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WWX fury TV Show

Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2017-08-02 14:05:04
Opening Segment

[The camera opens up backstage showing the locker room door of Pure Darkness. Black and Polaris can be seen sitting across from each other as their discussion appears to be getting heated]

Polaris: Listen man you need to understand that it isnt always about US. Sometimes it needs to be about me. I am constantly sitting in the back burner. Last week, we got fu*ked because YOU couldnt get the job done. 

Black: Couldnt get the job done?! Are you serious?! Who do you think that you are? Just because you got booked in a singles match doesnt mean that we dont matter anymore. Are you in or out? Far as i can tell anymore it appears you are out. 

Polaris: I never said that I was but i am more than tired of dealing with you all the time. You think that you are the one that leads everything around here. I have been carrying my own weight for quite some time now. 

Black: Well, why dont you prove it to me? Far as I have seen it has been all me here lately. Get your sh*t together and we can get back on track. We have a shot at the tag team championships if we get past 420 tonight. You dont see them fighting like this. Maybe we can get it ready to go. 

Polaris: You’ll be lucky to see me if this continues. I have other things to prepare for. 

[Polaris gets to his feet and walks out of the door slamming it. The camera flashes the WWX logo as the camera slowly pans out onto the newly built fury stage. Fireworks go off on all angles as the new Fury theme song “Come as you are” by Nirvana begins blaring over the pa system. The camera slowly pans out as it pans over to the announcers table showing the two new broadcasters, Abel Mitchell and Ben Jacobs. The two men are wearing three piece suits with blue ties as the camera pans over to them].

Jacobs: Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW WWX Fury. I am one of your lead commentators here tonight, Ben Jacobs. It is an honor to be on the reboot of fury here tonight and I look forward to calling all the action with my new side partner, Abel Mitchell. Abel, take it away. 

Mitchell: Hello everyone. As previously introduced, I am Abel Mitchell. I am more than excited for this night as this is going to be huge not only for WWX but also for us as well. We have every superstar that the WWX has to offer on the card here tonight, redefining everything that you had known from Mayhem and Ravage. Without further ado folks, lets get rolling with our general manager that you all know and love, Ladies and Gentlemen, JAMES BOURNE!

[Gold lights kick on in the arena as “Believe me” by Drake begins blaring over the pa system. The camera pans to the top of the stage as James Bourne steps out into the light looking over the crowd. He shakes his head in approval as they are all on their feet. He takes a few steps onto the ramp and looks around once more at all the fans. A huge sile pasted on his face, he slowly makes it to the bottom of the steps. He dramatically steps up each step and then goes through the middle rope into the ring. The music slowly fades as he walks over and takes a mic to being speaking]

Bourne: Well…*laughs* its about damn time. 

[The fans give mixed reactions as Bourne takes a few steps around the ring. He raises the mic to continue speaking].

Bourne: I am going to save you all the introduction, because I am pretty sure that you all already know who I am. At this point, no introduction needed. I have been taking somewhat of a...survery in the back in regards to my return. While some consider it to be favorable and important, others...not so happy. How you doin Syndicate?

[He puts on a small smile as the fans begin cheering over hearing their champs name. He shakes his head and continues speaking].

Bourne: Things this time around are going to be far different. Gone are the times that this person was facing that person in some uneventful match. NO! We are going to be bringing WWX back to its glory days. These men and women in the back are going to show you what they have been begging to show and couldnt, their aggression. Tonight...is the opening act. Tonight ladies and gentlemen...is NIGHT...OF...CHAMPIONS!
[The fans cheer louder as he looks above at the cell hanging over the ring. He continues speaking]

Bourne: Tonight is about determining where we go from here. We are taking on a fresh restart from what you all knew before, and becoming something better. The previous rankings that you all knew are gone. The only thing that remains is that the current champions face the former number one contenders here tonight with all the belts on the line. You see though *Laughs* that is where things get interesting. 

[Bourne walks around the ring as he continues].

Bourne: I am not giving you all standard matches that you are accustomed to. For one night only, everyone is going to be putting their bodies on the line to show that they deserve what they have. There are some people that are in one match more than others. There are some that are in brutal matches. But what it all comes down to is that people are going to prove their positions, and then we will all see the outcomes live here tonight! We have a large show to get forward to folks, so lets get it started!

[The fans begin cheering loud again as “Believe Me” by Drake begins blaring over the pa system. Bourne slides out of the ring as he heads up the rampway through the back. The camera pans back to the announcers table].

Jacobs: Well there you have it folks. You have heard the man himself speak here tonight. We have a huge line up with alot to decide on the line, and boy is it going to be something. Opening our night tonight we have a fatal six way match to determine a number one contonder and also the ranking structure for Hex Girls television championship. Hex made history after wining the championship, and has been on a defensive roll ever since taking all comers. Jay Rider, BSK, Luke Jairus, Super Bacon, Johnny Needham, and Kailee will compete in an over the top rope battle royal for their spot in the television title rankings. 

Mitchell: There really isnt a better way to put yourself on the map than with the television championship. If your career took a turn, or you just want the added attention, the television championship is the way to get it. These six superstars could all make a bit of history winning this one. You have some new faces, some mid carders, and even a female who is looking to continue the push for the women after the dissolve of the womens championship. The longer you stay in this one, the better chance you have of getting that shot. 

Jacobs: Our next match is the first championship match of the night as the WWX television championship will be defended. Hex Girl will be taking on Beatrice in a no holds barred match. This match was strangely requested by Hex Girl as if to finish a feud between the two women. Hex requested that Bourne book this so the two women could battle it out without any restrictions. 

Mitchell: Well I am sure that she had a reason to do what she has done. She always has a plan for the things that she does. The fact that she personally called Beatrice out though should put alittle worry into Beatrice. We know that Hex can be ruthless, and this one should be no different. 

Jacobs: Our next match of the evening will feature two tag teams in action placing one of them next in line for a shot at the tag team championships. 420 will take on Pure Darkness in a tag team ladder match to see who moves forward for that shot. Last week on Mayhem, Pure Darkness lost their championships at the hands of McAlister and Lipton. This week, they have the chance to get their redemption towards going for the belts after taking on the 420. 

Mitchell: I havent gotten the chance to meet everyone yet, but I got to meet the two men of 420. I must say that they should be a case of what maijuanas extended use can do to you. Those two are some real winners. However, pure darkness on the other hand, they really arent on top of things either. You have two men that are no more different than each other trying to work together to take on other tag teams in the WWX. 

Jacobs: *Laughs* I am sure they will like your take on it. That leads us into our next match as McAlister and Lipton get their shot back at the tag team championships against the Blade Club. The two men have been chasing the Blade Club since they screwed them out of their championships, and now they finally got their revenge they have been asking for. Not only did they get it, they got it how they requested, Hell in a cell!

Mitchell: When you think about the violent encounters that those two men have been through in their career, they surely would challenge the newcomers to one of the worst they could find. Lipton and McAllister are looking for something, but at this point im not sure if its blood or gold. Either way, this one is going to be brutal. 

Jacobs: Continuing our night of champions line up, we have a fatal four way match where the fans SUPPLY THE WEAPONS!? Are they serious?! 

Mitchell: I believe so *Laughs* Security was told to let people in with anything that wasnt a gun. So therefore it's hard to tell what we are going to see getting ahold of here tonight. 

Jacobs: Wow...This one will be a ranking match for the international championship. We have Dr. Death taking on Bishop Polaris, Xavier Pendragon, and Glorious Gaijin to see who will be entered into the rankings for the championship. And with fans bringing the weapons, someone is bound to get hurt. 

Mitchell: This one is going to be of interest to me. You have four men with completely different styles and fans supplying them with whatever weapons that they can get their hands on. If that doesnt spell wrestling gold then I simply dont know what does. This one will be one for the ages. 

Jacobs: Whatever you say. Our next match I am being told will be the final in this series. The Stressed One Fill will defend his newly won International Championship against Blayde Archer in a parking lot brawl. We were told earlier tonight by Bourne that due to the interference on both sides, the door to the parking lot will be chained shut! However, Fill didnt act like he even knew who those guys where that interrupted last week. 

Mitchell: And he may not have. They may have had beef with Archer and he was just there to reap the benefits. Its really hard to tell what the case was but we do know that regardless of what it comes to be, this one is going to be the end of the saga between these two atleast for right now. The fact that they havent kiled each other is surprising in itself. I think that if those two get into any more fights after tonight, we are going to see one for the death. 

Jacobs: We move to our final two matches of the evening. Our first will feature a fatal five way elimination where the whole ring will be covered in barbed wire! Kurtis Ray, Krimzon Blaze, Willie Steen, Darkness, and Cameron Westport will all challenge for their spots in the rankings for the Undisputed WWX Championship. These men are all no strangers to matches like this, but this one is going to be brutality at its finest for sure. 

