WORLD SERIES - Show 2017-09-26 03:55:52

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WWX world series PPV Show

With 4 rings, an open arena and multiples of wrestlers, superstars battle their way to claim all the gold that is at stake!

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WORLD SERIES - Show 2017-09-26 03:55:52
Cameras pans outside the 3 Arena as fans await for the time they can go inside the arena. Inside the arena itself, ring crews and technicians put the finishing touches on setting up on the inside. In the backstage area, all 4 commentators are getting ready to walk to the announce table. WWX GM Maxfield Stanton sits in his office on the phone.

STANTON: I think I done out-did myself this time. Despite the arena a bit smaller than I originally thought, not only did it sell out, but several neighboring bars are putting World Series on their big screen TVs………I know. It’s awesome.

He looks at his watch.

STANTON: Hey, it’s time for me to start the show. I’ll call you later.

Avenged Sevenfold begins to blast through the PA system as pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp.

This shining city built of gold
A far cry from innocence
There’s more than meets the eye around here
Look to the waters of the deep
A city of evil
There sat a seven-headed beast
Ten horns raised from his head
Symbolic woman sits on his throne
But hatred strips her and leaves her naked
And the Beast and the Harlot

She’s a dwelling place for demons
She’s a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy bird
And makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings
Fallen now is Babylon the Great

“Beast and the Harlot” continues to blare as fans continue to cheer for their favorite superstar. The camera then pans to 3 announce tables.

JACOBS: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWX World Series, presented by Little Ceasar’s Pizza and Taco Bell! I’m Ben Jacobs and alongside me is Abel Mitchell.

TJ: And I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson with Gary Lane being to my left. To Jacob’s right, we have Julio and Cortez Mendez, our Spanish announce team.

LANE: That’s right. While we’re calling the action, Julio and Cortez will be broadcasting to our Spanish friends wherever they are in the world. 

MITCHELL: The unique thing about the World Series is that there’s only 2 matches: the WWX Undisputed Championship match between Darkness and Syndicate and then the World Series match. There’s a lot of potential in this match for everyone in it.

JACOBS: You’re right about that Abel. In the International Ring, we have Bob “the Beast” Mellon, Fill, “The Nordic Nightmare” Korath, Jester, Jester and the International Champ himself Blayde Archer.

MITCHELL: In the TV ring, we have Kailee, Luke Jairus, “The Graceful Assassin” Beatrice Pendragon, Johnny Needham and Hex Girl. It’d be a sight if any of the three women in this ring gets that golden ticket to Hall of Pain. That would be historic.

TJ: In the tag team ring we have the other 2 members of the Blade Club, 420 and the tag team champs McAllister and Lipton.

LANE: But we can’t forget about the World Division ring which has Krimzon Blaze, Willie Steen, Jake Divine and Cameron Westport. Guys, I got my money on Jake Divine winning this match all the way.

TJ: There you go again Gary.

MITCHELL: It really is gonna be tough to choose who we think is gonna win the World Series match itself.

JACOBS: Mainly because the World Series match itself is so unpredictable. And it looks like the festivities are about to start. We go to Kyla Bonn standing in the middle of ring #5. Take it away Kyla.

The camera then shifts to Kyla Bonn, standing in the middle of ring 5.

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the World Series match!! The only way to advance to ring 5 is for a superstar to be the sole survivor in their ring. Should a superstar pin a champion or made to submit, then the superstar who pinned that champion or made to submit will face them in a one-on-one match for their championship at the next Fury. Should a champion advance to ring 5, they will be allowed to choose the stipulation for their next title defense. The winner of ring 5 will go onto Hall of Pain for a shot at the WWX Undisputed World Championship!!

Crowd roars in approval.

JACOBS: For the folks watching us on pay-per-view, all the participants are going to be introduced until all have been introduced in their respective rings.

LANE: Here we go!

“Guerilla Radio” starts off as Bob Mellon comes out to a pumped up crowd.

BONN: Introducing the participants for the International Ring. First, from Brooklyn, New York, weighting in at 320 pounds, Bob “The Beast” Mellon!!

JACOBS: Bob Mellon returning to the WWX after a lengthy hiatus. Wrestled against legendary WWX superstar BB King. Former IWA World Champion. Guys what are your thoughts on Mellon here?

TJ: I think he poses a good chance to win the match as well as everyone else that’s in this match.

The flag of Bulgaria appears on the tron as "Today is the day” starts to play. Fill appears under the tron and stands at the top of the ramp for a couple of seconds to admire the crowd with a smile on his face. 

BONN: Next, from Shumen, Bulgaria, weighting in at 230 pounds, Fill!!

TJ: The unique thing about the Internetional Ring guys is that Fill, Jester and Korath are all part of When Worlds Collide, meaning they have a odds-on favorite to make it to ring 5.

MITCHELL: It is going to be interesting to see how this going to play out.

JACOBS: Not to mention the endless possibilities of those 3.

“By the Sword in my Hand” starts off as fans continue to be in a frenzy. Korath makes his way out with sword in hand. He unsheathes his sword and lets out a mighty yell before unsheathing his sword.

BONN: From the Savage Lands weighting in at 395 pounds, Korath!

MITCHELL: Do you think Korath screams too much?

LANE: I tend to think so. Even Jake Divine said so.

JACOBS: Oh look. Abel done made a friend.

TJ: Needless to say this is going to be one hell of a match!

“Nightmare” starts up as Jester makes his way out. Jester walks down the ramp, acknowledging the fans.

BONN: From Greenville, South Carolina, weighting in at 243 pounds, Jester!!

LANE: This guys looks like a bad rip-off of the Joker.

JACOBS: But there is no denying that he can definitely hold his own in a match of this magnitude.

