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Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2017-10-08 14:29:21
The camera replays the final events of the Undisputed Championship match between Syndicate and Darkness.

TJ: That’s Brytney!! She hasn’t been seen in the WWX for years!!

Brytney hops on the apron. Darkness spots her and goes to confront her. As Brytney gets ready to slap Darkness, Darkness moves out the way. In mid-move, Syndicate catches Brytney’s hand shaking his finger saying “uh-uh” in the process. As Syndicate turns around, he is quickly scooped up and dropped with the Total Eclipse.

1, 2, 3!


TJ: Syndicate just got screwed out of the championship!!

“We’re going out tonight (hey!)
To kick out every light (hey)
Drink anything we want (hey!)
Take everything in sight (hey!)
We’re going ‘til the world stops turning
While we burn it to the ground tonight”

“Burn it to the Ground” blasts through the PA system as fireworks and pyros shoot off from the entrance ramp. Camera pans to see a near-packed stadium as Terry Jackson and Abel Mitchell take their seats at the announce table.

TJ: We are 7 days removed from World Series and we have a new Undisputed World Champion. Darkness pinned Syndicate last week to become the new champion with a huge assist from Brytney. I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson and alongside me is Abel Mitchell and Abel, there have been some fans that were not happy about how the end of that match went down.

MITCHELL: Well the fans can say what they want all they want. The fact of the matter is Syndicate’s cockiness got the better of him and that’s why he’s no longer champion.

TJ: I have no doubts that Syndicate will want to use is rematch clause pretty soon, especially after how the match went down.

MITCHELL: The result will still be the same. He’s gonna lose. Plain and simple.

TJ: We’ll be talking about the aftermath of World Series throughout the night as we have some new stars making their debut tonight back-to-back-to-back. Tristan Kancer squares off against Matt Glazebrook of 420.

MITCHELL: We also have a new female making her debut here tonight as well. Amelia Ramirez takes on Kailee. I’m interested to see what Amelia brings to the table.

TJ: “The Trend Killer” Fozzy Ozbourne takes on Luke Jairus who has been in kinda slump lately. We’ll see if either Fozzy will have a successful debut or will Jairus have the last word?

MITCHELL: An interest match that’s taking place tonight as well is the returning Bob “The Beast” Mellon taking on Xavier Pendragon. Seriously, Xavier should just give it up.

TJ: You should know by now that Xavier is not going to quit so easily, if he will quit at all. Our main event is the International Championship match. Blayde Archer defends the International Championship against the man who pinned him at World Series, Jester.

MITCHELL: That shouldn’t have never happened!

TJ: Just like Brytney should’ve never gotten herself involved in the match but she did?

MITCHELL: At any rate, We’ll here from our new Undisputed World Champion a little later this evening as well as hearing from the former champ Syndicate.

“Rape Me” starts up as Tristan Kancer makes his way out to a chorus of boos and jeers. A woman dressed in business suit walks with Kancer to the ring.

FRENELL: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Rayne Black, from Detroit, Michigan, weighting in at 212 pounds, Tristan Kancer!

MITCHELL: I like this guy already. He looks like he’s ready to tear into Glazebrook in just a few moments.

TJ: You can’t count out Glazebrook though. He’s been around the block before and knows how to get the job done. Tristan’s one of 3 people making their debut tonight.

The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.

FRENELL: His opponent, accompanied by Gary Tinordi, from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighting in at 303 pounds, Matt Glaze-

Kancer strikes Glazebrook from behind with a forearm to the back of the head.


TJ: Kancer not wasting any time here. Going right after Glazebrook
Before the bell sounds and we’re off here in our opening bout.

MITCHELL: Rayne Black looks hot! She can be my manager any day.

Kancer goes to whip Glazebrook into the ropes but Glazebrook roars back with a hard clothesline. Rayne’s on the outside trying to will Kancer back in the match while Tinordi shouts to Glazebrook.