Mitchell: I dont know how these men can prepare for what they are about to go through. They have to think about the fact that they arent leaving here with all their skin on their bodies tonight. This match could get really messy and there isnt any way to stop it. You are going to hurt, you are going to bleed. 

Jacobs: you are right about that. This moves us to our final match of the evening. The Los Angelos Outlaw Syndicate defends his undisputed World Championship against none other than Jake Devine. Devine beat Darkness in an impressive victory last week on the final mayhem to secure his spot as number one contender. He now gets his promised shot at the opening mayhem in a three stages of hell match. These two men have quite a history with each other and  its going to be electric to see them square up one more time. 

Mitchell: Syndicate is a true level champion. The man is solid through and through. However, Devine has been on fire the last two months He doesnt appear that he can be stopped. The two men are going to get ready for the fight of their lives with each other and hopefully they dont have to go through all three matches for us to determine a winner, but I sure hope they do. 

Jacobs: Well folks we have alot of action to get into so lets get our night of champions rolling!

Jay Elder, Luke Jauris and B.S.K can be seen in the ring as the announcer begins speaking. 

Announcer: Introducing first, standing in the ring standing at six feet four inches, weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds, hailing from Your nightmares...he is...B.S.K! 

[B.S.K throws his arms up for the fans getting mixed reactions].

Announcer: Introducing next, standing at five feet ten inches tall and weighting in at 195 pounds, hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, he is...Luke...Jairus!

[Jairus throws his arms up much to the fans delight].

Announcer: Introducing next, Jay Elder!

[The camera goes to the stage as “Just too sexayy” by The Artist begins blaring over the pa system. Pink and gold lights begin flashing all over the arena as he heads towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring next, standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and one pounds, hailing from Alberta Canada, he is...Johnny Needham!

[The camera follows as he dances down the stage and slides into the ring. He stares at his other two opponents as the camera returns to the stage. Soon after, “A new power” begins blaring over the pa system. The fans give mixed reactions as Super Bacon runs out to the stage and throws his hands up. He takes of running down the rampway towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring next, standing at five feet ten inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds hailing from Norwich England...he is...Superrrr Baacccoonn!

[Super Bacon slides into the ring and stares down all his opponents. He takes his corner and waits as the camera goes back towards the stage. “Lady Marmalade” by All Saints begins blaring over the pa system. Kailee steps out onto the stage and blows kisses to all the fans to their delight. She struts down the rampway towards the ring].

Announcer: Coming to the ring next, standing at five feet eight inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds, from London England, she is...Kailee!

[She climbs up onto the apron and stares around at all the other competitors. She stays near the center as the camera spins around the ring].

The bell is rung as the six superstars are stare each other down unsure who is going to make a move first. Kaille looks over at B.S.K as they all stop for a moment and then turn staring at him. He looks at all the superstars as they immediately take off running and striking him from all different angles. B.S.K attempts to fight them all off, but its no use as he is quickly dispatched over the top rope and to the floor. 

B.S.K is eliminated!

He stomps around on the outside floor as they all look at each other, unsure who is going to go after who next. Elder looks over at Jairus and goes charging at him, figuring he should be the next elimination. Jairus sees him coming and stops him with a huge boot to the face! Elder smashes into the mat as Jairus picks him up in a firemans carry position and throws him over the top ropes to the floor! The fans are on their feet cheering as he smiles down at Elder. 

Jay Elder is eliminated!

Jairus turns around and brushes his hands off and smiles as the fans stand up clapping. Elder smacks the outside barrier as he walks towards the back upset. The camera moves into the ring where Kailee can be seen taking it to super bacon in the corner. She sends a flurry of ferocious chops to his chest, each one harder than the prior. The fans count along with her after 4 until she makes it to ten! She shakes her hand off and then comes running in for a body splash! Bacon comes stumbling out of the corner as she catches him with a bulldog taking him to the mat. 

Jacobs: Shes really taking it to that poor guy. 

Mitchell: Like he doesnt deserve it? If you are going to come up with some bullsh*t gimmick like that, you deserve every beating you take from everyone. 

The camera switches to where Jairus and Needham can be seen batting it out. Jairus is making light work of the big man as the camera catches him taking him down with a huge DDT. He goes over towards the ropes and climbs to the top waiting as Needham goes to get to his feet. He taunts for the fans and makes the jump with a double foot stomp to the face!

Jacobs: thats one of his finishers! He calls it the majoras mask!

Mitchell: I call it you just broke someones nose. 

Needham kicks his feet into the mat in pain. Jairus stares down at him and then picks him up throwing him into the corner and feeding him shoulders in the corner as the camera switches back to Bacon and Kailee. Kailee continues to dominate the scene as she picks up Super Bacon and takes him to the ropes. She measures him up and hits the superkick to his face as he goes over the ropes. Bacon reaches up and holds onto the ropes keeping himself stable. The fans start yelling “TURN AROUND!” as she slowly turns. Bacon goes to jump onto the ropes to take her out but is speared sending him crashing back to the outside! The fans are on their feet yelling “holy sh*t! Holy sh*t”. 

Jacobs: She just sent him back down with authority. 

Mitchell: Im not going to lie, that was kind of hot. 
Super Bacon is eliminated!

The camera moves in showing Jairus setting up Needham for an elimination. He takes him and tosses him over the ropes, but Needham also attempts to hold on making sure that he stays in the match. Needham goes to pull himself up as Jarius turns and stare at him and cracks a smile. He jumps onto the second rope and hits an enziguri dropping Needham to the outside mat as the fans come to life “That was awesome!” chants are heard throughout. 

Johnny Needham is eliminated!

Jairus turns around and sees Kailee opposite the ring from him. The two stare each other down as Kailee comes running with a baseball slide. Jairus side steps the slide as she gets back to her feet. He sends her over with a huge hip toss bouncing her off the mat. Kailee screams in pain as he walks over picking her up and goes to toss her over the ropes. She grabs hold of the ropes feeding him an elbow to the chest and hits the Kailee DDT! Jarius lies flat on the mat as she stays on her back to catch her breath. 

Jacobs: Wow, that was an awesome counter. She knows she has to pull out all the stops to get this one going. 

Mitchell: If she is going to have any chance at beating whoever wins the championship here tonight, she better step her game up here and now. It is only going to get uglier from here. 

Kailee reaches out and pulls herself up as Jairus crawls to the opposite side of the ring. The two get to their feet as Kailee comes running with a flying elbow. Jairs stumbles backwards onto the ropes as Kailee comes running for a body splash. Jairus catches her and sends her flying over the ropes with a belly to belly suplex!

Kailee is eliminated!

The bell is rung as the referee heads towards the outside to check on Kailee. Jairus slides out of the ring and goes out to check on her as well as she lies flat out on the outside mat. The fans are silent as the camera fades to a commercial. 


    Segment One

[The camera opens up backstage showing the locker room of Fill. He can be seen walking around back and forth as his phone rings. He reaches down and picks it up staring confused. 

Fill: Hello?

*Brief pause*

Fill: What do you mean?!

*Brief Pause*

Fill: You are full of sh*t too. Prove it to me. 

[He throws his phone down and waits a few moments. His locker room door opens as the two masked men walk into the room. With their backs turned, they reach up and pull a face shield off as Fill stands looking at them in shock. He doesnt say anything as the camera goes to the announcers table.

Jacobs: You have to wonder who that was?

Mitchell: I dont know who it could be but it really took the words right out of him. That doesnt seem to happen very often. 

Jacobs: Well everyone we officially have a new number one contender for the television championship and that man just made his debut here in WWX. Talk about a step up. 

Mitchell: Well he may have won the battle, but hes not even close to winning the war. The current champion that we have has zero remorse for anything that has to do with human life, and his wont matter either. He needs to step his game up and not care so much if he is going to get ahead in this business. 

Jacobs: What is the matter with him caring? 

Mitchell: You have to be ruthless, heartless, if you want to beat someone like hex. Do you honestly think that she would care about Kailee after sending her over the ropes with a belly to belly? I can answer that one for you. No, no she probably wouldnt. And then shed probably drag her out and toss her over again just for sport!

Jacobs: I dont think you know quite as much as you say you do. But we will go with it. However, we move onto our first championship match of the night. As we had said earlier, this match was personally requested by our champion to face her arch nemesis in a battle to end all. She wanted to take her on and see who the bigger woman was going to be, and we are more than excited to see this one happening. 

Mitchell: Excited isnt the word for this. The people that I feel bad for tonight are the janitors that have to clean this place up when this night is over with. They are going to have to bring in a hazmat team to get it cleaned up. 

Jacobs: While that may be the case, we have to look at the big picture here and that is our WWX fans. This is a grand showing for them as we open up fury once again. Lets get back to the action folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

“Just Another Victim” by Cypress Hill begins blaring over the pa system. The fans are on their feet cheering as the camera pans to the front of the stage. The music continues to play for a moment, but Beatrice doesnt come out. The music stops and starts again, but once again, she doesnt come out. The camera goes to the announcers table.