MITCHELL: Still looks creepy.

“A Tribe Called Red” starts to play as fans boo loudly. Blayde Archer has the International Title around his waist as he begins to make his way to the ring.

BONN: From the Navajo Nation, weighting in at 245 pounds, he is the WWX International Champion Blayde Archer!

TJ: All 3 members of the Blade club are in action tonight. Archer here in the International ring while Ezra and Justice occupy the tag team ring.

MITCHELL: Archer’s going on to the final ring and win it while Ezra and Justice are gonna finally put an end to the Lipton/McAllister tandem.

JACOBS: That has yet to be seen.

The camera then shifts to the TV ring as “Lady Marmalade” starts off. Kailee makes her way out to a shocking and surprising standing ovation.

BONN: Introducing the participants for the Television ring, from London, England, Kailee!

TJ: The unique thing about this match here is that Kailee, Beatrice and Hex Girl are part of a match where either one of them could quite possibly become the #1 contender to the World title.

Luke Jairus begins making his way down to the ring to a string of boos.

BONN: From Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, weighting in at 195 pounds, Luke Jairus!!

TJ: Luke Jairus has been the #1 contender for the TV title for quite some time but has failed to get the title off Hex Girl.

MITCHELL: Not only is Jairus gonna beat Hex Girl, but he’s gonn go onto win it all.

LANE: I agree with Abel here.

“W-B-X, W-Boiled Extreme” blasts through the PA system as Beatrice makes her way out to a thunderous ovation.

BONN: From Detroit, Michigan, “The Graceful Assassin” Beatrice Pendragon!

JACOBS: Beatrice and Hex Girl had a hellacious match almost 2 weeks ago and literally tore down the house the way they put on a show and the same is gonna happen tonight with those two in the ring.

TJ: Oh, there is no doubt about it.

MITCHELL: As much as I hate to admit, Beatrice is more than likely gonna be the sleeper type in the TV Division and could possibly be the one to dethrone Hex Girl.

LANE: I can’t believe you said that Abel.

TJ/JACOBS: Neither can we.

“Just Too Sexay” starts off as Johnny Needham makes his way onto the entrance ramp, soaking in his moment in the spotlight. As he makes his way to the ring, he high-fives a few fans.

BONN: From Alberta, Canada, weighting in at 201 pounds, “Hardkore” Johnny Needham!

TJ: Big opportunity for Johnny Needham here. A win in the TV ring would definitely get him back in the running for future title shots.

JACOBS: But it’s gonna be a tall order with 4 other hungry competitors going after the same prize.

“Her Black Wings” blasts through the PA system as Hex Girl makes her way out. She maintains a cold stare at the competitors in the ring as fans chant her name.

BONN: Finally, from Busthead, Virginia, she is the WWX Television Champion, “The Wiccan Wonder” Hex Girl!!

JACOBS: Since becoming the TV Champ, Hex Girl has basically dominated the TV Division with the only one that poses the greatest threat to her reign is a tie between Luke Jairus and the Graceful Assassin.

LANE: It’ll be interesting to see how those in the TV ring will fare. They’ll more than likely crack and buckle under the pressure of being on a big stage.

TJ: I don’t think so and you couldn’t be anymore wrong Gary.

“Jewish Flow” starts off as the crowd starts to boo intensely. Zion and Johnston make their way out and mouths off to a few fans earning them more boos.

BONN: Introducing the participants of the tag team ring. First, the team of Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston, the Blade Club!

TJ: Guys, I was just informed that in reference to the tag team ring, if one team is pinned or made to submit then both team members goes to the back.

LANE: It doesn’t really matter guys because the Blade Cub is gonna do a clean sweep here tonight

JACOBS: I’m gonna have to disagree with you Gary. You can’t count out 420 nor can you count out the reigning tag champs McAllister and Lipton.

MITCHELL: But the match in ring 3 is just about done anyway. Blade Club all the way!

“What time is it?!”
“420 TIME!!” 

“Little Green Bag” comes alive as Glazebrook and Tinordi makes their way out. The duo, sporting what appears to be new 420 shirts, shakes the hands of a few fans.

BONN: Next, the team of Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi, 420!!

TJ: 420 has a score to settle with the Blade Club after they laced some of 420’s stash with Saliva.

JACOBS: Since then, the Blade Club stated that it was all in good fun and even tried to recruit them into the Blade Club but to no avail.

MITCHELL: And that was the biggest mistake of 420’s careers. They should’ve taken the offer from Archer and the Blade Club.

TJ: Really now Abel? After what the Blade Club did to Glazebrook?

LANE: If I knew the Blade Club saw potential in me, I’d take ‘em up on their offer.

“In the End” blasts through the PA system as Lipton and McAllister make their way out on the entrance ramp with the tag team titles firmly around their waists. The two hype themselves up, much to the delight of the WWX Universe.

BONN: Finally, on their way to the ring, they are the WWX Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!!

TJ: Ever since reacquiring the tag team titles from the Blade Club’s Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston, these two have been on a roll. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the tag team ring is gonna play out.
JACOBS: Before we bring out the participants of the World Division ring, WWX Reporter Leon Jones caught up with Syndicate as he was arriving at the arena.

*The camera cuts to the parking ramp area of the 3Arena.  Cars are lined up everywhere alongside the massive WWX European production trucks and other miscellaneous items.  In front of the camera stands's Leon Jones, watching after a red Hyundai Elantra that seemingly just pulled into the lot.*

Jones: This is Leon Jones, reporting from the parking garage here at the 3Arena where it looks as if our World Champion has just arrived.

