FURY - Show 2017-09-09 19:07:10

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WWX fury TV Show

Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2017-09-09 19:07:10
“Come as You Are” blasts through the PA system as pyros shoot off on the entrance ramp as fans begin to pile into the arena. Fans hold up several signs of their favorite wrestler as the camera pans around. Ben Mitchell and Terry “TJ” Jackson get situated at the announce table.

Mitchell: Welcome to Fury ladies and gentlemen! Ben Mitchell alongside Terry “TJ” Jackson. My original partner Ben Jacobs had to attend a family emergency but the show must go on.

TJ: You’re right Ben, sadly. This is the last Fury before World Series. Rayne takes on Johnny Needleman, which is going to be exciting within itself.

Mitchell: Our TV champ Hex Girl takes on Luke Jairus in a non-title match. 

TJ: Hex Girl has been on a roll since becoming the TV champ.

Mitchell: The Blade Club takes on the tag team champion tandem Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton. Archer has the International title and no doubt the Blade Club will be itching at trying to get their hands back in the tag team title picture.

TJ: Jester takes on Dr. Death in what appears to turning out to be a high octane match.

Mitchell: Another International ranking match that people have been talking about is “The Nordic Nightmare” Korath taking on “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon. Honestly, I think Xavier is way too overrated.

TJ: Say what you want about Xavier Ben, but the man has had a very historic career and continues to impress the WWX faithful every time he steps in the ring.

Mitchell: He’s old. He should just retire.

TJ: How can you say that? Xavier maintained his physique and remains in peak fighting condition despite his age. At any rate, in the World title division, Willie Steen takes on Cameron Westport and Jake Divine takes on Darkness.

Mitchell: But our high-profile main event has Krimzon Blaze taking on Syndicate. Should Krimzon Blaze defeat Syndicate again, Blaze secures a title shot at the next Fury, I hope he does too. Syndicate is way too cocky.

TJ: Really now Ben?

“Ain’t No Grave” starts out as Rayne begins making his way out. His cold-piercing eyes locked on the ring as he makes his way to the ring.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Battleground, North Carolina, weighting in at 220 pounds, Rayne!!

Mitchell: Rayne looks like he’s ready to rip the head off someone.

TJ: I agree. He’s ready for a fight.

“Just too Sexayy” starts off as Johnny Needham begins making his way to a surprising ovation.

Frenell: And his opponent, from Alberta, Canada, weighting in at 201 pounds, Johnny Needham!!

TJ: Johnny Needham looking to score an upset here over the more experienced Rayne but Rayne’s been on a roll since his return.


Rayne and Needham pace the ring for a few moments before they lock up. Rayne gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Needham shoves Rayne into the ropes but Rayne counters with a hard clothesline. Rayne bounces off the ropes a second time but Needham counters with a dropkick. Needham goes for a cover but Rayne kicks out before the ref can make the count. Rayne gets up and floors Needham with a hard clothesline almost immediately.
Mitchell: What a clothesline by the Silent Assassin! 

TJ: He nearly took off Needham’s head off with that lariat.

Rayne lifts Needham to his feet and whips him into the ropes, following up with another clothesline on the rebound. Rayne then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

Mitchell: Rayne with a nearfall right there.

TJ: Any normal person would’ve already been out cold from those pair of clotheslines that Rayne gave Needham.

Mitchell: Well Needham doesn’t hold a candle to Rayne. The guy’s a former champion for crying out loud. Needham is a flash in the pan.

TJ: How can you say that Ben? Johnny Needham is an up and coming WWX superstar who has the drive needed to make it in this business.

Mitchell: Come on now Terry. You can’t obviously tell me that Needham has a chance of winning this match because he doesn’t Rayne clearly has this match in the palm of his hands.

TJ: Then why Rayne didn’t see this coming?

As if on cue, Needham counters a suplex with one of his own. As Rayne tries to regain his bearing, Needham connects with a dropkick, and then a second. Needham whips Rayne into the corner and follows up with a clothesline.

Mitchell: Come on Rayne!

TJ: Needham starting to build momentum here.

Mitchell: He’s not gonna win Terry. I’m telling you. Mark my words. 

TJ: Consider them marked.

Rayne is whipped into the ropes as Needham connects with a clothesline on the return. Rayne gets to his feet but is taken down by Needham with a scoop slam. Needham signals for the end of the match.

TJ: Needham’s looking like he’s ready to end the match here and now!

As Needham closes in on Rayne, he lifts Rayne to his feet. Needham goes to whip Rayne into the ropes but Rayne counters the attempt with the Rayne Drop DDT.