TJ: Glazebrook nearly took Kancer’s head off with that clothesline.

Glazebrook goes to bounce off the ropes but Rayne pulls the top rope down, causing Glazebrook to spill to the outside. Tinordi walks around the ring and confronts Rayne about her actions. Kancer himself see this and leaps over the top rope with a cross body to both Glazebrook and Tinordi just as Rayne moves out the way. Kancer grabs Glazebrook and shoves him back in the ring. Kancer waits on the ring apron for Glazebrook to stand. As Glazebrook gets to a knee, Kancer jumps at Glazebrook with a springboard dropkick, knocking Glazebrook back down. Kancer signals that he’s ready to end the match.

TJ: Kancer looking like he’s ready to wrap this match up.

Kancer gets Glazebrook to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Kancer goes for Genocide but Glazebrook counters with an inverted Atomic Drop.

TJ: Nice counter there by Glazebrook right there.

Glazebrook lifts Kancer to his feet rather easily and delivers a quick Atomic Drop. Sensing impending doom, Rayne hops on the ring apron again in an attempt to get Glazebrook’s attention but Tinordi sees this and sneaks around the ring to her and yanks her down off the apron. Inside the ring Kancer goes for Genocide once again, only to be countered by the Stoner.

TJ: Glazebrook counters Genocide with the Stoner!

1, 2, 3!


“I Wanna Get High” starts back up as Glazebrook slides out the ring.

FRENELL: Here is your winner, Matt Glazebrook!!

TJ: Tough break for Tristan Kancer here tonight.

MITCHELL: I guess smoking’s not the only thing 420 does nowadays.


Max sits at his desk seemingly doing some paperwork when there is a knock at the door.

STANTON: Come in.

The door opens to reveal Beatrice.

STANTON: What can I do for you?

BEATRICE: How do I get a spot on the Hall of Pain card?

STANTON: Honestly Beatrice, you will have to work really hard and impress both myself and James Bourne. Speaking of Bourne, he’ll be back next week. It would be a good idea to ask him too.

BEATRICE: Fair enough.

Without another word, Beatrice leaves the office.


"The lights in the arena go completely blackas "Path to Darkness". About thirty seconds pass and Darkness does not come out."

TJ: I wonder where the new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

MITCHELL: Probably cowering form Korath, his opponent at Hall of Pain.

"The lights go completely black again as "Path to Darkness begins to play again. The fans wait again and again nothing happens. Darkness still does not come out."

MITCHELL: I told you he is scared that Korath is going to squash him like a bug.

TJ: I doubt that is the issue but I'm not sure why he isn't here.

MITCHELL: That is the....

"Just then the lights go out and a single candle is illuminated in the ring. A familiar voice is then heard throughout the arena. A voice of the new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Darkness."

Darkness: I know everybody wanted to see me here tonight especially the former champion Syndicate. Well Syndicate that is not going to happen, at least not tonight.

***slight boos from the crowd***

Darkness: However I will be in my home state of South Carolina for the next Fury and I will have and announcement. So Syndicate you better pay attention.

"Just then the candle goes out and words begin to glow on the ring... Fear Everything"

TJ: Wonder what announcement Darkness has next week?

MITCHELL: Probably going to hand the belt back to Syndicate.

TJ: I doubt that. I guess we will have to wait until next week. We’ll be right back!!





Static floods the Superdome before turning into "Bulls on Parade".  New Orleans goes berzerk, knowing exactly who's coming out.

TJ: The former World Champion making a surprise appearance here tonight!

MITCHELL: Yeah, emphasis on "former". Syndicate lost everything at World Series, leaving us to wonder what his next steps will be.

Syndicate steps out onto the stage with a dead-serious look in his eye.  He is wearing a blood-red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black pants, and black Nike sneakers.  The Los Angeles Outlaw's messy blonde hair brushes across his face as he marches down to the ring and slides in.

MITCHELL: Syndicate is STILL pissed off from World Series.  It's almost like the match broke the man apart.