*Sure enough, the driver-side door opens and out steps Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  He is wearing a new leather jacket, this one colored red.  He is also wearing a gray undershirt, torn black pants, and his custom black Nike sneakers.  He slams the door behind him before opening the trunk and pulling out a black Adidas duffel bag and the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship belt, setting the belt on his shoulder.  As he shuts the trunk and locks the car, he looks over at Leon and smiles.*

Syndicate: Leon!  How's my favorite WWX staff member?

*Jones chuckles as Syndicate makes his way over to the interviewer.*

Jones: Fine, fine.  Now, Syndicate, as you well know, you're facing the legendary Darkness later tonight with your World Championship on the line.  Any pre-match thoughts?

*Syndicate sets the duffel bag on the ground and pauses, thinking.*

Syndicate: You want my last words before voluntarily going to hell, huh?  Fair enough.  Let me first ask you a question, Leon: why are we here?

Jones: Excuse me?

Syndicate: Why is it that the WWX was able to book the 3Arena in Dublin for World Series in 2017?

Jones: ...I don't know what you're getting at here.

Syndicate: I'll answer my own question, then: me.  I'm the reason.  I've been working my ASS off the past four years to make sure this company stays financially solvent.  I've done all the house shows, I've signed all the autographs, and I've done whatever the Board of Directors has asked me to do as its champion.  I was given title shots in the first place because they knew I could handle the task of being the face of the WWX.  That hasn't changed one bit.  The WWX Universe PAYS to see me throw my opponents all over the ring.  They PAY to see me win big matches.  Tonight...tonight's going to be no different, Leon.  It's my JOB to put on a show, and it's my JOB to defend my title, regardless of what Darkness has to say.

*Syndicate smiles once again and pats Leon on the shoulder.*

Syndicate: See ya later.

*Syndicate picks up the duffel bag and walks off*


Chris Sanders stands ready, looking to give an interview.

SANDERS: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon.

Xavier steps into camera range.

SANDERS: Xavier, what are your thoughts going into tonight’s World Series Match? Do you think your wife has a chance to make history?

XAVIER: It is very much possible just like it’s possible for either Hex Girl or Kailee to do it as well. Lots of potential in that match. In reference to the World Championship match itself, that’s also too close to call.

SANDERS: Some fans wonder if you’ll-

XAVIER: Stop right there Chris. Let’s not worry about tomorrow right now. Let’s focus on tonight and World Series itself. Now if you’ll excuse me…

Without another word, Xavier leaves Chris, speechless.


TJ: Wow.

MITCHELL: Didn’t expect to hear that from the Machine.

“Taking You Down” blasts through the PA system as Krimzon Blaze comes out, sporting a new “Aerial Specialist” t-shirt. He takes the shirt off and hands it to a female fan as he continues to make his way towards the ring.

BONN: Now introducing the participants for the World Division ring. First, from Detroit, Michigan, weighting in at 215 pounds, “The Aerial Specialist” Krimzon Blaze!

JACOBS: Krimzon Blaze would love nothing more than to have another shot at the Undisputed World Championship currently being held by the Los Angeles Outlaw but it’s gonna be a tall order for Blaze here.

TJ: I agree with you there Ben. Both Blaze here and Willie Steen former World Champions so they know how to get in the spotlight and back on top of that mountain.

MITCHELL: But Blaze’s cocky attitude is going to catch up to him in this match. He can’t even hold a candle to the Divine One.

LANE: I agree with you Abel. Jake Divine’s victory is already promised to us.

“Crawling in the Dark” starts to play as Willie Steen comes out to a mixed reaction with more boos than cheers. One fan sticks their hand out wanting to shake Willie’s hand but Willie flips him off, earning him some more boos in the process.

BONN: From Long Beach, California, weighting in at 211 pounds, “The Cool Factor” Willie Steen!!

JACOBS: Willie Steen, a former World Champion much like Blaze. He would love nothing more than to get a shot at the title currently being held by Syndicate.

MITCHELL: Look at Steen. He’s lost his edge. He’s not gonna win this match.

LANE: That’s because Jake Divine has already won the World Series match. It’s been guaranteed.

JACOBS: Gary and Abel are just as delusional as ever Terry.

TJ: That they are Ben.

Jake Divine begins to make his way out onto the entrance ramp to a full-blown chorus of boos. Divine says “I already won” as he continues to make his way to the ring.

BONN: From New York, New York, weighting in at 241 pounds, Jake Divine!!

JACOBS: Jake Divine stated all week that he would dominate the World Division ring and conserve his energy for ring 5 with the contract in hand for the title match with Syndicate at Hall of Pain

TJ: That is if Divine does walk out of here with that opportunity but I can assure you it is not going to be as easy as Divine is saying that it is.

“DNA” starts off as Cameron Westport come out to a chorus of boos. He makes the motion that he’s gonna be champion as he makes his way to the ring.

BONN: Introducing the final participant in the World Series match, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighting in at 245 pounds, Cameron Westport!

JACOBS: Big order here from Cameron Westport who some say that his career has started to see a slight decline.

TJ: I tend to agree with you on that one Ben. A win here for Westport will most definitely ignite a spark in his career.

MITCHELL: I dunno.

TJ: Guys, I was just informed that WWX GM Maxfield Stanton has just signed 3 new talents to the WWX roster and all 3 will be in action on Fury.

MITCHELL: That’ll be interesting to see how they will fair here.

JACOBS: To the folks at home, Abel and I will focus on calling the action for rings 3 & 4 while Terry and Gary focus on rings 1 & 2.

The camera then shifts to the International ring with all 5 competitors looking to gain an early lead. Zion, Tinordi and Lipton start off for their respective teams in the Tag Team ring as Westport locks up with Divine in ring 4. In the International ring, Korath locks up with Bob while Jester and Fill double team Archer. In the TV ring, Needham locks up with Kailee while Jairus and Hex Girl lock up. Beatrice looks for an opening while exploring her options. The camera shifts to ring 1 where Korath is basically man-handling Mellon as Fill and Jester continue to double team Archer.

