FURY - Show 2017-08-16 18:19:00

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WWX fury TV Show

Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2017-08-16 18:19:00
[The camera opens up to a black screen as a quote appears on the screen].

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
	While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
            Only this and nothing more.”
				-Edgar Allen Poe

[Soon after, the screen goes black again as a voice can be heard. Deep and raspy, the voice echos through the arena].

???: It came with a glow like I have never seen. I tried to look into its light, its aura, but couldnt. From there, I was told to avoid it, stay away from it, for its darkness was something that I simply could not accept. That was when it turned, stared me in the eyes, those eyes filled with pain, anger, anguish. It was ready for war, and I turned and walked away, knowing its path of destruction was only just beginning. For those in his path, good luck and may god have mercy on all your souls.

[The WWX logo flashes as “Come as you are” begins blaring over the pa system. The camera pans around at all of the fans the fireworks go off all over the place. The camera pans around to the announce table where Jacobs and Mitchell can be seen sitting].

Jacobs: Hello everyone and welcome to WWX Fury. I am Ben Jacobs alongside Ben Mitchell and we are more than excited to get this one started. But you have to wonder, what was that opening about?

Mitchell: I have no idea. I have been told that weird things have been happening here tonight and that people are all on edge. We have been waiting to hear more about it but no one has said anything. 

Jacobs: Well no less folks we have a show to run. We have our opening with a television title ranking match as Tom Black will take on Super Bacon. Black has been really upset about the way that things have panned out between he and Polaris, and we have been told that he is in one hell of a mood here tonight. 

Mitchell: can you blame the guy? He got screwed out of a good thing and now was just left to the wolves. You have to wonder how this one is going to go. Hes a big dude, and he could eat Bacon alive, literally. 

Jacobs: Well played sir. Our next match features our television champion taking on Luke Jairus here tonight. We have been told that Jairus is excited to get his first shot at the champion here tonight, but Hex may not be in full spirits here tonight. We are told that she has yet to fully recover from her match at the last show, and may not be in full spirits. 

Mitchell: There is one thing that you have to do here and that is not count our champion out. Just when everyone thought she was going to get out and lose that belt, she continues to leap over hurdles right and left. She is a warrior like few in this place, and I think she has a good chance to show the number one contender why shes in the place that she is. 

Jacobs: Our next match features our tag team champions taking on 420 in a non title match here tonight. We are short in the tag team department right now, but these four men are guaranteed to put on a show. 

Mitchell: 420 got an easy win around the last time by the way they took out Black. That shouldnt have happened how it did but they are the number one contendors no less. So we have to show them some respect. Lets see how they fair against our new champs. 

Jacobs: We move onto our international ranking match as the returning nordic nightmare Korath will take on Glorious Gaijin for a chance to take his place on the leaderboards. Gaijin has been radio silent as of late, but we are hoping to see him come out and perform here tonight. 

Mitchell: Korath shocked the world with his return last week showing the unity between when worlds collide. Those three men are going to be a force to be reckoned with now that they are a unit. I think Korath is going to show the world once again why he was the nordic nightmare, and I cant be more excited to see him do it. 

Jacobs: Fan boy much? *laughs* We move on to having Jake Devine who was just short of his three stages of hell match is trying to move forward from it. We are told that he is having trouble as well in his recovery, but insists that he will be in this match here tonight. 

Mitchell: Fill is not happy over losing his championship last weekend and those two men are going to collide in what I assume to be one hell of a battle. Lets see what happens. 

Jacobs: We continue our night with Bishop Polaris taking on our newly crowned champion Blayde Archer. Archer has been on a roll coming off another championship win and taking down Fill. Those two men have been in an intense battle that doesnt appear to be slowing down. We are told that he was very unhappy with Korath and Jester coming to the aid of Fill after the match, and assured this wasnt over. 

Mitchell: Well this could turn into a battle for the ages. We need something to heat up around here and seeing all of htem in action could be just the thing to do it. 

