needs to get out here.

Killer then shoves Fill in the ring and slides in after. He tries to immediately go after Fill but the ref cuts him off, allowing him to get to Fill. The ref helps Fill get to his corner and asks him if he wants to continue. Without a word, Fill swats the ref away and makes a fighting stance. The ref shrugs his shoulders and calls for the bell.


TJ: The match is now officially underway. I’m not sure if Fill is going to be in any condition for his International Match?

Hart: I don’t even know myself. Yes Fill is a great competitor, but the beating he took before the match even began and the punishment that he’s taking now, I don’t know.

Killer whips Fill into the ropes and sets up for a back drop but Fill counters with a snap DDT.

TJ: Fill counters with a DDT right there.
Hart: Fill may have bought him some time there Terry.

Chasity and Bruiser try to rally DJ Killer while the fans try to rally Fill. Killer gets to his feet first and whips Fill into the ropes, following up with a snap powerslam on the rebound. He then goes for the cover but Fill kicks out almost immediately. Killer, growing irritated, grabs Fill by his hair and tries to go for a suplex, only for the attempt to be blocked by Fill. Fill, perhaps with a last surge of strength, counters the suplex attempt with the Stressout Powerbomb. Fans go ballistic.

TJ: Fill hits the Stressout Powerbomb!!

Hart: Here’s the cover!!


TJ: I swear some of our refs are made of glass!

Hart: Things are not looking good for Fill right now.

As the two commentators converse, Bruiser and Killer slide in the ring and begin their 2-on-1 assault once more. It doesn’t take long for the Rogues to get Fill down to a knee once again.

TJ: Someone needs to get out here and help Fill out!!

Hart: I’m not sure anyone will actually wanna suffer the same fate as Fill right now.

Suddenly, “8 Mile Road” blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon sprints to the ring. 

TJ: Xavier Pendragon’s making a beeline to the ring!

Chasity stands in front of the bottom of the entrance ramp, causing Xavier to stop. Chasity screams at Xavier but the Machine easily shoves Chasity out the way, sliding into the ring.

Hart: This might just level up the playing field.

Xavier springs up to the top rope. As Bruiser turns and before he can react, Xavier leaps off the top rope, connecting with Gangnam Style. Killer, now aware of Xavier’s presence, turns his attention to the Machine. With both rogues now on Xavier, Fill grabs Killer from behind as Xavier gains the upper hand on Bruiser. Fill delivers a second Stressout Powerbomb to Killer while Xavier connects with the Pride of Detroit to Bruiser. Chasity, having recovered from moments ago, slides in the ring as Xavier and Fill climb out of the ring. “Today is the Day” starts back up as Fill and Xavier back up on the entrance ramp.

TJ: Xavier Pendragon may have just saved Fill for his International Title match, and possibly his career.

Hart: That maybe so, but that also put the Machine himself in the crosshairs of the Rogues of Anarchy. It will be interesting to see how this will play out.


Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton sits in his chair on the phone when there is a knock on his door.

Stanton: Come in.

The door opens to reveal WWX Reporter/Journalist Sarah Jackson.

Sarah: You wanted to see me, sir?

Stanton: Yes, I did. I just wanted to say despite the messes you have to put up with in the interviews you have, I was thinking about letting you and your husband Terry alternate between color-commentary and promoting the WWX in non-televised events.

Sarah: Thank you, sir.

Stanton: You’re welcome.

Sarah: Sir, the World Series Pay-Per-View is next month and we still don’t have any participants representing Ravage yet.

Stanton: Worry not Sarah. I will address that issue next week in Rio de Jinero. If you’ll excuse me…

Sarah: Of course sir. Thank you.

Sarah then leaves Max to his GM duties.


Hart: It appears that you been holding out on me partner.

TJ: I didn’t know of anything solid at the moment the reason I haven’t said anything yet.

Hart: It’s okay. Congratulations to you and Sarah both. I know you wanted to promote the WWX worldwide and Sarah wanted to get some more commentary experience in, so I guess it works well for the both of you.

TJ: It actually does. Thanks for the pep talk Mike.

Hart: Don’t mention it.