TJ: Things are not looking good for Archer here.

LANE: People are jealous of Archer’s talent. Simply put. They don’t want Archer to succeed. Personally, I think GM Maxfield Stanton knew that Jester, Fill and Korath were on the same team.

TJ: I don’t think he did but he knows now.

The camera shifts to ring 2 where Kailee is locked up with Hex Girl and Beatrice engaged with Johnny Needham. As Needham whips Beatrice into the ropes, Luke Jairus is seen perched on the top rope, getting ready to fly. As Beatrice bounces off the ropes, Jairus loses his balance and lands on the top turnbuckle rather awkwardly. Jairus holds his groin area as he crumbles to the mat. Needham goes for a clothesline on Beatrice but ducks underneath as runs right through Needham, delivering the Assassin’s Charge to Kailee.

TJ: Beatrice with the Assassin’s Charge to Kailee.

Beatrice immediately goes for the cover.


TJ: Hex Girl breaks the count up. 

Needham tries to sneak up behind Hex Girl but Hex Girl sharply turns around and counters with the Purifier. Needham bounces off the mat and lies motionless as Hex Girl goes for the count. Beatrice tries to stop the count but get double-teamed by Kailee and Jairus.

1, 2, 3!!

BONN: Johnny Needham has been eliminated.

TJ: And we have our first elimination from the World Series match.

LANE: Thanks for coming Needham.

The camera shifts back to ring 1 where Mellon has the upper hand on Korath. Archer momentarily has the upper hand on Fill and Jester. As Archer looks to deliver the Blade Cutter to Jester, Fill spins Archer, countering with the Stressout Powerbomb.

TJ: What a counter by Fill to help out his teammate Jester.

LANE: No! Kickout Archer, kickout!

Fill looks at Jester and says “you pin him” as he turns his attention to assisting Korath.

TJ: Jester with the cover.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Blayde Archer has been eliminated.

TJ: Jester gets a shot at the International title next week on Fury!

LANE: This is a travesty here!

The camera then shifts to ring 3 as Tinordi locks Johnston in the Figure 420.

JACOBS: Figure 420 is locked in! Center of the ring! Johnston with nowhere to go!
Lipton and McAllister double team on Zion. Glazebrook tries to join in on the numbers game with Lipton and McAllister only get taken down with a clothesline for his efforts by Lipton.

MITCHELL: Look at McAllister and Lipton acting like some rabid dogs, double-teaming Zion like that.

JACOBS: The Blade Club made enemies out of both Lipton and McAllister and 420 and it would seem that they don’t want the Blade Club to advance to ring 5.

Johnston, who has been locked in the Figure 420 manages to reach the bottom rope, but it appears the damage may already be done as Johnston is favoring and holding his left leg.

JACOBS: It looks like Johnston is favoring his left leg a bit after being locked in the 420 for so long.

MITCHELL: Why is everyone ganging up on the Blade Club? What have they done to anyone excerpt their dominance?

JACOBS: How about lacing 420’s stash with Saliva and then try to write it off it being good fun and then trying to recruit them to join their ranks?
MITCHELL: I didn’t see it.

As the commentators continue to argue, Zion tries a low blow on Lipton but Glazebrook spins Zion around and delivers the Stoner.

JACOBS: Glazebrook hits the Stoner!

Glazebrook immediately goes for the cover.

1, 2, 3!!

BONN: The Blade Club has been eliminated.

JACOBS: All 3 members of the Blade Club have been eliminated from this match.

MITCHELL: It’s a travesty I tell ya!

The camera shifts to ring 4. Steen is perched on the top rope as Westport delivers a back drop to Devine. Steen leaps off, going for the Cali Clash but Devine gets is knees up. As Westport tries to pin Steen, rolls up Westport, grabbing a handful of tights in the process.

1, 2, 3!
BONN: Cameron Westport has been eliminated.

JACOBS: Now all 4 rings have their first elimination. The International Champion Blayde Archer eliminated by Jester, meaning he will face Archer on the next Fury for the International title.

MITCHELL: Johnny Needham was eliminated from the TV ring by Hex Girl herself and then of course the Blade Club’s Zion and Johnston were also sent packing, unfortunately.

The camera shifts back to ring 1.

Fill, Jester and Korath begin triple-teaming Mellon. Mellon fights valiantly but the 3-on-1 assault becomes too great. Korath delivers the Savage Hammer to Mellon with authority. Fill and Jester step aside as Korath goes for the cover.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Bob Mellon has been eliminated.

TJ: So now with Bob Mellon out of the picture, there’s only the 3 members of When Worlds Collide in the ring. How will this play out?

LANE: I really don’t know. Anything is possible tonight.

The camera shifts to ring 2 as Jairus has Hex Girl in a sleeper hold. Kailee has Beatrice in the Muta Lock in the center of the ring. After a few moments, Beatrice manages to power her way out of the Muta Lock, countering with a back drop.

CROWD: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*

TJ: I’ll agree with the crowd. This is awesome.

LANE: And this is why I think the Television Division is so underrated by the other superstars they most people they don’t think to be contendable challengers for the World Title but as you can see, that isn’t the case.

The camera shifts to ring 3 where Tinordi is slugging it out with Lipton and Glazebrook goes blow for blow with McAllister.

CROWD: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*

JACOBS: I agree. This match has become unpredictable to say the least.

The camera shifts back to ring 1 as all 3 members of When Worlds Collide stare at each other intensely. Suddenly, Fill smiles and says “good luck” and leaves the ring, leaving fans rather puzzled and confused.