TJ: Rayne Drop DDT!

Mitchell: Told ya.

1, 2, 3!!


“Ain’t no Grave” starts back up as Rayne gets to his feet and his hand raised by the ref.

Mitchell: I told you that Rayne was too much for Needleman to handle.

TJ: Rayne’s experience held out in the end. And it’s pronounced Needham.

Mitchell: Whatever. He still lost.


A phone rings. Max takes his cell phone out and answers it.

Stanton: Stanton here…Hey there James……I see……I understand.

Max looks up and sees Xavier.

Stanton: James, I’ll get back with you.

Max then hangs up and the phone and stands up, greeting the Machine.

Stanton: What can I do for you?

Xavier: I would like to speak with Bourne.

Stanton: Well, I’m sorry to inform you that Bourne’s not even in the arena tonight. He had some important matters to attend to back on the homefront.

Xavier: I see.

Stanton: Anything I can help you with?

Xavier: Well I need to speak with Bourne on the matter, since he’s the main GM. I’ll wait until he returns.

Without another word, Xavier leaves.

Stanton: Has everyone forgotten that I’m STILL a GM?!

“Her Black Wings” starts off as Hex Girl comes out to a thunderous ovation. She looks at the crowd and pats the TV title on her waist.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Busthead, Virginia, she is the WWX Television Champion, “The Wiccan Wonder” Hex Girl!!

TJ: Hex Girl has been on a roll since becoming the TV champ. Her title match with Beatrice was a match for the ages.

Mitchell: Will you stop with that? Hex Girl’s only the TV champ because no other guy has stepped up to take it from her.

TJ: Well say what you want about Hex Girl. She’s been on a roll as our reigning TV champ and has been successful in all of her title defenses thus far.

Frenell: And her opponent, in the ring, from Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, weighting in at 195 pounds, Luke Jairus!

TJ: Jairus has a tall order ahead of him taking on the TV Champ in this non-title match here. One has to wonder if he would be in the title picture should he score an upset here tonight.

Mitchell: He shouldn’t get his hope up yet.


TJ: And the match is officially underway!

Hex Girl and Jairus circle the ring for a few moments before they lock up. Jairus gains the upper hand by applying a side headlock to Hex Girl. Hex Girl manages to wiggle free and shove him into the ropes but Jairus counters with a clothesline on the rebound. Jairus bounces off the ropes a second time but Hex Girl counters with a clothesline of her own. She goes for a cover but Jairus kicks out before the ref can make a count. Hex Girl goes to whip Jairus into the ropes but is countered and sent over the top rope onto the floor. Before Hex Girl can react, Jairus flies over the top rope, connecting with a cross body.

TJ: Jairus takes to the skies with nice cross body there.

Mitchell: Really Terry? Man, you’re impressed by everything.

TJ: Not everything Ben.

Mitchell: Might as well be. I might even fall asleep during this match because it’s getting boring to me.

TJ: Come on Ben! Give them some credit. Luke is looking to make an impact and Hex Girl is looking to continue her dominance in the TV division.

Mitchell: A division that should not be led by a woman.

TJ: Benjamin Mitchell!!

Mitchell: What?

TJ: You can’t say comments like that on the air!

Mitchell: Well I uh, did.

Jairus whips Hex Girl into the ropes and follows up with a scoop slam. Jairus then decides to take a chance and climb to the top rope.

TJ: Jairus looking to take a chance.

Jairus leaps off, going for Majora’s Mask but Hex Girl moves out the way, causing Jairus to crash and burn.

TJ: Jairus was going for Majora’s Mask but no one home.

Hex Girl lifts Jairus to his feet and whips him into the ropes, connecting with a back drop on the rebound. Hex Girl sets Jairus up for the Cauldron but Jairus counters with the Cheat Code.

TJ: Jairus connects with the Cheat Code!

Sensing the end is near, Jairus goes to the top rope once more. As Jairus leaps off, Hex Girl sidesteps his attempt at a second Majora’s Mask, locking in the Magic Carpet Ride in the process.

TJ: Hex Girl’s got the Magic Carpet Ride locked in, center of the ring!

Mitchell: Is the snooze fest about to be over?

Jairus crawls towards the bottom rope but Hex Girl drags him back to the middle of the ring and applies more pressure. With no other options, Jairus finally taps.


“Her Black Wings” starts back up as Hex Girl has her hand raised.

Frenell: Here is your winner, the WWX Television Champion, Hex Girl!!

TJ: Jairus put up a good fight but Hex Girl’s experience held out in the end.

Mitchell: Finally, I might be able to do some work tonight.

TJ: Benjamin Mitchell!