Jacobs: We are being told that the two women met backstage and have already begun fighting before the match was even set to begin. We have cameras trying to locate them and we will join the fight as soon as we figure out where they are. 

After a few moments, a live feed begins playing inside a dark hallway. The two women can be seen sending punches back and forth as it appears Hex has taken the upper hand. She grabs hold of Beatrice sending her head first into a brick wall. Beatrice hits with a sickening thud as Hex grabs her hair and slams her head into the wall numerous times. Beatrice slumps over as Hex pulls her to her feet. 

Jacobs: Wasting no time going into this one i guess. 

Mitchell: Ruthless...im telling you. Just Ruthless. 

Hex goes to throw her into the wall again but Beatrice puts a foot up and then drives Hex head into the wall. Hex stumbles backwards as Beatrice tackles her into the other wall, and proceeds to send a round of right hands to her face. Hex goes on guard throwing her arms up and then reaches around locking Beatrice into an armbar! The referee checks on beatrice as she shakes her head no to keep going. She screams out in pain as Hex lets go of the hold?! Hex gets to her feet and delivers a huge head butt to Beatrice sending her back into the wall. 

Jacobs: She has no regard for her health!

Mitchell: She is just doing what it takes to win. She knew this wasnt going to be a walk in the park hand in hand fight. 

Hex goes running with a flying elbow as Beatrice moves out of the way. She smashes her arm into the wall as Beatrice comes through with a tornado DDT taking her to the ground! Hex smashes hard as Beatrice goes out of the hallway into what appears to be a receiving area. She sees a receiving door in the distance and grabs hold of her throwing Hex into it. She turns around and sees a rack of chairs pulling one of them out. 

Jacobs: This wont be pretty. She is going to look to do some damage with that thing. 

Mitchell: I guess Hex better get her senses about herself then. 

Beatrice waits as Hex slowly gets to her feet. She takes the chair and drives it into her chest, and then pulls back delivering another across her back. Hex smashes into the concrete floor as Beatrice lines the chair up and draws back to swing it again at her head! Hex rolls out of the way just in time and sends a sweep kick taking Beatrice onto the ground. She mounts on top of her and begins throwing right and lefts to the face of Beatrice, and then takes her head ramming it once again into the concrete!

Jacobs: I am pretty confident these two women are trying to kill each other. 

Mitchell: You wouldnt be far off in that guess. 

Hex crawls over towards some pallets and pulls them off into the middle of the floor. She walks over grabbing beatrice and snap suplexes her into them, breaking the boards! She pushes Beatrice off of the side and reaches down with her foot pulling one of the boards loose. With a nail exposed, she puts on a sick smile as she measures up and swings driving it into the calf of Beatrice. Beatrice screams in pain as she goes for the pin. 


2…and Beatrice barely kicks out. 

Hex grabs hold of Beatrice and opens the supply door watching it roll up. She kicks beatrice in the stomach twice and then looks down at the concrete below. A car is parked down below as Hex pulls Beatrice in and sets her up for another suplex to the outside. Beatrice pushes back off of her and hits a dropkick sending Hex falling out the back and to the concrete below! A loud crash is heard as a car alarm goes off for a moment and stops. Beatrice walks over and looks down as Hex lies on top of the car. The car is dented in as the fans are giving mixed reactions at this point. 

Jacobs: She may be dead. We need medics out there now. 

Mitchell: Folks this show is not for the faint of heart. I advise making sure there are no little children present. You just saw someone die.

Beatrice jumps down and falls to one knee due to the hole in her calf. Bleeding heavily out of her back and leg, she uses her strength to sprint over towards Hex. She climbs on top of the broken car and goes for a pin of her own. 


2...and Hex somehow gets an arm up!

The fans are on their feet cheering as Beatrice looks in shock. She picks Hex up and smashes her into the car hood with a DDT! Hex slides down onto the concrete as Beatrice picks her up and throws her into the nearby wall. She falls back onto the car hood as Beatrice turns around and pulls herself back up into the loading dock. She taunts for the fans and jumps as Hex moves at the last second causing her to land on the hood! 

Jacobs: How are these two still going? 

Mitchell: I have no idea but im loving every minute of it. Keep it going ladies. 

Hex back appears to be covered in blood as she reaches out using a metal piece to pull herself up. She walks over and pulls Beatrice off hitting her with a baseball slide in her calf hole that was created earlier. Beatrice collapses as Hex reaches down and picks her up driving her forward into a stair rail leading back into the arena. Beatrice leans forward as Hex hits her with the monkey flip and goes for a pin. 


2...and Beatrice kicks out again. 

Hex slams her hand into the ground and yells “give up!” as Beatrice can be seen rolling over to get to her feet. Hex goes to pick her up as Beatrice hits the end game into the concrete parking lot! She rolls her up and goes for the pin. 


2...and Hex kicks out!

Beatrice rolls over yelling something inaudible as both women are on the ground. After a few seconds the referee goes and checks on both, who push him away. The two women go opposite sides of each other as Hex crawls up the stairs and stumbles into the door back into the arena. Beatrice uses the rail and pulls herself up getting into the door. As soon as she crosses the threshold, a metal pipe comes in contact with her head. She falls down the stairs and back into the parking lot. Hex, covered in blood from the end game, stumbles back out and grabs hold of Beatrice and hits the end game on her! The fans are on their feet as she goes for the pin. 




Hex rolls over and stares at the sky as the referee reaches down to raise her hand in victory. She doesnt move as medics rush out to assess the two women. The camera fades to a commercial as the television championship is draped back around the chest of Hex.


Jacobs: Well folks we have seen quite the show here tonight already. One title defense is in the books and the champion has been able to defend successfully. We have been told that both Hex and Beatrice are being checked by medical personnel as we speak and we will update you on their condition as we hear through the night. We have plenty more brutality coming for you here tonight as we move forward to our next qualifying match. We have Pure Darkness in Bishop Polaris and Tom Black taking on 420 in a ladder match. 

Mitchell: You can see the briefcase guaranteeing whoever wins this match a shot at the tag team championships. But for pure darkness, it appears like we might have some trouble in paradise. Black and Polaris have been arguing all night, and it appears that Polaris is more than ready to go out on his own. 

Jacobs: He has that opportunity later tonight as he is one that was double booked. It all depends on what side of loyalty he plans to land on. He will either be loyal to his teammate, who has been by his side this past few months and earned him his first tag team championship, or he is going to try and secure a championship by himself. Black has been a big part in his success, but his “we will see” comment earlier has us all feeling alittle uneasy. 

Mitchell: If i were him I would try and go singles. With the blade club in place and 420 on the helm, things can only get worse for these guys. Black is a decent competitor, dont get me wrong, but at the end of the day you have to figure out who is really going to give you the best shot for your money, and I dont feel like Black is going to be it. 

Jacobs: Black would be just as well to go on his own shall he choose to do so. He has been successful in the past trying to get things done by himself, and I feel like he could do it again. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens here tonight. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

[The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, hailing from Little Rock Arizona, they are Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi….420! 
Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.]

Blackout, smoke rises up and Tom Black  enters the arena. There  is a mixture of  booing, hissing and cheering. He looks around and collapses. He twitches and crawls towards the ring. 

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet eleven inches tall, and weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds, he is...Tom...BLACK!

He grabs the ropes and tries to pull them apart. He fails and collapses, waiting for his victim.

The camera returns to the stage As the music builds the lights on the stage strobe and dance around as if looking for Polaris. The tron slowly fades in a close zoom of Polaris' eyes. On the drop all the lights and tron go pure white and Bishop Polaris comes out from the behind the curtain and kneels down, facing towards the stage. On the second drop he jumps from kneeling onto his feet and all the lights begin flashing colors. He turns to face the crowd and paces  quickly to the ring. 

Announcer: And his partner, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Parish of Polaris he is..Bishop Polaris!

He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He brushes himself off at the crowd before hoping back to the ground

The ladders lay on the outside as Black and Polaris stare each other down and then turn to their opponents. Tinordi takes off and hits a cross body on black, taking him down to the mat. Polaris looks over at Glazebrook and throws his hands up climbing out of the ring. He walks over towards the announcers table and grabs hold of the mic. 

Polaris: Well gentlemen, I guess now would be a good as time as ever to make this announcement. What you are seeing here...is the END of pure darkness. I have more important things to worry about than this match, so you wont be seeing me anymore here tonight. Tonight is the reboot of my career on my own, and securing MY spot in the international championship rankings. Black, good luck to you. 

Polaris tosses the mic out to the side and stares at his former partner. He slowly starts up the rampway as Glazebrook and Tinordi stare at each other for a moment. Glazebrook slides out of the ring and grabs hold of the ladder tossing it in. Tinordi drags Black to the corner and continues the fight with him as Black tries to come back to life. He grabs TInordi by the throat and takes him throwing him with hard force into the corner. Tinordi falls out onto the mat as Glazebrook takes the ladder and slams it into the back of Black. 