TJ: Well, we saw his mental and emotional state in that interview with Leon Jones immediately following the event.  He's a desperate man, Abel.

Syndicate grabs a microphone as he looks down at the canvas.  The crowd chants his name, but he barely notices.

Syndicate: ...do you people know how it feels...to have your livelihood ripped away from you?

The WWX Universe quiets to listen.

Syndicate: I do.  I know the feeling very well, in fact.  It's all that's happened to me over the past four years.  All I do is get screwed, over and over and over and over again.  It's a never-ending cycle.

He shakes his head.

Syndicate: I started watching the WWX when I was ten years old.  I was flipping through the channels, minding my own business, when the World Wrestling eXistence showed up.  It changed me and my brother's lives forever.  Within the next year, it became my dream to become World Champion and main-event Hall of Pain as champ.  And so, when I finally get here in 2013, it became my prerogative to do just that.  But EVERY DAMN YEAR...

Syndicate takes a moment to calm down.

Syndicate: ...every damn year...my dream comes crashing down at the last second.  In 2013, I didn't even make the card.  2014, I main-evented with five other men and lost.  2015, I was relegated to "special guest referee" for the World title match.  Last year, I almost had my opportunity ripped away AGAIN...but I fought for it.  I took out whoever I needed to take out, and I kept my spot.  But my opportunity was stolen there too.

Syndicate: And now...now look where we are.  After spending the bulk of 2017 as World Heavyweight Champion, after carrying this company to new heights, and after becoming the LEADER of the locker room and the FACE of the WWX...it was determined that I didn't deserve my spot at the top anymore.  It was determined that Korath - the winner of the World Series match - should main event Hall of Pain, NOT the former champion.

He sighs.

Syndicate: Some could say that this is a huge achievement for Korath.  He's reaching up and grabbing that brass ring before anyone else can.  He's getting a real opportunity to show his worth and become World Champion.  But for every success story...there's another chapter to consider.  Look at me.  LOOK AT ME.  What the HELL am I supposed to do now?  Sit back and watch as the CHAMPIONSHIP that I elevated over the past year gets defended without me involved?

Syndicate looks directly at the hard camera, smiles, and shakes his head.  His eyes glint as he speaks.

Syndicate: No.  I've got myself a better idea.

He slowly reaches his right hand into his jacket pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.  He unfolds it and shows it to the camera.

Syndicate: This is a page from my WWX contract.  Section 5.2, to be exact.  You all might know it as the "rematch clause".


Syndicate: Maxfield Stanton, I'm talking directly to you.  In 2015, when I had a rematch clause like this, I wasn't able to use it.  I'm not making that mistake again.  I want my rematch for the World title at Hall of Pain.  I want a triple-threat main event.

MITCHELL: Oh, for crying out loud!!


Syndicate: So here's how this is going to go.  You either give me the rematch - which has been written into my contract - or I am going to destroy this company from the inside out.  I will injure every single wrestler in the locker room, including your main event performers.  I will do whatever I need to do.  You give me the rematch, Maxfield...or I'll give you destruction.  Welcome...to the –

“8 Mile Road” blasts through the PA system as Xavier makes his way out onto the entrance ramp.

MITCHELL: Now, what?

TJ: What’s Xavier doing out here? He’s slated to take on Bob Mellon later on this evening.

Xavier slides in the ring and stands about arm length away from Syndicate.

TJ: These two might come to blows!

MITCHELL: I wish they would. Maybe they’ll knock each other out.

TJ: Abel!

Xavier then calls for a mic.

XAVIER: If this was any other circumstances, I would have no problems with giving you another throwdown. You may not realize it, but you and currently have something in common. When the WWX itself went on a hiatus or better yet, people forgot that the one who basically brought the WWX back to life was me. With you being the exception, I was felt cheated out championship matches that I rightfully deserve. 

MITCHELL: Where’s Xavier going with this?