Mitchell: What?!

TJ: Folks, we’ll be right back!!



WWX GM Maxfield Stanton is seen walking down the hallway when he stopped by Senior WWX Reporter Chris Sanders.

Sanders: Greetings Mr. Stanton. Most fan are wondering with you taking over the reigns for Mr. Bourne are permanent or just temporary.

Stanton: It’s temporary. I’m merely filling in for Mr. Bourne as the lead until he can return, which shouldn’t be too long. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take care of something.

Without another word, Max moves past Sanders, out of camera range.

“Welcome to the Jungle” starts up as Blayde Archer comes out with Johnston and Zion in tow.
Frenell: The following tag team contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by the WWX International Champion Blayde Archer, at a combined weight of 585 pounds, Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston, the Blade Club!

Mitchell: Now THIS is what a dominant team should be like. Everyone in the WWX should strive to be like the Blade Club. It’s a shame they will never be like the Blade Club though.

TJ: No one can count out the tag team champions either. They’ve held onto the tag team titles for quite some time now. A win for the Blade Club might put them back in the title picture.

“In the End” starts up as Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister make their way out with their tag team titles around their waist.

Frenell: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 510 pounds, they are the WWX Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!!

TJ: Both Lipton & McAllister have dominated the tag team division for quite some time now since regaining the tag team titles from the Blade Club. One has to think that the Blade Club will want the tag titles back in their camp.

Mitchell: You think? Terry, they will get the tag titles back in their possession and it’ll only be a matter of time before the Blade Club has all the belts, which they won’t be losing for a very long time because they’re that good. 


Lipton and Zion start off for their respective teams. Lipton and Zion lock up with Lipton gaining the advantage with a side headlock. Zion shoves Lipton into the ropes but Lipton counters with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Lipton bounces off the ropes but Zion counters with a dropkick. Zion goes for the cover but Lipton kicks out before the ref can make the count.  As Zion tags in Johnston, Lipton tags in McAllister.

TJ: And in comes both Johnston and former World Champ Rex McAllister.

Mitchell: He’s only holding championship gold because of Tommy Lipton and he knows it. If it wasn’t for Lipton, he’d still be mid-carder.

TJ: That I find hard to believe Ben.

Mitchell: And uh Terry, my name is Abel. Not Ben.

TJ: My apologies then Abel.

Johnston and Zion whips McAllister into the ropes and follows up with a double clothesline on the rebound. Johnston then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: A nearfall by Johnston.

Mitchell: Johnston and Zion have this match in the bag. Just you wait and see.

Johnston continues to punish McAllister. He whips him back into his team’s corner, tagging Zion back in as well. Zion whips McAllister back into his corner and shoves his boot on McAllister’s neck. As the ref gets to 4, Zion lets up. The ref backs Zion back from McAllister, giving Johnston room to get in a few cheap shots. Lipton tries to jump in and save McAllister, but is quickly cut off by the ref, allowing Zion and Johnston to double team McAllister.

TJ: Zion and Johnston using the ref to get cheap shots in on McAllister in this match right here.

Mitchell: Let’s face it Terry. The tag team champs are done for and McAllister is the weakest link and they’re gonna prove it.
TJ: Again, you can’t count out the tag team champs. They are the champs for a reason.

Mitchell: Only because they stole the titles from the true tag team champions the Blade Club.

Zion whips McAllister into the ropes and goes for a clothesline on the rebound by McAllister counters with a snap DDT. The two men lie motionless in the middle of the ring as fans start getting into the match.

TJ: It’s gut-check time for both of these teams. McAllister could really use a tag right about now.

Mitchell: McAllister’s done for.

Zion manages to tag in Johnston. As McAllister inches closer to Lipton, Johnston grabs McAllister’s right leg but Rex counters with a reverse spinning heel kick and manages to finally tag in Lipton.

TJ: Lipton hot off the tag!

Lipton takes down Johnston with a clothesline and then a second. Zion jumps back in the ring, prompting McAllister to join in on the fray.

TJ: Chaos has erupted in this match.

Archer jumps on the ring apron as Litpon sets Johnston up for a CIB, distracting the ref. This gives Johnston and Zion the chance to double team Lipton with a double suplex but Lipton counters with a double DDT. McAllister dropkicks Archer off the ring apron. Johnston grabs a hold of Lipton, holding him for Zion. Zion charges forward, aiming for Lipton but Lipton ducks, causing Zion to clothesline Johnston. Before Zion can react, McAllister throws Zion to the outside while Lipton hits the CIB on Johnston.

TJ: Canadian Ice Breaker!