Jacobs: I cant belive that Polaris just walked out on him like that! Regardless of your other match, you shouldnt abandon your partner like that. This is wrong. 

Mitchell: I know that Tinordi and Glazebrook normally wouldnt be involved in something like this, but they have a match to win just like anyone else. They want to get another run at tag team champs, and this is how they do it. 
Black falls to the mat as Glazebrook takes the ladder and drives it into his back. Black yells out in pain as Tinordi comes to and locks Black into a single leg lock. Glazebrook sets up the ladder and ascends it as quickly as he can. He reaches up and grabs hold of the briefcase securing their shot as the bell is rung. Tinordi releases the hold as the fans are on their feet. The two men slide out of the ring and back up the rampway as the scene fades to commercial. 


[The camera goes to the announcers table]

Jacobs: Well folks we have had quite an eventful evening here tonight. We have seen one championship be defended successfully, and now we move onto our next championship match of the evening. As most of you know, McAlister and Lipton are the ones who made the blade club win their championships last week, only to make sure they got who they wanted...and in the match they wanted!

Mitchell: You could make a huge argument about who wins what and so forth. The Blade Club was doing just fine without their interference and could have won without them. They can take credit for what they want, and lord knows they are going to, but at the end of the day you have to look at the facts. The Blade Club were the clear cut winners of that match taking those belts with pride and owning them. 

Jacobs: Right..whatever you say. Regardless, we now have a huge hell in a cell event on our hands as the two teams will meet inside the steel structure with one goal in mind, the tag team championships. This is a tornado tag style match where all order will be out the window. The referee will be standing outside the ring and stay there unless told otherwise. He can do his counts from outside by slapping the mat. Officials were instructed by Bourne earlier tonight to steer clear of any injury during this match so it is sent down right. 

Mitchell: That is a wise idea. McAlister and Lipton have had a hard time being truthful during their last run. 

Jacobs: Are you serious?

Mitchell: You heard me right. Those no good tricksters are generally up to no good. Its about time that Bourne takes a stand against cheating for those two and we have a fair match come into play here. 

Jacobs: I can see there will be no point in trying to argue with you. However, we have a match to get to so lets do it. 

[The cell forms around the ring as the fans are on their feet. Soon after "Intimidation Intro" By End of Music plays as both Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister make there way out on the stage. The two men, angered but showing pure confidence, start down the rampway]

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, Rex McAlister and Tommy Lipton!

The two men make it to the bottom of the ramp and slide into the cage. They jump around the ring and take their corner as the camera moves back to the stage. 

"Champion" by Fallout boy begins to play over the PA as the entrance shines bright with neon green lights while crimson red spotlights circle around the entrance. Justice Johnston steps through the  curtains with hostility, intensity and purpose in each step that brings the juggernaut of devastation closer to the ring while carrying one half of the tag team championship titles between his teeth. Seconds later, Ezra Zion steps out with both hands over the top of his brows as he peers out across the MSG arena with one half of the WWX Tag Tam Championships tight around his waist. Once at the top of the ramp, he stops to look into the closet camera to toss up the 'peace' sign with one hand then transitions it into a throat slashing gesture before slowly jogging down to the ring. Zion taps the too sweet hand sign with a few Blade Club fans and even stops to show off a fans cardboard sign before reaching the ring. 

Announcer: And their opponents, Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston...The BLADE CLUB!

Once ringside, Justice Johnston climbs over the top rope as Ezra Zion rolls in, pops up, and climbs the nearest turnbuckle where he peers out to all the fans with a hand over his brows. Zion then pats himself on the back a few times before leaping down back to the ring mat while the music fades. He then removes his Championship along with Justice Johnston and hands it off to the official while the referee steps back out to the center of the ring.

The belts are shown to all four men as they stare each other down with a death stare. The bell is rung as the four men go across the ring ready for war. Fists are flying right and left as the camera focuses on Lipton as he goes up against Justice. Justice sends his huge boot to the chest of Lipton and heaves him into the ring post shoulder first. Lipton stumbles back as Johnston delivers a boot to the side of the head dropping him to the mat. Johnston taunts for the crowd to mixed reactions. 

Jacobs: Wow folks what a hit. 

Mitchell: You arent kidding. I am pretty sure he just readjusted his head on his shoulders. 

Johnston picks Lipton up off the mat and throws him into the corner, locking him into a chokehold. Lipton sends a quick jab to the right side of Johsntons face causing him to break the hold. Lipton jumps up onto the second rope coming down with a double axe handle taking the big man to the mat. Lipton lies on one knee coughing for a moment as he catches his breath. He bounces off the ropes and comes down with a leg drop and goes for the first pin of the match. 

1...and Johnston kicks out. 

Lipton wastes no time grabbing up Johnston and sending a collection of hard rights sending him off the ropes. He drops down for a backdrop, but Johnston grabs hold pulling him in for a DDT. Lipton smashes into the mat hard as Johnston rises back to his feet. The camera switches showing McAllister and Zion battling on the outside of the ring. 

Jacobs: This one is going to get brutal. 

Mitchell: Like you expected any less *Laughs*

McAlister grabs hold of the back of Zions head and drives it into the ring steps. Zion stumbles back into the cage as McAlister jumps off the steps and comes through with a flying elbow smashing Zion back into the cage. He falls forward as McAlister mounts on the back of him and sends a few hard shots to the side of his head. Zion falls to the mat as McAlister picks him up and sends him with a monkey flip into the cage. Zion smashes into the cage wall and falls to the side. 

Jacobs: He sent him airborne. 

Mitchell: Hope the FFA didnt see that one. 

Zion lies once again on the stairs as McAlister gets set to jump on his head. He climbs up onto the ring apron and jumps off as Zion moves his head at the last second. McAlister bashes his knee into the stairs and falls to the outside mat as Zion does a push up move to get himself to his feet. He walks over and grabs hold of McAlister and smashes him face first into the cage. He walks over reaching under the ring and grabs hold of a chair. He taps it against the floor and swings wide smashing it into the back of McAlister. He draws back and hits two more successful shots to the chest as the camera switches back to Lipton and Johnston. 

Jacobs: Talk about swinging for the fences *laughs*

Mitchell: My god...your puns are terrible. We are going to lose ratings. 

Lipton can be seen taking it to Johnston as blood can be seen pouring from both men. A screwdriver lies in the ring along with a barbed wire bat as the two men can be seen fighting with everything that they have. Lipton grabs hold of Johnston and throws him to the opposite side of the ring. He climbs out behind him and throws him into the cage near the announcers table. He looks around at the fans with a sick smile as he goes back to the other side. 

Jacobs: He better not do what I think hes about to do. 

Mitchell: I dont...HOLY SH*T!

The commentators throw their mics down as the side of the cage is busted open. Lipton speared Johnston through the side of the cell! Both men lie on the outside mat as the fans are on their feet continuing the “This is awesome” chants from before. Both men refuse to move as the camera moves back towards Zion and McAlister. Zion appears to have taken the upper hand at this point as he has hold of a ball peen hammer and is using it to strike McAlister with. McAlister goes to stand up and he strikes him in the back of the knee cap with the hammer! 

Jacobs: He is trying to destroy his knee cap here folks! He doesnt want him to walk out of here. 

Mitchell: Do you blame him!? They asked for this

Zion looks around and sees the side of the hole in the cage. He drops the hammer and goes towards his fallen friend on the outside. Both Lipton and Johnston are still down as Zion stumbles over there to help his friend. Zion helps Johnston to his feet as the two men grab hold of Lipton. He stumbles to his feet as they pick him up in a double choke slam sending him through the announcers table! The camera catches movement as McAlister is seen getting to his feet on the inside. He reaches under the ring and grabs hold of a sledgehammer! Jacobs and Mitchell can be seen standing. 

Jacobs: That look in his eyes cant be good. 

Mitchell: You cant even see his eyes lol. Looks like a red faced snoman. 

McAlister comes out with the hammer as Johnston turns around seeing him first. He smashes the hammer to the face of Johnston dropping him as he tosses it to the side. Zion goes to pull back to punch him as McAlister yells “Lets finish this!” and points to the top of the cell. He reaches up and grabs hold pulling himself up as Zion thinks for a moment. He then agrees and climbs up behind McAlister who is already at the top. The two men meet in the center of the cage and lock up trying to use what is left of their strength to take down the other. Zion drops and hits the low blow on McAlister dropping him to his knees. He stumbles back and falls exhausted as the fans wait in anticipation to see what is going to happen next. 

Jacobs: Someone is going to end their career here tonight. 

Mitchell: Maybe so but they will look damn good doing it. 

