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WWX mayhem TV Show

Time to take off those training boots.The future of the WWX, begins here....

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MAYHEM - Show 2017-07-24 19:22:38
Opening Segment

The camera opens up showing an old dark forest. Chains can be heard drug across the ground as a rough unknown voice can be heard in the distance. 

???: The nightmare will begin again

The chains can continue to be heard rattling as the voice is heard once more

???: For all ye who have forgotten, I will make you remember. It has been far too long, but know that I am coming. My journey is almost complete, my strength has finally returned, and I am ready to put all of them back into their eternal sleep. 

A loud yell is heard as the voice is heard once more

???: Be ready…the nightmare is not far off. 

The screen flashes “Coming Soon” and then goes to black. 

[The fireworks go off around the arena as the fans are on their feet for another exciting edition of WWX Mayhem. The camera pans around the stage and then to the announcers table showing Matt Matthews and Chip Jones. The two men are dressed in their Sunday finest as the camera focuses].

Matt: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of WWX Mayhem. I am Matt Matthews alongside Chip Jones and we are here in the great city of Boston Massachusetts! Boy what a crowd we have here tonight. 

Chip: We sure do. They are on fire and I couldn’t be happier to be here. You want to see how to get a cheap pop from this crowd. Watch this *Chip takes off his headset and yells “GO PATRIOTS!” They all stand up and yell and cheer as he sits back down and puts his headset back on* See. Told you. Its too easy here. 

Matt: *Laughs* You don’t mess with the home team here. But enough about football, we have too much excitement going on here tonight to worry about all that. We have titles, number one contenders, you name it. Not to mention I am being told we have some very unhappy people lurking around the back that are looking for revenge. 

Chip: You are right about that. We had to take a whole week off due to the tensions running so high around this place. We were ordered not to show up to work by Adams and Bourne. But we are back and better than ever folks. 

Matt: Opening our night tonight we have a womens match up as Beatrice takes on Kailee. These two women have been seen wrestling each other in the past, and always seem to put on a good show. 

Chip: A good show indeed. We need some women to open up the mononity of our beginning of our show. I can only hope these two can do it. Last week we didn’t get to have an opening match due to McAllister and Lipton coming down and reeking havoc. Lets hope these two don’t meet the same fate. 

Matt: I don’t figure they will come down and get on them. They didn’t do anything, but you never really know. Our next match is an international ranking match up as Cameron Westport is coming off his lost last week in the Undisputed Championship match to take on Dr. Death for his spot in the international championship rankings. 
Chip: Dr. Death continues to make waves around WWX and we can only hope that he continues to get his trend going. However, Westport has been on a roll and that title match was a stepping stone for him. He didn’t get the championship this time, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. 

Matt: Our next match has been one good one in the making. Our new tag team champions, Pure Darkness, are going to be defending their championships against two members of the Blade Club in Zion and Justice. Zion was successful in the triple threat match last week to earn the shot for his team, though many say it was shrouded in controversy, myself included. 

Chip: It doesn’t matter what you say, only what you can prove. The referee reviewed the footage and admitted that he may have made a few mistakes, but said that it was too  late to overturn the call he made now. With that said, the blade club has moved one step closer to what they said they were going to do. If Polaris and Black can make it through their match with Lipton and McAllister, then this one should be the same caliber. 

Matt: Our next match is one that is going to get people talking. Darkness and Jake Devine. These two men have met in the ring before, and were electric throughout the whole match. Now they face each other with more than just a single match on the line. This is for the number one contendership for the Undisputed championship. Darkness hasn’t been in the ring much, and now he has to defend the thing that he has been holding onto. 

Chip: I cannot wait to see the outcome of this one. You have Devine who has been on a complete roll since redefining himself, and Darkness who is a legend in his own right. You have to wonder if he is going to be on point here tonight after not being in the ring for quite some time. 

Matt: Finally, our main event for the evening features the ongoing feud between The Stressed One Fill and Blayde Archer. This one is going to be for the International Championship though. After an odd win last week, Archer now has to defend his championship and Bourne said that it was going to be no disqualifications to ensure that one man has to win. 

Chip: The lights went out and it rained blood in the arena. They couldn’t even confirm the type of blood it was. On top of that, Rayne’s music kept playing and hes out injured. We talked with him and he said it will be weeks before he is able to come back, if he can at all. Some weird stuff happened, but im sure that Archer is ready for whatever is going to come his way this week. You better believe that. 

Matt: Well folks, we have plenty of action to get into here tonight. Lets get it started. 

[The camera goes to the stage]

The two women lock up in the center of the ring as Beatrice takes over with an arm drag. Kailee gets to her feet and is taken back over with a snap suplex. Beatrice pulls her to her feet feeding her a swift right elbow and takes her back down to the mat with a double arm suplex! Kailee rolls to the outside as Beatrice taunts for the fans much to their delight. 