Mitchell: Are you kidding me?

1, 2, 3!!


Mitchell: Once again, the Blade Club got screwed TJ.

TJ: What a comeback for the tag team champs.
Mitchell: They still cheated though.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, coming live from the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland is WWX World Series. Tickets go on sale tomorrow Of course, our main event for World Series is Syndicate vs. Darkness for the Undisputed World Title and then of course our traditional World Series match itself. Who knows what will happen in that match?

Mitchell: It’s usually comprised of 5 rings with the World Champ being in ring 5. Who knows what’s gonna happen.

“Nightmare” starts up as Jester starts making his way out.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Greenville, South Carolina, weighting in at 243 pounds, Jester!

Mitchell: Jester looks just like a clown jester.

TJ: I’m not sure if you wanna call him that. I’m pretty sure he’s all business in the ring.

“Go F*ck Yourself” starts off as Dr. Death makes his way out to a chorus of boos.

Frenell: And his opponent, from London, England weighting in at 198 pounds, Dr. Death!

TJ: Dr. Death will be looking to gain some momentum going into World Series. In fact, a win for either one of these would give them a huge confidence booster.


Jester and Death circle the ring for a few moments, trying to feel out each other. They lock up with Dr. Death gaining the early advantage with a side headlock. Jester wiggles free and counters with a dropkick. Jester bounces off the ropes but Death counters with a hard clothesline and goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: A nearfall there by Dr. Death.

Mitchell: Dr. Death is merely toying with this clown here. This match is already over.

TJ: I wouldn’t count out Jester just yet though.

Mitchell: Might as well Thomas.

TJ: That’s Terry.

Mitchell: Whatever.

Dr. Death whips Jester into the ropes and follows up with a back drop on the rebound. Dr. Death climbs to the top rope, connecting with the Hell Stomp in the process.

Mitchell: Well scratch up another win for Dr. Death.

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: Jester barely managed to kick out.

Mitchell: How was that possible? No kicks out of the Hell Stomp.

TJ: Well Jester just did.

Mitchell: That’s not fair.

Dr. Death throws Jester to the outside of the ring. As Jester regains his composure outside the ring, Dr. Death flies over the top rope, connecting with a suicide dive.

TJ: Dr. Death with an impressive cross body to Jester to the outside of the ring.

Mitchell: Jester is delaying his inevitable defeat. Mark my words.

Dr. Death takes a moment to showboat to the crowd, earning a few boos. He then shoves Jester back in the ring, signaling for the end.

Mitchell: Let’s see Jester try and kick out of the Hell Stomp now.

Dr. Death leaps off the top rope with the Hell Stomp and Jester rolls out the way, causing Dr. Death to crash and burn. Wasting no time, Jester delivers the Last Laugh.

TJ: What an impressive reverse brainbuster. He calls that the Last Laugh.

Mitchell: Are you kidding me right now?

1, 2, 3!


“Nightmare” starts back up as Jester’s hand is raised.

Frenell: Here is your winner, Jester!

Mitchell: This is so unfair. How could Dr. Death lose?

TJ: By not taking Jester seriously and showboating.

Mitchell: I still say he cheated somehow.

TJ: Folks, we’ll be right back.


Lily Frenell – This match is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first… 

(The low, baleful howl of a wolf is played across the PA followed by By the Sword in my hand. Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds and begins his descent to the ring. As he starts down the ramp a burst of flame engulfs him for an instant, causing the tribal tattoo to be drawn across his body as he walks to the ring.  When Korath gets to the ring he works the crowds some more and gets ready for the match.)
Lily Frenell – He hails from The Savage Lands and stands at 6’9” and weighs 395 pounds… here is, The Nordic Nightmare… Korath!!!!!!

(The crowd comes alive and gives quite an ovation for Korath, who makes his way to his corner of the ring.)

Lily Frenell – And his opponent…

(“Just Live More” blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon emerges on the entrance ramp. Xavier bows to the fans in the arena before making a dash under the blade-like canopy.)

Frenell:  Hailing from 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 275 pounds, “The Machine” Xavier PENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDRAGON!!

(The crowd comes to their feet and gives a nice applause for Xavier, but it is not as loud as his opponent’s.  The bell rings and Xavier charges at Korath, who sidesteps him and drives him into the corner.  Korath brings him out with a Backdrop Suplex.  Xavier gets up quickly, but is whipped to the ropes by Korath, who hits him with a Hip Toss as he rebounds.  Korath pounces on Xavier and sets in an Ankle Lock.)

TJ – Pendragon trying to catch the big man off guard and Korath was ready for that.