On the ground, Lipton can be seen getting to his feet as the camera sees a woman jump the security barrier. With a fire extinguisher in hand, she sprays Lipton in the face and then throws it to the side. She grabs a tag team belt and bashes it into the face of Lipton keeping him down. The woman checks on Johnston and then takes off running back through the crowd. Johnston slowly works his way to his knees as Lipton lies blinded. Johnston smiles and pulls him to his feet as Lipton swings blindly. Johnston smashes him with a hard right knocking him into the security rail. 

Jacobs: This isnt even fair!

Mitchell: Who was that girl anyway!?

On the cage, Zion can be seen battling once more with McAlister. McAlister takes the upper hand and hits a modified rex effect! The cage breaks in the middle as the two men fall to the mat below crashing through it. The referee comes and checks on both men as Johnston can be seen coming into the ring. He jumps down into the hole where no one can be seen. Lipton can be seen on the outside ripping his shirt off and wipes his face. He gets into the ring and climbs into the hole as well. Commotion can be heard from down under as Lipton comes out dragging Zion. He hits the canadian ice breaker and goes for the pin. 


2...Justice tries to get up and is pulled back down by McAlister.


The fans are on their feet as Lipton falls back onto the mat. The referee checks on all the men as medical personnel are brought down to the ring. The reach into the hole and drag out Johnston and McAlister as the camera fades to commercial. 


Jacobs: We have new tag team champions here tonight folks. This has been probably one of the most brutal matches of the evening. Those four men deserve every ounce of respect that they got for getting up out of that hole. 

Mitchell: As you can see, a new ring has been laid, we go a new table in place and business is only going to continue to pick up from here. I cant believe those two pulled it off but they did any ill give congrats where it is due. They deserve it after that hellacious match. 

Jacobs: I know this wont be the last time we see those four men in action against each other. This is the start of something much more bitter. However, we still have alot of action left for you all here tonight. We move onto our next qualifier of the evening as four men step into the ring with hopes of becoming the number one contender for the international championship. 

Mitchell: This one has some interesting people in it. The only one of these men to have attained that honor is Pendragon, while the others have not even had a taste of WWX gold other than Polaris who turned his back on his partner earlier here tonight. We havent been able to get a word with black but they said he was more than heated. 

Jacobs: Well you have to wonder howd you feel when the person you trusted just went and sh*t all over you? I mean, that was a low thing to do. The only thing he can hope for is that it really pays off for him in this one. If it doesnt, then he just wasted everything. 

Mitchell: He isnt the first one to have done something like that in WWX and he sure wont be the last. People are hungry for gold plain and simple. In this business you have to step on your friends sometimes to get there and thats the name of the game. You arent here to make friends. You are here to win gold and build a legacy. 

Match 5
Dr. Death vs Bishop Polaris vs Xavier Pendragon vs Glorious Gaijin 

[Dr. Death can be seen in the ring as the music builds the lights on the stage strobe and dance around as if looking for Polaris. The tron slowly fades in a close zoom of Polaris' eyes. On the drop all the lights and tron go pure white and Bishop Polaris comes out from the behind the curtain and kneels down, facing towards the stage. On the second drop he jumps from kneeling onto his feet and all the lights begin flashing colors. He turns to face the crowd and paces  quickly to the ring. 

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Parish of Polaris he is..Bishop Polaris!

[He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He brushes himself off at the crowd before hoping back to the ground and awaiting his opponents].

[ “8 Mile Road” by Eminem hits over the pa system. The fans come to life as Xavier Pendragon steps out onto the stage and taunts for all the fans. He starts down the ramp slapping hands on the way down].

Announcer: Coming to the ring, standing at six feet three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy three pounds, from Detriot Michigan, he is the machine...Xavier Pendragon!

[Pendragon makes it to the bottom of the ramp and slides into the ring taunting for the fans once more. The camera returns to the stage].

[Angels of Salvation begins blaring over the pa system as Gaijin steps out from behind the curtain. He looks around at the fans and throws a hand up, walking down the ramp slowly].

Announcer: And finally, standing at five feet eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred and eighty five pounds, from parts unknown, he is...Glorious...Gaijin!

The four men look around the ring as fans have numerous different weapons laying around the outside already. They all begin throwing shots at each other as Polaris and Gaijin immediately take their action outside the ring. Gaijin tries to put up a fight but is no match for Polaris. He grabs hold of Gaijin and throws him into the security rail. He reaches down and grabs hold of..a street cone?! Polaris brushes it off and takes hold of the cone putting it on the head of Gaijin. Gaijin swings wide as Polaris grabs hold of a baseball bat left by another fan and draws back smashing it into the side of the cone head of Gaijin. He falls back onto the mat as Polaris takes the bat and forces it into his throat, the referee coming to yell at him. The camera switches to inside the ring. 

Death and Pendragon can be seen sparring back and forth as Pendragon takes the upper hand. He completes a drop toe hold to Death leaving him in the corner. He takes off and drives him face first into the turn buckle as the fans come to life on their feet. The fans begin throwing weapons into the ring as Pendragon grabs hold of...a cheese grater?! He looks it over for a moment and then grabs hold of the face of Death, running it across his forehead. Death screams in pain as Pendragon continues to drag it across his forehead. 

Jacobs: Wow this is an odd set of weapons to have. 

Mitchell: This is great. I can only imagine what else is going to come flying in. 

Pendragon tosses the item across the ring. He looks around as new items can be seen. Barbed wire plastic bats are covered in the ring. A pair of brass knuckles can be seen lying on the ground as Pendragon slips it over his hand. He waits as Death slowly gets to his feet. Pendragon draws back and smashes Death in the face with the knuckles as he goes for the pin. 


2...and Death barely kicks out. 

The camera switches over to Polaris and Gaijin who are on the outside. Polaris can be seen with numerous objects around him such as broken cds, plungers, and some very oddly shaped purple flowered object. Polaris grabs hold of Gaijin and throws him into the ring. He waits as Gaijin gets to his feet and hits the purification! He goes for the pin. 




Glorious Gaijin is eliminated!

The camera catches Pendragon as he takes death up and sends him back down with the detriot drive! He goes for another pin of his own. 



Dr. Death is Eliminated 

Pendragon and Polaris stand across the ring from each other as the fans are on their feet. Both men dont appear very tired as they lock up. Pendragon takes Polaris over with an arm drag. Polaris jumps back up and goes to come through with a cross body but is caught by Pendragon and taken over with a fall away slam! Polaris rolls to the outside as Pendragon waits for him to get to his feet. 

Jacobs: You better pay attention now Polaris!

Mitchell: Hes about to go for something big here!

Pendragon continues to wait as Polaris slowly works his way to his feet. He jumps onto the ropes and attempts a 450 splash! Polaris, chair in hand, swings for the fences and connects as the shot is heard all over the arena. The fans come to life as Polaris throws the chair and looks around for more weapons. He picks up a hair dryer and takes the cord of it wrapping it around the throat of pendragon! The referee yells at him but he ignores as he throws it to the side. He stumbles around the side of the ring and grabs the ring bell. 

Jacobs: This cant be good. Polaris is just trying to keep him down. 

Mitchell: Thats all you can do and hope for the best. Pendragon wont go down without a fight so he better hope for the best. 

Polaris walks over towards Pendragon and goes to swing the bell as he gets to his feet. Pendragon sends a spinning wheel kick sending the bell crashing back into his face. The “ding” noise is heard as Polaris falls flat back onto the mat. Pendragon grabs hold of him and sends him back into the ring. He taunts for the fans as He climbs up to the top and comes down with a frog splash. He goes for the pin. 


2...and Polaris gets a shoulder up!

The fans are in awe as Polaris lies on the mat. Pendragon looks around in shock as well and walks over picking up Polaris and throwing him on his shoulders for the motor city drive! Polaris works his way off his shoulders. He kicks Pendragon in the chest and then hits the detroit drive on him! He goes for the pin. 




Xavier Pendragon is eliminated!

Polaris gets to his feet and taunts for the fans who give mixed reactions. He throws his arms up and continues to celebrate as the camera fades to a commercial. 


Jacobs: Just absolute arrogance from that man. You would think he would have alittle bit of remorse after crapping all over his team mate. I cant believe him. 

Mitchell: What is funny is that he was able to win the match with Pendragons finisher! Those two will have another match im sure of it. I would have loved to have seen more from them but I will take what I can get. 

Jacobs: We have had a very eventful evening here tonight folks as one champion has been able to retain their title and one set have changed hands. We move now to another championship match of the evening as the new number one contender, Bishop Polaris, will have the chance to challenge whoever wins this match for a shot at the International championship. If you want to talk history, these two men have it. 

Mitchell: Probably one of the most storied rivalries on this card lies in this match. These two men have been going at it with each other for almost a solid month now in some form or another. They have changed the championships hands on quite a few occasions, and have shown the world some of the best matches that WWX has had to offer hands down. Tonight, this may be the final match between these two. 