Matt: Beatrice getting a fine start here. 

Chip: Absolutely so folks. She isn’t showing any restraint. 

Beatrice climbs out of the ring and goes after Kailee who is getting back to her feet. The two women lock up as Kailee sends a kick to the mid section of Beatrice and pulls her in crashing her down with a DDT. The fans give mixed reactions as Kailee gets to her feet. She grabs hold of Beatrice and swings her wide into the stairs smashing her hard into the steel. She yells in pain as Beatrice crawls over towards the security rail. Kailee measures up and goes running smashing her with a dropkick and sending her over the rail. 

Matt: Kailee on the offensive now. Wow folks this might turn out to be better than expected. 

Chip: Kailee needs this win over the former womens champ. Shes got to start building a solid record here. 

Kailee watches as Beatrice reaches out getting to her feet. She smashes an elbow to her hand causing her to lose grip as she reaches down grabbing the hair of Beatrice and sends her over the rail with a suplex. The fans are on their feet as Bailee jumps to her feet and taunts for the fans. She wastes no time going back on the offensive as she picks Beatrice off the mat. She goes to whip her into the ring post but Beatrice counters sending her crashing instead. Bailees head makes a sickening thud on the ring post as she falls to the mat. 

Matt: Talk about brutality. That had to hurt. 

Chip: There is no doubt in my mind that Kailee will be waking up with one hell of a headache tomorrow. She just got taken to a whole new level there. 

Beatrice takes a moment and walks over grabbing hold of Kailee sending her into the ring. Kailee goes to get to her feet as Beatrice sends a boot to the side of the head. She hits the ropes and comes down with a leg drop connecting beautifully. Kailee lies on the mat as Beatrice goes for the pin. 


2…and Kailee kicks out. 

Surprised, Beatrice gets to one knee and locks Kailee in an armbar. Kailee screams out in pain as she attempts to wiggle her way towards the ropes. Beatrice pulls back on the hold much to the delight of the fans as Kailee continues to scream in pain. She reaches her hand out and grabs hold of the ropes as the referee comes over with the count. 




4..and Beatrice lets go of the hold. 

Kailee holds the arm as Beatrice pulls her up to her feet and goes to take her down with a Russian leg sweep, but Kailee reverses with an elbow to the head. Beatrice stumbles backwards as Kailee comes and hits the bulldog driving her head into the mat. The fans are on their feet as Kailee grabs hold of the ropes and climbs to the top. She taunts for the fans and comes off with a frogsplash! She lands perfectly and goes for a pin of her own. 


2…and Beatrice gets a shoulder up!

The fans are in shock as Kailee locks at the referee. She picks up Beatrice who shocks everyone when she comes through with the assassin charge! The two women crash into the mat as the fans are on their feet over the action. “Holy sh*t” chants can be heard throughout the arena. Beatrice climbs to the rope and pulls herself up as Kailee goes to the other side. The two women charge to the middle as Beatrice hits the payday and goes for the pin. 




Kailee lies flat out as the fans stand up clapping. Beatrice slowly gets to her feet as the referee takes her hand and holds it up. She taunts for the fans as the scene fades to commercial. 


Segment 1

[The camera opens up backstage showing the Blade Club Lockerroom. The three men are all seen sitting in a circle talking].

Archer: tonight is what we have been waiting for guys. We are one step closer to securing our legacy. Tonight, we take out the tag champs and gain those and I finally get to take care of Fill. He needs to be dealt with…harshly. 

Johnston: I agree with you there. Those pure darkness jokes aren’t going to be anything to deal with. We will dispatch them quickly and move onto making sure that this whole night goes as it should. 

Zion: There no as it should involved. This will go as planned plain and simple.

[A knock is heard at the door]

Archer: I got this one. 

[He opens the door as a staff member can be seen standing there. The person has a package in their hand]

Staff: Mr Archer, this package was delivered to the arena earlier today for you. 

Archer: By who?

Staff: I don’t know sir. I was just asked to give it to you. 

[Archer takes the package and slams the door in the staffs face. A medium size brown box wrapped in black paper, he stares it down as it doesn’t appear to have a name as to who it was from].

Archer: Stand back guys, I don’t know what this is. 

[He slowly unravels the paper revealing a box with a phone taped to it. On the phone, “Play me” is inscribed. He hits the button as “When Worlds Collide” begins playing. He looks at the phone awkwardly and then laughs. He turns it off and looks down into the box. He reaches in pulling out a celtic cross, a robe, and a joker card. He stares at the items for a moment and then tosses them off to the side. A note can be seen inside].

Archer: Everything you have will soon be mine. *Laughs* What exactly are you going to take box? I already took out one member of that pathetic group, hes sitting at home gimped up. I will take care of the other one tonight. 