TJ: Where is Fill going?

LANE: I was just about to ask that same question Terry.

Korath and Jester get in each other’s face in an intense staredown.

Camera shifts back to ring 4 where Steen delivers the Cali Clash to Devine. Before Steen can make the cover, Blaze spins Steen around, delivering the Mighty Death Pop. Blaze then goes for the cover on Steen.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Willie Steen has been eliminated.
JACOBS: We’re now down to 2 people in ring 4 and two teams remain in ring 3. What’s the action like with you guys Terry?

Camera immediately shifts to ring 2 where Kailee has Hex Girl in an impressive Boston Crab. Jairus connects with the Time Stopper to Beatrice.

TJ: Jairus with the Time Stopper on Beatrice.

1, 2, 2.5 KICKOUT!!

LANE: Damn, he almost took out Beatrice.

TJ: If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were hoping that Beatrice would lose.

LANE: She has no business in this match.

TJ: You on that trip again I see.

Hex Girl, still feeling the effects of the Boston Crab, ducks a clothesline attempt from Kailee but runs right into a Sonic Strike from Jairus. As Jairus goes for the cover on Hex Girl, Kailee spins Jairus around and connects with the Kailee DDT then floats into the cover.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Luke Jairus has been eliminated.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no doubt about it. History is being made tonight. Either Kailee, Hex Girl or the Graceful Assassin will represent the TV Division in ring 5.

LANE: I’m surprised that Kailee even pinned anyone.

TJ: Really Gary?

Camera shifts to ring 4 where Blaze and Devine slug it out. Steen leaps off the top rope with a cross body, taking down both men. Steen goes to the top rope but is quickly cut off by Blaze. Blaze brings Steen back down with a superplex. Before Blaze can go for a cover, Devine kicks Blaze out of the ring, hoping to get the pin on Steen himself.


MITCHELL: There goes Blaze again, trying to hog Devine’s spotlight for himself.

JACOBS: That can’t be no further from the truth.

Devine, enraged that Blaze broke up the count climbs out the ring and begins slugging it out with Blaze. Steen, seeing the action on the outside jumps over the top rope with a cross body, taking down both men.

JACOBS: This match is intense!

MITCHELL: It’s starting to look more like a travesty to me.

Camera shifts to ring 2 just in time to see Beatrice be locked in the Magic Carpet Ride by Hex Girl. Fans are on the edge of their seats as they continue to cheer the women on.

TJ: I’m not sure what it is Gary, but these three women are putting on a show here tonight in the TV ring.

LANE: I’ll admit, I’m impressed. Kailee & Beatrice are showing why they’re at the top contenders in the TV division and Hex Girl showing why she’s the TV Champ.

With the last surge of strength, Beatrice makes it to the ropes, forcing the break. Hex Girl promptly lets go. As Hex Girl lets go, Kailee sneaks up behind Hex Girl and delivers the Kailee DDT. Fans go ballistic.
TJ: KALIEE DDT!! Could Kailee be on the verge of an upset?!

1, 2, 2.99 KICKOUT!!

TJ: Kailee was just an inch away from earning herself a TV title shot right there.

LANE: Yeah.

Camera shifts to ring 3 almost immediately as McAllister and Lipton deliver a double flapjack to Glazebrook. As Glazebrook slowly tries to get to his feet, Lipton delivers the C.I.B. Tinordi tries to break up the cover but is cut off by McAllister who delivers the Rex Effect.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Here are your winners from ring #3, the WWX Tag Team Champions, Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister!

JACOBS: That means that the tag champs get to choose the stipulation for their next title defense.

MITCHELL: This is still a travesty.

Camera shifts back to ring 2 as Kailee goes for a second Kailee DDT on Hex Girl. As Kailee goes for the cover, Beatrice delivers the Snipe Out.

TJ: Kailee delivers the Snipe Out to Hex Girl but Beatrice answers right back with the Snipe Out!

LANE: I’ll give these ladies credit. They’re definitely holding their own in the ring.

Camera shifts to ring 4 where Steen connects with the Cali Clash on Devine. Before Steen can go for the cover, Blaze spins Steen around, delivering the Mighty Death Pop.

1, 2, 3!

BONN: Willie Steen has been eliminated.

JACOBS: We are down to 2 in the World Division ring.

Camera immediately shifts to ring 1 as Korath delivers a vicious Savage Hammer to Jester. Korath falls into the cover as the fans count along with the ref.

1, 2, 3! 

BONN: Here is your winner from ring #1, Korath!

TJ: Korath will join Tommy Lipton in the final ring but who will join them? 2 winners have yet to be determined!

Camera shifts back to ring 4 as Blaze goes for the Fires Over Del Ray on Devine. As Blaze goes for the cover, Megan Devine sprints down to the ring and hops on the ring apron, gaining the attention of the ref. Blaze gets up and goes to assist the ref. As Blaze gets close, Megan tries to slap Blaze but Krimzon grabs her hand and shoves her off the ring apron, which in turn gives Devine the opening he needs. He gives Blaze a low blow, just out of view from the ref and quickly follows up with the Angel Pop. Devine then goes for the cover.

1, 2, 3!!

BONN: Your winner from ring 4, Jake Devine!

Fans boo almost immediately at the outcome of the match as Jake slides out of the ring and joins Megan, clutching his ribs.

MITCHELL: See, I told you that ring 4 would be a cakewalk for Jake.

JACOBS: Then why is Devine holding his ribs then?

The camera shifts immediately to ring 2. Kailee delivers the Kailee DDT to Hex Girl. Before she can go for the cover, Beatrice uses the last of her strength to deliver a thunderous End Game. With all 3 women down, the ref goes to check on the women. After a few moments, he notices Beatrice’s hand slightly over Kailee’s chest.