AM – Yeah, he telegraphed it way too much.  Everyone in the arena saw it coming.  You have to be sly about it.  Use a distraction or something.

TJ – Well, you certainly would know a thing or two about that.

(Korath wrenches down on Xavier’s left ankle, but Xavier manages to take a step towards the ropes.  He reaches out as Korath applies even more pressure.  Pendragon gives a final scoot and makes it to the ropes.  Korath keeps the hold for a second, then releases it and walks to the center of the ring.)

TJ – Korath giving a clean break as his opponent grabs the ropes to break a hold… something you would not know about.

AM – Yeah, you gotta keep cranking on that ankle.  The ref will count all the way up to 4 before you have to let it go.

(Xavier makes it to his feet and locks up with his opponent and drives the big man into the corner and lands a couple big right hands to the temple of Korath, who quickly counters with an uppercut, backing him off a bit.  Korath jumps to the 2nd turnbuckle and delivers and elbow to the head of Pendragon, sending him to the canvas.)

TJ – Korath, with a high-risk maneuver.

AM – He was only on the 2nd rope, Terry.

TJ – Yeah, but a man that size, the 2nd rope is high risk.

(Korath waits as Pendragon gets himself to his feet and raises his right arm in the air to set up for a Heavy Lariat.  Xavier turns around and Korath charges, but Pendragon ducks under.  Korath catches himself before he hits the corner and turns around right into an X Marks the Spot superkick.)

TJ – Xavier catches the big man with a vicious kick.

AM – He should have just come out here and done that in the first place.

(Xavier lifts Korath to his feet and sets him up for a Suplex.  Korath gives a quick elbow to the gut of Xavier, bending him over.  Korath hits a quick snap mare and then locks in a Reverse Chin Lock.  The referee checks the hold to make sure it is not a choke and warns Korath to keep his elbow up.  Korath gets to his feet with Xavier still in the hold and quickly hits a Belly to Back Suplex and bridges for the cover.)

TJ – Korath covers as the referee counts…



(and a kick out.)

(Korath releases the bridge and stands up.  He lets Xavier get up on one knee before he steps in and throws Xavier against the ropes, Korath with the clothesline, Pendragon ducks, rebounds against the opposite ropes and comes off with a high cross body, taking the big man down.)

TJ – The Machine with a big reversal there and he stays on for the cover.


… and a kick out.

AM – Korath is not done yet.

(Xavier drops a quick elbow on Korath’s head before he can get up and then jumps up and puts a couple of boots to the head of his fallen opponent.  Pendragon sets up for the Wire Cross submission hold.)

TJ – Pendragon with the Wire Cross and he’s got it locked in pretty good now after a bit of a struggle.  The referee is checking with Korath to see if he wants to tap, but he refuses.

AM – Korath is very close to the ropes and I think he realizes it as he reaches out just short.  He’s fighting to get there and Pendragon starts to lose his grip just a little.  Korath lunges and gets there, just barely with that long reach.

(The referee calls for a break and Pendragon releases the hold.  Korath struggles as he uses the ropes to climb to his feet.)

TJ - Pendragon lunges and nails a Missile Dropkick.  Korath bounces off the ropes in a funny angle and rebounds directly into the referee and then stumbles around trying to gain his balance, but loses it and flips over the top rope onto the concrete floor.  Oh my!

AM – Yeah, Terry, that was strange indeed.  It looked like Korath took a weird bounce off the ropes after that Dropkick and had a massive collision with the referee, which knocked the referee down and possibly out and got the big guy so woozy that he fell backwards over the top rope.

(Pendragon checks on the referee for a bit, but he is not moving, so Xavier goes to the outside of the ring as Korath starts to get to his feet and hits him with a Wire Cutter.  Pendragon gets up and lifts the big guy to his feet.  Xavier tries to whip Korath towards to ring, but he reverses it and sends Xavier into the steel barricades at the end of the ramp.  Korath staggers around a little before finding his balance and running at Pendragon just as he gets to his feet.  He spears Xavier to the ground and explodes with a barrage of punches and elbows on his fallen opponent.)

TJ – The referee appears to show signs of life as he sits up and locates the two adversaries.  

AM – Yeah, and I don’t think either of these guys realize that the ref is back and he has started his count.  I mean… slowly, but he is still counting.


(Korath rolls off his opponent and slowly starts to pick himself up.)

2... 3…

(Xavier kicks the back of Korath’s knee as he tries to get to his feet and the big man collapses.)


TJ - Pendragon crawls over to Korath and tries to set up for The Machine Meltdown!  He’s having a bit of trouble locking it in on Korath’s massive arms and now The Nordic Nightmare is starting to fight it.