Xavier Pendragon is seen leaving a locker room. He walks down a corridor when he is stopped by Chris Sanders.

Sanders: Xavier, I know you came here to support your wife, but why would you help Fill out?

Xavier: Simply put- I…hate…bullies…

Without another word, Xavier leaves Chris.

“Go F**k Yourself” starts off as Dr. Death begins to make his way out to a chorus of boos.

Bonn: The following contest is set for one fall!! Introducing first, from London, England, weighting in at 198 pounds, representing Pure Darkness, Dr. Death!!

TJ: Dr. Death was out here earlier with the tag team champs who delivered a strong message to the WWX locker room.

Hart: It would be kind of interesting to see a match between all 3 members of Pure Darkness against all 3 members of the Blade Club.

TJ: I’ll admit. That would be a match to see.
Hart: Both  Dr. Death and his opponent are in the International Division. A win for either of them could improve their ranking status.

TJ: Though Westport believes he’s the one getting people in the arenas.

“DNA” starts off as Cameron Westport comes out to a series of boos all his own. Cameron himself screams to the crowd “I’m the reason you all are here tonight!”

Bonn: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighting at 245 pounds, Cameron Westport!

TJ: Another bright young star here in the WWX still in his rookie year much like Dr. Death is.

Hart: I think most of our current roster is made up of young rookies with the exception of a few veterans still in.

TJ: You do have a point there.


Westport and Dr. Death lock up in the middle of the ring and struggle for a few moments until Westport gouges Death’s eyes outside of the ref’s vision. Westport lays in a few right hands and whips him into the ropes but Death counters with a clothesline. Death goes for a cover but Westport kicks out immediately.

TJ: Dr. Death with the early pinfall but Cameron kickout almost immediately right there.

Hart: Half the time, I think Cameron believes his own hype.

Death whips Westport into the ropes and follows it up with a vicious clothesline.

TJ: What a wicked clothesline by Dr. Death.

Hart: He almost made Cameron jump out of his boots the way he delivered it.

Dr. Death then goes for the cover.

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: Dr. Death with the nearfall.

Dr. Death lifts Westport to his feet and whips him into the ropes once again but Westport rebounds and counters with a clothesline of his own. Westport follows up with a few elbows. He shouts at Dr. Death to “stay down, you lost” as he goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: A nearfall for Cameron Westport.

Hart: Either Dr. Death or Cameron Westport have the drive to become a champion one day.

TJ: Didn’t Westport acquire at least one championship run already?

Hart: I dunno. He might already have. We’ll have to look into that this week.

TJ: Okay, deal.

Dr. Death connects with a DDT and looks like he is signaling for the end of the match.

TJ: It looks like Dr. Death is ready to end this.

He lifts up a seemingly lifeless Westport and sets him up for a Death Drop but Westport wiggles free and manages to whip Dr. Death into the ropes. Westport tries go for Air Cam but Dr. Death catches him. He goes to counter with a Samoan Drop but Westport lands on his feet. As Dr. Death turns around, Westport connects with the Game Changer.

TJ: The Game Changer connects!!
As Westport goes for the cover, he puts his legs on the bottom rope for extra leverage, just out of view of the ref.

TJ: Oh, come on! Not like this!

1, 2, 3!!


“DNA” starts up again as Westport slides out the ring, throwing his arms up to a chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd. Dr. Death sits up in the ring, rather angry at how the match went down as Westport looks back at Dr. Death with a smirk on his face saying “I told you to stay down”

TJ: Cameron Westport steals the win here tonight.

Hart: And from the look on his face, Dr. Death is not liking it one bit.

TJ: Folks, we’ve had a great night so far. Our main event is up next: Jake Divine teams up with 420 to take on all 3 members of the Blade Club when we come back.



TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Ravage where we are moments away from our main event of the evening. Jake Divine teams up with 420 to take on all 3 members of the Blade Club. At least for Blayde Archer, he will need to conserve much of his energy as possible since he will be defending the International title on Mayhem against Fill in a no-dq match. That’s gonna be a hell of a match within itself.

Hart: But with it being a no-dq match, this will mean that both Zion and Justice Johnston will try and do anything in their power to make sure that Blayde Archer leaves with the International Title in his possession.