Jacobs: Last week on Mayhem, Fill was able to take a win via two masked men that he still claims not to know. The two men have reached out earlier in the night, but he still cannot place his hand as to who they are. Archer vowed for revenge and is getting it here tonight as one man is going to take the win for the championship. This match couldnt suit either man any better as it is the place where they will fight for supremacy. 

Mitchell: The doors will be chained up so thankfully fill cant cheat again and take the win. If he wants to win he has to win clean this time. There wont be any help from random masked dudes who arent able to show their faces for whatever reason. 

Jacobs: You make it seem like Archer has been perfect. 

Mitchell: He has been. The only time the club came to help is when others came to the aid for him. He doesnt need help. He has proven that one time and time again. 

Jacobs: I swear you are blinded or something. I dont know how you come up with the things that you do. Its like you dont even know whats going on in reality. 

Mitchell: I assure you i am awake and aware. The fact that you cant handle the truth isnt my problem. 

Jacobs: We have a match to get to thats far more entertaining than listening to you jabber. Lets get to it. 

[The camera goes to the parking lot. Fill and Archer can be seen standing a short distance away from each other as the referee has the international championship belt in his hands. He looks at both men and shows them the belt as they shake their head in approval. He walks over and checks the door making sure that it remains chained as he yells “Lets go” to get the fight started].

The two men walk up to each other as words are exchanged. Archer yells something at Fill and then draws back feeding him a right elbow to the face. Fill stumbles backwards as Archer takes off running and tackles him into a car! The hood buckles as Fill pushes Archer off of him. Archer comes running as Fill drops down sending him crashing onto the car hood with a backdrop. Archer rolls off the hood and onto the concrete as Fill drops to one knee and begins sending a series of punches to the face of Archer. 

Jacobs: He means business here tonight folks. 

Mitchell: Hes not playing around. He knows what is on the line tonight and is going to do what it takes to keep it. 

Fill grabs hold of Archer and picks him up slamming him into the same car with a scoop slam. The car rocks hard as Fill climbs up on top of it with him. Archer low blows Fill and jumps to his feet delivering a DDT onto the top of the car, a huge dent left. Both men lie on the top of the car as Archer slides down and pulls Fill off the top onto the concrete, a sick thud heard in the parking lot. He grabs hold of him and sends him into the nearby car window, glass flying everywhere. Fill lies in the window as Archer takes his head and drags it across the glass pieces, Fill screaming in pain. 

Jacobs: Someone needs to stop this. He is going to be blind. 

Mitchell: This cannot be stopped. No one can get in right now. They barred the doors. 

Archer pulls him out of the car window and hits a belly to belly suplex, Fill scraping across the concrete! Archer stumbles over and picks Fill up as he delivers a quick uppercut and follows with a huge boot! Archer falls back into the concrete as Fill comes down with a leg drop. He goes for the quick pin. 

1...and Archer kicks out. 

Fill reaches down grabbing hold of Archer and whips him into the nearby concrete pillar. Archer lies on the pillar as Fill goes to grab his head. He goes to drive it in as Archer strikes him in the chest with an elbow, and follows through with a textbook enziguri taking Fill back down to the concrete. The fans give mixed reactions as the camera man takes a step back to avoid getting into the action. Archer climbs on another nearby car as comes down with a knee to the face, connecting in the face of Fill. Fill yells in pain as he rolls over. Archer reaches down scraping his head against the concrete!

Jacobs: Holy hel*. I will be surprised if Fill gets up with any teeth. 

Mitchell: Oh come on now Jacobs lets not be dramatic. Hes just getting his face turned into mush. No big deal. 

The referee yells at archer to stop who throws his hands up. He grabs hold of Fill and leads him over towards a truck in the parking lot. He tosses fill into the bed of the truck and climbs up onto it. Fill can be seen trying to get to his feet as Archer grabs hold pulling him up. Fill shoulder checks him in the gut and kicks him once more pulling him in for a piledriver! The shocks on the truck bounce heavily making fill lose balance for a moment. He stumbles back and falls to one knee. 

Jacobs: If the truck comes a rockin…

Mitchell: You are getting your as* kicked *Laughs*

Fill gets back to his feet and grabs hold of Archer lining him up with the side of the truck and hitting a russian leg sweep. Archer bounces the side of his head off the side of the truck as he holds it in pain. Fill looks down at the drop and picks Archer up. He levels him out and sends him over the truck bed with a snap suplex. He bounces hard on the outside as the fans give mixed reactions. Fill jumps onto the side of the truck and comes down with an elbow drop as he goes for the pin. 


2...and Archer barely gets an arm up.

The fans are on their feet as both men are bloody and battered. Fill uses his strength to get to his feet as he pulls Archer up with him, who can barely stand. Fill delivers a huge headbutt to Archer sending him across the way as he lands onto a nearby semi. Fill comes charging at the semi as Archer dives out of the way causing Fill to smash head and shoulder first into the bed. He yells in pain as he falls down onto the concrete. Both men are bleeding heavily as Archer climbs up to his feet and grabs hold of Fill delivering the blade cutter! He goes for the pin. 


2...and fill gets a shoulder up. 

The chains on the door begin to rattle as the referee turns around. Archer turns around looking to see what is going on as the shaking gets heavier each time. Archer slowly rises to his feet and stumbles over near the door. He kicks it hard and yells “I got this one”. He turns around and goes back towards Fill. He picks him up off the ground and once again goes for the Blade Cutter, but Fill reverses pushing him off. He grabs hold of Archer and throws him on his shoulders in a last ditch effort using a modified stress bomb onto a car windshield! Archer breaks through the windshield as Fill lies on the outside of the car exhausted. 

Jacobs: This is awesome. I cant even believe that he had the strength to do something like that. 

Mitchell: This match will go down in the history books. Whoever wins this one deserves it. These two men have given their all. 

After a few moments, Fill slowly gets to his feet and pulls himself up onto the hood. The chains have continued to rattle as a new noise is heard. Fill ignores it and grabs hold of Archer pulling him out of the seat and back onto the hood. Archer hits the blade cutter landing in the broken glass as an arm falls over Fill!




Both men lie on the hood as the camera turns to the door. Bolt cutters are used to cut the chain as the blade club busts through the door. They come running in and check on their leader as they pull him off the car. Soon after, the camera pans around as the same two masked men are standing in the doorway. They charge the three men with flying elbows as the fight commences. Archer hits hard onto the pavement as the four men continue to throw fists. One masked man delivers a super kick to an already worn out Zion! He falls onto the contrete as the other man picks up Johnston and powerbombs him into another car! The two men stare down at the fallen men and slowly reach up pulling their masks off. The Jester and Korath stand looking down at the men! The fans are on their feet yelling “Holy sh*t” as they turn around and go for Fill pulling him to his feet. They assist him out of the parking lot as the camera fades to black.


Jacobs: Folks, I cannot even put into words what we have just seen here. This was an explosive show of athleticism at its finest and quite possibly the bloodiest match thus far. 

Mitchell: When you are surrounded by nothing but concrete and glass, bad things are going to happen. But...what about those returns?! Korath and the jester!? We have seen jester around in a long time and Korath is definitely a game changer. There arent many men that could manhandle Johnston like that. 

Jacobs: I assume when Fill saw them earlier that was what had left him speechless. He really didnt want to say anything to give something like that away, and who could blame him!

Mitchell: This has been a great night here in WWX. The fans have been electric, the competitors have been giving their all, and we are able to come on at one of the highlights.
Jacobs: Well we still arent done yet. We have two more matches left and both of which are going to be star studded. Our pre main event will feature our rankings for the WWX Undisputed championship. All of the men but one in this match have made it to the to and tasted that gold, and the other one intends to get his shot at doing so here tonight. 

Mitchell: Kurtis Ray has been rather silent as of late and needs to get back to his stature where he belongs. Blaze has tried and failed to get this belt before, and wants another shot at it. Steen really deserves this belt as he is quite possibly the best one in this match in my opinion. Darkness still has his crusade cup that he could utilize to get his shot at the championship and Westport also needs to get his way up here. 

Jacobs: Steen is a great talent dont get me wrong, but I dont think he deserves the title of greatest in this match. There are hall of famers, future hall of famers, amongst others. You cant go around throwing titles on people who havent earned them yet. 

Mitchell: Havent earned them pshh right. 