XAVIER: Since the both of are always getting screwed out of something, how about we team up and really (beep) some s(beep) up. While you like to welcome people to the Syndicate, our enemies will eventually have to travel down 8 Mile Road.

“8 Mile Road” starts back up as fans are in complete shock at what just happened.

TJ: Xavier just proposed that he and Syndicate team up. Will Syndicate accept Xavier’s offer?

MITCHELL: I hope Syndicate shoots the idea down, but then losers always love other loser’s company.

TJ: Oh come on Ab-

Terry presses his headset closer for a few moments.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been informed that there’s some kind of altercation going on backstage. Let’s get a cameraman back there and see what’s going on.


Bob “The Beast” Mellon is seen brawling with Jester. Moments later, Fill, Korath and Rayne arrive on the scene to assist their comrade. Several WWX officials also arrive to help break up the big brawl.

TJ: That’s Bob Mellon right there getting it on with Jester and When Worlds Collide.

“My Reality” starts off as Amelia begins making her way out to a surprising round of cheers.

FRENELL: The following contest is set for one fall!! Introducing first, from Railto, California, Amelia Ramirez!!

TJ: Amelia is our newest diva here in the WWX and it’ll be exciting what she can bring to the table.

MITCHELL: I’ll admit. The ladies that were in the World Series match put one hell of a show in their ring.

“Lady Marmalade” starts off as Kailee begins to make her way out. Kailee stops and shakes the hand of a young girl who is dressed almost very similar.

FRENELL: And her opponent, from London, England, Kailee!

TJ: Since Kailee’s debut in the WWX, she’s faced from pretty stiff competition in the form of Hex Girl and Beatrice, facing both women in singles competition.

MITCHELL: And she would always get the short end of the stick, lol

TJ: Kailee’s gonna be looking for some form of redemption here tonight as she gets set to take on Amelia Ramirez in her debut match.


Both ladies circle the ring for a few moments before Ramirez throws a kick towards Kailee but misses. Kailee uses the window to move in and apply a side headlock. Ramirez frees herself by shoving Kailee into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick on the rebound. Ramirez follows it up with a standing moonsault.

TJ: Great athleticism by Ramirez here in the early going of this match.

1, kickout!

TJ: Early nearfall by Ramirez here.

Ramirez wastes no time and applies a side chin lock. Kailee manages to get to the bottom rope, getting the break. Ramirez whips Kailee into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Ramirez then goes to the top rope.

TJ: Looks like Ramirez is going for a high-risk move.

Ramirez leaps off the top rope with a diving headbutt but Kailee moves out the way, causing Ramirez to crash and burn.

TJ: Ramirez was looking for a diving headbutt but nobody home.

Kailee slowly gets to her feet as Ramirez throws a right hand but Kailee counters with a right hand of her own. Kailee continues to drive Ramirez back into the corner as fans continue to get into the match.

TJ: Kailee gaining momentum here. Amelia could be in trouble.

Ramirez goes to whip Kailee into the ropes and goes for a clothesline on the rebound but Kailee ducks underneath and counters with a thunderous Kailee DDT.

TJ: Kailee DDT!

1, 2, 3!!


“Lady Marmalade” starts up as Kailee slowly starts to get to her feet.

FRENELL: Here is your winner, Kailee!!

TJ: Kailee pulls off a hard fought victory against a very game Ramirez here tonight.

MITCHELL: I’m thoroughly impressed with the performance of both the ladies.

“Hard Hittin’” blasts through the PA system as WWX GM Maxfield Stanton makes his way out to a thunderous ovation.

FRENELL: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Co-General Manager of Fury, Maxfield Stanton!

TJ: Max put on one stellar of a pay-per-view in World Series.

MITCHELL: I agree. He even surprised me. He said that tonight he had a few major announcements to make tonight.

Max steps in the ring as Lily hands over her mic. She then leaves the ring, leaving Max alone.

STANTON: What’s up Superdome?!