TJ: That is also true. It is literally anyone’s ballgame when it comes to no-dq matches like the one you’re gonna see on Mayhem.

“Theme of the King” starts off Jake Divine makes his way out to a standing ovation.

Bonn: The following 6-man tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, New York, weighting in at 239 pounds, Jake Divine!

TJ: Jake Divine has a chance to gain a huge boost in momentum going into his match with Darkness on Mayhem. 

Hart: I agree. Should he get lucky and pin the International Champion Archer, not only would that give Divine a HUGE momentum boost, but it could crack Archer’s momentum as well.

TJ: Only time will tell in this match right here.

The current time is 4:20…

“Little Green Bag” starts up as Glazebrook and Tinordi make their way out. Both men hand out “It’s 4:20 Time” t-shirts to the older fans in the crowd as the continue towards the ring.

Bonn: And his tag team partners, at a combined weight of 572 pounds, Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, 420!!

TJ: These two have been on the receiving end of pranks from the Blade Club in recent weeks and recently the Blade Club sent Glazebrook and Tinordi with even more gifts to try “throw salt on the wound” of what they already done to Glazebrook in an effort to get 420 to join their ranks.

Hart: Needless to say, 420 is going to be looking for a matter of retribution from them in this match, but they’re facing all 3 members of the Blade Club and neither member are pushovers.

TJ: You’re right. We’ve seen each member in singles and regular tag matches. This is the first time we will see all 3 members team together. This is gonna be a match to see.

“A Tribe Called Red” starts off as the crowd rains down boos. Archer, Zion and Johnston stand on the top of the entrance ramp, arms raised in unison. Archer, standing between Zion and Johnston, takes the International Title off his waist and hoist it up for all to see, getting the group more boos and jeers. The trio then begins walking to the ring.

Bonn: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 850 pounds, Justice Johnston, Ezra Zion and the WWX International Champion Blayde Archer, the Blade Club!

TJ: The Blade Club is going to be in action on Mayhem this weekend. Archer defends his International Title against Fill in a no-dq match and Zion and Johnston challenge Pure Darkness for the tag team titles. It’s going to be imperative for the Blade to conserve as much energy as possible so they will be ready for their respective matches.

Hart: I agree with you there Terry. However the Blade Club can’t look past their opponents tonight nor take them lightly. Much is at stake here in this match alone and could the momentum could swing in either direction for either team.


TJ: Here we go!!

Glazebrook and Johnston start off for their respective teams. The two heavy hitters lock up with Johnston gaining the advantage with a side headlock. Glazebrook struggles for a moment but eventually breaks free by shoving Johnston into the ropes but Johnston counters with a shoulder tackle. Johnston bounces off the ropes as Glazebrook moves to get to his feet. As Glazebrook gets to a vertical base, Johnston levels him with a clothesline.

TJ: Johnston just leveled Glazebrook with a clothesline.

Hart: Of all the combatants in this match, it’s Johnston who appears the most frightening.

TJ: I agree. Justice Johnston does look like he can rip through just about anyone here in this match but we know his loyalty lies with the Blade Club.

Hart: True.

Johnston drags Glazebrook to his corner and tags in Zion. Zion lays into Glazebrook with vicious kicks and punches. Zion lifts Glazebrook to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Unknown to Zion, Tinordi gets the blind tag as Zion hits Glazebrook with a dropkick. As Zion gets to his feet, Tinordi is airborne and hits Zion with a flying lariat in the process.

TJ: Tinordi got the blind tag from Glazebrook and now Tinordi’s in. 
Hart: And from the looks of it, Archer’s not too happy with it.

TJ: No he’s not.

Tinordi is whipped into the ropes by Zion but Tinordi counters with a clothesline. Zion goes after Tinordi but Tinordi manages to get to his corner and tag in Divine. Divine comes in and knocks down Zion. Zion is quick to get to his feet but Divine knocks him down again. Zion rolls out the ring and regroups with Archer and Johnston while Divine tries to rally support for his team.

TJ: Divine and 420 are rolling here in our main event! We’re taking our final commercial break! We’ll be right back after this!



TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back and we have our International Champ Blayde Archer in the ring with Glazebrook at the moment. Divine and 420 had the momentum going in their direction until a rake to the eyes from Johnston gave Zion the opening he needed to get the tag to Archer and it’s been all Blade Club during the commercial.

Hart: The Blade Club has been relentless in trying to assert their dominance since they first arrived in the WWX. First Blayde Archer becomes the International Champion and now Zion and Johnston have a shot at the tag team titles. Should the Blade Club acquire all the gold, there may be no stopping them.

Archer then tags in Johnston. Archer dashes to 420’s corner and knocks both Tinordi and Glazebrook off the ring apron. Both 420 members  jump back on the ring apron and try to get in the ring but the ref cuts them off. The Blade Club uses this time to get in a few cheap double and triple team moves in on Divine.

TJ: The Blade Club getting cheap shots on Jake Divine here, thanks in part to the distraction from the ref.

Hart: As much as I hate to admit it about the Blade, they do what they need to do to win a match.

TJ: And as much as I hate to say this, I agree with you Mike. Though their tactics are well beyond questionable, the Blade Club has been successful.

Archer whips Divine into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold on the rebound.

TJ: Archer has the sleeper locked in. Divine has nowhere to go!

Divine tries to fight out of the sleeper but Archer applies more pressure, causing Divine to drop to his knees. The ref, perfect position, goes to check on Divine. Just out of view of the ref, Zion drops off the ring and slithers across the ring to a spot where the ref can’t see him. Archer spots him and extends a free arm, which Zion grabs a hold of. Divine screams out in pain as the ref stands up. Archer and Zion break their hands the moment the ref stands up. The moment the ref checks in on Divine, Zion and Archer re-establish the link.

TJ: Archer and Zion once again using some questionable tactics outside the view of the ref.

420 tries to get the ref’s attention but as he stands up, Zion and Archer break their bond. The ref then goes back to checking on Divine as Archer and Zion resume their bond. Almost immediately, the ref spots the illegal action and breaks the bond between the two. Archer drops Divine and goes to corner the ref in the Blade Club’s corner. After a few exchange of words, Archer turns his attention back towards Divine, who responds with a thunderous DDT.

TJ: Divine is down! Archer is down! It is gut-check time for everyone in this match right now!

Archer leaps and bounds toward his corner and tags in Johnston. Johnston comes in the ring and grabs Divine’s left leg. Divine connects with a reverse spinning heel kick, breaking free and getting the tag to Glazebrook.

Hart: Here comes Glazebrook!!

Glazebrook hits a clothesline to Johnston. Johnston gets up and is knocked down again. Archer climbs in the ring but is knocked down. Zion tries to sneak in behind Glazebrook but Tinordi cuts him off. Divine is inadvertly tagged in as Glazebrook is shoved back by Zion. Johnston angrily knocks down Glazebrook with a hard clothesline but fails to notice Divine climbing the top rope. Divine leaps off, connecting with a cross body. Johnston slides back to his corner as Zion tags in. Zion goes for a hard clothesline that nearly flattens Divine. Zion signals for the end and showboats a little bit.

TJ: That’s not the thing to be doing with Divine right now.

As Zion lifts Divine to his feet. Divine gains his second wind, delivering King Style, seemingly from out of nowhere.

TJ: What a counter from Jake Divine!

Hart: The King’s Style from out of nowhere!!

As Divine goes to for a pinfall attempt on Zion, Archer and Johnston attempt to climb in the ring to break up the count, but is cut off by Glazebrook and Tinordi.

1, 2, 3!!


Fans go into a frenzy as Divine and 420 meet up outside the ring as the Blade Club regroups.

Bonn: Here are your winners, Jake Divine and 420!!

TJ: What a huge momentum boost for Jake Divine going into his match this weekend for Mayhem!

Hart: I agree. How will the Blade Club be able to bounce back for their matches this weekend on Mayhem? Only one way to find out! Tune to Mayhem to see who comes out on top. For everyone here on Ravage, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson-

Hart: - and I’m Mike Hart-

TJ: So long from Calgary!!

© 2017 WWX Ravage

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