1, 2, 3!! 

BONN: Kailee has been eliminated.

TJ: All eyes are on the TV ring. Which one of these two ladies will join Korath, Jake Devine and Tommy Lipton in the final ring?

Both Hex Girl and Beatrice are very slow to get to their feet. Both women use the rope to help them up as fans cheer them on.

JACOBS: The ladies are still going Terry?

TJ: Apparently so. Kailee was just recently eliminated by the Graceful Assassin.

LANE: I’ll admit. Kailee has nothing to be ashamed of. She proved to be a VERY formidable competitor her tonight against the likes of Hex Girl and Beatrice.

Hex Girl and Beatrice meet in the middle of the ring and begin slugging it out.

CROWD: THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x* THIS IS AWESOME!! *claps 5x*

MITCHELL: Don’t these women know when to quit?

TJ: I don’t think so Abel. These fans are definitely getting their money’s worth tonight.

Beatrice goes for the Snipe Out but Hex Girl counters and goes for the Cauldron. In mid-move, Beatrice tries to deliver the Graceful Downfall but Hex Girl counters once again, this time with the Purifier.


Hex Girl literally falls on top of Beatrice as the ref makes the count.

1, 2, 3!!


BONN: Here is your winner from ring #2, the WWX Television Champion, Hex Girl!

TJ: And with that, we have our 4 combatants. Representing the International ring, we have Korath…

LANE:…from the Television ring, we have the TV Champion Hex Girl…

JACOBS:…from the Tag Team ring, we have ½ of the Tommy Lipton representing his team…

MITCHELL:…and from the World Division ring, my man Jake Devine.

TJ: All 4 winners will be able to take a few minutes rest before they head to ring 5 to determine who will face the champ at Hall of Pain.


WWX GM Maxfield Stanton is seen walking down the hall when he suddenly stops. He smiles after recognizing who the person on the other side of the camera is.

STANTON: James Ranger.

RANGER: I must say, I am actually impressed with the way you have handled this pay-per-view thus far.

STANTON: Coming from you, I’ll take that as a complement.

James smiles and walks past Stanton.

RANGER: Keep up the good work kid.

Stanton smiles as the camera shifts back to ring 4.

"The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.




*The sound of static fills the 3Arena before transitioning into Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade", sending the Dublin crowd into a frenzy!*

Jacobs: This is who these fans paid to see, guys!  The champion is in the house!

*At this, Syndicate steps out onto the stage.  He is wearing his new red leather jacket, gray undershirt, torn-up black pants, and Nike sneakers.  The Undisputed World title belt glistens on his left shoulder.  Syndicate looks around at the energetic crowd before looking over at Darkness with a deadly-serious face.*

Lane: Syndicate may be serious about being the "face of the WWX", but he's first gotta defeat Darkness on one of our business's biggest stages.  Can he handle the pressure?

Mitchell: Doubt it.

Jacobs: Come on, guys, this man has been at the top of the WWX for a long time now.  I'm sure he's ready for tonight's main event.

*As the commentators continue to bicker, Syndicate makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.  He immediately gets into Darkness's face and the two get into a shouting match with each other that is eventually broken up by the referee.*

TJ: These two want to get right to it!  This match is months in the making, and we get to see it here live at World Series!

BONN: This match is set for one fall and it is for the WWX Undisputed Championship! Introducing the challenger, from Florence, South Carolina, weighting in at 290 pounds, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

Darkness throws his hands in the air, earning him and huge pop.
BONN: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 224 pounds, he is the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, SYNNNNNNNNNNNDICATE!!

Syndicate hoists his title high for all to see. The moment the ref moves away to hand the belt over to the time keeper and bell ringer, the two are already engaged, hitting each other with rights and left.

TJ: This is absolutely awesome! Both Gary and Ben are taking a short break while Able and myself call the action. Abel, who do you think might win this match?

MITCHELL: Darkness.  Because mainly you don’t mess with Darkness!

TJ: I seriously doubt that. Syndicate and Darkness have bested each other in the past. The question now is who is gonna win tonight.

MITCHELL: That’s easy. It’s Darkness.

TJ: Are you sure about that?

MITCHELL: Of course I’m sure! Darkness can’t be stopped!

As the commentators argue, Darkness gains control, applying a side headlock to Syndicate but Syndicate wiggles free almost immediately. Fans stayed glued to the edge of their seats as Syndicate an Darkness engage in a staredown.

TJ: These two mega-stars are putting on one hell of a show for the fans here. Well worth the price of admission.

MITCHELL: And to think both of them are them are fan favorites.

Syndicate bounces off the ropes but Darkness floors him with a hard clothesline.

TJ: Darkness nearly took Syndicate’s head off with that clothesline. 

Darkness goes for the cover.

1, 2, kickout!

MITCHELL: Darkness with the nearfall right there.

TJ: Abel, what do you think Syndicate needs to do in order to retain the title here tonight?

MITCHELL: There’s nothing Syndicate can do. This match is pretty much over with. Darkness has won this thing.

TJ: Yes, Darkness is a formidable opponent, but you can’t count out Syndicate. He’s been known to rise up to the occasion.

MITCHELL: Not from this one.

As Syndicate gets to his feet, Darkness connects with a scoop slam, followed by a few elbows and another pinfall attempt.

1, 2, kickout!

TJ: Another nearfall for the challenger.

MITCHELL: You mean soon-to-be champion.

TJ: Aren’t you trying to call the end of the match a little too early?

MITCHELL: Not at all. I know Darkness is gonna win this match here. Darkness himself told me.