[The phone switches on again, this time playing “Before I Forget” by Slipknot. He walks over and grabs the phone throwing it to the ground and smashing it. The three men turn around and walk out of the locker room as the camera focuses on the items. The scene goes to the announcers table].


[The camera opens up showing the announcers table]

Matt: Beatrice able to pull off another one. What do you think about that package?

Chip: I have no idea. Weird things have been happening to those three and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. 

Matt: Well that was quite the way to start the show. That should set the tempo for the rest of the night here folks as we get set for more action. Our next match is one that I think the fans want to see again. Last week, Krimzon Blaze and Cameron Westport were in the middle of a three way match with Syndicate to show who was going to be the champion, and once again, Syndicate pulled it out. But, Westport went on to talk trash about how he “stomped Blaze into the ground” and Blaze didn’t take much liking to that. With Ravage having Westport face Dr. Death, Bourne made a business decision and replaced Dr. Death who was supposed to be in the match against Westport with Blaze so the fans could have what they wanted. 

Chip: This is why you have to love the genius of WWX Management. They literally cater to all of you. Each and every one of you should be down kissing their feet right now. This match is golden in each and every way. These two men are polar opposites, and yet the same. You have Westport who is trying to become a full time main eventer, and will do whatever it takes to get there. You have Blaze, who has been to the top of the mountain and wants to get back there, and tonight, it starts back with the man who was in the match with him last week. 

Matt: Blaze released a promo shortly after Mayhem telling Westport that his trash talking was nonsense and that it wouldn’t happen again, so you have to wonder if tonight is going to be the put up or shut up night for Westport against Blaze. 

Chip: I would say it would be. I mean, one of two things is going to happen. Either Westport is going to come out here and get the biggest upset in recent WWX memory by taking out Blaze, or Blaze is going to come out here and put on a clinic and show the wrestling world that he is still relevant. And he needs this just as much for that reason. A loss to Westport here tonight will not do good things for him. 

Matt: I agree with you there. After his spot took a hit, hes looking to climb up again. Here we go folks, lets see what this match has to offer. 

The two men stand across from each other as Blaze jumps around waiting to see what Westport is going to do. Westport steps to the middle of the ring and extends his hand out. Blaze looks at him for a moment and then comes to the center with him extending his hand. Westport quickly pulls his back and runs it through his hair in a sign of disrespect as the fans boo loudly. Blaze shakes his head and laughs as he walks towards the ropes and comes off with a flying elbow! Westport goes out of the ring as Blaze takes off and hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto the floor. 

Matt: See what being disrespectful can get you!

Chip: That was awesome. I don’t care who you are. Theres a reason they call this man the aerial specialist and your seeing it now. 

Blaze picks Westport up and strikes him in the face sending him stumbling backwards up the rampway. The two men meet on the ramp as 
Blaze gets hold of Westport and slams him down with a hurricarana onto the stage! 

The fans stand up as he bows to them and turns back around to focus on his opponent. He picks him up and feeds him another hard right to his face as Westport walks down the rampway back towards the ring. Blaze goes to make chase and strikes him in the back sending him stumbling forward. He grabs hold of Westports head and drives it into the ring side as Westport falls to the mat. Blaze slides into the ring and back out. 

Matt: Smart to make sure he doesn’t get counted out again. That happened last time. 

Chip: It sure did. Westport better get a better strategy than getting his as* beat and hope that it stops. That one doesn’t seem to be working for him. 

Blaze reaches down and grabs hold of Westport by the apron. Westport shoots up a low blow that the referee cant see and follows with a jumping uppercut sending Blaze down on the mat. The fans boo loud as he flips them off and falls to one knee to catch his breath. He grabs Blaze and sends him into the security rail. He backs up and comes running with a huge cross body like the one that had ended a match prior. Both men fall to the outside concrete as the referee slides out of the ring. 

Matt: Westport trying his other strategy now. Get counted out and hope he can make it back to the ring *Laughs*

Chip: Who knows at this point. You might be right. Lets see what happens. 

Westport gets to his feet and grabs hold of Blaze throwing him into a set of fan chairs. The referee yells at him as he grabs hold of Blaze and sends him back over the security rail. He climbs over the rail and takes Blaze driving him back first into the ring apron. He pulls back and headbutts Blaze as he slips down to the side. Westport slides into the ring and back out again. 

Matt: Well, maybe he has turned a new leaf. He doesn’t want to get counted out. 

Chip: I am surprised that he did that. I would have just slid in and took the win. 

Westport grabs hold of Blaze and sends him into the ring. Blaze goes to crawl towards the ropes as Westport bounces off the ropes and comes in with a curb stomp. Blaze grabs his face as Westport locks in a single boston crab. The referee comes over to check on Westport seeing if he is okay. Blaze continues to shake his head no signaling that he wont give up as Westport wrenches on the hold. 