5… 6… 

(Korath and Xavier roll around further down the aisle as the referee gets to his feet and seems to pick up the pace on his count.  Korath gets a couple elbows in to break the hold and wiggle away from Xavier.  Both men get to their feet and look back toward the ring.)

7… 8…

AM – I think these guys are starting to realize that they are about to be counted out here as they look at each other for a beat, then make a mad dash towards the ring.


(Both men are in a full sprint towards the ring, but it is clear that neither man is going to make it in time.)


TJ – And this is close as both men slide into the ring almost simultaneously, but the bell has sounded and this is going to go down as a double count-out.

AM – Yeah, Terry, these guys just lost their surroundings on the outside of the ring and the referee woke up with nobody in the ring and no choice but to start the count.

TJ – Tough ending to a hard-fought match.


“DNA” starts off as Cameron Westport makes his way out to a series of boos and a smirk on his face.

Frenell The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first from Atlanta, Georgia, weighting in at 245 pounds, Cameron Westport!

Mitchell: Here comes a world class athlete in Cameron Westport..

TJ: From what I have heard, the entire roster will be in action at World Series. What Maxfield Stanton has in mind for World Series is yet to be seen.

“Crawling in the Dark” starts up as Willie Steen comes to a little more of a mixed reaction rather than boos, although boos can still be heard.

Frenell: And his opponent, from Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, Willie Steen!!

TJ: Both Steen and Westport are looking to improve their chances at getting a shot at the World title here tonight.

Mitchell: Westport got this match already> Steen’s time in the spotlight has passed.


Steen and Westport lock up almost immediately. Westport gains the advantage and applies a side headlock. Steen struggles for a minute but manages to shove Westport into the ropes, only for Westport to counter with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Westport bounces off the ropes again but Steen counters with a monkey flip. Steen then goes to apply a reverse chinlock but Westport scrambles to the ropes, calling for break. As Steen goes to argue with the ref, Westport takes the opportunity and gouge Steen’s eyes.

TJ: Cameron Westport taking the low road and getting in a cheap shot.

Mitchell: It’s not cheap since he didn’t get caught.

TJ: Boy, you’re a real handful.

Westport whips Steen into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Westport goes for the cover but Steen kicks out before the ref can make the count. Westport immediately applies a rear chin lock. Steen tries to break free but Westport applies more pressure. Steen tries to reposition himself but Westport converts it into a rear naked choke. The struggling movement gives Steen the momentum he needs to reach the bottom rope, forcing the break. Westport hangs on until the ref gets to 4 then lets go of him. As Westport moves back in, Steen counters with a snap DDT and goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: A nearfall there for Steen.

Steen goes for a clothesline but Westport counters and throws him over the top rope. Westport methodically follows him out and whips him into the security barricade. He then goes for a suplex but Steen counters with one of his own. Steen slides back in the ring, trying to buy him some time.

Mitchell: Why you running Steen? Afraid to lose?

TJ: Steen hoping to catch some breathing room.

Mitchell: Not gonna happen.

Westport climbs in the ring as Steen meets him with a right hand. Westport fires back with one of his own. The two begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring, much to the delight of the fans. As Steen gains the upper hand, Westport gouges the eyes of Steen, temporarily blinding him. After being admonished by the ref, Westport follows up with a DDT.

Mitchell: What did I tell you? Westport got this match wrapped up already.

TJ: Steen is in a bad spot right now.

Westport takes a moment to gloat to the crowd, enciting some boos. Westport lifts Steen to his feet but Steen comes alive with several rights and lefts, driving Westport into a corner. Steen backs up a few feet, then charges ahead, connecting with a clothesline. As Steen continues to build momentum, Westport tries to block Steen’s assault. Westport tries to whip Steen into the corner but Steen reverses the attempt, following up with a second clothesline. Steen, feeling the end could be within his grasp, whips Westport into the ropes and follows up with a snap powerslam. Steen then goes to the top rope, signaling for the Cali Clash.

TJ: Steen looking to end this with the Cali Clash! 

Westport springs to life and trips Steen up on the top rope, causing Steen to hit the top turnbuckle pad, groin first. Westport yanks Steen down from the top rope and goes for the cover, using his feet on the ropes for extra leverage, outside of view from the red

TJ: Hey! Westport’s feet are on the bottom rope!

Mitchell: If the ref don’t see it, then it’s legal.

1, 2, 3!!


“DNA” starts off as Westport gets his hand raised by the ref.

Mitchell: Yes! I told you that Westport would win the match.