Fans roar in response and approval.

STANTON: I said at World Series I will have a few major announcements to make. First off, to the champions who won in their respective rings. Via the stipulation set forth in the match, our Television Champion Hex Girl gets to choose the stipulation for her next title defense. That championship match will take place at Hall of Pain. Seeing as how the competitors in the TV Division ring gave it everything they had, they deserve another time in the spotlight. Don’t you agree?

Fans roar in approval once again.

STANTON: To the tag team champs, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton, you two also get to choose the stipulation for your next title defense. Both James Bourne and myself have something big planned with the tag team division so stay tuned. Next, let’s turn our attention to our main event set for Hall of Pain: Darkness defends the Undisputed World Title against the World Series winner Korath. I also heard about Syndicate’s little tirade about being screwed out of championships and whatnot. Syndicate, I am also well aware that you have a rematch clause in your contract. You also stated that- well I should say ‘demanded’ that I make it a triple threat match. Consider that request granted.

TJ: Oh, my! It looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a triple threat match for the biggest prize in this company!

STANTON: However, it will not be just a regular triple threat. The Undisputed World Championship match will be contested in the confinement of a Steel Cage. EVERYONE is barred from ringside.

TJ: Wow!

MITCHELL: Level playing field now.

TJ: Also, there are discussions about the possible revival of the infamous Triple A Championship, so stay tuned!! We’ll be back!!

“Bastards of Young” starts up as Fozzy Ozbourne makes his way out. He spots a “Luke Jairus” sign and rips it up, earning him a round of boos.

FRENELL: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighting in at 135 pounds, “The Trend Killer” Fozzy Ozbourne!

TJ: Fozzy is the 3rd new star making his debut tonight and faces a top contender in the TV division in Luke Jairus. Jairus himself thinks that he should be TV champ and not Hex Girl.

MITCHELL: I think the Trend Killer is gonna break that stereotypical barrier and take back the TV title from Hex Girl and give it the prestige it deserves.

TJ: Did you just make a sexist comment Abel? You can’t say that on TV.

MITCHELL: Why not?

TJ: At any rate Jairus is in the ring now and we are set to go in this cruiserweight match.


Jarius and Ozbourne circle the ring for a few moments before the two eventually lock up. Jairus applies a side headlock but Ozbourne quickly scurries over to the ropes, forcing the break. As Jairus backs away, Ozbourne rakes Jairus’ eyes. He follows up with a clothesline

TJ: Ozbourne taking control in the early going of this match. 

MITCHELL: This Ozbourne kid is gonna be a sleeper one. I think people ae gonna forget about him and that’s when he’s gonna strike.

TJ: You may be right about that Abel.

Ozbourne connects with a suplex and goes for a cover but Jairus quickly kicks out. Ozbourne starts to lay in kicks to Jairus. He lifts Jairus to his feet but Jairus get a thumb in the eyes. Jairus follows up by whipping Ozbourne into the ropes and a clothesline. Jairus then throws Ozbourne out the ring.

TJ: Jairus throwing Ozbourne to the outside and starting to gain control of the match.

MITCHELL: I got a bad feeling about Jairus…

Ozbourne stands outside the ring for a few more minutes, utilizing the ref’s 10 count. As Ozbourne tries to get back in the ring, Jairus is right there to greet him with a suplex back into the ring. Jairus follows up with a snap suplex and a few elbows. He then goes for the cover.

1, 2 kickout!!

TJ: Luke Jairus in firm control of this match right now.

Jairus delivers the Time Stopper and starts to feel extremely confident. Perhaps too cocky. 

Jairus goes to the top rope, signaling for Majora’s Mask.

TJ: Jairus looking to end this with Majora’s Mask.

As Jairus leaps off the top, Ozbourne springs to life, catching Jairus in mid-air with the Tallywhacker.

TJ: Whoa!! The Tallywhacker out of nowhere!

MITCHELL: I was right.