Matt: Hes trying to get him to tap out. Can he do it? 

Chip: If anyone can, I  would say Cam could. 

Westport leans back on the hold as you see Blaze use his upper body strength to get upright. He crawls towards the ropes and reaches out to grab them, but falls back down a few feet short. The referee comes over to check on him, to which he jumps up and reaches out grabbing them. The count is started. 

1…and Blaze arm drops.

2…and Blaze arm drops.

3…and Blaze comes to life!

He pumps himself up again and hits a front flip slam. Westport comes at him as he takes him down with a clothesline. He jumps up again and is met with a dropkick. Blaze comes off the ropes with a senton splash much to the delight of the fans. He slowly gets back to his feet and grabs hold of Westport sending him into the corner. He takes off and goes for a monkey flip, but Westport can be seen landing on his feet! Westport charges towards him and is taken out with a superkick to the face! He stiffens up and falls to the mat as Blaze goes for the pin. 


2…and Westport kicks out. 

Blaze goes down and locks a figure four in on Westport. Westport yells in pain as the referee checks but Westport continues to say no. Blaze yells “give up” as loud as he can. Westport goes to sit up and he punches him back down to the mat. Westport lies on the mat for a moment and rolls over reversing the hold! Blaze yells out as the fans give mixed reactions. 

Matt: He reversed it! These two men are really going for it here tonight. 

Chip: You aren’t kidding there. I am surprised that Westport is holding his own this well. 

Blaze continues to yell out as Westport stops and breaks the hold. Blaze holds his knee as Westport drags him to the center of the ring, and picks his knee up smashing it into the mat. Blaze holds onto the knee as Westport grabs hold of it dropping an elbow onto it. Blaze continues to roll around as Westport goes for another pin. 

1…and Blaze kicks out. 

Surprised by the fast count, Westport gets to his feet and smashes his hands together three times. The referee ignores him as Westport continues to showboat for the fans. 

As he continues to showboat, Blaze can be seen in the background getting to his feet. He crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up waiting as Westport turns around. He smashes him down with a corkscrew neckbreaker much to the delight of the fans. Blaze goes over to the ropes and pulls himself up onto the top. Westport gets to his feet and takes off to the top rope. The two men try to power struggle as Blaze sends numerous elbows to the face of Westport. He pushes him off sending him crashing into the mat. He taunts for the fans and hits the fires over del ray! He goes for the pin. 




Westport lies on the mat as Blaze lays beside him for a moment. He rolls over and pushes himself up out of breath. He looks down at Westport and says “Keep my name out your mouth” as he holds his arms up. The camera fades to a commercial. 


[The camera opens up backstage showing the Office of James Bourne. He can be seen sitting at his desk as the door comes flying open. He sits up quickly as Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton walk in. The two men sit down in the chairs across the desk].

McAllister: Bourne, listen man, we need to talk. As im sure you know, you have three jackas*es running amuck on this beloved show of ours. And that…that my friend is not rex-ellent. 

[Bourne lets out a small laugh as he looks at the two men]

Bourne: First off, lets go ahead and say that we wont do this again. There are ways go get hold of me, and this isn’t it. I assume you are talking about the blade club. 
Lipton: Bingo. 

Bourne: Okay, and what do you want me to do about it?

McAllister: Its not what YOU can do about it, but what we can do. You see, we want our tag team titles back. Plain and simple. And you are the man that has the stroke around here to make that happen. So…with that said…how about you grab that fancy little pen there on your desk and put it together. 

Bourne: How about…no?

[Lipton stands up and gets face to face with Bourne]

Lipton: Unlike my friend here, I don’t play into your bullsh*t. You are either going to get us the shot that we deserve or we are going to take matters into our own hands. How we play this from here on is up to you, and I suggest that you do as he asked you. 

Bourne: *Laughs* Gentlemen, I will see what I can do. I will get in contact with Adams. In the mean time, why don’t we keep our emotions in check and not come in here crying yes?

[The two men knock stuff off the desk and turn around to go out the door]

Bourne: Hey McAllister!

[He turns around and looks]

Bourne: I like the rex-ellent thing. My good one is you mess with the Bourne, you get the horn! Know what im sayin?!

[McAllister shakes his head in disgust and walks out the door as the camera fades to commercial]


Matt: Folks, we are on a roll here tonight. And Bourne...that guy is just disgusting. 

Chip: *Laughs* Hes great. I absolutely love this. What a man he is to come up with such one liners. 

Matt: You have your job, dust off your knees. 

Chip: You just dont know great talent when you see it. 

Matt: Right..well folks, Blaze once again pulled a great win here tonight as we move forward to our first of two title matches. As promised, the blade club is getting their shot at pure darkness here tonight for the tag team championships. 

Chip: These two are going to have the chance to capitalize on an opportunity. If they can pull this one off, it will send shockwaves across the locker room. 