Suddenly, Steen blindsides Westport with a steel chair. Steen, obviously upset over how the match went, swings for the fences, raining down chair shots on Westport’s back. Steen then tosses the now bent chair aside, admiring his handiwork. “Crawling in the Dark” starts back up as Steen makes his way out the ring.

Mitchell: Come on Steen! You didn’t have to do that. You lost the match fair and square.

TJ: You mean he cheated.

Xavier Pendragon is seen walking down the hallway and sees Syndicate. The two engage in an intense staredown before Xavier moves on.


Jake Divine stands poised in the ring, ready for action.

TJ: We’re getting set for our next match here. Jake Divine takes on Darkness in a few moments.

“Whisper in the Dark” blasts through the PA speakers as Darkness makes his way out.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall!! On his way to the ring, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, Darkness!!

TJ: These two fan favorite are poised to put on quite a show for us.


Darkness and Divine circle the ring for a few moments before the two lock up. Divine gains the advantage with a side headlock but Darkness shoves Divine into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Divine bounces off the ropes but Darkness counters with a clothesline of his own. Fans start to get into the match as the two ring warriors try to one up the other.
TJ: Both Darkness and Jake Divine are certainly giving the crowd their money’s worth here tonight, especially with their contrast in styles. 

Mitchell: I’m actually impressed with these two and looks like the fans appreciate them.

Darkness locks in a reverse chinlock. Divine tries to break free but Darkness simply applies more pressure. Divine manages to make it to the bottom ropes, forcing a break. Darkness moves back in but Divine whips Darkness into the corner and follows up with a turnbuckle cross body. Darkness crumples to the ground as Divine goes for a cover.

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: A nearfall by Divine right there.

Darkness uses the rope to help himself up. As Divine moves in Darkness yanks Divine over the top rope, sending him crashing onto the arena floor.

TJ: Darkness tossing Divine out the ring to buy himself some time.

Mitchell: With the way this match has been going, anything can pretty much happen and apparently, the fans are loving it.

Both Darkness and Divine manage to make their way back into the ring before the ref’s 10 count as the two continue to slug it out, trading blow for blow. Divine throws a right hand but Darkness counters with one of his own. Darkness drives Divine into the corner and sets up for a superplex but Divine knocks Darkness off the top rope. As Divine repositions himself, he leaps off with an elbow drop but Darkness rolls out the way.

TJ: Divine went for the top rope elbow but no one home.

Mitchell: That could be the opening that Darkness needed to take control of this match.

Darkness whips Divine into the ropes and follows up with a powerslam. Sensing the end might be near, Darkness sets Divine up for Sudden Darkness when in mid-move Divine wiggles free. Before Darkness has time to react, Divine connects with the King’s Style.

TJ: King’s Style connects.

Mitchell: This might be it!

1, 2, 3!


Divine rolls off of Darkness and has his hands raised by the ref.

TJ: What a match by these two superstars.

Mitchell: I’m actually impressed. These two actually gave the fans their money’s worth in this match.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had a night full of intense action so far and we have just the main event to go. Krimzon Blaze takes on Syndicate for a second time with the stipulation should Blaze win again, Blaze secures a title shot on the next Fury. We’ll be right back!




“Taking You Down” blasts through the PA system as fans are worked up into a frenzy. Krimzon Blaze makes his way to the ring in full fanfare.

Frenell: The following contest is set for one fall with the stipulation should Krimzon Blaze wins tonight, he secures a world title at the next Fury. Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighting in at 215 pounds, “The Aerial Specialist” Krimzon Blaze!

TJ: The last time these two faced each other in the ring, Blaze’s win was surrounded by controversy thanks in help to the crooked ref John. In fact, this occurred during the commercial break.

A camera takes to a hallway where John the ref is seen heading for the ring when he is stopped by Maxfield Stanton.

John: I see you’re still around. What do you want? I have a match to officiate.

Stanton: Actually, no you don’t.

Suddenly, a team of security appear behind Max.

John: What’s the meaning of this? 

Stanton: I don’t know who you paid to get you hired back on but that stops right now. You’re fired. Security, please see to it that John finds his way out and is banned from stepping foot in anymore future WWX-related events.
The security apprehends John and drags him out as John himself kicks and screams. The camera then pans back to ringside.

Mitchell: You know, Maxfield Stanton was wrong for doing that. That man has a family to take care of. 

TJ: That man also caused a controversial end to a high-caliber match and Mr. Stanton wasn’t taking no chances. 

“Bulls on Parade” blasts through the PA system as Syndicate makes his way out.

TJ: Listen to this ovation for our World Champion!