Jacobs: We move onto our first big event of the evening as Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen will square off for their spots in the rankings of the world championship. Ray, who appeared late in his match last week, went to work on the entire round of people in that ring knowing that the referee couldnt do anything about it. Now, he has to pay the consequences for his actions. Lets hope hes ready for that. 

Mitchell: ray has been to the top of the mountain before, its no problem for him to get there again. He just has to go through the less deserving ones first. 

Jacobs: We move finally to our main event of the evening as our new number one contender, Krimzon Blaze, will get another chance to square off with our champion in a non title match up. 

Mitchell: This is what dreams are made of folks. These two men always put on a good show and this one will be no different. They both have alot to offer and I think that Blaze may have his hands full jumping into the ring with our champion. 

Jacobs: Well folks lets get to the show. 

[Super Bacon can be seen in the ring as the camera goes to the stage].

Blackout, smoke rises up and Tom Black  enters the arena. There  is a mixture of  booing, hissing and cheering. He looks around and collapses. He twitches and crawls towards the ring.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet eleven inches tall, and weighing in at three hundred and ten pounds, he is...Tom...BLACK!

He grabs the ropes and tries to pull them apart. He fails and collapses staring across the ring at his opponent. 
The bell is rung for the match to begin as Black just stares across the ring, anger and hate etched on his face. He immediately takes off running and body splashes Bacon into the corner, the impact jarring Bacon back out onto the mat. Black grabs hold of the back of Bacons head and pulls him up, slamming it hard into the corner. The fans are on their feet as Black whips him off the ropes and sends him over with a grueling back drop.

Jacobs: Something tells me this one isnt going to be pretty. 

Mitchell: I told you he wasnt going to be happy about this. Poor Bacon…
Black picks Bacon up and sends him off the ropes sending him back to the mat with a big boot. He crashes down as Black does his signature collapse onto the mat before getting back to his feet. He drops a huge elbow onto Bacon who flinches and then lies back flat out. Bacon stares down at him for a moment and then picks him back up. He takes him near the corner and throws him shoulder first into the ring post! Bacon yells in pain as he stumbles back out onto the center of the ring. Black turns him around and kicks him in the chest and sends him back down with the black hole! He shudders down and goes for the pin.




The fans are on their feet as Black gets to his feet and looks around. Anger still etched in his face as Bacon lies motionless on the mat. He stumbles and slides out of the ring headed up the rampway as the fans cheer loudly. The camera fades to a commercial.

TV Break


The camera opens up backstage in the Blade Club Locker room. Archer, ZIon, and Johnston can be seen sitting around in a circle with each other, their conversation intense.

Archer: Guys, we have to get ahead of this. We cannot let this happen to us. What happened last week was just to get into our heads, and there isnt a single person here OR GROUP that is going to do that to us. We are the elite, the best this company has to offer, and we are going to show everyone that. 

[Johnston slams his hands on the table rocking it].

Johnston: I dont know who that big freak thinks hes screwing with, but I will destroy him. Its easy to take advantage of a man that has already been in a fight, lets see how he does with me when im healthy. 

Zion: Relax, the time will come for all that. They want to get into our heads, and its our job not to let them. If we show them that we divide and conquer just the same as we come together, that will scare them off. They disappeared once for a reason, lets make them remember what that was. 

[All three members laugh as they lean back in their chairs. The lights flicker as “The man comes around” by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. They all stop and look around with their fists drawn waiting for an attack. After a moment the music stops].

Archer: This is bullshi*. Whoever is doing this needs to just get this over with. If they want a piece all they have to do is ask. Im tired of this shit. Bring it on!

[They all stand in a circle and wait as the camera fades to the announcers table].

Jacobs: Well folks we have our first win of the night, and boy was it a beautiful one. Black came out and simply dominated his opponent. Bacon didnt stand a chance. And how about the poor blade club? Someone is really pulling their chain, and it may be when worlds collide. 

Mitchell: he has been misfiring alot lately. You have to wonder what is going on with him. As far as the club goes, they have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with, and shouldnt keep screwing around with them. If Fill and his crew want another fight on their hands, they are finding a good way to get it!