Jacobs: We could debate about this one all day but lets get down to business folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

“Whisper in the Dark” starts off as the crowd erupts into cheers. Darkness begins to make his way towards the ring with an intense look in his eyes.
Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from Florence, South Carolina, standing at six feet six inches tall and weighing in at 290 pounds, he is...Darkness!!
He slowly climbs into the ring and stares down over the fans as the camera returns to the stage.
“Taking You Down” starts up as Krimzon comes out to a full blown sea of cheers. Blaze soaks in the cheers as he makes his way to the ring.
Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, he is “The Aerial Specialist” Krimzon Blaze!!
Blaze makes it to the bottom of the ramp handing his signature glasses off to a young fan. He slides into the ring and taunts for the fans once more before handing over his equipment and taking his corner. 
“Crawling in the Dark” starts up and Willie Steen comes out with his usually traditional cocky smirk. He brushes of the fans boos and cheers as he makes his way to the ring.
Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, standing at six feet one inches tall and weighing in at 211 pounds, he is the cool factor...Willie Steen!!
He slides into the ring and takes a corner, looking at the barbed wire surrounding him. 
“DNA” starts off as Cameron Westport makes his way out. He mouths off some words to the fans that can’t be picked up by a mic, but still earns him almost deafening boos.
Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, standing at six feet seven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds,  from Atlanta, Georgia, he is….Cameron Westport!!
“Hype” starts up as fans boos and jeer loudly. As Kurtis’ music continues to play, Kurtis is nowhere to be found. The music stops and starts again...but Ray doesnt come out. 
Jacobs: We are being told that they are checking on Kurtis Ray. Stand by for a moment. 
[Everyone continues to wait as the camera catches movement on the ramp. Bourne steps out onto the stage and grabs hold of a mic].
Bourne: Ray, I dont know where you are but you had better get your as* out here or you will be eliminated immediately. 
Bourne waits a few moments and then shakes his head in disgust. 
Bourne: Kurtis Ray is eliminated! Ring the damn bell!
Bourne goes back behind the curtain as the bell is rung for the match to begin.
Westport and Darkness lock up almost immediately. As the two lock up, Steen and Blaze lock up. Westport goes to whip Darkness into the barbed wire rope but gets reversed, sending Westport into the unforgiving barbed wire, chest first.
Jacobs: This is going to be unforgiving. Poor steen. 
Mitchell: They knew what they were signing up for. 
Blaze sneaks up behind Westport and gives him a belly to back suplex. Meanwhile Steen and Westport engage in another lock up. Darkness takes advantage and whips Steen into a corner, hard. Suddenly, the lights go out for a brief moment. As the lights come back on, A  man sporting a baseball bat begins to lay waste to everyone within his reach. Darkness manages to grab a hold of his mask to reveal it to be none other than Kurtis Ray!
Jacobs: Kurtis Ray is here! 
Mitchell: What is he doing?! Hes eliminated!
Ray swings wide to the knees taking Darkness down. He swings wide again with a shot to the side of the head. Darkness falls to the mat as the fans boo loudly. He continues to swing hitting Blaze in the shoulder. He goes to swing at Westport and strikes him in the chest. He takes the bat smashing it across his back as the fans continue to boo. Security comes rushing out from the back towards the ring, evaluating how to get in. Blaze gets back to his feet and hits the Kode of Silence on Ray causing him to roll out of the ring. 
Jacobs: Got him!
Mitchell: That’ll wake you up real quick.
Security grabs hold of Ray and drag him out of the arena as he continues to fight his way back through. Before Blaze can get up to a vertical base, he is ambushed by Steen, Westport and Darkness.  The 3  men begin stomping a mudhole in Blaze. Steen, Darkness and Westport lift him up and toss him easily over the top rope.
Jacobs: Blaze on the outside now!
Mitchell: Good luck getting back in there
Back in the ring, Steen, Westport, and Darkness all jock for positions. Steen goes to suplex Westport against the barbed wire ropes. Darkness stands back and waits as Steen gets back to his feet. He comes through and tackles him back into the ropes, Steen screaming out in pain. Darkness reaches out to choke Steen as Blaze slips back behind him. Steen continues to try and pull himself off the barbed wire as Darkness stops and turns around. Blaze smiles and hits the mighty death pop on Darkness and goes for the pin. 
Darkness is eliminated!
Feeling that the match was over, Westport and Blaze tag team on Steen, ensuing a 2-on-1 beatdown. Steen gets drug off the barbed wire and double suplexed as Westport gets to his feet first. He whips Blaze into the barbed wire ropes, back first. Blaze winces in pain as Westport grabs hold of the barbed wire and rocks it back and forth, getting it further into Blaze. 
Jacobs: The pain that he has to be feeling must be immense. I cant even imagine. 
Mitchell: The poor guy is getting that wedged into his back as we speak. There is no good word for it. 
Westport, thinking he’s safe, gets a rude awakening from Steen who dropkicks him into the barbed wire ropes. He connects and yells as Steen slowly can be seen getting to his feet, blood pouring from his back and arms. He takes off and pushes Westport chest first into the wire, and comes through with a body splash driving him into it. Westport falls to the mat and turns around taunting for the fans. 
Jacobs: Always trying to showboat. 
Mitchell: Can you blame him? Hes doing what he needs to do to get people behind him. 
Blaze can be seen climbing up to the top rope. Steen slowly turns around as Blaze connects with a cross body from the top rope! He rolls him up in a school boy pin. 
2..and Blaze gets a shoulder up. 
Steen quickly gets to his feet as Westport pulls himself from the ropes. Steen and Westport begin a 2-on-1 beatdown on Blaze. Blaze attempts to take a few swings, but it does no good as the two men overpower him. They toss him in the corner, feeding boots to every inch of his body.
Steen and Westport continue their 2-on-1 on Blaze. As Westport looks to seal the deal on Blaze, Steen backs up and tells Westport to keep going. He steps back and hits the Cali Clash on Westport and rolls him up grabbing hold of the barbed wire rope! 
Ring Announcer: Cameron Westport has been eliminated!
Jacobs: We are down to the final two!
Mitchell: You have to give it up to the smoothest operator in professional wrestling. Westport didnt see that one coming!
Steen and Blaze, both with blood trickling from their bodies meet in the center of the ring and begin exchanging blows, much to the delight of the crowd. Steen whips Blaze into the barbed wire ropes, hard. As Blaze crumples to the mat, Steen hops on top of him, going for a pinfall attempt.
2...and Blaze kicks out!
Steen, visibly upset that the ref did not count 3 begins to signal the end of the match, and tries to stomp in a mudhole in Blaze. Steen grabs Blaze by his hair and drags him to the barbed wire ropes and starts grinding Blaze’s face against it.
Jacobs: Someone has to stop this. This is madness folks!
Mitchell: This is brutality at its finest. I love every minute of it. 
Steen then whips a now bloodied Blaze into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. As Blaze crumples to the mat, Steen shoves him out the way and climbs to the top rope.As Steen goes for the Cali Clash, Blaze gets his knees up, causing Steen to crash and burn.
As Steen tries to recollect himself, a wobbly Krimzon Blaze Blaze delivers the Fires over Del Ray.
Jacobs: Fire over del ray! This could be it!
Mitchell: You better get it together steen!
“Taking You Down” starts back up as Blaze and Steen lie on the mat not wanting to move. The referee calls for the bell as ring hands come down and begin cutting down the barbed wire. Medics come out and check both men as the camera fades to commercial. 


Jacobs: We move onto our main event of the evening here folks after the wild ride that we have had to get here. This has been a night for the ages without a doubt. 

Mitchell: We are going to be talking about this one for awhile. I cannot believe everything that has went on here tonight. We crowned two new champions, saw tag teams split up, watched all hell break loose in the parking lot, and now here we are sitting in the main event. I can only imagine what this one is going to hold for us. 

Jacobs: It is no secret that Syndicate and Bourne do not get along with each other. Syndicate blames bourne for having trouble getting ahead while he was in charge last time. Bourne gave syndicate a good pat on the back last week by talking to him, but Syndicate has said he is still unsure about the man who “held him back”. 

Mitchell: I swear he looks for a reason to blame stuff on everyone. He cannot take responsibility. The only person holding Syndicate back is syndicate. He needs to stop blaming his issues on Bourne. 

Jacobs: Mitchell, you got the job already. Trial period is over. You can come up for air now. 

Mitchell: Very funny. I see what you did there but one of us cares about his job and those who support it. You can make all the jokes you want, but that GM is going to go places plain and simple. 

Jacobs: You gag me. Please stop. Regardless, we have Syndicate taking on Devine in a three stages of hell match for the WWX Undisputed championship. Syndicate has been taking on all comers and has found a way to continuously come out on top. There have been very few that have been able to knock the los angeles outlaw off his game, and even when they do, he finds a way to recover. 

Mitchell: Devine has been on a roll here lately though and doesnt appear to be stopping either. He defeated Darkness last week to earn his spot here in the championship match and is showing more heart and determination than I think he ever has. The man is hungry and wants to succeed, and its about time he came out of his shell. You pull a victory off here tonight, win or lose later, you have done something big. 

Jacobs: We have seen things that we never thought possible here tonight so maybe that could be in the cards. Both men have been training very hard for their match. Unfortunately for them one of their hard work will not pay off as they will end up losing here tonight and the new number one contender, Krimzon Blaze, takes his spot in the light. 

Mitchell: I cannot believe that he was able to pull that one off again. Syndicate cant run his mouth this time saying that he didnt deserve the shot or that he isnt going to get it. He can be thankful that he had Westport in the ring with them last time to in order to help get him out of trouble. This time around, he wont have anyone to save him...if he makes it past tonight. 