Frenell: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 224 pounds, he is the Undisputed World Champion, “The Los Angeles Outlaw, SYYYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNDICATE!!

Mitchell: Syndicate can’t stop Blaze. He’s been riding a wave of momentum since he beat Syndicate the first time.

TJ: But on that same factor Abel, that victory was tainted by John’s crooked officiating which Maxfield Stanton is trying to correct. Much like Bourne, Xavier is trying to bring the WWX back to its former glory.

Mitchell: Or run it down into the ground.


TJ: And here we go! Main event is underway!

Blaze and Syndicate circle the ring for a few moments before the two finally lock up. Blaze looks to lock Syndicate in a side headlock but Syndicate wiggle free before the move can be fully applied. As Blaze moves in, Syndicate connects with a dropkick. And then a second one. This time Syndicate moves in and Blaze responds with a dropkick of his own. The two quickly get to their feet as the fans cheer on the two ring warriors.

Mitchell: Apparently the fans are getting into this match more than I am. I don’t see the big hype with wo fan favorites going at it.

TJ: For people like Krimzon Blaze and our World Champion, they do it for the thrill of competition. They do it because they they’re the best in their craft and will come out here night in and night out just to prove it not only to the fans but to themselves.

Mitchell: It’s only a matter of time before both of these guys are knocked off by someone better than them.

TJ: It’ll be kinda hard for someone to do that right now. Krimzon Blaze looking to ride his wave of momentum over past World Series to the Fury should he win tonight’s match. One has to wonder who will be the World Champion going into this year’s Hall of Pain. Who all will want to be a part of that extravaganza?

Mitchell: I’ll admit. Though I haven’t been here in the WWX long, I’ve read up on Hall of Pain and it is the pay-per-view that everyone wants to be a-

TJ: Cover here by our World Champion!

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: A nearfall by Syndicate.

Mitchell: Hall of Pain is the ‘make or break’ pay-per-view for everyone in the WWX. From the superstars to the behind the scenes people, even to us here at the commentary table.

TJ: That is true. Both Mike Hart and Gary Lane have called numerous Hall of Pain matches in the past and they continue to play a vital part here in the WWX helping out other commentators like you and myself.

Mitchell: Though I favor Gary Lane more.

Syndicate goes for a clothesline but Blaze counters with a back drop suplex.

TJ: Blaze counters with an impressive suplex right there.

Blaze then goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: A nearfall by Blaze.

Mitchell: Come on Blaze!

Blaze applies a side headlock. Syndicate tries to wiggle free but Blaze converts it into a side sleeper hold. Syndicate tries to break free but Blaze tightens his grip.

TJ: Syndicate’s starting to fade away here.

With the last surge of strength, Syndicate manages to make it to the ropes. Blaze initially lets go the moment Syndicate grabs the ropes. As Blaze moves in closer, Syndicate springs to life, delivering No Signal to Blaze.


Mitchell: From seemingly out of nowhere!

TJ: It is gut-check time for both of these guys here in this matchup here.

Mitchell: Whoever is the first one to their feet will win the match. I see it already.

TJ: That has yet to be seen Abel and with the way this match has been going, anything can happen.

Syndicate is slow to get to his feet, followed very closely by Blaze. As the two ring titans get to their feet, they begin trading blows, much to the delight of the fans.

TJ: Fans are really getting into this match here tonight and so am I.
Mitchell: Only because you’re bored.

Syndicate goes to lock in the Vault but Blaze wiggles free, countering with the Fires over Del Rey.

TJ: Fires Over Del Ray! Fires Over Del Ray connects!

1, 2, 2.97 KICKOUT!!

TJ: Very close nearfall for Krimzon Blaze right there.

Unknown to either ring combatants, Jake Divine is seen jumping over the security railing, just out of sight of anyone. Blaze looks to seal the deal with the Mighty Death Pop and Divine decides it’s the perfect time to strike. As Blaze goes to deliver the Mighty Death Pop, he trips Blaze up just enough for Syndicate to regain his footing, countering with a second No Signal in the process. Fans begin to boo Divine as he tries to hold the leg of Blaze just outside the ref’s view.

TJ: What on earth am I seeing?

1, 2, 3!!


“Bulls on Parade starts off as fans give off a surprising mixed reaction to the end of the match. Divine jumps back over the guardrail, retreating back up the crowd.

TJ: What’s Divine’s motive behind getting involved in this match here?

Mitchell: Who knows?

TJ: Needless to say, we are way out of time here tonight. For everyone here at Fury, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson…

Mitchell:..and I’m Abel Mitchell…

TJ:…we’ll see you at World Series!!

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