Jacobs: Well that just took him out of the television rankings so he is going to have to fight his way back in if he wants another shot. We are looking forward to our next match as our television champion and number one contender are set to meet for the first time. Jairus made his WWX debut last week, and took to the sky right after to become the new number one contender. 

Mitchell: He really showed the world what he was made of there. We have to hope that he can keep that same hype going into this one. I was told that he has been nothing but focused coming into this one so I am hoping that he gives it his all. His only chance is that Hex has said she isnt one hundred percent yet, but that all may change in an instant. We have all learned by now not to count her out. 

Jacobs: Absolutely so. She never disappoints us that is for sure. And how can you be one hundred percent after all she went through last week? Those two absolutely destroyed each other. The fact that she even is putting her boots on is enough to make us happy. Shes dedicated and making quite the resume in her wins. 

Mitchell: It will make you not want to underestimate her. All we can hope for is that this Luke guy comes out here and gives it his all. A win over the television champion this early in the game would be a good start for him. We can only hope he has what it takes to pull it off and isnt some one hit wonder. 

Jacobs: Only one way to find out. lets get to it!

[The camera goes to the stage]

[Luke Jairus steps out onto the stage looking over the fans to mixed reactions. He shakes his head in approval as he starts down the rampway. He walks down the ramp as Tom Black comes out from the back, donning a large pipe. He stalks behind Jairus as the fans try to alert him. As he turns around, Black swings smashing the pipe into the back of his head. Jairus rolls down the rampway as he pulls back and continues to strike him all over his body with the pipe. The camera catches movement as a man jumps over the railing and tackles black hard with a spear! He kicks the pipe to the side and goes and checks on Jairus as Black goes to get up. The man delivers a huge boot to the face of Black taking him back down to the ground. Hex Girl steps out onto the ramp and stares the two men down on the bottom of the ramp as he helps Jairus up. Security comes running down to detain the man as Jairus pushes them away. He explains the situation to them and then walks with the man back towards the backstage area?! The camera fades to a commercial].

TV Break 

[Segment II]

The camera goes backstage as Jairus can be seen walking backstage with the person from the crowd. Bourne can be seen storming down the hallway as more security comes in behind him. He can be heard halfway down the hall

Bourne: Jairus! What in the hell do you think you are doing bringing people back here you dont know?!

[Jairus holds his hand up]

Jairus: Bourne, listen. This guy saved me from an attack and his athleticism is off the charts. I think you need to give him a chance. I think he could be something special for you. 

[Bourne stares him down for a moment and then shakes his head in approval].

Bourne: Tell you what, come with me kid. Lets talk.

[The two walk down the hallway as the camera goes to the announce table]

MItchell: We must be taking talent from the crowd now! *Laughs* Wow, neve thought id see that. 

Jacobs: No reason to be an as*. The guy did a good thing from one competitor to another. 

Mitchell: It was a set up. He didnt want hex to take him out so he got that guy to take him out instead. 

Jacobs: I am sure that is it. That is what happened. Boy you are a genius. We still have plenty of action for you folks. We move onto our next match as 420 is set to step into the ring with our tag team champs, McAllister and Lipton. Last week was hard for our new champs and you have to wonder if they are going to be able to compete here tonight. 

Mitchell: I feel like they will be alrght. The stoners are probably going to come out like they always do and just take a bad one. I cant imagine it going any other way. 

Jacobs: *laughs* You always talk shi*t about them and then they come out and do their thing and youre like “Oh they are amazing” and whatever else you have to say. It gets alittle old. 

Mitchell: The one time the day comes that they prove me wrong and actually take a match hands down, I will stop talking. Until then, they have alot to prove to me. 

Jacobs: They dont have anything to prove to you. They have proven their worth here or they would have a job. *Laughs* Stop humbling yourself. We have more action to get to folks lets get there. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

[The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again].

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, hailing from Little Rock Arizona, they are Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi….420! 

Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.]

Soon after "Intimidation Intro" By End of Music plays as both Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister make there way out on the stage. Smiling and obviously sore, they throw their tag team championships up as they walk down the rampway]

Announcer: Coming to the ring, their opponents, they are your WWX tag team champions...Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!