Jacobs: That will be seen here shortly. Ladies and gentlemen, your main event of the evening is coming up. 

[The camera moves to the stage].

"Now, I'll rule the world..."

The crowd erupts into an overwhelming ovation. The deafening cheers cover up Jake's theme song, and the lyrics are barely audible. Jake Devine walks out of the stage, wearing a red and white jacket, with similarly colored pants, with his wife Megan holding his left arm. The hometown crowd erupts as soon as he appears. Megan lets go and Jake strikes a pose, as pyros explode.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet four inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred and thirty nine pounds, from new york city new york...he is..Jake...Devine!

Jake walks down the ramp, the audience singing his theme song. He helps Megan climb up the ring and opens the ropes for her. Megan plants a kiss on Jake's lips, as he takes out his jacket and hands it to her. Jake stands in the middle of the ring, as the crowd continues to sing even after the PA system stops. He closes his eyes with a huge smile, posing one last time.

The camera returns to the stage as “Bulls on Parade” blasts through the PA system as fans go into a frenzy. Syndicate emerges on the entrance ramp and holds the Undisputed title high for all to see. He then puts the belt on his shoulders and continue to make his way towards the ring.
Ring Announcer: And his opponent,  from  Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 224 pounds, he is the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, The Los Angeles Outlaw...Syndicate!!
[Syndicate slides into the ring and throws the belt up for all the world to see. He taunts for the fans and hands the belt over as it is shown to both men. Syndicate takes his corner as the bell is rung for the match to begin]
Divine and Syndicate circle each other for a few minutes before the two lock up. Divine gains the advantage and locks Syndicate in a side headlock. Syndicate shoves Divine into the ropes but Divine counters with a shoulder tackle. Divine then bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Syndicate ducks and counters with a clothesline of his own.
Jacobs: Syndicate showing his ring presence here. He knows what to look for. 
Mitchell: Devine will get eaten up and this wont go to the third round if he doesnt pay attention. 

Syndicate rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. As he rolls back in the ring, Divine hits several elbows, forcing Syndicate to drop the chair. Divine then picks up the chair himself and begins swinging for the fences, coming down on Syndicate’s back with a vengeance.
Divine then sets the chair up in the center of the ring. He whips Syndicate into the ropes and follows up with a drop toe hold, right into the chair.
Jacobs: Devine counters with a beautiful move!
Mitchell: Someone better get people out here to clean up Syndicates teeth. 
Divine slides out the ring and pulls out a table and slides it back in the ring as Syndicate tries to regain his composure. Divine hits a quick DDT then goes back to setting up the table. Divine grabs Syndicate and whips him towards the table. Divine then sets Syndicate up on the table before climbing up on the table with him. Syndicate springs to life and tries to fight off Divine by giving him a suplex off the table but Divine counters the attempt with a snap DDT, right through the table.
Jacobs: Taking full advantage of these no disqualification rules!
Mitchell: This is what you have to do to win. Hes putting on a clinic right now. 
2…and Syndicate gets an arm up. 
Divine lies on the mat for a moment and slaps his hand against it. He looks around and then heads over towards the side and climbs to the top rope dragging a chair with him.  He measures and then jumps,  swinging and delivering a vicious chair shot to Syndicate’s head! He throws the chair to the side and goes for the pin. 

Jacobs: You have got to be kidding me. What a move!
Mitchell: That’ll rack your brain for sure!
2...and Syndicate throws an arm up. 
Syndicate lies on the mat holding his head. He stumbles to his feet as Divine measures him up. He sneaks behind and hits the kings style and goes once again for the pin. 
Jacobs: Devine with the first pin of the match! Stage one completed!
Divine rolls over holding up a finger. Divine mouths to the camera “one more time and I become champion”. Divine grabs his chair from earlier and wedges it in between the turnbuckle padding. Divine goes to whip Syndicate into the chair but he reverses sending Divine into the chair. Devine trips and hits the chair  head first.
Jacobs: Tripped over his feet on that one!
Mitchell: *Laughs* Thats what you get for trippin. 
Devine lies on the mat as Syndicate crawls towards the ropes and goes to pull himself up. Syndicate comes running and hits a huge chop block to the knees taking him back to the mat. Syndicate grabs hold of Devines right leg and sends three sharp kicks to the calf. Devine tries to kick him off as Syndicate rolls him over slamming his knee into the mat! 
Jacobs: Syndicate trying to turn this one around now folks. Can he do it?
Mitchell: He wants to walk away with this belt he doesnt have a choice but to. 
Syndicate takes the knee and drags Devine to the corner, sliding to the outside. He grabs hold of Devines foot and drives the knee around the post, slamming it into it. Devine screams in pain as Syndicate takes the knee and locks him in a leg lock on the outside! The referee comes over checking on Devine as Syndicate keeps the hold on. Devine continues to shake his head no, and uses his strength to muster enough and drive Syndicate head first into the ring post!
Jacobs: His head has to be ringing. He has to have a concussion. 
Mitchell: I guarantee he will want to donate his brain, or whats left of it, to science. 
Syndicate lies against the security rail outside as Devine goes to get to his feet and falls to his knee. He tries once again to get to his feet working the knee out. He slides to the outside and grabs hold of Syndicate as he drives him once again into the ring post. He tries to go to the ground but Devine catches him. He drags him near the annoucners table and grabs hold of the mic cord wrapping it around his throat!
Jacobs: Can someone please stop this?! He cant continue this!
Mitchell: They have to determine a winner, one way or another. 
The referee comes yelling at Devine to release to which he does, throwing his hands up. He takes Syndicate and throws him into the ring as he falls to the knee again in severe pain. After a few seconds, he gets to his feet and slides back into the ring. Syndicate can be seen crawling to the corner. Devine goes running as Syndicate hits the drop toe hold into the chair! Devine falls back onto the mat as the fans give mixed reactions!
Jacobs: Two fan favorites and they dont know which way to go. 
Mitchell: They will go with the winner every time.
Syndicate walks over grabbing Devine and sets him  up to deliver the No Signal but Divine counters with a DDT! Syndicate lies on the mat as Devine crawls up and goes for a Boston Crab but Syndicate springs to life! He flips Devine off and gets to his feet countering with the Catalyst DDT. Wasting no time, he locks in the Vault. Divine inches and crawls his way towards the bottom rope, screaming out in pain as Syndicate applies pressure. Divine gets within an inch of the bottom rope but Syndicate draws him back in the center of the ring. Seeing no other option, Divine finally taps.

Jacobs: He tapped! He just tapped out!
Mitchell: We are one and one now. We get to see stage three!
Both men lies on the mat as  the cage settles into place. Syndicate and Divine get to their feet and stare each other down, both exhausted. Divine and Syndicate come to blows and start slugging it out. Divine gains the advantage and slings Syndicate into the steel cage. As Syndicate bounces off the cage, Divine tries to go for King’s Style but Syndicate counters with a suplex.
Jacobs: Syndicate with another quick recovery. He better get this one over with quick. 
Mitchell: If he doesnt, this could go downhill for him really quick. 
As Syndicate lifts Divine to hit feet, Devine counters with an uppercut and follows through with a DDT. With Syndicate not moving, Devine makes a break for it and begins to climb the cage. Having injured his leg earlier, he climbs slowly up looking back as he goes. Divine gets about halfway up before Syndicate comes to. Syndicate starts to will himself towards the cage and climbs up. He manages to get a hold of Divine’s leg, preventing him from climbing any further. He takes the leg and slams it into the cage, Devine barely holding on. He reaches up and pulls him in for a modified leg sweep as both men go crashing into the mat!
Jacobs: What a landing! They might both be dead!
Mitchell: Someone has to finish this!
Both men slowly come to as they crawl towards the cage and pull themselves up. Syndicate comes charging as Devine hits the kings style! He lies on the mat for a moment and crawls over towards the cage, pulling himself up. He begins to crawl as he pulls himself up and ascends the cage. About three quarters up, Syndicate gets to his feet and comes running towards the cage. Devine looks in shock but continues to try and climb as Syndicate comes running up. Devine makes it to the top and stares down but then looks at Syndicate who is close. He yells “come on!” as the two men meet at the top. 
Jacobs: this is going to end for someone here and now!
Mitchell: This is going to be awesome!
The two men exchange blows from the top as they try to keep their balance. Devine kicks Syndicate and goes to pull him in to throw him down. Syndicate comes up with another uppercut and grabs hold of him bringing him in for a no signal! Both men fly off the cage and hit the mat bouncing. The fans are on their feet as both men lie flat. Syndicate rolls over as the pin is counted!
Syndicate lies on the mat as “Bulls on Parade” begins blaring over the pa system. The referee reaches in and grabs hold of the Undisputed Championship belt and places it on Syndicate who doesnt move. The fans stand on their feet clapping as the WWX logo flashes and the scene fades to black. 

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