1, 2, 3!!


“Bastards of Young” starts up again as Ozbourne has his hand raised by the ref.

TJ: What a debut for Ozbourne here against Jairus here tonight.

MITCHELL: I like this kid. I can see him going places.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, the Beast takes on the Machine in singles competition!


Lily Frenell – This match is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first… 

(Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Gorilla Radio hits the PA system. Fireworks fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring greeting fans on both side. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". The beast rips of his shirt pointing to each section of the crowd getting a huge reaction from the crowds. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. Music comes to an end.)
Lily Frenell – He hails from Brooklyn, NY and stands at 6’5” and weighs 320 pounds… here is, Bob “The Beast” Mellon!!!!!!

(The crowd gives a nice ovation for Mellon, who makes his way to his corner of the ring.)

Lily Frenell – And his opponent…

(“Just Live More” blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon emerges on the entrance ramp. Xavier bows to the fans in the arena before making a dash under the blade-like canopy.)

Frenell:  Hailing from 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan, standing 6’3” tall and weighing in at 275 pounds, “The Machine” Xavier PENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDRAGON!!!!!

(The crowd comes to their feet and gives a nice applause for Xavier.)

TJ – Bob Mellon in his first one on one match here in the WWX, but made his debut at World Series.  It didn’t last long, though, as he was eliminated early on. It also seems that he is obsessed with Jester for some reason.

AM – Yeah, we’ll get a chance to see the Beast focus on one opponent, instead of worrying about an every man for himself type atmosphere. That and hopefully he’ll be able to focus on just Xavier in this match.

(The bell rings and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring.  Mellon gains the upper hand on Xavier and drives him into the corner.  Mellon brings him out with a Backdrop Suplex.  Xavier gets up quickly, but is whipped to the ropes by Mellon, who hits him with a Running Clothesline as he rebounds.  Mellon attempts an Elbow Drop, but Xavier rolls out of the way and gets a couple of stomps to the head of his opponent, who gets to his feet.)

TJ – Pendragon showing off a little quickness as he escapes the elbow of the Beast.

AM – Yeah, he telegraphed it way too much.  Everyone in the arena saw it coming.  

(Bob is up and charges at the Machine, who catches him with a Charge Kick, stunning the big man.  Xavier is on him quickly and sets up for a Hanging Suplex, lifting him up… and then slamming him down.  Xavier basks in the crowd’s applause for a minute, before heading back over to Mellon.  Pendragon grabs a leg and goes for an Ankle Lock.  Mellon uses his other leg to kick the Machine off.  Bob quickly gets to his feet as Xavier collects himself.  Mellon steps in to lock up, but Xavier tries a quick kick to the midsection that is caught.  Bob spins Pendragon around and catches him to set up an Atomic Drop and he nails it.)

TJ – Mellon with the nice reversal there and coming from behind, he hits the Running Bulldog on Pendragon.

AM – Nice quickness shown for a guy his size.

(Mellon flexes for the crowd, who give him a nice pop.)

AM – Come on, man.  There’s no time for that here.  You got to get back on him.

(The Beast goes to his opponent, who was almost to his feet and whips him into the corner hard.  Pendragon steps out trying to gain his footing and Mellon comes in with a vicious Clothesline back into the corner, then out and face first on the mat.  Bob then drops 3 elbows to the back of Pendragon while he is down.)

TJ – Mellon goes for the cover.


2, and a kickout.

AM – Yeah, not enough to put out the tough veteran.  You’re not getting off that easy.

(Mellon pulls Xavier to his feet, but Pendragon with a quick uppercut to the jaw and the big man is stunned.  Xavier hits a Sin Harvest.)

TJ – Wow, quite the reversal by Pendragon.

(Xavier lifts the Beast to his feet and locks up with his opponent and drives the big man into the corner and lands a couple big right hands to the temple of Mellon, who quickly counters and spins Pendragon into the corner.  The Machine hits a quick elbow and executes a Detroit Drive.  Pendragon quickly up to the top turnbuckle and hits the Gangnam Style.)