The two men make it to the bottom of the ramp and slide into the ring. They look at both men for a moment and then hand over the belts as the bell is rung for the match to begin. 

Lipton and Tinordi start the match as the two men circle the ring. They lock up as Lipton takes him out with an armbar. He works the arm as Tinordi slaps his shoulder yelling in pain. Tinordi reverses locking him into an armbar of his own and pulling him in for a headlock. He holds it on as Lipton powers out and sends him over with a backdrop. Tinordi breaks the hold as both men get to their feet. Tinordi swings wide for a clothesline, but Lipton ducks and comes through with a huge kick to the back of his head. Tinordi smashes into the mat face first as the fans give an “oww”. 

Jacobs: He made him eat the mat!

Mitchell: Yeah, he will be picking up his teeth after that one. 

Lipton reaches down and pulls Tinordi to his knees striking him with hard right hands. He comes off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face taking Tinordi back to the mat as he goes for the first pin of the match. 


2...and Tinordi kicks out. 

Lipton gets hold of Tinordi and pulls him to his feet sending him off the ropes. He goes for a clothesline of his own, but Tinordi ducks and grabs hold bringing him down with a neckbreaker. The fans cheer as Tinordi gets to his feet and comes down with a huge jumping elbow drop. He goes for a pin of his own. 


2...and Lipton kicks out. 

McAllister on the ropes getting ready to get in, he climbs back out as the referee yells over at him. Tinordi grabs hold of Lipton getting him back to his feet. He wraps him up and throws him into the corner as he tags in Glazebrook. Glazebrook climbs into the ring and takes a few steps back coming through with a body splash into Lipton! He stumbles forward and falls onto the mat as Tinordi climbs out into the ring. Glazebrook picks him up and sends him back down with a pump handle slam as he goes for a pin. 


2....and Lipton kicks out. 

This time Mcallister makes it into the ring as he sends a huge right boot to the face of Glazebrook. The referee yells at him as he goes back to his corner laughing. Glazebrook lies on the mat as LIpton goes towards the ropes and pulls himself up. Glazebrook can be seen getting back to his feet as he charges at Lipton. Lipton, at the last second, takes the rope and pulls it down causing Glazebrook to fly out of the ring. Lipton falls back to the mat as the fans give mixed reactions. McAllister jumps off the corner and goes over towards Glazebrook as TInordi sees what is about to happen. He charges over to assist in the fight. 

Jacobs: Someone better get control of this one. 

Mitchell: Its not going to happen. This isnt going to be pretty. 

McAllister gets a few kicks in on Glazebrook as Tinordi rounds the corner. The two men begin exchanging blows wildly as they go up the ramp fighting with each other. Each man takes their blows and delivers another, no one seeming to get the upper hand. The camera catches Glazebrook as he slowly gets to his feet and slides back into the ring. The referee is trying to watch both sets of men as Lipton can be seen getting to his feet. He waits on Glazebrook as Glazebrook goes to get to his feet. Lipton hits the canadian ice breaker as he rolls him up for the pin. 




The fans give mixed reactions as the other two men are still fighting. The camera pans out showing them still brawling as both men stop and look back at the ring. They stop fighting as Tinordi stumbles back towards the ring to check on his fallen partner. The camera fades to a commercial.

TV Break 

Jacobs: Wow, another great hard fought match in the books here tonight folks. What a way to continue the crazy night weve already had here. 

Mitchell: I cant believe that they were able to pull that one off. 420 took those men to the limits and I didnt expect that one out of them. I figured they would of just laid down and taken the beating they were going to recieve. 
Jacobs: They are driven as champions should be, and we are glad to see them back with those belts over their shoulders instead of the Blade club. 

Mitchell: I dont think those guys are just going to lie back and disappear folks. They are going to show the world that they are everything that they said they are, and come back and take those titles again. Mark my words. 

Jacobs: I dont want to think about that. However we move onto our returning superstars match as he gets set to make his way into the international championship division. The nordic nightmare Korath will step into the ring with one from the division, Glorious Gaijin. 

Mitchell: You have to wonder if hes just looking to eat him. That man is huge. I think that this is going to be a slaugher. 