Matt: They still have a match to get through. Without further ado folks, here is your WWX Tag team championship match. 

[The camera goes to the stage]

The referee shows the belts to the four men as they all shake their head in approval. Black climbs into the ring first as Johnston follows in behind him. The two giants take off towards each other and begin throwing hard punches. Black collapses as Johnston steps back confused. He quickly jumps up and takes advantage with a huge uppercut followed by a big boot! Johnston rolls onto the mat as Black comes down with a huge elbow drop. The fans give mixed reactions. 

Matt: Wow, that was impressive. Confuse your opponent and they wont be able to do anything against you. 

Chip: That was the dumbest thing I think I have ever seen. 

Black reaches down and picks up Johnston. He sends two kicks to each of his knees bringing him down. He comes off the ropes and delivers another boot to the face of Johnston. Black falls to one knee and crawls around the ring disturbing everyone. Black gets to his feet and sends Johnston into the corner. He comes running for a body splash, but Johnston moves out of the way in the last second. Black crashes into the corner as Johnston comes off with a boot of his own!

Matt: Smart thinking by Johnston there. Black could have capitalized on him if he wasn’t careful. 

Chip: Well hes too busy swallowing whats left of his teeth right now. You’ll have to contact him later. 

Johnston pulls black to his feet delivering an open handed chop and sending him down with a scoop slam. He comes off the ropes and comes down with a leg drop onto the throat of Black! Black lies in pain as Johnston picks him up and hip tosses him sideways into the corner. Black lies in an awkward angle as Johnston goes over and feeds him some boots. The referee tries to get him away but he pushes the referee away. The referee comes back and warns of disqualification, to which he finally backs up. 

Matt: I am surprised that he back up after that. You cant go pushing officials and expect it to be okay. That’s not how this whole thing works. 

Chip: You remind me of that old lady. He is just out here to get a job done and take those championships away from two twerps who don’t even deserve them. 

Johnston reaches down and picks up Black who comes out with a headbutt. He spears Johnston to the ground as both men are on the mat. The referee checks on both men as they lie. Soon after, Black can be seen crawling over towards his corner. Johnston can also be seen crawling to his corner as the fans are on their feet waiting to see who is going to get the tag first. 

Matt: Someone has to get it here!

Chip: They both better hurry!

Black reaches out and tags hold of Polaris as he comes charging in. Johnston jumps and tags in Zion as he comes in as well. The two men waste no time sending shots to each other. Polaris takes the upper hand and takes Zion towards the ropes sending him crashing to the mat with a springboard suplex. The fans cheer as he goes to the corner and climbs to the second rope coming down with a flying leg drop. He smashes into Zion and goes for the cover. 

1…and Zion kicks out. 

Polaris pulls Zion up to his feet and goes to strike him, but Zion delivers a strategic boot to the gut and puts him on the mat with a drop toe hold. He reaches down and wraps his hands around his throat choking Polaris. The referee goes to stop it as Johnston yells for him and goes to get into the ring. The referee runs over and puts his hands up telling Johnston not to come in. Black goes to come in as the referee turns around and runs over there. Polaris can be seen struggling as the ref finally gets to them. 




4…and Zion throws his hands up. 

Polaris lies on the mat coughing and hacking as Zion picks him up onto his feet and locks in an abdominal stretch. Polaris yells in pain as the referee checks to see if he is going to continue. Zion throws an elbow into the ribs as the referee yells at him once more for it. He keeps to the hold on as Johnston once again tries to distract the referee. Black gets into the ring this time and runs blasting Zion with a huge boot. He picks him up and chokeslams him to the mat as Johnston tries pointing out what has happened. The referee turns around and sees Zion down as Polaris goes for the pin. 


2...and Johnston breaks the pin up. 

Polaris lies on the mat for a moment and then gets to his feet. Zion slowly stumbles to his feet and turns around as Polaris comes thorough with an immaculate elbow! Zion smashes into the mat as Polaris sizes him up for more offense. He picks him up and whips him into the corner. Zion goes to stumble out but is pushed back in as Polaris feeds him a series of elbows to the midsection. He gets up and slaps Zion across the face, and then grabs him out bulldogging him into the mat. 

Matt: Polaris is trying to pull some serious offense now. 

Chip: They have to keep these men down. 

Polaris pulls Zion to his feet and sends him back down with an atomic drop. Zion lifts up in pain as Polaris once again goes for the pin. 


2…and Zion kicks out. 