TJ – Pendragon nails the Detroit Drive, then quickly follows up with the Gangnam Style and is quick on the cover.



…and a kickout.

AM – Close call there for Mellon.  That almost ended this match.

TJ – Indeed, Abel.  The Beast was barely able to get the shoulder off the mat in time.

(Pendragon rolls up to Mellon and locks in The Assassin’s Creed.)

TJ – Pendragon taking a page out of Beatrice’s playbook here with the Assassin’s Creed and he’s got a pretty good hold on right now.  The referee is checking the hold and now asks Mellon if he is ready to tap.  The Beast fights it and tries to reach for the ropes.

AM – Yeah, it looks like Xavier is losing his grip a little on it as Bob wiggles around reaching for the ropes.

(Pendragon wrenches down on the hold and stops Bob for a little before he wiggles a bit more and touches his hands to the ropes.  The referee calls for the hold to break, which Xavier does.  Pendragon wastes no time before laying a series of boots to the head and chest of his fallen opponent.  Again, he lifts Mellon to his feet and an Irish Whip gets reversed and it is Xavier against the ropes, Mellon with the clothesline, Pendragon ducks, rebounds against the opposite ropes and comes off with a high cross body, taking the big man down.)

TJ – The Machine with a big reversal there and he stays on for the cover.



and a kick out.

AM – Mellon is not done yet.

(Xavier drops a quick elbow on Mellon’s head before he can get up and then jumps up and puts a couple of boots to the head of his fallen opponent.  Pendragon sets up for the Machine Meltdown.)

TJ – Pendragon with the Machine Meltdown and he’s got it locked in pretty good now after a bit of a struggle.  The referee is checking with Mellon to see if he wants to tap, but he refuses.

AM – Mellon is very close to the ropes and I think he realizes it as he reaches out just short.  He’s fighting to get there and Pendragon starts to loosen his grip just a little before regaining it and locking it in tighter.

(The referee checks with Mellon, who starts struggling to fight and not make any progress.  He finally gives in and taps out as the referee calls for the bell.)

Lily Frenell – The winner of this match as a result of a submission…. “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon!!!!!!

TJ: What a hard fought victory for Xavier Pendragon right there, making good on his promise to get Mellon to tap to the Machine Meltdown.

MITCHELL: I’ll admit, I’m even impressed. 


WWX GM Maxfield Stanton is seen running towards his car. As the camera tries to get closer, it shows Max in tears. He hastily gets in his car and speeds away.


TJ: Did something with Max or something? I never saw him leave in a hurry like that.

MITCHELL: I don’t know Terry. Hope everything is better.

“Nightmare” starts out as Jester comes out to a full fanfare. Followed by Fill, Korath and Rayne, Jester plays to the crowd.

FRENELL: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the WWX International Championship!! Introducing the challenger, being accompanied to the ring by When Worlds Collide, from Greenville, South Carolina, weighting in at 243 pounds, Jester!!

TJ: It was Jester who pinned Archer at World Series to get this title match here tonight against Archer and with the history with the Blade Club interfering and now Bob Mellon lurking, it’s only fitting that When Worlds Collide is out here to support and keep an eye on Jester.

MITCHELL: Jester’s a coward. He’s not man enough to fight his own battles.

TJ: Oh, but Blayde is?

“A Tribe Called Red” starts off as Blayde Archer makes his way out to a full fanfare of boos and jeers. The International title sits snuggly on his waist as he, Zion and Johnston continue to make their way to the ring.

FRENELL: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by the Blade Club, from the Navajo Nation, weighting in at 245 pounds, he is the WWX International Champion, Blayde Acher!!

TJ: Both Zion and Johnston have had the cards stacked in favor of their leader but tonight When Worlds Collide has the numbers tonight.

MITCHELL: Archer has a plan to keep the International title around his waist. Just you watch and see. 