Jacobs; I can back you on that. This one may not be very pretty. Without Further ado, lets get to it folks. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

The bell is rung as Korath wastes no time showing what he is about. He grabs hold of Gaijin picking him up on his shoulder and charging him into the corner like a battering ram. Gaijin goes to fall down as Korath picks him up once more driving him into the other side of the ring. He sends him crashing back into the mat with a firemans carry as the fans come to life.

Jacobs: The fans are eating this one up folks!

Mitchell: Kind of like Gaijin is getting eaten up right now!

Gaijin lies on the mat as Korath picks him up and delivers a devastating headbutt. Gaijin falls to his feet as Korath stares down at him for a moment, and then delivers a huge right hand. Gaijin falls to the mat as Korath looks down laughing. He picks him up delivering the savage hammer as he goes for the pin.




The fans cheer as Korath gets to his feet smiling. The referee checks on Gaijin as the camera fades to black.
TV Break
[The camera goes to the announcers table]

Jacobs: This one was a real eye opener for anyone wanting to get into it with Korath. The man is a monster. 

Mitchell: You arent kidding there. What a brutal display of fighting by Korath. 

Jacobs: The nordic nightmare came in with a purpose and displayed it beautifully. 

Mitchell: I cannot wait to see what he brings to the table next. 

Jacobs: We move onto our next match as our former international champion Fill will be squaring off one on one with our former number one contender for the world championship Jake Devine. We have more action to get to folks. Lets get it going. 

The bell is rung as Fill immediately goes at Devine, his anger etched in his face. Devine, obviously not himself, gets thrown into the corner with brutal force. He bounces out as Fill comes through with a huge boot to the face. Devine falls onto the mat as Fill continues his aggressiveness pulling him into his feet, and throws him over with a hip toss. Devine bounces off the mat as FIll walks over and picks him up. Devine, seeming stunned, gets a boot to the chest as FIll goes for the stress bomb. 




The fans are in shock as Devine lies flat out on the mat. The referee goes and checks on him as Devine appears to be holding his side. Fill stares back at him for a moment and then starts up the rampway as the camera fades to black.

TV Break

Jacobs: What a dominating performance from our former international champion. You can tell hes more than upset about the way things have played out lately. 

Mitchell: Or maybe devine just wasnt ready for him. He just went through a hellacious match with our champion last week and hasnt had enough time to recover. I dont think that will be the last time we see those two go against each other. Lets hope for something better after they rest up a bit. 

Jacobs: Regardless, Fill took it to him and showed the world that he is going to reclimb the mountain as he goes this time around. 

Mitchell: Reclimb? *Laughs* He has a long way to go. Devine isnt even in the league that he is in. Devine is ABOVE him. Fill just more of less scored a pointless victory here tonight. We will see how he does when the time comes for him to put up or shut up. Archer has his number time and time again, and I think that if they meet again, it will happen the same way. 

Jacobs: You always like to talk. Speaking of Archer, we have him coming out to fight against the new number one contender in Bishop Polaris. Polaris, who turned on his partner last week, is trying to gain some ground and move forward with his singles career. Black has already shown his true personality here tonight by beating anyone he can get ahold of. 

Mitchell: He is doing what he needs to do. He wants everyone to know he can handle his own, and the pipe was just the statement that he wanted to send. He is going to move into the tv title picture, and that is how he plans to do it. *Laughs*

Jacobs: We must keep moving here tonight folks as we move onto our next match. Polaris. Archer. Coming at ya. 

[The camera goes to the stage]

[the music builds the lights on the stage strobe and dance around as if looking for Polaris. The tron slowly fades in a close zoom of Polaris' eyes. On the drop all the lights and tron go pure white and Bishop Polaris comes out from the behind the curtain and kneels down, facing towards the stage. On the second drop he jumps from kneeling onto his feet and all the lights begin flashing colors. He turns to face the crowd and paces  quickly to the ring. 

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Parish of Polaris he is..Bishop Polaris!

[He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He brushes himself off at the crowd before hoping back to the ground and awaiting his opponent].