Polaris looks him over for a moment and then walks over picking him back to his feet. Zion grabs hold of Polaris sending him over with a belly to belly suplex as both men lie on the mat. The fans are on their feet yelling for Polaris to tag Black as Johnston continues to wave them off. Zion crawls over towards his corner and reaches out towards Johnston as Polaris reaches out and tags Black. The two big men charge into the ring once more and lock up with each other trying to get the upper hand. Johnston uses his force and pushes Black backwards as the camera catches other movement. Behind the referee, Tommy Lipton slides into the ring with a chair. He blasts him in the back with it as the referee falls to the mat. Lipton charges smashing the chair into Black taking him down. Polaris goes to come in as he hits the Canadian ice breaker on him! Polaris rolls out of the ring as Johnston stands looking at him. 

Matt: What the hell is going on here?

Chip: I have…no…idea. 

McAllister appears out of the crowd and slides in the ring. He stares down Black for a moment and then picks him up hitting the rex effect! Everyone is silent as McAllister points at Johnston and yells “pin him now!”. Lipton and McAllister slide out of the ring as Johnston lies on top of Black. 

Matt: It cant end like this…NO!


Matt: No! COME ON!



The bell is rung as Zion and Johnston stare outside the ring at Lipton and McAllister. The two men grab hold of the tag team belts and roll into the ring with a mic in hand. They look at the belts for a moment and then throw them on the mat. 

McAllister: I am sure you all want an explanation as to why we did what we just did. Well, I am here to tell you why. You see, these two men *pointing at the blade club* are the scum of the earth. They cannot even win a match without help from someone else. You know, and we know, that the tag team champions are standing right here in the middle of this ring talking to you right now. Its not these jokes *points at Polaris and Black* or these fuc*ers *points at the Blade Club* its us. So, we have a proposition. Since we just won you all the titles, we want you to put them up against us. But not in just any match, we want you…in hell…in a cell!

[Johnston and Zion stand looking at the two men for a moment and then reach for the mic]

Johnston: So let me get this straight. You two jack wagons want to face us in one of the most deadly matches that WWX can put on. Do you have a death wish? We are trying to certify ourselves as the greatest tag team around. Beating you two chumps and getting you out of our way again would be more than just fun, it would be an honor. Its about time we took both old cows out to pasture, and put you down for good. Youre on. 

[The four men stare each other down as the camera fades to a commercial].


[The camera goes to the announcers table].

Matt: I cannot believe what we just saw here folks. We have new tag team champions, and it was at the hands of the FORMER tag team champions. They said they wanted to challenge for the titles and wanted to take the blade club out when they did it!

Chip: This is what WWX television is all about. The fact that they came out and took out our tag team champions shows that they are more than serious in their fight. They want to get back into the ring with them after they cost them the championships not once but twice! 

Matt: They should have been fighting here tonight if it hadn’t been for the cheap win by the blade club. However, they are going to celebrate their win like we all know. But the celebrations could be short lived as the third and final member still has a match to get through this week. Blayde Archer has been taking on all comers recently in very violent matches that have tested his ability and came out shining. He is really showing hes the real deal here. 

Chip: There really isn’t much better than Archer. He is the real deal in this business. The fact that he continues to prove it over and over again shows that he is just that. I love seeing him get into that ring each and every week and put down whoever gets in his way. I think he may take the win here tonight because there wont be any crazy distractions. 

Matt: *Laughs* Did you see the same things that I did? Regardless, before we get to that we have something else to focus on. We have a number one contenders match to see who is going to come out on top of the WWX Rankings. Last week, Jake Devine defeated Willie Steen in an impressive The t placing him up next to take on Darkness for his spot at the top of the mountain. Devine has been on a roll that no one can deny and this one will prove if he has what it takes to finish the job and take on our reigning champion. 

Chip: Hands down, Syndicate is one of the best champions that we have had in the past few years. He comes out here and does what he says he is. I don’t like the guy personally, I think hes arrogant, but I know that when he comes out here he means business. If Devine can do what few have done in recent months and take down darkness, I think he deserves that shot at the title. 

Matt: Well this is his one and only chance to make that happen. We are ready for this one to happen. Lets see if Devine can pull off the final victory he needs to secure to pull in his number one contendership. Lets get to the action .

[The camera goes to the stage]

Devine stares down the giant as the two men stand across the ring from each other. The bell is rung as Devine quickly approaches and is caught with a hard right hand. He hits the mat hard as Darkness grabs him by the throat and slams him back down into the mat. He rolls out of the ring quickly as Darkness stands and stares at him. 

Matt: Wow, the power of this man. 

Chip: I agree with you there. 

Devine looks back in and takes a breath. He comes back into the ring and goes after Darkness once more. Darkness swings wide with a clothesline as Devine ducks and comes back off the ropes with a chop block. Darkness falls to one knee as Devine hits the ropes again and smashes him with a jumping knee to the face! Darkness falls to the mat as Devine mounts and begins punching him with a flurry of lefts and rights. Darkness throws an arm up and wraps it around the head of Devine in a headlock position. He fixes his body and rolls over keeping the hold. Devine throws a few sharp elbows to the head and once again kicks the right knee of Darkness. Darkness falls to the knee as Devine comes to his feet and hits a crossbody!