Both Archer and Jester lock up almost immediately. Archer whips Jester into the ropes but Jester delivers a dropkick. Jester goes for a side headlock but Archer scrambles to the ropes, forcing the break. As Jester backs away, Archer thumbs Jester’s eyes and follows up with a barrage of rights and lefts. He whips Jester into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline.
1, 2, kickout!!

TJ: A nearfall by the champion.

Archer lifts Jester to his feet and whips him to the outside towards Zion and Johnston. Upon seeing this, Rayne, Fill and Korath immediately rush to intercept Zion and Johnston. This allows Jester to try and get back in the ring but is met by a few elbows from Archer.

TJ: Archer is using every tactic he can to retain the International title here tonight.

MITCHELL: And you know he’s gonna retain it. Jester is just wasting his time. He doesn’t have what it takes to take the International title away from Archer. No one does.

TJ: Well you can’t count Jester out just yet. He did pin Archer at World Series.

MITCHELL: Yeah, after being jumped on by the entire When Worlds Collide faction. Anyone can do that.

Archer whips Jester into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold.

TJ: Sleeper hold applied by the champion here. Things are looking bad for the challenger.

The ref, in perfect position checks to see if Jester is out.

Raise arm, drop 1!

Raise arm, drop 2!

TJ: If Jester’s arm drops here, this one’s over!

Raise arm, drop thr-NO!

Jester begins to gain a second wind as fans start to cheer him on as Rayne, Fill and Korath cheer him on from ringside. On the other side, Zion and Johnston try to will Archer into keeping the sleeper hold applied but is too late as Jester whips Archer into the ropes and follows up a back drop. As Archer slowly tries to get to his feet, Jester delivers a snap DDT.

TJ: Archer’s in trouble!!

1, 2, kickout!!

Jester goes to whip Archer, Archer tries to counter with the Blade Cutter but Jester wiggles free and responds with the Last Laugh. Sensing the end might be near, both Johnston and Zion hop on the ring apron gaining the ref’s attention. Suddenly, Bob Mellon appears through the crowd and slides in the ring, leveling Jester with the Beast Breaker. Fans boo this but immediately turns to cheers when Rayne slides in the ring and levels Mellon with the Rayne Drop DDT, leaving Fill and Korath to deal with Zion and Johnston. Admist the ensuing bedlam, Archer makes it to his feet and goes to the top rope.

TJ: It looks like Archer’s gonna go high risk here.

He leaps off the top, going for the Final Dagger but Jester moves out the way, causing Archer to crash and burn. Wasting no time, Jester applies the Killing Joke.

TJ: The Killing Joke is locked in! The Killing Joke is locked in!!

MITCHELL: Come on Archer! Break away! You got this!!

Both members of the Blade Club and Mellon try their best to get back in the ring somehow to break the submission up but proves futile as When Worlds Collide prevent them from entering. Archer starts crawling towards the rope and gets within half-arm’s reach from it. Jester, being one step ahead, drags Archer back to the middle of the ring and re-applies the hold, adding more pressure.

TJ: Archer’s in trouble!

MITCHELL: Come on Archer! I got faith in you!

Seeing no means of escaping and after about 10 minutes of struggling, Archer finally taps.

“Nightmare” blasts through the PA system as Jester lets go of the hold and has his hands raised by the ref.



Zion and Johnston manages to grab Archer and slide him out the ring. Mellon tries to blindside the newly minted International Champion but is quickly cut off by Fill.

FRENELL: Here is your winner, and the NEW WWX International Champion, JESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTER!!

TJ: We have a new International Champion in Jester, finally unseating Acher.

MITCHELL: This proves that Jester couldn’t get the job done himself.

TJ: Oh, so Blayde Archer could?

MITCHELL: You bet he can.

TJ: Well folks, we’re out of time. For Abel Mithcell, I’m Terry “TJ” Jackson, so long from New Orleans!!

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