[The arena lights dim to a blue hue. The tron sparks to life with a razor that has the words "The Blade Club written over it as the opening beat of "Stadium Pow Wow" by A tribe called red begins to play and out walks Blade with a bright and colorful native American Indian headdress on his head while holding his trusty tomahawk axe in one hand, a arrow in the other. Blade stands on the main stage, slightly tilting his head to the side while gazing out into the crowd then begins his walk down the aisle as he prepares for war.]

Announcer: And his opponent, standing at six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, from the Navajo Nation, he is your WWX International Champion…BLAYDE…ARCHER!

[Archer slides into the ring as the fans give mixed reactions. He goes to his corner giving his items to the timekeeper as the camera focuses on both men].

The two men stare each other down as Archer gives off a sick smile. They lock up as Archer feeds a quick elbow to the face of Polaris. Polaris stumbles back as Archer goes in for a bulldog, but is pushed off. He turns around as Polaris feeds him a quick boot to the face dropping him. The fans give mixed reactions as Polaris pulls him to his feet and tosses him into the corner. He comes running with a body splash. Archer goes to stumble out as Polaris pushes him back in and sends him crashing over with a monkey flip! He bounces off the mat as Polaris comes off the second rope with a flying elbow and goes for the pin. 


2...and Archer kicks out. 

The fans give mixed reactions as Polaris locks in a quick headlock. He headbutts Archer in the back of the head to keep him down as Archer tries to stand up. Archer finally powers out hitting a stunner of sorts onto Polaris causing him to let the hold go. Archer quickly moves in and sends him down with a DDT. He gets up on one knee as the fans begin to boo. Archer sends them the one finger salute as he raises to his knees. He picks Polaris up and delivers a huge double stomp to the back of his head driving it into the mat. 

Jacobs: Guess hes trying to make him eat it!

Mitchell: He pis*ed the champ off. 

Archer picks Polaris up and delivers a huge elbow of his own. He comes off the ropes and hits a huge clothesline sending him down to the mat. Archer picks Polaris up and sends him to the outside, a huge smacking onto the mat outside. He climbs out behind him as he grabs hold of Polaris throwing him into the metal stairs! The sound echos throughout as he lies on the mat yelling in pain. He comes running and stomps him in the back of the head. He pulls him to his feet and goes to slam his head in, but Polaris puts a boot up. He sends an uppercut to the face of Archer and then hits a drop toe hold into the stairs. 

Jacobs: Polaris is trying to make a come back here folks!

Mitchell: He better fight hard!

Polaris grabs hold of Archer and picks him up driving him into the security rail. He picks archer up and slams him head first into the side rail of the ring. Archer hits the mat hard as Polaris catches his breath. He grabs hold of him sending him back into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron and monkey flips into the ring landing on the chest of archer. He rolls off him and comes up hitting a leg drop. He goes for the pin. 


2...and Archer kicks out. 

Polaris yells something inaudible as he goes to pull Archer up. Archer jumps and hits the Blayde cutter as Polaris falls to the mat. The lights in the arena go out. 

Jacobs: What the hell?!

Mitchell: What is going on?!

A single white light comes into the center of the ring as everyone stops and looks. A loud crash is heard as something falls to the center of the ring. The lights come back on as Polaris can be seen lying in the corner, and Archer standing near  the middle. He walks over and looks as a cross lies on a chain in the middle of the ring. In the middle of the cross is marked “Rayne” in blood! Archer stops in his tracks as Rayne can be seen standing behind Archer. 


Mitchell: HOLY SHI*!

The referee holds his hands up and points as Archer turns around! Rayne tackles him into the mat and begins throwing hard rights into his head. Archer hits him back and pushes him off as Rayne pulls him in hitting the Rayne Drop DDT! Zion and Johnston come running out from behind as they pull Polaris out of the ring and deliver a boot to him. The referee calls for the bell giving a disqualification win to Archer. The club comes at Rayne as they begin fighting. Rayne sends hard shots to Zion taking him out as Johnston delivers a huge boot. Jester, Korath, and Fill all come running down the rampway and begin fighting off the two men. Korath blasts Johnston as he and FIll send him up for a modified stress bomb. Rayne lies in the corner for a moment and pulls himself up to his feet. 