Matt: Wow, Devine is really doing all that he can in this one. He wants to make sure Darkness stays down. 

Chip: Would you want him to get up and come back at you?

Devine comes over and locks in a sharpshooter on Darkness. He jumps up in pain yelling as he reaches out towards the ropes. The referee checks on him but he uses his upper body strength and crawls over towards the ropes. He reaches out grabbing hold as Devine keeps the hold locked. 




4…and Devine lets go. 

Devine drags Darkness to the corner lining him up with the ring post. He grabs hold of the right leg and draws it back slamming it into the ring post. Darkness goes to grab the leg as Devine grabs it locking it around the post to put pressure on it. The referee yells at Devine to stop, but once again he ignores as the referee begins the count once more. 




4…and Devine once again lets it go. 

Darkness lies on the mat holding the knee as Devine measures him up. He climbs into the ring and takes the knee stomping into it. Darkness throws a boot and gets him a few feet away as Devine stands back and watches. Darkness grabs hold of the ropes and pulls himself up. He starts limping and falls down to one knee as Devine puts on a sick smile. He slowly approaches and smashes Darkness in the face with a huge right hand. He looks back at his hand and kisses it delivering another blow to the face of Darkness. 

Matt: What a total disrespect

Chip: if you were doing this to this man, youd enjoy this moment too. 

Darkness just doesn’t appear to be himself here tonight. 
Devine pulls Darkness to his feet and musters his strength. He locks him in and hits the into the spotlight! Devine falls from having to pick the big man up and goes over for the pin. 




The fans come to life on their feet as Devine gets to his feet. He throws his arms up and taunts for all the fans jumping on the ropes. 
He jumps around the ring estatic as the camera goes to a commercial.


[The camera goes to the announcers table]

Matt: Well there you have it folks we have a new number one contendor. Jake Devine has secured his spot as the new number one and will challenge Syndicate for the WWX Undisputed Championship soon. We don’t know the exact details of when that match will go down, but we sure do look forward to it. 

Chip: This is going to be one for the ages. Something seemed off with Darkness though. He just didn’t go like he normally does. 

Matt: Its really hard to tell honestly. The man has had a lengthy career and maybe its just that he is slowing down alittle. Don’t count him out just yet though. I know this wont be the last that we will see of him. 

Chip: I know this. He is a force to be reckoned with and will come back for more. I feel bad for whoever ends up getting the wrath of that one. 

Matt: We move onto our main event here of the evening folks. This one has been an ongoing saga between three men which is now down to two due to Rayne being taken out of the equation. 

Chip: I still cannot get the image of him hanging on that cross out of my head. He was so messed up. Regardless, Archer did what he said he was going to and unified the belt as his own. Now he is set to take on Fill for the championship. 

Matt: Last week, Fill won in a very odd fashion as we still to this day don’t understand it. The arena literally rained blood. This week, Archer has had more strange things happening to him but you cant keep tossing these things out to coincidence. Something is happening. 

Chip: Youre damn right something is happening. He seems to have pissed off someone. We know it isn’t Rayne because hes at the house down and out. We confirmed that earlier tonight. He is nowhere near this arena. So therefore, it could be anyone. The club has made a lot of enemies since coming into the WWX and don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. 

Matt: I agree with you there. This match will be one that I have a feeling will be continued to be talked about. These two men have been battling through some hellacious battles and I don’t expect this one to be any different. Lets get to the action folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

Archer smiles over at Fill as the two men stare each other down. They walk to the center of the ring and begin talking back and forth.  Archer taps his cheek saying something inaudible to Fill as she shakes his head no and smiles. Fill draws back and smashes a left hand to the face of Archer. The two men begin exchanging blows as Fill grabs hold of Archer and sends him off the ropes and over with a backdrop. Archer goes to get back up but Fill keeps him down with a well placed elbow. 

Matt: These two men are going to kill each other I can feel it. 

Chip: I know they are and I cant wait. 

Fill grabs hold of Archer and sends him soaring over the top rope and to the outside, the thud heard around the whole arena. Fill lets out a loud yell and gets over the ropes to the outside. He goes to pick up Archer, but is met with a quick low blow! Fill falls backwards as Archer stays on his knees to catch his breath. He gets up and walks over picking up Fill and delivering a series of headbutts. Fill stumbles backwards into the security rail as Archer takes his arm and slams it across the rail. Fill yells in pain as Archer grabs hold of his head and slams it into the railing. He puts Fills head down on the railing and jumps on the back of his head, sending Fill falling backwards choking. 

Matt: MY GOD! He could kill him doing that!

Chip: That was brutal. This one is not going to be for the faint of heart. 