TJ: Sometimes, I wonder if you really believe all the hype you believe yourself…

Darkness whips Syndicate into the ropes and follows up with a powerslam and a cover.

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: Syndicate’s gonna need to find a way t get back in this or this won’t las too very much longer.

MITCHELL: Not gonna happen. Darkness has already won this match. Can’t you see that Syndicate is already losing this one?

TJ: No wonder why Ben has a hard time dealing with you.

As the commentators continue to argue and bicker, Darkness whips Syndicate into the corner, hard. Darkness follows up with a hard turnbuckle clothesline.

MITCHELL: What did I tell you? Just look at the dominance that Darkness is displaying on Syndicate.

TJ: Syndicate can still turn this match around.

MITCHELL: He might be able to, but he’s not.

As if karma was coming back around, Syndicate reverses a clothesline attempt with jumping arm breaker. Both men lie motionless on the mat as the ref makes his count.

TJ: It is gut check time for both of these superstars.

MITCHELL: This is merely Syndicate hoping Darkness will end this quickly.

TJ: Again, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Darkness is the first to get to his feet, followed by Syndicate. Darkness goes for a right hand but Syndicate counters with one of his own. Syndicate continues to throw right hands of his own, driving Darkness back into a corner. Syndicate takes a few steps back before charging in, connecting with a dropkick, causing Darkness to crumple to the mat.

TJ: Syndicate’s starting to feel it.

MITCHELL: Fight back Darkness! Fight back!!

As Darkness gets to his feet, Syndicate tries to lock in the Vault but Darkness counters with Sudden Darkness.

1, 2, KICKOUT!!

TJ: Darkness with another nearfall.

MITCHELL: It’s just a matter of time Terry. I’m telling you.

Darkness whips Syndicate into the ropes but Syndicate counters the attempt with No Signal.


MITCHELL: You’ve got to be kidding me…


TJ: What ring presence by the challenger!

MITCHELL: I’m telling you, it’s just a matter of time.

A camera shifts to the entrance ramp as a woman is seen making her way down to the ring.

TJ: Who is that woman?

MITCHELL: I don’t know. 

As the lady gets closer to the ring, it is revealed that it is Brytney.

TJ: That’s Brytney! She hasn’t been seen in the WWX for years!

MITCHELL: But what is she doing here though?

TJ: Beats me.

Darkness goes for Sudden Darkness once more but Syndicate counters into the Catalyst DDT. Wasting no time, Syndicate delivers No Signal.


MITCHELL: Are you kidding me right now?!

As Syndicate goes for the cover, Brytney hops on the apron. Darkness spots Brytney and confronts her. As the two argue, Syndicate gets to his feet. He goes to sneak up as Brytney rears her hand back, ready slap Darkness. Darkness ducks the attempt as Syndicate steps up. Syndicate blocks Brytney’s attempt, shaking his finger and stating “uh-uh”. As Syndicate turns around, he is quickly scooped up and dropped with the Total Eclipse. Fans begin to boo as Darkness goes for pinfall.

1, 2, 3!!


BONN: Here is your winner and the NEW WWX Undisputed World Champion, DARRRRRRRRRRKNESSSSSSSS!!

TJ: Brytney’s been gone for years, but why she come out here during this match?

MITCHELL: To support Darkness. That’s who.

TJ: Syndicate just got screwed out of the title!

MITCHELL: No, Syndicate got screwed out of the championship.

TJ: Well folks, both myself and Abel are gonna get out of here and switch the attention back to Ben Jacobs and Gary Lane. Ben?

JACOBS: That last match was rather intense.

LANE: I knew Darkness could it.

JACOBS: Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main event. Our previous 4 winners are now gonna battle it out in a ladder match to see who will challenge Darkness at Hall of Pain.

“By the Sword in my Hand” blasts through the PA system as Korath comes out visibly scarred from the earlier.
BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the following contest is a ladder match! The winner of this match will go on to face Darkness at Hall of Pain. First, the International Ring Winner, Korath!

LANE: The way When Worlds Collide did what they did in ring 1 was a travesty.

JACOBS: I couldn’t disagree with you more Gary.

“Her Black Wings” blasts through the PA speakers as Hex Girl makes her way out. Fans continue to chant “Let’s go Hex Girl!” as she makes her way to the ring.

BONN: From Busthead, Virginia, she is the WWX Television Champion, Hex Girl!!

JACOBS: Once again, Hex Girl has made history once again. She is the first woman to compete in a ladder match aside from her male counterparts with a chance to wrestle for the World Championship on the line.

LANE: And even I’ll admit, I thought Luke Jairus was going to win it but I was mistaken.

A tranced remix of "In The End" by Linkin Park blasts over the PA as lights flicker and smoke blasts down from above. Tommy Lipton comes out to a mix of crowd reactions. Following him is his tag team partner Rex McAllister. 

BONN: Being accompanied to the ring by Rex McAllister, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions, Tommy Lipton!!

JACOBS: Both Hex Girl and Lipton were successful in their respective rings earlier, meaning they get to choose the stipulation for their next title defense.

LANE: I know it was no easy feat for either competitor with all the talent that was in the ring tonight.


Fans immediately begin to boo as Jake and Megan Devine emerge on the entrance ramp. Jake motions to the crowd that he has already won, which earns him more boos.

BONN: Finally, being accompanied to the ring by Megan Devine, from New York, New York, Jake Devine!

Jake takes the mic away from Kyla.

DEVINE: Get it right! You were supposed to say ‘your next #1 contender to the Undisputed-

He is cut-off by a forearm from Hex Girl. She then picks up the mic.

HEX GIRL: You talk too much.

She tosses the mic out the ring as the ref finally calls for the bell.


JACOBS: Here we go! Our main event is officially underway!