Jacobs: Oh no...this cant be good. 

Mitchell: Wonder how they will all look at that traitor!

Rayne stands and looks at all the men. They all have their fists balled as they look at him. Soon after, they all drop their fists and walk in giving each other a hug?! The fans stand confused as the four men lock arms and throw them up yelling “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS…WHEN…WORLDS….COLLIDE!” The fans stand up and begin cheering as the four men all celebrate in the middle of the ring. Johnston and Zion grab hold of Archer pulling him out as Polaris appears to have disappeared. The camera fades to black. 

TV Break

[The camera opens up showing the announcers table]

Jacobs: What did we just see folks!

Mitchell: They hugged the traitor! He literally bad mouthed all of them. He and Fill were fighting to the death! I cannot believe what is going on here. 

Jacobs: There are so many questions left to answer here folks. I dont even know where to begin. 

Mitchell: Neither do I. This show just went way sideways. I cannot even begin to wonder where this goes. 

Jacobs: This is going to turn into a war. That is what this is going to turn into. 

Mitchell: Well this is a war that I want to watch. Things are heating up here folks. 
Jacobs: We move onto our first main event of the evening. Kurtis ray is paying for his sins this week as he moves onto fighting with Kurtis Ray. 

Mitchell: He came in swinging wildly trying to make other people pay for his mistakes. And his first fight of the night lies on Willie Steen. 

Jacobs: We have some more action to offer folks, so lets get it rolling. 

[The camera goes to the stage].

“Crawling in the Dark” starts up as Steen makes his way out to a sea of boos. Steen pays no mind as he makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is set for one fall!! Introducing first, from Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, Willie Steen!!

“Hype” starts off as Kurtis comes out, mouthing off to the fans, which earns him a round of boos all his own.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, weighting in at 270 pounds, Kurtis Ray!!

Steen and Ray meet up in the center of the ring and lock up. Ray gains the advantage and applies a side headlock to Steen. Steen manages to shove Kurtis into the ropes but counters with a clothesline on the rebound. Kurtis bounces off the ropes again as Steen stands up and goes for a clothesline but Kurtis counters into an arm drag takedown, leaving it locked in for an armbar. Steen struggles for about a minute before he makes it to the ropes, forcing the break. Kurtis gets to his feet and begins stomping away on Steen.

Jacobs: Hes trying to make a point in this one folks. 

Mitchell: Ray is going to show why he is the best this division has to offer. 

Steen manages to get to the ropes to force the ref to separate the two. Kurtis tries to get past the ref but the ref reasserts himself between the two. Steen sees the opening and hits Kurtis with a hard right hand. Steen continues to throw right hands, driving Kurtis back. Kurtis tries to whip Steen but Steen counters and sends Kurtis into the ropes, following up with a dropkick. Steen almost immediately goes for the cover.


2,,,and Ray kicks out.

Kurtis gets to his feet and stomps away at Steen yet again. He lifts Steen to his feet and whips him into the corner post, hard. Kurtis charges forward, driving a knee into Steen. Steen then crumples to the mat as Kurtis makes the cover.


2 and Steen kicks out

Kurtis lifts Steen to his feet once more and whips him into the ropes, applying a sleeper hold on the rebound. Steen tries to fight out of the hold but begins to fade away, dropping down to a knee.

Lift arm, drop 1!

Lift arm, drop 2!

Lift arm, drop thr-NO!

Steen begins to gain his second wind and nails Kurtis in the chest with a hard elbow. Then a second one and then a third. As Steen goes for a fourth, Kurtis knees Steen in the midsection and whips him into the ropes. Kurtis goes for a clothesline but Steen counters with a reverse neckbreaker. Kurtis is slow to get to his feet as Steen takes him down with a low-end dropkick.

Jacobs: Hes coming back for more here folks. Steen isnt finished. 

Mitchell: I dont know who to call for this one now. 

Steen goes to whip Kurtis to the ropes but Kurtis counters with the Death Ray.