Archer lets out a laugh as he looks down at Fill who is still on the ground coughing. He picks him up and kicks him in the chest twice, and then heaves him into the ring steps. The steps separate as Fill lies in the corner. Archer comes up and begins sending a flurry of punches to Fill, trying to keep his momentum. After about six punches, he turns around to the fans and throws his arms out. They boo loudly as he puts on that same sick smile. 

Matt: What an arrogant as*

Chip: He may be arrogant but hes allowed to be. When you are this good, you just take what comes to you. 

Archer walks over to the ring apron and flips it up searching. He finds a kendo stick and pulls it out swinging it around. The fans give mixed reactions as he goes back over towards Fill. He slowly pulls the stick back and goes to swing, and Fill moves! Fill rolls out of the way and gets to his feet delivering a shoulder check to the back of Archer. He drops the kendo stick and stumbles forward as Fill spears him from the back over the ring steps! Both men lie on the mat as the fans are on their feet. 
Matt: What a ring presence. He knew where he was and the damage that would do to both of them. 

Chip: He has to get his offense going or he is going to get eaten alive. 

Fill slowly gets to his feet and sees the kendo stick. He walks over grabbing it as Archer can be seen getting up. The large *WHACK* can be heard throughout the arena as he plants it in his chest. Archer falls to his knees as Fill pulls back and smashes it into his back. Archer stays up as Fill twirls it around and drives back hitting him again, splitting the stick! The back of Archer begins to bleed as he tosses the stick to the side. 

Matt: What a hit! I guarantee that one damaged all the nerves. 

Chip: I don’t doubt that one at all. That was a beautiful hit. 

Fill looks around for a moment and then reaches down folding back the mat covering the concrete. He looks down at Archer and picks him up for a scoop slam. As he goes to slam him, Archer slips out hitting a death drop ddt onto the concrete! Fill lies on the exposed concrete as Archer reaches over to the apron and pulls himself up. He looks down at Fill who is trying to get back up and reaches under the ring pulling out a chair. He taps it on the ground and pulls throwing a huge shot to the head of Fill, dropping him back onto the concrete!

Matt: I don’t even know what to say right now. These men are going to kill each other. 

Chip: He already took out one competitor. Might as well shoot for the other thorn in his side. 

Fill can be seen on the concrete as Archer takes the chair and wraps it around the throat of Fill. He gets up onto the apron and stands above the chair. He goes to jump as Fill moves out of the way at the very last second! Archer gets frustrated as he approaches Fill. Fill stands up and swings the chair smashing the side of it into the face of Archer. Archer steps back holding his mouth as Fill gets it off his head and drives it into the head of Archer! Archer falls back into the concrete as the fans go nuts!

Matt: Fill with the counter. Hes back in this thing. 

Chip: he doesn’t really have a choice but to be. 

Fill walks over grabbing the head of Archer and slamming it into the concrete! Blood can be seen forming on the pad as Johnston and Zion can be seen coming down the ramp. Armed with pipes, the two men immediately go at Fill. Fill hits a huge boot to the face of Zion as Johnston catches him in the leg. He falls down as Johnston proceeds to beat him with the pipe over and over again. He walks over checking on Archer to see if he is okay. 

Matt: The club is out here checking on their fallen leader. I knew that this was going to happen. 

Chip: I told you he had a plan. This one was going to happen one way or another. 

Johnston helps Archer to his feet as Archer points towards the ring. They throw Fill into the ring as Zion comes to. The three men drag Fill to the ropes as Zion reaches in and pulls out the handcuffs once more. Fill tries to fight the two men off as they strap him into the ring ropes. Johnston hands Archer a pipe as he tosses it into the air. He swings it hitting the stomach of Fill twice. Fill cant fall forward as Archer puts it up under the chin of Fill and then pulls back smashing it across his face. He looks at Zion and says “Unlock him. It’s time”. Zion pulls out a set of keys and unlocks them as Fill falls down. 

Matt: This is just sick. Its three on one. This isn’t even fair. 

Chip: Well you cant always beat the odds. 

The camera catches movement as two men dressed in all black jump from over the crowd. Donned in all black, the two men jump into the ring with bats and take out Johnston and Zion quickly. Archer goes to swing at them as they pick him up and double powerbomb him! The fans are once again silent as the two men grab their bats and continue to beat on Archer. They walk over and pick Fill up. He pushes both men back and draws a fist as they throw their hands up and slide out of the ring. He looks down at Archer and picks him up hitting the stress bomb! The fans go nuts as he falls down for the pin. 




The fans are on their feet as the bell is rung. Archer lies flat out as the two masked men can be seen beating on Johnston and Zion on the outside. Fill stares at the two men unsure of who they are as he is handed the belt. He holds onto it for a minute and then continues to stare the two men down. They jump the barrier and take off through the crowd as the WWX logo is flashed and the camera goes dark. 

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