Devine gets back to his feet, obviously upset he just upstaged by the TV Champ. As Devine closes in on Hex Girl, he is taken down by a shoulder tackle from Korath.

JACOBS: Nice shoulder tackle by Korath right there.

Lipton and Hex Girl stare each other down for a few moments before they lock up. Lipton gains the upper hand with a side headlock to the TV Champ. She struggles for a few minutes before she manages to wiggle free by shoving Lipton into the ropes, following up with a clothesline on the rebound. Devine ducks underneath a Korath clothesline and slides out the ring, grabbing a ladder.
JACOBS: And the ladder has officially come into play. 

Devine throws the ladder into the ring and goes under the ring, pulling out a table and a few chairs.

LANE: This is brilliant on the part of Devine. Let the other competitors ware themselves down, making it easier for Devine to ascend the ladder fulfilling his prophecy.

JACOBS: It’s not that easy with several other hungry challengers in the ring Gary.

LANE: It might as well be. Sure, everyone’s a great competitor but Jake Devine is much more talented than everyone else in the ring. You see, he’s the only calm one in this match. Take a look.

Devine makes his way to the announce table and puts on a headset, sitting next to Gary Lane in the process.

LANE: Hey Jake! How’s it going?

DEVINE: It’s going great! These idiots are falling right into my hands. Let these 3 losers tire themselves out, which make my ascension up the ladder to claim my rightful title shot at Hall of Pain and then the title itself. Taking the title from Darkness will be nothing. It’s like candy from a baby.
JACOBS: Well Darkness as you know-

DEVINE: Excuse me. You talk too much Ben.

Devine takes off his headset as the camera shifts back to the ring. We see Korath and Lipton on the ladder about halfway up on each side as Hex Girl tries to stand using the ropes. Devine sets up a second table outside the ring and slides in the ring as Korath and Lipton reach the top. As the two duke it out, Devine begins to shake and tilt the ladder. The ladder leans then falls, causing Korath and Lipton to fall, right through a table.


JACOBS: Both Korath and Lipton went through that table that Devine had set up.

LANE: Brilliant!!

Devine then sets the ladder back up in the center of the ring, aligning it with the contract itself. As Devine gets about halfway up, Hex Girl comes to and knocks Devine off the ladder, causing him to go through the Spanish announce table.


JACOBS: Jake Devine was just jerked off the ladder and went through our Spanish announce table! Julio, can you guys still hear me?


Hex Girl, perhaps now realizing the position she’s currently in sets the ladder back up once more. Hex Girl begins her climb up the ladder,

JACOBS: Hex Girl’s on the verge of making history once again!

LANE: I don’t believe this.

Lipton and Korath, who went through a table earlier, manages to recover slide back in the ring as Hex Girl is about halfway up the ladder. Korath grabs Hex Girl and yanks her down. Before Korath can reset the ladder, Lipton hits Korath with the CIB. Devine slides back in the ring and Lipton turns to face Devine, Devine connects with the Angel Drop. As Devine goes to set up the ladder, he is cut off by Hex Girl, who hits him with the Purifier. All 4 competitors lie motionless on the ground while fans continue to chant “this is awesome!”

JACOBS: What a match this has been! Everyone in this match giving it all the have!

LANE: It’s all in vain. Jake Devine is still gonna win this match. How many times do I have to say it? I you $200 that Devine wins this match.
JACOBS: Okay then Gary. Deal.

As the 2 commentators shake hands, Devine is seen flying through the air, right through the announce table.

JACOBS: You were saying?

LANE: Devine, get up buddy!! I’m the only one who believes in you!!

In the ring, both Hex Girl and Lipton climb up opposite sides of the ladder once more.

JACOBS: Hex Girl and Tommy Lipton are climbing the ladder! This match is still anyone’s ballgame!

Korath comes to in the ring as Devine begins to recover outside the ring. Korath pushes the ladder over, causing Lipton and Hex Girl to fall over, right on top of Jake Devine.

JACOBS: Lipton and Hex Girl crash and burn right on top of Jake Devine and Korath is all alone in the ring!!

Korath sets the ladder up once more begins to slowly make his way up the ladder. Devine manages to shrug Lipton and Hex Girl off him and begins to make a beeline for the ring but is quickly cut off by Lipton. As the two begin to slug it out, Hex Girl comes to and tries to sneak past Lipton and Devine, only for Devine to rake Hex Girl’s eyes. Using that window, Devine whips Hex Girl into Lipton, forcing Lipton to catch her as Devine slides back in the ring. Lipton and Hex Girl quickly follow Devine in the ring. Korath, now at the top of the ladder looks down and sees Devine beginning to make his way up the other side of the ladder, only to be cut off by Hex Girl. Lipton tries to yank the ladder from underneath Korath but Korath hangs onto the hook containing the briefcase. In a desperation move, Devine hits Lipton with a low blow, causing Lipton to drop the ladder. Devine then picks the ladder up and swings for the fences, knocking Lipton down. Hex Girl tries to move in to take the ladder from Devine but she gets hit with the ladder as well. With Lipton and Hex Girl down, Devine turns his attention towards Korath, who is barely hanging on. Devine swings the ladder, trying to hit Korath, trying to force him to lose his balance. Devine takes one last swing and hits its mark, causing Korath to fall and bringing the briefcase down with him.




JACOBS: And Gary owes me $200.

“By the Sword in My Hand” blasts through the PA system as Korath barely gets to his feet and the crowd goes into a frenzy.


JACOBS: It will be Korath to challenge Darkness for the Undisputed World Title at Hall of Pain. 

LANE: I’m absolutely appalled by this.

JACOBS: Folks, we are out of time here at the 3 Arena. For everyone here in the WWX, so long from Dublin!!


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