Kurtis, seemingly irate that Steen got his foot on the bottom rope, lifts Steen to his feet and whips into the corner. Kurtis lifts Steen to the top rope. As Kurtis begins to set up for what appears to be a top rope Death Ray, Steen lays in a few right hands, which causes Kurtis to stagger a bit. Steen kicks Kurtis away, causing him to crash and burn on the mat. Wasting no time, Steen repositions himself and delivers the Cali Clash and immediately follows with the cover.




“Crawling in the Dark” starts back up as Steen rolls out the ring as the ref raises his hand.

TV Break

“Taking You Down” starts off as Krimzon Blaze comes out to a full fanfare. Blaze shakes hands with a few fans as he continues to make his way towards the ring.
Ring Announcer: The following contest is set for one fall!! Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan, weighting in at 215 pounds, “The Aerial Specialist” Krimzon Blaze!!

“Bulls on Parade” comes alive as the crowd continues in a frenzy. Syndicate makes his way out with the Undisputed Title around his waist. His eyes sorely locked on Blaze as he makes his way to the ring.
Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 224 pounds, he is the Undisputed World Champion, “The Los Angeles Outlaw” Syndicate!!
Blaze and Syndicate engage in an intense staredown, much to the delight of the fans before they lock up. Syndicate gains the advantage with a side headlock. Blaze shoves Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate responds with a clothesline on the rebound. Syndicate then bounces off the ropes only for Blaze to counter with a monkey flip. Surprisingly, Syndicate lands on his feet as Blaze quickly gets to his feet. Fans cling to the edge of their seats as the two share another intense staredown.
Jacobs: You talk about two men who literally hate each other, you are staring at them right now. 

Mitchell: Without question. Syndicate doesnt believe he deserves this one. 
Blaze and Syndicate lock up once more, this time with Blaze taking the lead with a side headlock of his own. Syndicate tries to wiggle free but Blaze uses the champs momentum and delivers a snapmare, followed by what looks like a sleeper hold. Syndicate get to the ropes for the break. Blaze charges at Syndicate as he gets to his feet but Syndicate sees Blaze just in time and counters with a back drop, sending Blaze over the top rope and crashing to arena floor.Before Blaze has time to react and regroup, Syndicate flies over the top rope.
Jacobs: Syndicate coming alive folks!
Syndicate lifts Blaze to his feet and shoves him back in the ring. Syndicate then climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a cross body but Blaze counters with a dropkick. Blaze lifts Syndicate to his feet and whips him into the corner and follows up with a hard turnbuckle clothesline. Syndicate crumples to the mat as Blaze goes for the cover.

2... kickout!

Blaze continues his offense, locking Syndicate in an armbar. Syndicate moves his legs towards the bottom rope and is inches away from grabbing the bottom rope when the ref pushes the bottom rope out of Syndicate’s reach.
After a few minutes, Syndicate manages to roll Blaze over into a pinning combo.

Blaze gets to his feet a little quicker than Syndicate. As Blaze hits Syndicate with a right hand, Syndicate responds with one of his own. The two trade rights and lefts as the crowd gets back into the match. Blaze starts to whips Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate counters and follows up with a back drop. Wasting no time, Syndicate locks in The Vault. Blaze inches closer and closer to the bottom rope. As Blaze tries to reach out to the bottom rope, Syndicate drags him back to the middle of the ring, applying more pressure. With no other option Blaze taps, but the ref doesn’t see it. Syndicate releases the hold, thinking he just won. He slowly gets to his feet and raises his hand in victory. The ref walks to him and tells him that the match is still on and he never called for the bell and Blaze never tapped.
Mitchell: Pay attention this isnt over!
As Syndicate argues with the ref, Blaze gets to his feet, spins Syndicate around and connects with The Mighty Death Pop. Blaze then makes another pinfall attempt.



“Taking You Down” starts back up as fans give off a mixed reaction over what just happened. Blaze quickly slides out of the ring and looks up the ramp as Syndicate stares up at him. He makes the belt motion around his waist as the WWX logo flashes. The scene fades to black. 

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